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Waihopai to Expand -

Second Dome and Spying on

International Phone Calls (see page 2)

Can you spot the real spy? This impromptu job interview took place on the afternoon of
14 November 1997 at the Waihopai main gate. No members of the ABe were shortlisted for jobs
at the soon-to-be-expanded spybase.

In this issue: page

• National Petition to abolish the GCSB launched in Blenheim 2
• Waihopai to be expanded 2
• Intelligence agencies and the operation of the Privacy Act 4
• Sissy Bits 5
• Menwilh Hill - The Battle continues 8
• Australian Intelligence - Cockups and deceit 9
• CIA File - 50 years of scandals and bungling 11
• Harewood - Kiwi workers lose jobs with US Navy departure 16
• Update on US military and Antarctic flights at Christchufch Airport 17
• Defence spending - but extra ANZAC frigates dead in the water 19
• Organiser Report 21
al P etit ion to A b olis h the GCSB Launched in Blenheim
ABC has a busy weekend

Members of the national Anti-Bases Campaign Saturday was Blenheim Petition and Information
met in the Marlborough region the weekend of 1 4 Day. We inadvertently chose a local garden
- 16 November to engage in a few activities festival day to launch a petition in Waihopai's host
focussed on Waihopai and its nefarious business. city. So the place was packed with people.
Several ABCers ventured into the city centre for a
Friday was Show Day in Canterbury, so the couple of hours to pass out leaflets and gather
Christchurch contingent took advantage of the signatures on the brand new petition to Parliament
holiday to stage a lightning strike at the Waihopai to abolish the GCSB and close Waihopai and
base to set the mood for the weekend. The cover Tangimoana. We all agreed that it was a useful
photo of this issue shows the extremely tense exercise. We got over a hundred signatures and
confrontation that occurred at the main gate of the distributed several hundred green leaflets
base. (In case you aren't sure just who the real explaining the functions of the GCSB and the base
spy is, it's the chap with the tie.) We walked the and our reasons for wanting them abolished.
few hundred meters from the farm gate to the
main gate of the high security prison that holds the Most Blenheimites knew about Waihopai and
spies and protects them from the New Zealand many were sympathetic to our cause. Not
public. The walk was refreshing not just because surprisingly. Blenheim is undoubtedly the best
of the blustery nor'wester, but because it has been informed city in New Zealand about Waihopai.
several years since we were last able to do that at Even an ex-Army bloke signed the petition,
an annual demonstration. complaining that Waihopai siphons off money that
should go to the Army for more troops and
But this visit was not an annual demo; it was weapons. We note in passing that frigates also
totally unexpected. There wasn't a cop in sight. are none too popular with the Army for some
We could have had our way with the place. But of reason.
course we preferred to behave in a "childish" and
peaceful manner. Our spy outfits did not fool Mr The remainder of the weekend was spent in
Bruce Miller, the officer in charge, as he did not meetings focused on the broader aspects of the
treat our requests to apply for spy jobs seriously. campaign. You will be hearing more about this in
Ever the good spook, Mr Miller remained amicable coming months. In the meantime, we want to
but tight-lipped as we plied rllm with questions gather signatures on the petitio n - as many as
about the base, including how soon the possible. A copy of the petition is being supplied
construction of the new dome would start. He also to subscribers. If you would like more copies,
asked us to leave or he would call the cops. So please feel free to photocopy more or let us know
we ambled back to the farm gate, which was and we will send you a supply. Future issues of
unlocked, and departed. PR will spell out the reasons for the petition and
what we hope to accomplish with it.

Waihopai Expansion
- Bob Leonard
The long-awaited expansion of the Waihopai spy
station, officially known as the Defence Satellite dish".' (He also said there would be no golfball-like
Communications Unit (Blenheim), was announced radome covering the dish. He was quickly proved
by the Government in July 1997. Waihopai was wrong on that one.)
planned and built in the 1 980s, with the low-key
"ribbon-cutting" by fledgling Prime Minister ABC has long expected the expansion:
Geoffrey Palmer on 8 September 1 989. Peace construction of a second antenna to be covered by
Researci1er No. 1 7 carried Owen Wilkes' another big white radome. Although we cannot
backgrounder on the as yet unbuilt station in early see the existing dish because of the radome, it is
1 988. Colin Hanson, retiring director of the likely that the dish has a fixed orientation and can
Government Communications Security Bureau only target a single communications satellite.
(GCSB) which runs Waihopai, was quoted as
saying " . . . in all probability there will be another
1Quotes from Marb
l orough

Peace Researcher - Page 2

� f" '/r''''''�
According to Nicky Hager in his book Secret We confronted the GCSB earlier in 1997 about the
Power,' that satellite was Intelsat 701, a issue of domestic spying. The GCSB claimed that
geostationary satellite at longitude 174°E. It was it was prevented from spying on New Zealanders
known to carry virtually all of the international by section 216 of the Crimes Act 1964. It soon
communications of South Pacific nations. Number became clear that the Act covered only oral
701 was due to be replaced by Intelsat 801 in communications; it was written before the age of
1996, so Waihopai has probably been retargetted. digital communication. So the GCSB could
But other satellites are also juicy targets for spying intercept faxes, telexes and emails without
in our neighbourhood, and the appetite of the violating the Crimes Act. And it has done so right
international intelligence brotherhood seems from the first days of operation of Waihopai. But
insatiable. Waihopai's sister station in coastal the game of intercepting and recording telephone
Western Australia near Geraldton has four dishes, conversations was another matter. It required not
even though it opened four years after Waihopai. only considerable improvements in technical
Other big UKUSA listening posts around the globe capabilities at Waihopai; it also required a change
continue to expand, most notably the already vast in the Crimes Act.
US facility at Menwith Hill in England'
So the expansion and upgrade of the Waihopai
Waihopai's expansion will approximately double its facilities will not only increase the base's capacity
intelligence-gathering capacity according to The for spying to a second satellite, it also means
NZ Herald in its lead story of 3 1 July 1997. Citing Waihopai will soon be able to listen to and record
peripatetic SIGINT expert Nicky Hager, the article international phone calls involving New
noted that the new dish would probably target yet Zealanders. If that were not the intention there
another Intelsat-ellite (possibly a repositioned would have been no need to change the Crimes
number 701, or 703, currently covered by Act.
Geraldton). As if NZ were not doing enough to spy
on its South Pacific neighbours on behalf of its In our exchanges with the GCSB, its director Ray
UKUSA partners in the USA, UK, Canada and Parker refused to define "domestic spying". He
Australia, our government is prepared to spend simply denied they did it and resorted to semantic
several million more dollars expanding a facility of games. But the Waihopai upgrade and the new
dubious worth to its citizens. Don't be mislead by provisions of the Crimes Act guarantee that soon
silly statements that the money is already in the your overseas phone calls will be fair game for
GCSB accounts and not a new allocation. It's still satellite interception and covert recording. If you
your tax money. or your overseas speaker utter any key word that
is of interest to the GCSB, or more likely its
So the physical expansion comes as no surprise. foreign masters, the computer will initiate the
The accompanying change in the Crimes Act recording of your phone conversation. If the
should not be surprising either. But it signals analysts consider your conversation to be
much greater intrusion by Waihopai into the sufficiently provocative, it will end up in a report
international communications of New Zealanders. routed to any UKUSA country expressing an
interest (most likely the ones that specified the key
word you uttered).
The ABC Made Us Do It

If you read your PR dutifully, you might recall our

trying to make an issue of the special treatment Here Is How The Crimes Act Has Been
that intelligence agencies get in the Crimes Act Changed ...
(because the Act is out of date) and the Privacy
Act (deliberate exemptions for spying). Both acts "The Crimes [exemption of listening device] Order
are now getting some attention, perhaps in some 1997.
measure because of our inquiries and articles in
PR (Nos. 1 1 and 12). The following article Exemption of listening device -
discusses the Privacy Act. Here we discuss the The listening device consisting of all apparatus
move by the government to exempt the GCSB installed, operated, or used for the reception of
and the Security Intelligence Service frorn radio communications and telecommunications at
provisions of the Crimes Act. the Defence Satellite Communications Unit
[Blenheim] [which Unit is operated by the
Government Communications Security Bureau
and located in the Marlborough District] is, by the
2Hager. NICky, Secret Power - New Zealand's role in the order, exempted from the provisions of Part IXA of
International Spy Network, Craig potton Publishing, Nelson, NZ, the Crimes Act 1961."
3News, The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases,
April/May 1997, No 2 UKUSA refers to the 5 signatory countries
. .

