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More specifically a few layers given some of the content this thread may contain over time...From the
physical to the spirit and everything in between are layers (bodies) like an onion, each covering another
allowing our consciousness the use of these bodies to penetrate through the realms where each of them
can naturally reside to experience life as a human...
Almost twenty years ago when traveling through Canada and living there for a while I met some
remarkable individuals...The Englishman I stayed with had a old two bedroom home shared with three
goats and a german shepherd...The water pressure in the house was gravity fed from a spring on top of
a short ridge behind his house, he led a very modest and eccentric life...During my time there I slept on
a cot in the spare bedroom, sometimes a goat licking my face to wake me in the morning...
Some days I helped him with his chores, taking care of the animals, milking the two female goat as he
loved fresh goat's milk, I can't stand the stuff lol...Some days the water pressure dropped too low to
take a shower or wash the dishes, the floors had a walking path through sand dirt from the goats and
each of us...The back door remained open throughout the warm months...It was a modest living but I
was not there for luxuries or a soft bed...
His living room was a vast library from ceiling to floor, every wall and stacks on the floor of books of
various knowledge from around all the world...He was in his 60s when I met him, he knew why I came
to Canada and welcomed me with all he had...
He was a dear friend of the man I had traveled to meet in Southern Ontario which during my time there
we met about three times a week, the rest of the time I spent with my host and new English
friend...When he had no chores to do I was in his library.
He insisted on cooking all the time, refused my help although my duty was to wash the dishes
lol...After dinner we would talk about the things I read, he was a very enlightened and learned
man...We had tea at 10am and 2pm promptly lol...
There is much more that can be said of the many experiences in Canada, but that marked a pivotal
point, a point of no return, a point when certain things began to move along...
There will be a mix of partially vague and partially direct while attempting to remain as objective as
possible because this time was different, it was not astral and I was not expecting it to be that so
without doubt precautions were made so that nothing would disturb me...
My dog was in the room which I assume was watching over me the whole time as he always does
because when I returned over three hours had passed and it was slightly painful, mild aches and pains
remained for a few hours afterward...

The descriptions are but fragments as the freshness still remains, having plenty of time free this week I
spent a better part of this day today meditating over various particulars...There was always an unbroken
connection, at any moment with focus I could be fully aware of my physical surroundings in the room
at home in which I began this venture, although having no concern to the passage of physical time...

It was not painful in the beginning during the transition or departure to this first place like it was
coming back and this first place appeared and felt like a boundless space filled with a clear radiate
fluid, energizing a comfortable feeling but not mesmerizing nor overwhelming, the radiate but subtle
energizing light from this fluid was all around with no particular source, like air around us now, it was
not penetrating, there was a distinction between myself and the fluid surrounding...
There were others here and other things I cannot describe, I could not see them but just a slight
shimmering of movement for lack of a better description but this space was full of other things...For
one thing I can describe that was all around spread out and some in groups were these sparkles of
brighter lights, small sparks manifesting and disappearing, moving independently in some cases and
also in groups following one another...They all appeared exactly the same unchanging in form but
changing in quantities, manifesting and disappearing and with the same luminance...Which each
sparkle there was transmitted a ripple of sorts in this fluid like space moving out in all directions and
shortly smoothing out...
I heard something far off in the distance, my dog bark a couple times, which then made me do a quick
assessment of my thoughts and emotions...I sensed no danger at this place, my mind was clear, open
but skeptical to a point, I felt good and energized and was fairly certain what I was seeing and feeling is
partially due to how I am processing it all, in other words a certain amount of subjectiveness is present
no matter how objective I try to be and view...The other things I noticed here with me besides the
sparks gave me the impression they were all doing their own thing, they paid me no mind and oddly I
had no desire to attempt to approach not one of them, whoever they were...
Some sparkles of light were flowing in close proximity to me and looking closely I noticed they had
tiny points of light within the center...This had my interest at the moment, there was one which was
very close to me and it continued to stay around like it stopped moving, perhaps because I kept some of
my attention towards it...As I looked straight at its center the sparkling engulfed me in a flash and I was
looking into another place, like I was looking through a window...
I saw people walking from the left and from the right reminding me of a busy street of people, rows of
them walking by each other...They looked like ordinary people dressed as we do today, then one
stopped...It was a man stopping in the middle of all these people walking around him, he stopped in
front of my view, turned and looked right at me and when he did he changed...His body was about three
feet taller, orange and bluish skin with these rings of fog that moved from his head to this feet, pulsing
wider around his waist and thinner at the top and bottom, he now was very thin and more orange on the
top half of his body and light blue colour on the bottom half...
This was a very quick glance because as soon as he turned to look in the direction of me and changed
he quickly approached towards me...I reacted quickly pulling back and again was back in this fluid
space with that sparkle in front of me, it began to move away as my attention towards it quickly
faded...I was not afraid but was startled thinking that it saw me observing...I moved away from that
spot making some distance from where I was, I did not want to interact with that spark of light again
but I was curious to do this again with another...
I saw a group of seven sparks moving together, three suddenly disappeared, another reappeared then
four more disappeared one at a time...There was one remaining which I moved closer to it and focused
on the tiny points of light in the center and instantly I was looking at another place once more, the same
way, like through a window...This place looked like a large warehouse, there were injured people all
over in this large room, people applying bandages to some, others were laying on cots or on the floor,

