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Name: ie. Date: Period: Earth Science weHs Due Date: MIDTERM REVIEW: EARTH SCIENCE REFERENCE TABLES. Page 1: Equations 1, Calculate the gradient from point A to B from the following profile diagram of a stream, ‘Show All Work! a Formula ee, ar ld Value tive ites ) 3, Astream in NY begins at a location 350 meters above sea level and flows into a swamp 225 meters above sea level. The length of the stream is 25 km. What is the gradient? ‘Show All Work! Fem TG. Ghent o sane, ‘Setetitin | 350i GaSm _ 19Sm S* ask aSkm ‘naw with Unte \ to Q= mn {Kav Goniede | = G.0 mem tenth) 4, Calculate the density of a rock if the mass is 350 grams and the volume is 70 cubic centimeters? ‘Show All Work! ‘Substitution ‘With Units (rounded to ‘the nearest tenth) 5, Calculate the volume of a rock if the mass is. | ‘500 grams and the density is 100 9/em*? ‘Substitution ‘answer With Units (rounded to the nearest tenth) 6. Given the graph, calculate the density of the object: 7. Given the diagram below, ealeulate the eccentricity of the ellipse (assume units are em), ‘Show All Workl Fermula Yehiten Foc ® ‘Subarinion jae | e- 0.00 8 An ellipse has a focal distance of 5Omm and the length of its major axis is 90mm. Calculate its eccentricity. ‘Show All Workd petwecn We DoF mapra Formula ‘Substitution Troposphere 9. Which element has the highest percentage in the hydrosphere? _[jclicucry 10, Which element has the highest percentage in the crust? _(w jar 11, Moke a pie diagram representing the elements in the troposphere, oP 64 Page 3: Generalized Bedrock Geology of NYS 12, Name the city located closest to 42°05'N, 76°50W. Clin 13, What is the approximate latitude & longitude of Oswego, NY (use minutes please & do ‘ot forget directions!)? Latitude Longitude Ogi 14, What would be the approximate altitude of Polaris for Watertown, NY? {ll 15,Name a city in NY that would have an cltitude of Polaris to be 42° vision Birgumpony Elmira, JamBhon 16. How far is Elmira from Rochester in...miles?__|\0 __ kilometers? _\US 17, On the hemisphere below, place and draw Polaris at the correct height for Massena, }. Name a location at the following plate boundaries: Boundary Description Example Location 2 oceanic plates converge and forma | {)o.f0s V5 2 continental plates converge and form |-licvkaay (= mountain J ‘A continental plate and an oceanic plate [O=v\-crs\e rw converge and form a mountain and NA Pbe&, dunn de trench aca Pa 2 oceanic plates diverge and form a HS ATTEN Ade = e-Indim a} mid-ocean ridge Sestast lod Rdae, st Ino alge | Transform plate boundary where San Aninas Faulk ‘earthquakes occur 19. None 2hatpoteon apie beara a Mound /Gaupurs &_Rawvet aster Islond 20, Nae 2 eee oe Sanday @. Cav Islands Heed & Sh Helene /Tesrnary /VYetliaistone. PU CSaeEe fi cory a (aT eR Seo Ss ee ST Pacific plates [Type of boundary? Draw one arrow on each plate showing their relative motion to “ ‘each other as if viewed from Pacific Plate jorth American above. Plate Juan‘de Fuea Plate Draw arrows on the Juan de Fuca ‘and North American plates in the diagram showing the relative motion, Place a star on or highlight the overriding plate. i in. ‘Ss. 22, pet ene fir smarty rc, Sihin & bury pic hin A cementetnn 23, Wet rea frm ance? Melting A Sid featin 24, What processes form metamorphic rocks? + & pessuce 25. How cn you receipes onthe rock ole cart? Wide alors the anos 26, How can you recognize materials onthe rock eyle char? Vals 27. How can you recognize rock types on the rock eyele chert? tn ectanules x to Water 28. Name the sediment that has a particle size of 0.005em._ Sil 29. Name the sediment that has a particle size of 0.0002em. CU 30. What are the minimum and maximum sizes for a cobble? (oie 2S bcm 6: Sel 31, Describe 3 characteristics of an intrusive igneous rock. a Maye couse size b, Cotise few: 6 AND Vesela 32, Describe 3 characteristics of an extrusive igneous rock. @ Soll or oy crusts b. gis) or ne deithye oe ae