of the 1947 UKUSA agreement: US, UK, Canada, New Zealand

and Australia

Peace Researcher - Page 3

Intelligence Agencies and the Operation of the Privacy Act
(b) the collection of the information is
The current review of the Privacy Act 1 993 was necessary for that purpose."
set in motion by section 26 of the Act itself.
(Submissions closed in November 1997.) That The Commissioner's discussion gives no specific
section provides for "Review of operation of Act reason why he believes this principle s hould apply
[sic] as soon as practicable" after three years from to the GCSB. But he does say, "In the context of
commencement of the section. Review must also the SIS the lawful purpose will be linked to the
take place at intervals of not more than five years definition of 'security' as set out in the New
thereafter. The sections of the Act of interest to Zealand Security Intelligence Service Act 1 969".
ABC obviously relate primarily to the intelligence A parallel statement cannot be made with regard
organisations. This is one of only two or three to the GCSB because there is no GCSB Act. This
laws in which the GCSB is mentioned. is a vital issue - the GCSB operates in a legal
vacuum. It is very telling that the Privacy
In PR No. 1 1 we asked in our lead article: "Is the Commissioner literally has nothing to refer to in
GCSB a lawless agency?" In the article we giving guidance about the GCSB in his Discussion
referred to several pieces of NZ legislation that Paper. You can read the SIS Act and get a pretty
are relevant to that question. The Privacy Act, in clear idea why the SIS exists, whether or not you
addition to the Crimes Act (discussed in the article agree with its existence. The NZ government
above), is a key law affording very special provides New Zealanders with nothing on the
treatment to the GCSB and SIS. Section 6 of the GCSB. Fortunately, you can read Nicky Hager's
Act contains twelve information privacy principles. book and get a pretty good idea why we should
The two intelligence agencies are, in section 57, push hard for the GCSB to be covered by privacy
exempted from principles 1 to 5 and 8 to 1 1 , principle 1.
inclusively. We focussed on principles 1 and 4 as
they effectively give permission to the agencies to
Privacy principle 4
collect information even if the purpose is unlawful,
From the Act:
and to collect the information by unlawful means if
"Manner of collection of personal information
necessary. So we asked the rather logical
Personal information shall not be collected by an
question quoted above.
agency -
(a) By unlawful means; or
We are no longer alone in questioning the wisdom
(b) By means t hat, in the circumstances of the
of those exemptions. The Privacy Commissioner
case, -
has published Discussion Paper No. 1 1 in which
(i) Are unfair; or
he outlines the facts we have just described and
(ii) Intrude to an unreasonable extent
suggests " ... that now may be the time to apply
upon the personal affairs of the
more of the remaining principles to intelligence
individual concerned."
organisations". The four principles he considers to
be most appropriate are 1 , 5 , 8 and 9. Principle 1
The Cornmissioner is silent on this one, except to
(lawful purpose) we have mentioned. Number 5
invite submiSSions dealing with it as well as
pertains to storage and security of personal
numbers 2, 3, 1 0 and 1 1 on which he is also silent.
information; number 8 pertains to the accuracy of
personal information; and number 9 pertains to the
It is interesting to surmise on the reasons for the
length of time personal information might
Commissioner's apparent position on number 4.
reasonably be kept.
Why should the GCSB and SIS be allowed to
ignore the law in their choice of collection
ABC agrees that all four of t hose exemptions
methods? A simple answer might be that spies
should be removed from the GCSB and the SIS.
are a necessary evil in society and that t heir
And why not the rest? Particularly number 4 which
means of doing business are necessarily
allows unlawful means to be employed by the
sometimes illegal, for ordinary citizens. So
spies in gathering information.
society, including its privacy guardian, agrees
tacitly to accept those means as the price of
Privacy principle 1
obtaining valuable intelligence.
From the AgL
"Purpose of collection and personal information
If that � the answer (and the odds are it is), then
Personal information shall not be collected by any
the question becomes - Who controls the extra­
agency unless- legal activities of GCSB and SIS spies and do
(a) the information is collected for a lawful valuable
t hose activities actually produce
purpose connected with a function or activity intelligence?
of the agency; and
Continued next page c?"�

Peace Researcher - Page 4

Fightback Against SIS Break-In and Official Cover-Up

- Murray Horton
PR 1 0 & 1 1 gave a detailed account of the July no part, directly or indirectly, in the hoax bomb, I
1 996 bungled SIS break-in at the Christchurch accept the assurances of the Director General,
home of GATT Watchdog activist, Aziz Choudry, Any other conclusion would defy reason and
during the Trading With Our lives Alternative credibility", As for the break-in, Greig concluded:
Forum (held to coincide with the APEC Trade "My conclusions are that the actions and
Ministers Meeting in Christchurch), The break in procedures which affected the complainants were
was interrupted by fellow activist and University of lawful, reasonable and justified, No crime or
Canterbury academic, David Small, who had offence was committed",ln the result then, my
called round to collect some things from Aziz's conclusion was that the complaint could not be
house, For their pains, both Aziz and David were upheld, This was not a case for any
subjected to police raids on their homes, in recommendation of any form of redress or other
connection with a very dubious fake bomb remedy" (PR 1 3 ran a very detailed analysis of
(described in police files as being labelled "APEC this),
bomb"I,) left outside the Christchurch City Council
Funnily enough, neither Aziz nor David was
satisfied by this report, They took it back into the
It was a very, very murky affair. The State
political arena, seeing MPs of several parties and
clammed up, confirming public and media
released it to the media, The Leader of the
speculation that it was indeed the SIS (they can't
Opposition, Helen Clark, who sits on the PM's
even do a simple break-in), Rather than revisit the
handpicked Intelligence and Security Agencies
issue here, we suggest you refresh your memory
Committee (see PR 1 3 for details), was no help,
from the PR back issues, David Small laid a
She wrote to David (1 9/8/97) : "It is difficult for me
complaint with the Police Complaints Authority,
to see how the matter can be carried further when
which has yet to be resolved, Both David and Aziz
the Inspector General is adamant after making a
also laid complaints with the Inspector General of
full inquiry that the 'actions and procedures which
Intelligence and Security, the first such case under
affected the complainants directly or indirectly
the 1 996 intelligence and security agencies
were lawful, reasonable and justified', Further, with
reference to the intrusion of 1 3 July (1 996), the
Inspector General is forthright in stating that 'no
The Inspector General, judge Laurie Greig,
crime or offence was committed on 1 3 July', There
released his report in June 1 997 (the
is no reason for me to doubt that the Inspector
unexpurgated version went to the Prime Minister,
General is a man of integnty and would not have
who is the Minister in Charge of the SIS, Bolger
reached this conclusion without being certain that
declined to release it), The public version can be
it was justified, Therefore I doubt that there is
summed up in one word - Whitewash, "I am
anything to gain from taking the matter further", As
satisfied that the NZSIS had no part directly or
for the Inspector General himself, he replied
indirectly in instigating, promoting or providing
(1 1 /7/97) to Aziz: "",I am unable to clarify the
information to the Police to proceed in any way
matter further than is set out in my advices, I am
against the complainants in connection with the
unable therefore to make any further comment",
hoax bomb, break-in or any other event or
incident. I am equally satisfied that the NZSIS had
To mark the first anniversary of the break-in, a
press statement was released by Rev Brian
vi" continued from previous page... Turner, manager of Trade Aid, It called for a fully
The answers to that two-part question for the independent public inquiry into the incident. This
GCSB are resoundingly negative, Parliamentary was backed by: Corso, Christian World Service,
oversight of the GCSB is woefully inadequate and CAFCA, Christchurch Community Law Centre, the
there is no evidence whatsoever that the signals Anti-Bases Campaign, the Association of
intelligence gathered at Waihopai benefits New University Staff and GATT Watchdog, Turner said
Zealand, But we pay for it with our taxes, with "The botched SIS break in has been matched by a
serious incursions into our privacy, and with botched reporLit implies that they (Aziz and
damaged relations with South Pacific neighbours David) were justifiable targets for investigation and
because we spy on them and pass the information harassment by both the SIS and the Police",it is
on to Big Brother overseas, clear that we cannot take such rights (free speech
and legitimate public dissent) for granted"," (press
ABC has made a submission to the Privacy statement; 1 4/7/97; "NZ Organisations Endorse
CommisSioner on these matters, We hope he is Anniversary Call For Independent Public SIS
listening, Inquiry")

Peace Researcher - Page 5

Aziz Choudry to Sue SIS - Fighting Fund Launched

In October 1997, Aziz announced that he is taking Or Jim Stuar!, Minister of the Church of St
a legal case against the SIS and has engaged Andrews on the Terrace, Wellington; Leigh
prominent Auckland Queen's Counsel , Or Rodney Cookson of Corso; Murray Horton, CAFCA and
Harrison, to act as senior legal counsel in the Anti-Bases Campaign organiser; and Nicholas
case. A fighting fund, the Democratic Rights McBride of the Christchurch Community Law
Defence Fund, is being launched to raise money Centre. The fundraising target is $20,000.
to cover the costs of the legal action.
"GATT Watchdog believes that human rights
In a press release, Aziz said that the break-in, violations and the suppression of legitimate
which took place within two weeks of new dissent go hand in hand with the market model of
legislation (the 1996 New Zealand Security development which APEC promotes. Last year's
Intelligence Service Amendment Act) expanding actions set a dangerous precedent for the targeting
the scope of SIS targets , confirms concerns that of any New Zealand organisations, unions or
critics of the Government's free-market policies individuals who exercise their democratic right of
are now fair game for the SIS. He said that the dissent and free speech against government
break-in puts the lie to assurances contained policies in the future, especially bearing in mind
within the legislation and reiterated by the Prime the fact that New Zealand will host the major 1999
Minister that remaining within the law is a APEC meetings. If it can happen to me - you could
guarantee of freedom from SIS operations and be next. The SIS - and their political masters -
that the SIS would not be used against legitimate must be called to account. This legal case is one
political dissenters. way to do that" (ibid)

"It is clear that such promises were made to be

broken. The only conceivable reasons for the
break-in arose from my involvement with GATT

[DlO INI@J'fll 0 IN, 55

Watchdog, which works to expose and oppose the
APEC agenda and my role in organising an
alternative forum critical of free trade held just
prior to the APEC Trade Ministers Meeting here in
Christchurch. This is thoroughly unacceptable"
(20/101 97;"GATT Watchdog Activist Launches
Legal Action Against SIS Over Bungled 1996
Break-in; Prominent Auckland QC To Take Case'
!l>fLIIIO§:i'£llln( IK(�l\mlJ

Fighting Fund Launched "). for the

Aziz intends to sue the SIS for substantial [tlJ[c,i"i:IN!([i", rr'I\!IN![I))
damages for trespass and unreasonable search. A can be sen t to:
letter of claim has been sent to the Director of
PO Box 1905,
Security asking him to confirm or deny that the two
men involved in the break-in were indeed SIS Christch urch.
operatives and/or were acting on behalf of the
Service. The letter complains of the civil wrong of
trespass, and of unreasonable search contrary to
Section 21 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act


The Democratic Rights Defence Fund has been , 1

set up to encourage people to publicly endorse the • j

need for legal action in this case, and to raise and
account for the money needed to take this action. /
The Fund's committee comprises Or Jane Kelsey,
Professor of Law, Auckland University; Maxine
Gay, President of the New Zealand Trade Union

Peace Researcher - Page 6

Want A Job?

