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Teen Times

The Medias influence on teens

The media influences teenagers both positively and negatively. We are a pop
culture society. We watch celebrities, we talk about movies, and we love to feel
connected. Therefore, the entertainment industry and media exert a great influence
upon teens as they are gaining their sense of self. The influences can be both good
and bad and this article will explore both.
It seems that more often than not, the media and entertainment industry influence
teens both positively and negatively on a larger scale than is usually thought.
Lets face it, in most cases the media isnt getting you out of doors. You are most
likely to bunker down in front of the TV for a favourite show or to play a video game.
Youre still inactive even while doing something positive like reading a newspaper or
magazine. With these norms, youre more likely to stay inside rather than get
yourself out there and being active during your teen years.
Things you see on TV and in the media help align what you believe to be the norms.
Whether youre watching violence, looking at an extremely skinny model in a
magazine, or viewing something else entirely, the things that you see are those
you expect to be normal. While you might be able to use your judgment, in some
circumstances, the media is establishing right from wrong, and that can get you
in(to) trouble as a teen!
The positive effects of the media might not be touched upon often, but they do
exist. Teens can learn from media and entertainment, develop new skills and stay
out of trouble as well.
It can be argued that as you are glued to your TV or video game (two of the most
criticised mediums), youre not doing yourself any favors as a teen. Well, youre
better off there than on the streets getting involved in crime, so its not all that bad.
Just remember to do everything in moderation! (slightly adapted)
1. Decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F). Justify

2. Re-read the text and match the clauses in the columns below so as
to form a complete sentence:


(30 marks)

your answers by quoting from the text.

No matter how powerful the media is, it doesnt really influence teens.
Teens dont really feel like leaving the house when they can play a video
game instead or watch TV.
If you dont use your judgment while reading and watching the media, you
may be in danger.
It is possible for teens to become knowledgeable about all sorts of things by
reading newspapers or watching films.
Some adults agree that its better for teens to stay at home than to be
outdoors with gangs or risky company.

The impact of the

media and entertainment
industry on teenagers
For many teenagers,
playing computer games
Teens acquire values

a. present in TV shows and magazine articles.

b. striking a balance between being a media
consumer and doing other things, preferably
c. to reflect about what theyve seen and read
rather than accept the information in the

(20 marks)

and notions
Of course it is possible
for teens
Its all about


media passively.
d. should never be disregarded.
e. is preferable to doing outdoor activities.

Answer these questions.

How do the media influence teenagers?
How much do the media influence you? Explain.
Refer one of the negative aspects of medias influence on people.
What is the message in the last test? Do you agree with it? Justify.

4. What do the words in bolt refer to?








(26 marks)
C. Complete the gaps with a word in the box below.
Whats body image? Body image is how 1.______________ picture themselves and
how they think other people picture them. It is basically how you 2._____________
about your body, and it includes your perception, 3._______________, emotions,
and physical sensations. Mass media has been able to 4._______________ popular
culture and often influence public 5.______________ However, when abused, the
power of the media can harm the general population. Stereotypes formed by the
6.______________ that include thin, tanned women, and wealthy, muscular
7._______________ have led to a decline in self-esteem. The majority of media
today often 8.______________ the perfect body to the public, hoping that
consumers will strive to achieve 9.___________ using a certain product or idea.
People should make up their 10. ____________ that they will not be negatively
11._____________ by the media. In doing this, the public can 12.______________
the media for what it truly is, a means of conveying 13._____________
providing entertainment.