esata z 33. Name an igneous rock that is mafic, high density, dark colored, and coarse-grained. ddabry oc peri dobie or dunite 4 Noerer peta To hecerenenie ae erro ein gaes oe ‘Texture that is composed mainly of pyroxene, plagioclase feldspar, and olivine. erie ae 35. Name 3 characteristics that granite and rhyolite have in common, ‘36. Name 3 ways that granite and rhyolite are different. @, Zowwhnmonk at fvmnabon b. Cuistal < eo aan -organig 38. Name the sedimentary rocks that are frogmental, 210s beecac, 39. Name the sedimentary rocks that are formed froin évaper rion, 40. Name the rocks that were formed from biological activity, adicw'c — \wiesiove oon! 41, How are clastic sedimentary rocks classified? _2ccorsing Is aya size Met ‘42. How can you tell that gneiss, schist, phyllite, and slate are metamorphic rocks? fruded * anneal ave giinaed 43, Slate is the metamorphism of site 44, Name a nonfoliated rock that results from the metamorphism of quartz sandstone. Quarles 45, When contact metaorphion czars between anignea intrusion of grit and ayer of limestone, name the metamorphic rock that would form, _{1va‘bic 46. Name the metamorphic rock that will bubble when acid is placed on tt, maybe Why will this occur? _Conians caiciie = 47. Which layer of the earth is located at a depth of 2000km? Si(fo mantle 48. What is the temperature at 4000km? 9.000 = 5 jay 49. What is the pressure at 6000kn?__ 3 Sm ign abn 50. What is the density of the outer core? 4.4 9D alas 51. What is the inner core made of? 00 8 ye) ‘52, What happens to the density, temperature, and pressure as you go deeper into the eorth? —_incvgse 53, What is the MOHO? buna, beh urn 54. In which ayer is the melting point temperature higher than the actual temperature? ill countle 6 voney core ‘Would this layer be solid or liquid? 0/1 55, How an yu tl het the utr care mate of hd er? . ! Ws 56, Name neti noe Fred wear he ar of he Pie Pte nde Roh ‘American Plate, C1Scide (its 57. What i the lithosphere made up of? fast t rigid mente 4: Pe S-wave Travel Ti 58. How far does a P-wave travel in9 minutes?) GGG Kun ‘59. How long does it take an S-wave to travel 5200km? 15/30 60. How far away is the earthqucke epicenter if the time difference between the p-wave and s-wave arrivals is 4 minutes?) 00 Vy) 61. How far from the earthquake epicenter s the station that recorded the seismogram Picture below? __(s JC0 fy e hoo bes to HIS am 44: the Earth's Ai 62. What is the approximate temperature at an elevation of 31mi above sea level? ‘64. What is happening to the temperature from the beginning to the end of the stratosphere? o0cvigsc 65. aera eens oc kon 66. Which layer(s) contains water vapor? _visce 67. As altitude increases, pressure circa. i rs 68. What group of stars does the Sun belong to? 69, Give two similarities between Proxima Centauri and Procyon B. + @ Size b. lumina 70. Si ere bee Fas aan ren 8 a. em (ii 71. ty Ps ars an Si i their similar temperature? + ox (Polaris Te, Tit th ers fears n err of cra Yenpoehi « Bed b, Dane e Ue Wink 73. Sirius is approximately 2\-0__x more luminous than the Sun, 74. What is the temperature of Spica? “25 pac \\ Page 15: Solar System Data 78, The asteroid belt is approximately 500 million km away from the sun. Between which 2 Planets can it be found? (hues “Tap 76, Name the planet whose day is longer than its year?_Venus 77, As distance from the sun increases, period of revolition vias 78. Which planet has the shortest day? Jupiter 79. Which planet has the most elliptical orbit? (Weis 80. Which planet has the least eccentric orbit? Vans 81. Name 1 planet with an orbit more circular than earth's? Vows O° Neohune. 82, Name 1 planet with an orbit more flattened than earthis? viii, Wass ypier, Sahorn 83, Name the planet which is approximately 10x larger than Venus. Sahu 84. Earth is approximately ~ x larger than the moon, 85, The most massive planet in our solar system is_upite” ‘86, Which planets are terrestrial? Which planets are Jovian?