This whole saga arose in the context of an APEC

Ministerial meeting, in Christchurch. In 1 999, New "You should be familiar with Police and New
Zealand has the dubious honour of hosting the Zealand Defence Force operation systems, with
annual APEC Leaders' Summit (see PR 1 3 for knowledge and experience of Government
details). That will be in Auckland, but there will be procedure relating to Guests of Government,
Ministerial meetings in Rotorua, Wellington and including protocol requirements.
Christchurch. The Secret State is gearing up - in
August 1 997, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and "You should be a New Zealand citizen, a strong
Trade placed newspaper ads for the Security team player with a proven ability to lead and
Coordinator for APEC 1 999. "You should have coordinate staff and ideally hold a current top
professional and personal qualities recognised in secret security clearance" (Press, 2/8/97).
the security/intelligence communities and a proven
record in coordinating security arrangements for Applications closed soon afterwards. The lucky
similar high profile meetings. candidate has not been named.

Whe re Do Old Spies Go?

Into the booming private police industry, that's Here's the interesting bit:
where. There is a constant haemorrhaging of
senior, experienced police, leaving the country's "The team includes former Security Intelligence
thin blue line in the hands of much younger,
Service operator David Horsborough, a building
inexperienced cops. A lot of these senior officers
security analyst with a 21 year police background,
are taking their expertise with them and setting up
including 1 8 years in the Criminal Investigation
private security firms. One such is Corporate
Branch. Mr Horsborough, a video surveillance
Risks (NZ) Ltd, "which will specialise in
installation specialist who served five years with
sophisticated criminal and civil investigations, the SIS, is technology director in the new
embracing anything from extortion threats to enterprise ... "(ibid). PR has said it before and we
debugging" (Cilristchu(cll Mail, 1 4/7/97; "Police go say it again - the Mail, which could more
private"). The company is headed by Quentin accurately be called the Junk Mail, is a most
Doig, former head of the National Bureau of
unlikely source for these gems on the SIS (and the
Criminal Intelligence at Police National HQ. police, for that matter). What we are seeing is a
"Under Mr Doig's direction, the unit was
most disturbing private industry growing, run by
responsible for the selection and training of
people with extensive background in intelligence
undercover agents, coordination of criminal
work, either with the police or the spies. It parallels
intelligence functions throughout the country, the global trend for ex soldiers, particularly of the
police terrorist intelligence (now the Threat
SAS variety, to become hired guns for Big
Assessment Unit) and the National Bomb Data
Business (see PR 1 3 for detailed coverage of
Centre" (ibid). His partners are former Wellington
that). It is a particularly dangerous privatisation.
Detective Sergeant Carl Berryman and former
Christchurch Detective Inspector Kevin Burrowes.

THE POLITICIAN \ By David Fleteher


Peace Researcher - Page 7

- Murray Horton
PR has regularly run reports about the Women's surrender before any planned American invasion.
Peace Camp outside the huge US National The gross experimental and genocidal response to
Security Agency (NSA) spybase at Menwith Hill, in this knowledge was to go ahead and use atomic
Britain. These indomitable women have been weapons on these civilian cities.
there for years, including during bitter winters. Nor
do they passively sit outside the base - with "This type of cynical manipulation of information
monotonous regularity they enter it and make life continues today. The NSA is involved in the
miserable for the American spies. They marked international arms trade, destabilisation and
Nagasaki Day 1 997 in the most direct way commercial, diplomatic, political and military
possible. espionage. The base is listed as a prime target in
any nuclear war, and its communication systems
"Menwith Hill is the largest NSA base in the world, are designed to (supposedly) continue functioning
with 26 radomes (by comparison, Waihopai has in the event of a nuclear war. It is part of the
one, with a second planned. Eel). There are approximately (no one knows for sure) $ 1 0-15
currently three more planned. It is juxtaposed with billion (?) a year US defence network of ground
Forest Moor, the UK Trident nuclear submarine bases and satellites around the globe which now
naval communications base. have the ability to 'see' everything through infrared
and other kinds of photography and 'hear' all types
"On August 9 feminist peace activists at of telecommunications... " (e-mail messages
Menwith Hill Women's Peace Camp from the Women's Peace Camp).
taped off the entrances to the Trident

. '
communications base at Forest Moor and , The new military bylaws were ruled illegal
the entrance to the US-NSA base across by a judge in September 1 997. But the
,(\ _
the road, Menwith Hill. The red and white British Ministry of Defence ignored that and
pOlice tape was festooned with signs went on using them as a basis for arresting
reading "Scene of the Crime. Scrap the women. The September court case had
Trident". About 1 2 women and children some notable revelations, e.g., British Telecom
participated in the action; two women were inadvertently revealed that Menwith Hill can send
arrested carrying bolt cutters inside the Forest 2 million simultaneous interceptions per hour to
Moor base and charged with criminal damage; two NSA HQ in the US. Former Labour Cabinet
other women were arrested inside Menwith Hill Minister, Tony Benn, testified: "... the decision by
and charged with criminal trespass under the new the British Government to abandon its own nuclear
military bylaws there. The arrests took place weapons programme and buy the American
around 9 pm. The first two women were released systems (Polaris and Trident) involved accepting
with police bail conditions at 2 am, and the other effective US supervision of the British intelligence
two at 3.30 am. system and a sharing of British intelligence
material with the American authorities. Given the
"Earlier in the morning, at 9.02 am, all the women high security classification of the nuclear weapons
at camp had maintained a silent vigil to honour the programme, and of all security matters, Parliament
dead at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and a graffiti and the public have never been informed of these
message about Hiroshima and Nagasaki was arrangements either. Ministers have always
made on the road just next to the camp... During claimed that they are accountable to Parliament
the action we all felt it was a wonderful thing to be but, in truth, there are no constitutional
connected to so many other people around the safeguards. It is now the case that US intelligence
world who are using NVDA (non violent direct is able to gain information gathered by British
action) to protest nuclear policies...
intelligence and can intercept, from their bases
here, our internal communications directly - both
The action was held: " .. ,in solidarity with the A­ matters of legitimate public concern" (Womenwilh
Days action at NATO headquarters, to protest the News, September 1 997).
illegality of nuclear weapons, and the illegality of
the communications systems at the base being
But there is one significant difference from
used to support these weapons. The forerunner of Waihopai - major expansion at Menwith Hill had to
the US National Security Agency, which runs go through the local council's planning procedures,
Menwith Hill, intercepted the communications of including a public hearing. The peace camp
Japanese generals three months before Hiroshima
women attended, to inform the councillors that this
and Nagasaki (in 1 945). These communications is only the start of new developments. "The base
indicated that Japan was already willing to has been designated a Regional Sigint (Signals

Peace Researcher - Page 8

Intelligence) Operations Centre. Under the aegis Also, since the Labour landslide in the 1 997
of the US Space Command, the National Security general election, new MPs have been asking
Agency is amalgamating with the National numerous Parliamentary Questions about Menwith
Reconnaissance Office (which operates the US Hill. But the Blair government has been no rnore
spy satellites. Eel). The two big new 'golf balls' forthcoming than its Tory predecessor. The
(radomes) are for infra-red photo reconnaissance. Arnerican intelligence agencies have nothing to
We have been informed that Forest Moor Naval worry about there; the UKUSA agreement is in
Communications (including Trident) base, next safe, "indoctrinated" hands. Business as usual - for
door to Menwith is closing. Rumour has it that spies, and courageous wornen peace campers.
Menwith is taking it over" (ibid).