families huddled together...Some people were crying, they all looked sad...I had the impression
something like a tornado or hurricane occurred leaving many homeless...
After what seemed like a few moments something big walked by my view...It was dark in colour...I
wanted to see it again but nothing, waiting and waiting then I saw something across the large room, a
tall dark thing...It was hard to see because it seemed far off then another one passed into closer view...It
was mechanical at least maybe partially because it had a thick textured skin like an elephant but with
technology attached to it...I didn't see its face right away, it was tall though and they were checking out
the various people around them but it was like the people didn't see them...
Not one person acknowledged these things, I can't explain it, no one bumped into these things and these
dark things freely moved about unnoticed...I only saw three of them in total, they had a big head,
almost square-ish with curved edges, I cannot remember their hands or what was in their hands, but
they were holding something...The technology was black with very dim filaments of light flowing in
When I saw the face their eyes were big and black but more like goggles, their eyes glowed with a
subtle whitish light through a black tint...I see why their eyes glowed because when eventually one
passed by me very close, I looked quickly to see there was something inside their heads, like a whitish
fog or form...The head seemed to be a container for this fog or form, that was all I could see through
those big eyes...
I 'stepped back' and was again in the fluid space and that spark began moving on its way as did the first

Exploring these sparks, viewing in these windows in the sparks, although it was fascinating, it was not
the reason I went there...I began to look out further and then I see a different shape in the distance,
getting up closer to that location or actually more like it moving closer to me this egg shaped form was
in front of me...There were a few of them around in the distance and it looked translucent with a bluish
green tint of colour...I was confident that I had to enter into it, the reason I came here was inside it...

Knowledge through books is obviously incomplete but to a certain degree can be multifaceted and
multilayered dependent upon the knowledge being conveyed, but this is like pulling out random
ingredients to prepare a dinner or dessert but without understanding what to use and the quantity as
well as how to put them all together...Many days over cups of tea and rolled smokes of a loose tobacco
called daily mail many discussions were had, my English friend and I, one minute enjoying an in
depth discussion over certain things I was reading with deep interest, then the next moment I was
listening to his tales and conversations with people he met in his travels to Tibet and India with some
very humourous ending which finished our pleasant exchange perfectly...
There is no denying the first hand experience in the company of someone compared to reading it in a
book...The many gatherings I had with Petrof, the one I traveled to see, were always of a differing level
than that of the english man I'm staying with...It seemed often there were things he was saying without
a spoken word...I ate dinner with is family some evenings, his wife and children, they all treated me

like family...Once dinner was over at his home we would retire to the family room for a rolled smoke of
that tobacco 'daily mail' which he smoked too and a cup of tea and we would continued our
work...After a while, a few months or so, there were two particular books I was reading almost
simultaneously, and both of them the english man and Petrof, within a week of my reading of these two
particular books, said and by example showed me something in conjunction with that particular
knowledge which this 'experience' (I wrote it all in shorthand) that I'm describing in this thread is
partially a byproduct of that work I started those many years ago but also a 'movement' within and
when I put some of it into words it 'empties my cup' some to make room for something more...

Since first writing this thread I have returned to this place twice more where these sparks and
translucent forms with a bluish green tint of colour reside paying little attention to the sparks in the
subsequent visits and directly entering these forms...The first time entering I had remembered this
desert area, the sand dunes surrounding a singular tent that I once before visited, it was as if nothing
had changed as it was obviously a construct of my own making...
A familiar meeting place, set from the very beginning in such a way so that instead of giving attention
to a variety of wonders and phenomenon that could have been manifested, a modest scene for
concentration and focus on the purpose of my presence...There is an inner beauty, a vital force within
ourselves, awareness of this and stepping out of the finite self this vital force can be made active,
passive, or neutralizing at will as its nature becomes revealed and understood...
For many who have experienced this vital force by 'accident' through some sort of shock in life, an
individual could 'chase' after that 'taste' for the rest of their physical lives but through all the filters and
limited concepts of subjective belief systems irregardless of the source of those beliefs greatly limiting
the possibilities available otherwise available...
At this familiar place while regarding it attentively for a few moments, there was a full glare of light
upon a given spot in the sand and an individual appeared at that spot then slowly began to faded away
until he noticed me...I say 'he' because his appearance was that of a man wearing a t-shirt and jeans...He
walked to my left, picked up something and reached out to hand it to me...I opened my left hand to
accept it and he dropped a single grain of sand in the palm of my hand and vanished...
Instinctively I carried this grain into the tent and sat down holding it in front of me and focusing upon it
I closed my eyes...Each grain of sand being as different as each of us are, each governed by differing
attractions and nourished by differing foods, each soul strengthened through their own vital force...

The self-conscious soul perceives reality through itself using its vital force which can be focused at will
to understand what things exist within space and time although vast and many are the mysteries of
objective reality which lay beyond...