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Tyler Alexander

Greek and Roman Mythology

Greek and Roman mythology are similar and different in many ways. Both of these
have many different gods that represent all different things. The things that they represent can
range from something as big as the sky to something that is small as a bug. Many gods in
Greek mythology correspond with gods in Roman mythology.

Greek gods are more well-known than those in Roman mythology. Greek mythology
was created around 2,000 b.c while Roman
mythology was created around 12 b.c. Many of
the gods in Roman and Greek mythology are the
same because Greek mythology came before
roman mythology so the romans took some of the
Greek gods and gave them different names. The
roman gods are named after objects and not
human traits like the Greek gods. Greek
mythology focuses on the life in the physical
world and do not believe in the afterlife. Romans
believe that the actions that you perform on earth will determine your fate in the afterlife.
Greek mythology tells stories of great an hard fought battles between immortals. Roman
mythology has several more gods than Greek mythology. Romans and Geeks worship their
gods on an individual and communal level. This means that they pray alone in their homes
but also gather in groups to pray. The symbols in Greek and roman mythology are very
similar along with the designation of powers.
The god Jupiter in Roman mythology is very similar to the Greek god Zeus. Jupiter is
the son of Saturn and Opus. Jupiter is also known as Jove in Roman mythology. Jupiter is the
father of Mars, Vulcan, and Juventus. Jupiter is associated with thunder, lightning, and
storms. He is the god of light in Roman mythology. He protected Rome while they were at
war and kept the people of Rome safe at tomes of peace. Jupiter was portrayed with a white
beard and his symbol was an eagle. Jupiter had a reputation with violence and this caused

people to fear him and not disobey or offend him. He would punish the people who did
disobey him by striking them with a bolt of
lightning. He would although first give them
some type of warning before doing so. Jupiter
punished his wife Juno for attempting to
drowned Hercules. Jupiters brothers,
Neptune and Pluto controlled the sea and the
underworld. It is said that the sound of
thunder is caused by the rattling of Jupiters

Early Christians did not believe in pagan gods. The early Christians were against
pagan gods because they believe that there
is only one God. This type of religion is
considered monotheism and it means that a
religious group only believes in one god.
Polytheism is the belief of many gods and
this is what Roman and Greek Mythology is
based on. The Romans were against
Christianity when it first came about and
took their hatred as far as persecuting the
Christians. Whenever Roman empire Constantine came into power he led the Christians in
persecuting all romans which reversed the role that was set years before. This proved that the
Early Christians were against Pagan gods presented by the Romans.
Roman and Greek mythology are the same and different. Roman mythology was
created long after Greek mythology was and took some of their gods from the Greeks. Such
as Jupiter who came from the Greek god Zeus. Jupiter was the god of light and just like Zeus
had two brothers who controlled the underworld and the ocean. Jupiter had a bad reputation
for being violent which caused people to fear him. His main weapon is lightning and it is
believed in Roman mythology that thunder is caused by the rattling of his chariot.

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