Cock ups and oecei-t.
ONA (Office of National Assessments)
- Murray Horton
In July 1 997 there were red faces throughout the The Office of National Assessments (aNA), one of
Australian government when a briefing paper the lesser known of Australia's myriad of
marked "Confidential - AUSTEO (Australian Eyes intelligence agencies. aNA would have been
Only)" was left lying around on a table at a assisted by NZ's equally obscure External
regional economic ministers' conference in Cairns. Assessments Bureau (EAB), which is credited with
It was duly picked up by journalists and published. having a better feel for the Pacific than its
The result was uproar, both in New Zealand and Australian Big Brother. EAB is part of New
throughout the Pacific. It described various Pacific Zealand's intelligence family which speCialises in
politicians as drunks, corrupt and incompetent. spying on the South Pacific (as Waihopai does for
The New Zealand section was devoted to the GCSB).
analysing the Treasurer, Winston Peters, in
less than glowing terms. For example: "He The plot thickened when another Australian­
has yet to mend fences with the business leaked document fell into the lap of journalists.
community ... or to shake off his reputation for This one was from the High Commission in
laziness, inattention to detail and erratic Wellington, and unequivocally showed what
behaviour. External policy is a low priority for the diplomats think of the spies. It was an e­
Peters and he gives little indication of being mail from lan Lincotn, Deputy High
well inforrned on the subjecLHis domestic Commissioner. He attacked aNA for ascribing
agenda dictates more social, not defence "darker motives" to New Zealand for
spending. Still Peters has lived in and is well organising and hosting the Bougainville peace
disposed to Australia and emphasises the talks, at Burnham Military Camp, outside
importance of the relationship. He welcomes Christchurch:
Australian investment, especially to balance Asian
capital, and gives high priority to access to the "It particularly rankles with us that aNA have
Australian labour market. But Peters... would not repeated in their briefing that piece of nonsense
be above exploiting New Zealand sensitivities about the Burnham initiative being prompted by
towards Australia .. " (NZ Herald, 21 /7/97, "Peters
. the formation of the Coalition. We dismissed that
wants to be PM"). pretty briskly in a prompt and detailed response
which ONA has chosen to ignore. The same
There's nothing unusual about these sorts of applies to repeating their line about New Zealand's
reports (although doubts were raised about 'shift' on the irreversibility of Indonesia's
whether its authorls had ever actually seen the incorporation of East Timor.
vertically challenged Peters, when it described him
as having "an impressive physique"). But they "The fundamental problem seems to be that
most definitely are not supposed to see the light of assessment agencies are disdainful of reality as
day. Four Australian Treasury officials were presented by those of us out in the field, and
disciplined over the leak, with one senior officer convinced there is some darker reality which only
losing a five figure performance pay bonus. The they, in their securocrats' ivory tower, can detect,
Foreign Minister spent the next month smoothing and on which, as they jump at shadows, they insist
ruffled feathers in both New Zealand and the on having the last word" (NZ Herald, 24/7/97;
Pacific. So where did this stuff come from? "Fresh leak blames Australia's spies", Greg
Ansley). We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Peace Researcher - Page 9

ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service)
ONA was not the only Australian intelligence The sourCes were reported to be a former
agency to be exposed as deceiving and Australian mercenary recruited for PNG's then
embarrassing the Australian government. The planned Bougainville offensive and an official
Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) is close to the former government of Sir Julius Chan,
the country's extemal intelligence gathering which hired the contract soldiers .
agency (there is no New Zealand equivalent). PR
"They confirmed reports on the ABC's Four
1 3 ran a lengthy report on the Sandline rnercenary
crisis in Papua New Guinea, in early 1 997. The Corners programme that it appeared Australia's
Australian government was pivotal in expressing inteligence network failed to wam the Federal
regional outrage to the then Chan government, government about PNG's mercenary crisis, despite
and taking active steps to stop the mercenaries knowing about it for at least ten months. Former
from carrying out their mission on Bougainville. ASIS intelligence officer Warren Reed told the
But its own spies were withholding information programme that ASIS was aware of a meeting
from it. between Sandline mercenaries and PNG defence
officials in Cairns in April 1 996. Mr Reed added
ASIS knew Papua New Guinea was trying to the Australian government knew nothing of the
recruit mercenaries as long ago as 1 995 and gathering and did not learn about the mercenaries
Department of Foreign Affairs diplomats became being hired by the PNG government until after
privy at least as early as last September ( 1 996) .. they landed in Port Moresby in February of this
Reliable sources had confirmed this to Australian year (1 997)" (The Independent, 1 8/7/97; "Aussie
Associated Press. 'spies' knew of PNG moves")..

NIO (National Intelligence Organisation)

The National Intelligence Organisation is PNG's

possibly Singirok himself, as a means to further
own spy agency, one with close ties to the Big
their political ambitions... But Korowi strongly
Brother spy agencies of its former Australian
defended Operation Brukim Skru and bitterly
colonisers. It too comes out of the Sandline
attacked the NIO for 'character assassination' over
scandal looking very shabby indeed. It has
the affair. 'Unfortunately, NIO was carrying out its
achieved the extraordinary feat of provoking
character assassination on me personally,
PNG's Governor General, Sir Wiwa Korowi to
' Government House and that of the Christian
publicly attack it, in full page newspaper ads.
community throughout Papua New Guinea who
participated in the Operation Brukim Skru prayer
"... Korowi was rejecting allegations in a 'top secret'
programme. 'NIO has got very pathetic lying habits
NIO document of a 'pOSSible Christian plot' by
and they are out to create sensational stories to
Operation Brukim Skru, a prayer group involving
carry out character assassination on people. I want
the Head of State and other prominent
the facts to be proven by NIO. They cannot get
personalities established last year to promote good
away with this flattering lie at the expense of
government and combat corruption. According to
someone's credibility'.
news reports, the document linked the prayer
group with ousted military commander, Brigadier
"Korowi vowed that the prayer programme would
General Jerry Singirok, and non-government
continue to 'fight corruption and manipulation' of
organisations opposed to the Sandline mercenary
the system of government. Political observers said
the NIO - reported to have Australian and
Indonesian advisers - had a reputation for running
"There is nothing wrong with this religious
smear campaigns, particularly against non­
organisation but information available indicates
government organisations..." (Asia PacifiC
some in it may have political ambitions,' the NIO
Network, 1 8/9/97; "Korowi Lambasts National
document claimed. Major players in the prayer
Intelligence Organisation").
group seemed to believe they had a God-given
nght to nd PNG of what they perceived to be a
So now we know how the spy agencies endear
corrupt government, the document said. 'What is
themselves to their own governments - ignore the
of concern is the unconstitutional method by which
diplomats, write offensive tripe about allies and
thiS seems to have been approached ,' it claimed.
have it leaked; don't tell them about major
'It is legitimate speculation that all this could be a
developments in a regional war; and cause their
deliberate plot perpetrated by politically-minded
own Head of State to publicly attack them as
Christians, riding the wave of anti-corruption
"pathetic liars". With friends like these, who needs
sentiments and using the Sandline issue, and even

Peace Researcher - Page 1 0


ASIO, ASIS and the rest are not the only (Press, 1 8/ 1 0/97; "Spying at a teddy bears' picnic";
Australian agencies spying on Australians. The Across The Ditch; Graeme Hammond). Individuals
Federal and State police forces have a long targeted included MPs, priests and the likes of
history of it as well, dating back to the infamous Joan Coxsedge, a longstanding Melbourne contact
Special Branches (Murray Horton met and, indeed, of the ABC. Phil Cleary, a former Federal
was manhandled by the NSW Special Branch Independent MP, was spied on: "It's quite
when he was a political activist in Sydney during staggering... people ought to be outraged" (Press,
the turbulent mid 1 970s). The latest scandal 7/1 0/97; "Police spy unit' outrages"). Among those
involves the Victorian Police's Operations outraged is former Labor Premier, John Cain, who
Intelligence Unit . The Age newspaper obtained headed the State government while this was going
copies of its 1 985-92 records, which revealed that, on and was never told about it. He has joined the
far from liaising with community groups, it spied on call for a public inquiry.
a huge range of them - Greenpeace, the
Wilderness Society, Friends of the Earth, the The cops are unrepentant, saying they still spy on
Women's Self Help and Information Group, political groups, citing the need to protect the
Aboriginal rights groups, animal rights groups, etc. Sydney 2000 Olympics from "terrorism", nor do
Those spied on included a Melbourne mother they tell the State government of surveillance
campaigning to keep her local high school open. It activities unless the government asks. Their only
bugged a 1 989 Council for Civil Libertiesl concession was to say that they no longer spy on
Federation of Community Legal Centres meeting civil liberties groups or legal centres. Australian
called to plan a campaign for a judicial inquiry into police forces have a long record of massive
police shootings. The fearless cops even attended corruption and killing people. They have an
a 1 989 teddy bears' picnic organised by the equally long record of spying on progressive
Victorian Childcare Action Group to highlight a groups. Nor should New Zealanders feel smug -
shortage of child care facilities. The unit infiltrated the ABC and other groups in Christchurch have
Melbourne community radio station 3CR and its been the very recent target of police spies. We
agents produced breakfast shows to win trust (in should expect this sort of thing but in no way does
the 1 980s Murray Horton visited 3CR more than that justify it.
once to be interviewed in his ABC capacity). A
3CR spokesperson said: "It would have been
cheaper for the Victoria Police to buy a
transistor. . . "

50 Years of Scandals and BUllglilf1lg

- Murray Horton
The CIA "celebrated" its 50th birthday in "From its beginnings 50 years ago, the CIA has
September 1 997. Funnily enough, the world didn't had a somewhat spotty record of providing
celebrate with it. Despite the Cold War being over, presidents with 'timely, focused' intelligence
it carries on with business as usual, now having an information. The Agency failed to predict the

the Middle East war in 1 973, India's a �quisition of

estimated 1 6,000 employees and an annual construction of the Berlin Wall in 1 961 the start of
budget of over $NZ4 billion. President Clinton -
who told a birthday party at CIA HQ at Langley, nuclear capability in 1 974 or the 1 979 overthrow of
Virginia, that: "The American people will never the Shah of Iran, among other key events. It also
know the full story" (NZ Herald, 20/9/97) - is embarrassed the United States with fiascos such
making as much use of the CIA as did his as the failed 1 96 1 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba
Republican predecessors Bush and Reagan. But and plots to kill foreign leaders, including Fidel
even in its own intelligence gathering terms, there Castro, the Congo's Patrice Lumumba and
isn't much to show for 50 years. theDominican Republic's Rafael Trujillo. . " (Press,

1 7/9/97; "CIA celebrates 50 years", Jim Wolf).

Peace Researcher - Page 1 1

IRAQ: Coups and Whistleblowers
The cockups are not confined to the history books.
CIA Director Tenet asked the Justice Department
There are a couple of major scandals unfolding
if Marik had violated his confidentiality agreement
right now. Firstly, in Iraq. Saddam Hussein is the
with the CIA by disclosing classified information,
current bete noire of American foreign policy,
even though Marik had not compromised other
having survived all overt and covert attempts to
agents' identities, sources or methods. Tenet's
get rid of him (see PR 1 3 for details). Saddam has
action is seen as being to intimidate any other
not merely survived the CIA, he has humiliated it.
potential whistleblowers.
"Along with the Bay of Pigs in 1 96 1 , Iraq stands as
the Agency's most expensive and embarrassing
"John Deutch, the CIA Director who oversaw the
flop since it was founded in 1 947" (NZ Herald,
Iraq debacle, is now comfortably back at the
28/7/97; "CIA bungles badly in secret and in
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and
public: New head targets critic, not covert
defending the flawed strategy he chose. His
operation failure"; Close Cover; Jim Hoagland).
deputy was Mr Tenet...The current London station
The new C lA head is George Tenet; the critic is
chief, who played a key supervisory role in the Iraq
Warren Marik, a former CIA agent who worked in
involv �ment in the Iran-contra scandal and after
failure reached that exalted position after
Turkey, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, before retiring
in 1 997. Marik went public in June 1 997 about the
failing to spot Aldrich Ames as a Soviet spy when
failure of the CIA's $NZ170 million covert
he was Mr Ames' boss in Rome... the debacle in
operation in Iraq. He had no argument with its
Iraq shows the continuing decline of Congressional
goal; he just suggested how it could be achieved
oversight as a check on mismanagement and
(the Agency favours a coup; Marik a longterm
misbehaviour at the CIA ... " (ibid).
propaganda and political effort).

US Intelligence Budget Revealed for First Time

"Abruptly abandoning 50 years of secrecy, the CIA the disclosure, which an Agency spokesman said
disclosed, in October 1 997, how much money the was forced by a lawsuit under the Freedom of
United States spends annually for intelligence: Infonmation Act brought by the Federation of
$US26,6 billion (over $NZ41 billion), With a one American SCientists, which focuses on science in
sentence fax to a lawyer who sued seeking the public poliCy. Tenet said the disclosure 'does not
disclosure, the CIA let fall a pillar of Cold War jeopardise' national security and 'serves to inform
policy, ending its argument that obeying the the American people'. That was the precise
Constitution's commands for a public budget would position argued by the opponents of government
irreparably harm national security. Previously, secrecy who sued for publication of the sum...
disclosing the sum had been legally
tantamount to espionage. " ... Steven Aftergood, who sued the CIA as
director of the Federation of American
"The decision ended a 30-year legal battle, Scientists' government secrecy project, said
fought in the courts and Congress, to the disclosure 'marks the first time since
compel the Agency to comply with the World War II that the Government has
Constitution, which says the Government acknowledged the size of its intelligence
must publish a 'regular statement and spending'. Since the mid-1 980s, the
account' of its spending. When the agency Federation of American Scientists has tried
was founded 50 years ago, the Cold War to track that secret spending by carefully
was deemed good reason to keep its budget studying the Pentagon's budget, where intelligence
secret. That secrecy persisted well after the programmes and secret weapons projects are
Hammer and Sickle came down from the Kremlin, hidden, in falsely labeled accounts. Its estimates
although the spending figure was a secret poorly were fairly accurate, as an accidental disclosure of
kept. Today the agency, which itself spends about $US26.7 billion in military and intelligence
$US3 billion a year, presides over a covertly programs by a congressional subcommittee
appropriated cache from which billions are drawn showed in 1 994. By that time, the figure was one
by other government intelligence agencies, of the CIA's worst kept secrets.
including the National Security Agency (tile
GCSB's Big Brotller and recipient of Waillopai's "In April 1 976, a Senate committee investigating
"product". Ed), which conducts global the CIA strongly recommended publishing the
eavesdropping, and the National Imagery and aggregate budget. But Congress never acted. It
Mapping Agency, which makes pictures and maps defeated bills to do so as recently as three months
from space."The director of Central Intelligence, ago.The Republican chairmen of the Senate and
George Tenet, said President Clinton authorised House intelligence oversight committees both
opposed the disclosure of the intelligence budget

Peace Researcher - Page 1 2

Democrats, Dollars and Deception

"Then , when Heslin had doubts about Tamraz'

But continuing the introspection of the Clinton
trustworthiness, current CIA officials sanitised his
government, the Administration is much more
interested in CIA involvement in the Democratic shady biography. Then Bob repeatedly lobbied the
fundraising scandal in the US. This involved Roger NSC on Tamraz' behalf, Heslin testified .ln
addition, Bob called Gore's office to help Tamraz,
Tamraz, a long time CIA asset (in both Lebanon
officials said.The DNC staff had warned Fowler
and Brazil) and businessman who wanted US
against Tamraz.
government help to build an oil pipeline across
Central Asia. To help him get what he wanted, he
"Then (in October 1 996), Bob telephoned Fowler
donated $US300,000 to the Democrats' 1 996
about helping to get Tamraz into the White House.
election campaign. The whole subject of the
Bob -- his full identity is classified -- admitted to
Democrats' fundraising is the subject of a major
Senate investigators that he may not have told
investigation by the (Republican controlled)
Fowler who he actually was.
Senate .

"Funny -- Fowler has been accused of trying to

"In their obsession with which telephone Vice
President Gore may have used to raise campaign manipulate the CIA to help Tamraz as a pay-off for
Tamraz' $300,000 in Democratic campaign
money, Senate investigators have glided past a far
bigger scandal: CIA interference in U.S. politics. contributions last year. But the CIA went to bat for

and the sequence of calls shows that the CIA

The case is put most starkly by Sen. Robert Tamraz well before he made his first contribution
Torricelli: 'What's the CIA doing making an
undercover call to the head of the Democratic initiated the contact with Fowler, not vice versa .
National Committee?'. If Torricelli is right -- and 'The amazing thing to me is that this Bob of the
CIA was nothing short of an agent for Tamraz and
testimony appears to support him -- the CIA's
operations division lobbied to help one of its his pipeline scheme,' Sen Richard Durbin
intelligence assets, oilman Roger Tamraz, get into said.'Bob was working overtime to get Tamraz into
the White House to peddle an oil pipeline scheme. the White House to change U.S. policy.'

"In the process of helping Tamraz, an operations "Why should the CIA help Tamraz? (a) He was a
officer identified only as Bob used a cover identity long-time intelligence asset in the Middle East. (b)
when talking to DNC Chairman Don Fowler. Maybe his pipeline would further U.S. interests in
Whoops I That's called covert operations -- and the the Caspian region. Or (c) He had a practice of
CIA is not supposed to run operations on U.S. soil, hiring CIA officers after they retired. If CIA agents
let alone against a U.S. political party.'Tamraz could help him score a $US2 billion pipeline
played the system like an organ', says an project, they might be feathering their own nests.
intelligence official. Seeking U.S. support for a The CIA likes to claim that it works only for the
President. But in this case, Durbin said, 'Tamraz
he first used a retired CIA Official, Ed Pechous, t�
planned pipeline out of the Caspian Sea oil fields
had the CIA in his back pocket'. The White House
secure an appointment with National Security was the target. Perhaps most amazing of all, Bob
Council staffer Sheila Heslin (Pechous was a CIA says he had no idea who Fowler was when he
agent in India, Pakistan, Austria, Germany and the called him.
Philippines, in a career spanning three decades.
Our source for information on him, Marik and "Imagine: a CIA operations officer calling the
chairman of the Democratic National Committee
Tamraz is NameBase, the definitive US database
to vouch for Tamraz -- without knowing whom he
011 all aspects of US intelligence, defence and
was talking to. Fowler, for his part, was much
foreign policy. Ed).
ridiculed for saying that he had no recollection of
talking to the CIA. Now that claim becomes a little
more understandable. This may be a comedy of
errors, a sinister plot, mere greed on the part of
r:Jr government officials looking toward an easy
continued from previous page...

for the fiscal year 1 997 and will likely oppose retirement or more evidence of a CIA that carries
publication in the future. 'The overseers have not out its own policies for its own purposes.
been doing their job,' Aftergood said. 'Congress
has made every effort to block disclosure of the "In any case, says New Jersey's Torricelli , 'This
budget. It seems as if you want intelligence has crossed the line from campaign finance
oversight nowadays, you have to do it yourself'" abuses into an intelligence problem'. What an
(New York Times, 1 6/ 1 0/97; "For First Time, U.S. irony: The Congressional investigation into
Discloses Budget on Spying: $26.6 Billion"; Tim campaign finance abuses began with the suspicion
Weiner). that China and other mysterious foreigners may
have tried to buy their way into the American
political system. Now we find that the clearest

Peace Researcher - Page 1 3

example of someone's buying political access for "Having sailed through a perfunctory lie detector
cash in an attempt to change U.S. policy -­ test on his role in Iraq and been put back to work,
Tamraz -- had the active support of the CIA". (New Bob's career is at risk today not for his work on
York Daily News, 24/9/97; "Scandal may be CIA's coup plots but his role in dialling for campaign
conduct"; OpEd Page; Lars-Erik Nelson) . dollars. Welcome to Clintonian Washington, Bob"
For his part, Tamraz i s unrepentant. "Though he
didn't get his pipeline, Tamraz told the (Senate) A couple of years ago an international campaign
committee he was satisfied. 'I think next time I'll was run against the World Bank and International
give $600,000', he declared" (Time, 29/9/97) Jim Monetary Fund on their attaining the same
Hoagland's NZ Herald column pointed out that anniversary. That slogan is particularly relevant to
'Bob' was the agent in charge of the failed military the CIA; "50 Years Is Enough !" In fact it's too
campaign in northern Iraq. much.

The FBI Gets Greater P honetapping Powers -

Phone Compan ies Resist
The CIA and FBI have been working more closely specifies a standard setting process to redesign
together than ever (see PR 1 3 for details). The the equipment. Telephone industry officials have
best recent example was the June 1 997 arrest, in warned that the cost of making the modifications
Pakistan, of Mir Aimal Kansi, by FBI agents. Kansi requested by law enforcement might run into the
had been hunted for four years for the 1 993 armed billions of dollars. They also contend that the FBI
attack on CIA staff outside H Q (Langley, Virginia). has overstepped its mandate and is trying to
The lone gunman killed two and wounded three control the process of setting standards. The law,
(the motive was murky. Time, 30/6/97, suggested they say, specifies only that the agency will be
that both Kansi and his father had worked for the consulted in setting the standard.
CIA, in Pakistan) . The FBI got him back into an
American jail. "Industry executives say their companies will be at
risk of being sued by civil liberties groups over
The FBI is no slug itself when it comes to spying, privacy invasions. Law enforcement is asking for
except that its targets are Americans themselves. the ability to maintain a wiretap in a conference
It has recently gained new phonetapping powers call even after the individual who is the object of
which have made it an unlikely enemy - phone the court authorised wiretap drops out of the phone
companies. call. Such a capability would require costly
modifications to the telephone network, industry
"Asserting that the FBI is trying to force the officials said.
development of wiretapping equipment that goes
beyond the law, telephone industry executives said '''We're taking this action out of monumental
they would petition the Federal Communications frustration,' said Thomas Wheeler, president of the
Commission to resolve a dispute over the limits of Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association,
digital surveillance in the information age. Industry a trade group in Washington. The telephone
executives are expected to ask the commission to industry is facing an October 1 998 deadline to
step in after more than two years of negotiations comply with the law. Wheeler said the members of
with law enforcement authorities over standards his association were growing increaSingly
for advanced digital telephone switching gear concerned that in the absence of a standard they
intended to permit the police and FBI agents to would have insufficient time to develop new
listen to suspected criminals. products that comply with the law. The legislation
provides for $US1 0,000 a day in penalties for
"The Communications for Law Enforcement Act, companies that fail to meet the requirements" (San
which was signed into law by President Clinton in Jose Mercury News, 1 6/7/97; quoting the New
1 994, calls for spending $US500 million to modify York Times).
the nation's telephone network for wiretapping and

Notori ous C O I NTELPRO Sti l l A l ive i n 1 990s

"On May 24, 1 990, a motion-triggered anti­ Instead of trying to find the bomber, the FBI and
personnel bomb exploded beneath Oakland POlice had the activists arrested and then
environmentalllabor activist Judi Bari's car seat as attempted to frame them on charges of
she drove through Oakland, California with fellow transporting the very explosives that were used to
activist Darryl Cherney. Bari & Cherney were the try to kill them. The arrest directly contradicted the
two most prominent organisers for Earth First ! physical evidence, and ignored previous death
Redwood Summer, a campaign of non-violent threats against the pair. The bomber remains at
protests targeting corporate logging practices. large... " (Redwood Summer Justice Project; press

Peace Researcher " Page 1 4

release; "Judi Bari Kicks FBI Butt - COINTELPRO "Judge Wilken however, dismissed from the case
in '90s: No Immunity For FBI In Earth First! FBI COINTELPRO specialist Richard W. Held,
Bombing Case: Court Upholds Conspiracy who was the Special Agent in Charge of the San
Charges Against FBI Agents & False arrest Francisco FBI office at the time of the bombing.
charges against Oakland Police"; 20/ 1 0/97). The Despite his history and expertise in
Eal1h First! activists sued (Judi Bari died, of breast counterintelligence aimed at political activists,
cancer, in 1 997, but her estate will continue the including direct involvement in the wellknown FBI
suit). COINTELPRO campaigns against the Black
Panther Party and the American Indian Movement,
"The civil rights lawsuit, filed in 1 99 1 , charges the Held claims that he was unaware of the
FBI and Oakland Police Department with false misconduct of the agents under his supervision
arrest, illegal search and seizure, and conspiracy and of the FBI operation against Bari and
to violate their First Amendment right to organise Cherney. The Earth First! plaintiffs are appealing
for social change". In October 1 997, US District this part of the decision.
Court Judge Claudia Wilken refused to grant
immunity from prosecution to agents of the FBI "The plaintiffs allege that the conspiracy against
and OPD for their mishandling of the car Bari and Cherney was part of a larger FBI
bombing . . Wilken's ruling states plaintiffs have COINTELPRO operation against them and Earth
made an adequate showing that the FBI and First' COINTELPRO, the FBI's notorious
Oakland Police deliberately misrepresented clear counterintelligence programme, was ordered
evidence regarding the location and makeup of the disbanded in the 1 970's after the Church hearings
bomb in order to justify the false arrest of Bari and by the US Senate found the practice
Cherney... The strongest language in the ruling unconstitutional. COINTELPRO is an FBI
deals with the assertion that the FBI engaged in a programme designed (in the words of J. Edgar
conspiracy to violate Bari and Cherney's First Hoover) to 'expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit
amendment r ights. She upholds these charges, and otherwise neutralise' activists and groups
stating that the FBI supplied false or misleading advocating social change in the US. The case of
information to the OPD that contributed to the Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney shows clearly that
false arrest and illegal searches ... COINTELPRO is alive and well in the 90s" (ibid).

Canada's Spies Given Sweeping Phonetapping Powers

clause in warrants to investigate a particular
"The Federal Solicitor-General revealed (in
security threat. No details of the case were
September 1 997) that Canada's spy agency has
revealed in the ruling. The clause would permit
been granted unprecedented powers over the last
CSIS to listen in on someone the service believed
two years. Andy Scot! admitted the Canadian
Security Intelligence Service has in some cases to be a threat to Canadian security. In effect, it
delegates to a CSIS employee powers normally
had authority to eavesdrop on people without
judicial approval - a practice blasted by a Federal held only by a federal judge, McGillis wrote. 'The
Court judge as unconstitutional. Prominent proposed clause would vest in a service employee
criminal lawyer Clayton Ruby said he was the discretion to apply the terms of the warrant
against a person, without a judge ever scrutinising
flabbergasted CSIS had been handed the power to
freely decide whom it could wiretap. 'That's the the evidence to determine whether intrusive
hallmark of a police state', he said. 'It's very powers ought to be used against the individual'.
serious'. CSIS requires a warrant approved by the Nothing in the CSIS Act allows such a move,
court to electronically eavesdrop on a suspected which would be unconstitutional in any event, she
terrorist or other person considered a threat to said, citing a 1 990 Supreme Court of Canada
Canada. But Scat! said judges have in recent decision. Scot! said government lawyers were
years allowed CSIS to tack a special clause on to reviewing the Federal Court ruling, and that he
such warrants that gives the spy agency leeway to hoped to study it in detail.
eavesdrop on other suspects it discovers in
midstream without returning to the court for "He acknowledged signing the CSIS proposal for
permission, which presumably takes extra time expanded wiretap powers that McGillis rejected,
and effort. suggesting he was told the request was nothing out
of the ordinary. 'The clause in question, I'm
" 'I'm advised that this particular clause has been advised, has been used over the last couple of
years'. CSIS representative Marcia Wetherup
used, and the courts have allowed it in the past,'
confirmed the service had used the clause
Scot! said after question period in the House of
Commons. And I understand now that the court 'numerous times' in investigations of foreign
nationals visiting Canada ... Ruby criticised the
has decided that perhaps we should take another
ministers and judges who have approved CSIS
look at it'. In a recent decision, Federal Court
Justice Donna McGillis rejected a recent CSIS use of the clause. 'They must have all been
asleep'" ( Vancouver Sun, 1 / 1 0/97; "Spy Agency
proposal, approved by Scat!, to include the special
Given Sweeping Wiretap Power"; Jim Bronskill).

Peace Researcher - Page 1 5

B riti s h Sp ies Stil l P rotected By Official Secrecy
The landslide May Day 1997 election victory by
The Tribunals meet in secret and complainants are
Tony Blair's New Labour Party (definitely not to be
not told whether they have been under
confused with Jim Anderton's NZ New Labour
Party) has changed nothing vis a vis Britain's
spies. They are still protected by the Official
One of the causes celebre of the Thatcher years
Secrets Act, in a country that still does not have an
was the stripping of independent union rights from
Official Information Act. In August 1997 the Mail
staff at the Government Communications
on Sunday started publishing the memoirs of
Headquarters (GCHQ, the British Big Brother to
David Shayler, a former agent of MI5 (internal
NZ's GCSB). It arose from complaints about
security). But the Government won a weekend
industrial action from the US National Security
court injunction to stop any further publication "in
Agency (NSA, the biggest Big Brother in the
the interests of national security". The paper's
intelligence world). 14 GCHQ staff who refused to
editor described that as "a serious assault on the
give up their union membership rights, in return for
freedom of the press" (Press, 1/9/97; "Court stops
a payoff of one thousand pounds, were summarily
MI5 expose").
dismissed. The labour movement and civil rights
groups waged a 13 year campaign to have this
The spies have been busier than ever. In 1996,
union ban reversed. Success came in May 1997
1,142 phonetapping and mail opening warrants
when the newly elected Blair government dropped
were issued in England and Wales - the second
the ban. There are still question marks over
highest number since records began. This covers
whether GCHQ workers can strike; and about
both intelligence agencies and the police. M15's
compensation for the 14 sacked men, some of
role has been expanded by the 1996 Security
whom have been unemployed ever since
Service Act, to support pOlice forces "in the
(Statewatch, May-June 1997).
prevention and detection of serious crime". Not
one complaint to the Tribunals set up to hear
complaints against any British intelligence agency,
from 1985-96, was upheld.

KIWI Workers Lose Jobs With US Navy Departure
- Bob Leonard
For decades now one of the primary defences contractor. NYANG's 109th Air Mobility Wing will
offered, by local and national politicians, for the be adding its ski-equipped LC130s to the Navy's
presence of a US military base at Christchurch small fleet. The ten ski-Hercules are the only such
Airport, is that it employs New Zealanders. In planes in the world and all will be flown by
actual fact, the US military has a poor record as an NYANG's experienced Arctic pilots. NYANG is
employer (for full details, see PR 27 [first series], working alongside the Navy this season, phasing
June 1990: "Special Article: The Failed Struggle itself in. It has no need for these Kiwi civilian
By NZ Civilian Workers For Union Rights At workers, supplying its own staff. Those losing their
Operation Deep Freeze"; Murray Horton). Many, jobs work in food and beverage services, the Navy
many years before the Employment Contracts Act exchange service, and recreation. They include
was even a gleam in Bill Birch's eye the US typists, shipping agents and cargo handlers. Some
military banned all unions from Deep Freeze; have worked at Deep Freeze for up to 30 years.
banned its NZ civilian workers from belonging to They will get severance packages in line with US
unions; and required them to sign an affidavit policy for employing foreign workers on military
which forbade them going on strike. bases.

Having treated its Kiwi workers like lepers, But where are Mike Moore and the other

"':" �:;
the US Navy is now going to reward their Christchurch MPs? Where are the usually

loyalty by sacking about 50 of them. In _ _ vociferous city and regional councillors?
March 1998 (Le. at the end of the 1997/98 • Where are those who champion this US
Antarctic flying season), the US Navy is quitting military base at our airport as providing a vital
Operation Deep Freeze , ending an association boost to the local economy? If we believe the
which goes back to its foundation in 1955. The latest wildly speculative figures, from the US Navy
Navy is quitting for budgetary reasons, being itself, the Navy spends up to $25 million per year
replaced by the New York Air National Guard in Christchurch (Press, 25/10/97; "US Navy
(NYANG) and a Colorado ciVilian prepares to farewell the Ice"; Jo McCarroll). 50
Christchurch workers are losing their jobs,

Peace Researcher - Page 16

the victims of US military budget cutting, and it's left to the Anti-Bases Campaign alone to deplore the fact.
There's a rich irony there somewhere. The US Navy spokesman has said that its final Christchurch season
will be emotional - doubtless its New Zealand workers will have reason to get emotional too.


The Navy may be going but not so the Air Force. It plans to stay on indefinitely, using Harewood to service
the Australian spy bases that are so important to US intelligence. This will leave the USAF with even less of
an Antarctic cover story for its Christchurch presence than before. And every so often the USAF pulls rank
on New Zealanders, just to remind us who's the boss at Harewood. Every few years there is a memorable
instance of the US military asserting its sovereignty there. It happened in the late 1 970s when a C 1 4 1
Starlifter crash landed, and the US military took control of the airport, ordering out NZ reporters and ordering
around NZ cops (for full details on the most extreme example, see PR 25 [first series], November 1 989;
"Special Issue: Deep Freeze Documents Reveal American/New Zealand Sovereignty Struggle At
Harewood"; Murray Horton. That was all about NZ's attempts to exercise its right to enforce local drug laws
at Deep Freeze).

The USAF felt the need to show who's the boss again, in August 1 997. A Korean Air passenger plane
tragically crashed in Guam, killing hundreds of people. One of the handful of survivors was New Zealander
Barry Small. Guam is a major USAF asset - B52s bombed Indochina from there during the Vietnam War; it
was a key staging post during the 1 99 1 Gulf War. And it was a USAF C 1 4 1 Starlifter that flew Barry Small
nonstop from Guam to Christchurch. Very commendable - except that the base commander posted military
guards to keep out ali NZ news media representatives, except for TVNZ, which had an exclusive deal with
Small. Airport security confirmed that the order to bar all other media came from the US base commander.
Just another gratuitous example of the US military feeling the need to flex its muscles every once in a while.
The sooner the Air Force joins the Navy in flying off into the sunset the better.

U pd ate o n U S M i l ita ry a n d Anta rcti c F l i g hts

at C h ristc h u rc h Ai rpo rt
United States military operations at Christchurch International Airport (at Harewood) have a long history
dating back to the International Geophysical Year in the late 1 950s. Citizens for the Demilitarisation of
Harewood and its successor organization, the Anti-Bases Campaign (founded in 1 988), have long objected
to the American military presence in Christchurch and in the Antarctic. Operating under the umbrella of the
legitimate civilian Antarctic research programme , the Americans have taken advantage of that cover and
engaged in a range of military and intelligence ac1ivities in New Zealand (covered in many articles in PR
since 1 983). The use of our airport by US military aircraft is a core activity of Operation Deep Freeze and
its not-50-civilian companion projects. ABC continues to monitor the flights with data provided by the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the provisions of the Official Information Act.

The flight data in this report continues the compilation for the 1 990s. Our last report in Peace Researcher
No. 5 (June 1 995) covered the period June 1 990 through May 1 995 inclusively The data available in that
period was for US Air Force flights only. (Flight-years are defined by the annual NZ government clearance
period given to the US government for Deep Freeze flights). The table below combines the data from that
report with the new information through May 1 997. Note that the percentage of militarylintelligence
business by Air Force planes rose sharply in the last two flight-years.

Gir See Over for Summary of Flight Data

Peace Researcher - Page 1 7

Summary of Flight Data (Transit flights) U S Air Force Starlifters and Galaxys

FliahtYear Antarctic • Military Total . % Milita.rv

1 99()c91. 32 . .... 86 . .... 1 1 8 ..... , 7? 9
1 991c92 71 97 1 68 57.7
1 992·93 38 85 1 23 . " . 69.1
1 993c94 47 . . 63 . .... 110 57.3 .. .
1 994·95 33 58 91 63.7
1 995·96 28 79 1 07 73.8
1 996·97 31 78 1 09 71 .6
Totals 280 546 826 • . 66.1

Since May 1 995, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has provided complete flight data for Ski­
Hercules (LC- 1 30) flown by Navy crews and in recent years by the New York Air National Guard (NYANG).
The bar graph in this report thus contains three categories of flights: Ski-Hercules (LC-1 30), Antarctic and
Military. The NYANG flights began in 1 988 (PR No. 1 7, Feb. 1 988, p. 9) and were sporadic in most
Antarctic seasons t hereafter. With the departure of the Navy from Operation Deep Freeze in 1 998, the
NYANG, which is an arm of the Air Force, will take over the entire Ski-Hercules operation.

Black bars on the graph show the regular year-round pattern of militarylintelligence flights of Starlifters and
Galaxys. Antarctic flights (white bars) are concentrated in the summer season with peak Ski-Hercules flight
numbers in February when wheeled aircraft are not able to land on the soft ice and snow.

The Ski-Hercules flights (combined Navy and Air Force LC-1 30) are shown as a line on the graph. The
Antarctic category includes all Ski-Hercules, Starlifter and Galaxy flights. In October and November the
Antarctic flights are primarily conducted with the larger-capacity Air Force planes which can land in spring
on the ice runway at Williams Field near McMurdo without the need for skis.

US Air Force and Navy Flights

at Christchurch Airport


.!1 30
,,!:: 25

- 20

a; 15
:::! 1 0

w >- '" 15.
>- w >- '" >-
c 'S � 13 0 u
C .0
ro >
..'", w "§. '" c 'S � 15. 13 0 ro
u C
� .., « w 0 z 0 :;;; � w 0 w '"
w � :;;;'"
.., LL
« :;;; .., .., « <f! Z 0 .., :;;;
<f! LL
1 995 1 996 1 997

About the graph: The bar chart presents complete flight data for US Air Force
and Navy aircraft using
Christchurch International Airport in the period June 1 995 through May 1 997. The aircraft are primarily
cargo carriers: LC-130 Ski-Hercules, C-1 41 B Starlifters and C-5 Galaxys. A transit flight consists of an
arrival and a departure for a given plane. Military denotes military/intelligence Channel flights serving US
bases in Australia; Antarctic denotes flights to and from the Antarctic in support of the US research
programme. (Other US aircraft that occasionally appear in the data are C-1 30 , C- 1 35, C- 1 7 and Orions.)
Data provided by the M inistry of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the Official Information Act.

Peace Researcher - Page 1 8

Flight frequency Program system of early warning satellites, a
system in operation since 1 970.
Continuing the patterns reported in our last article,
the rnilitarylintelligence flights are less regular than Both Australian bases are thus an integral part of
they were prior to 1994. But the frequency has the vast US signals intelligence system.
increased again since the beginning of 1 995. Christchurch does its part in supporting that
Based upon the Tuesday-Wednesday timing of the system by hosting the hundreds of so-called
Channel flights of Starlifters and Galaxys that visit
Pine Gap flights and the Friday-Saturday
our city under the cover of Operation Deep Freeze
Nurrungar flights (since April 1 994), the numbers
of each type of flight appear to be about the same every year.
each month. This is circumstantial evidence that
the levels of activity at the two huge American The Deep Freeze Whitewash
intelligence bases in Australia are requiring
sustained Channel flight service. As the US Navy prepares to depart Operation
Deep Freeze in early 1 998, the Chris\church Press
For those not acquainted with Pine Gap and continues to publish laudatory articles (the latest
Nurrungar, a brief description of their functions is on 25 Oct 1997) on the contributions of the US
in order. "The satellite ground station at Pine Gap, military to the city and the economy. But not one
near Alice Springs, Northern Territory, is the most word is ever said about the dark side of the
important US installation in Australia", according to Antarctic connection. CDH and later the ABC
Des Ball, a prominent researcher at the Australian have raised many important issues about the US
National University 4 It is in fact one of the largest military presence, particularly the air force, at
intelligence bases in the world. It is the Earth­ Harewood and on the Ice. And to its credit the
based link to a network of US spy satellites in Press has covered many of our press releases,
geostationary orbits around the equator. Pine sometimes in great detail. But that alternative
Gap is run by the US National Security Agency. perspective never gets a mention in the current
Nurrungar is a US Air Force satellite ground gush of praise.
station in South Australia. It is a key station
controlling the Air Force's Defense Support

But Extra Ar\lZAC Frigates Dead in the Water
Contrary to popular opinion, frigates do have their ceaseless export of profits by the transnational
uses. They can be live targets for somebody else's corporations that now dominate the New Zealand
Exocets. Or, in the more recent New Zealand economy (and if you want to learn more about
example, a convenient excuse for the country's that, send $15 to join CAFCA at Box 2258,
worst balance of payments deficit since 1 986. To Christchurch. Ed).
quote Wolfgang Rosenberg, in Foreign Control
Watchdog 86 ("Foreign Investment and New Te Kaha, the $563 million first ANZAC frigate, duly
Zealand's Balance of Payments"): "But then there arrived from Australia, in August 1 997. The peace
are excuses that it really is not so bad and that one movement ensured that it got a hot reception, so
should exclude $563 million paid for the first much so that the Press headline was "Protesters
frigate from Australia. Of course, they could have mar arrival" (16/8/97). What a shame. The second
commented that this shows the stupidity of
frigate will follow in due course, costing the same
ordering two more frigates and illustrates the
whopping amount. The next big Government
fallacy that converting some of our industries into
decision was whether to order another two. The
armament industries to equip these warships
Treasurer, Winston Peters, made his view, and
brings US positive advantages (after all, the export
that of New Zealand First, p\)rfectly clear in
proceeds should have paid for the frigates but
October 1 997 - no more frigates should be
obviously did not)". The real reason for the ordered. Peters said that he had conSistently held
balance of payments haemorrhage has got nothing that view since the Labour government (the same
to do with frigates and everything to do with the
one that built Waihopai) announced the ANZAC
frigates project, a decade ago, to mollify an
Australia that had been highly antagonised by our
nuclear free policy and its impact on ANZUS.

4 Ball, Desmond. 1988. Pine Gap. Alien and Unwin, Sydney.

121 pp

Peace Researcher - Page 1 9

Peters' pronouncement sent the military lobby into Peacemaking Association, that is illegal, in terms
apoplexy (see, for example, the Press editorial, of clause 5 (2) (b). "The Government's wishes are
1 5/ 1 0/97, "Mr Peters and frigates") obvious - re-open a once close miltary relationship
with the US and get joint exercises going again. To
An indication of Government thinking was given by that end, the anti-nuclear law is an impediment.
the revelation that an official delegation went to The question is, how much of an impediment?"
Hawaii, in mid 1 997, to check out the availability of (Press, 30/9/97; "Anti-nuclear law blocks Govt
second-hand US frigates. The reason? Cost. desire to revive defence links"; Kevin Taylor).
Considering that the US had recently offered

SAS (Special Air Service)

second-hand frigates, plus spare parts, to the
Philippines for little more than $ 1 0 million (thus
scuttling Australasian plans to build some of the
new Philippines Navy that President Ramos is There's one very unpublicised part of the military -
planning), this was a very real consideration. New the Special Air Service (SAS). In the 1 997 Budget,
Zealand has acquired a "defence industry", it was allocated $33 million (out of the Army's
courtesy of the ANZAC frigates work, and it had no $535 million) for counter-terrorist training and
plans to take this threat lying down. Kevin operations. But what do the SASsy boys do with
O'Sullivan, chairman of a defence technologies their sha re of the taxpayers' money? Well you
action group, said: "We have bought British rust won't find out anything about from the
buckets before and they cost an absolute fortune Government. All terribly hush hush. PR has
to bring up to a serviceable standard" (NZ Herald, regularly documented previous SAS operations.
28/8/97; "Industry in dismay over sortie to vet old
frigates") . Some inSight can be gleaned from Australia. In
1 997 the Australian military revealed, for the first
Frigates (new or secondhand) were not the only time, the extent of its SAS's involvement with the
item on the military's shopping list. The RNZAF armed forces of other countries. The Australian
Skyhawks are getting old; the Government has SAS is involved in 1 5 of the 33 combined
signed an option for up to eight new Hercules exercises in 1 997/98, and conducts training with
transport aircraft; and a decision had to be made the armed forces of ten other countries - US, UK,
on replacing the Army's armoured personnel Indonesia, PNG, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia,
carriers . Senior Ministers did their bit to soften up the Philippines, Brunei. And, of course, NZ. The
public opinion for a military spending spree. AustralianlNZ SAS jOint exercise is called Night
Foreign Affairs Minister Don McKinnon said the Kiwi. The Australian SAS does a lot of combined
country was heading for a D-minus in defence training with the barbaric Indonesian special
unless a bigger commitment is made (Press, forces. The Australian military report said:
1 /7/97; "$3b arms shopping list denied"). "... anything to do with the SAS remains sensitive
because of its top secret role as AustraHa's
The decision was finally made, in November 1 997. premier anti-terrorist force, a role likely to become
The deadline to buy a third frigate at 1 980s prices progressively more important as the Olympic
came and went. Within a week, the Government Games get closer" ( Vanguard, 1 8/6/97; "SAS is
released its long awaited Defence White Paper. In anti-people"). There is no reason to believe that
total, defence spending will increase by $663 "our" SAS is any different. A secret hit team of
million over five years. But no decision will be trained killers, at the disposal of some very
made on any third ANZAC frigate before 2005; no unsavoury "friends". Let's make some budget cuts
new ships, new or secondhand, will be bought; the right there.
Navy will lose over 200 personnel; and the
"defence industry" was disappointed. The Air
Force gets newer Hercules and an upgrade on the
Skyhawks' weapons. The Army is the big winner -
500 more troops, new armoured personnel
carriers, weapons and communications . And Now for Something Completely
Different.... Measuring IQ
And what is all this defence spending in aid of?
Nothing more or less than getting New Zealand In a New Scientist column called "The Last Word"
back into ANZUS. What's the hold up? Only the was the following answer to a query about metric
small matters of public opinion being measure: "Not long after the Falklands conflict I
overwhelmingly against that, and the 1 987 nuclear was talking to an Argentinian colleague who told
free law. The National government has continually me that his country had a new unit of intelligence:
breached that law - for example, by having New the "tary". People of 1 tary level would be
Zealand warships operating alongside the equivalent to Einstein and then less intelligent
Americans in the Persian Gulf, enforcing sanctions people would fall into lower groups, the dedtary
against Iraq. As has been pointed out by both and centitary. At the bottom of the scale would be
Helen Clark, Leader of the Opposition, and Larry the military."
Ross, secretary of the NZ Nuclear Free

Peace Researcher - Page 20

Organ isoer's Report
- Murray Horton

(The relevant extract from Murray's report to the September 1997 AGM of the Campaign Against Foreign
Control of Aotearoa - CAFCA).
I am co-employed by the Anti Bases Campaign, although CAFCA work takes the great bulk of my
time. My ABC workload has increased dramatically because Warren Thomson has gone to Bangkok
to work for a year (from where he sends us plaintive, homesick e-mails) and I have had to
dramatically increase my involvement with Peace Researcher from being a regular contributor to the
exalted post of co-editor (with Bob Leonard). I've only produced one issue since Warren left but it was
the biggest for years and I wrote most of it, as well as having a hands-on role at every step of its
production and distribution. I targeted CAFCA members to become PR subscribers and we got a good

I played an active role in the annual Waihopai spybase protest camp, dOing the preliminary media
work and chairing the Blenheim public meeting for visiting British expert, Duncan Campbell (there is a
story behind his NZ stay; I'll save it for my memoirs). There has been a major attitude change towards
Waihopai from both the public and media, which is directly attributable to Nicky Hager's blockbuster
book "Secret Power" (which has attracted major international attention). I congratulate Nicky on his
extraordinary achievement and was delighted to chair the public meeting that ABC hosted for him last

This year's Jamuary Waihopai protest got the most extensive media coverage ever and the most
arrests (20). I went back to Blenheim for the high profile court case, which attracted famous Auckland
QC, Peter Williams, who offered his services to the defence, at cost. We didn't win legally but we
certainly did morally. Since then Bolger has announced a second dish for Waihopai and an expansion
of its spying role into phone-call interception. We're coming up to the tenth anniversary of both
Waihopai and the campaign against it, which is a good time for a re-evaluation. We are tackling that
soon - we have decided to try a range of other tactics, meaning that ABC is not organising a 1 998
Waihopai protest camp.

CAFCAlABC Organiser Account for Year Ended 31 /3/97

Balance as at 1 14196 $ 6,658.52 Payments $1 4,002.56

Receipts 1 4 ,049. 1 5 Balance 3 1 /3/97 6,705 . 1 1
20 707.67 20 707 62

Income And Expenditure Account : Organiser For Year 1 996/97

Receipt from donations $1 4,031 . 90 To Organiser $1 4,002,56

Interest 1 7.25 Surplus 46.59
1 4 049. 1 5 1 4 049, 1 5

Audited and found correct

Wolfgang Rosenberg
14th September, 1997

Note thiS year's donations have unique contributions included from the liquidation of NZ Monthly Review Society. They
will not be repeated in 1 997/98,

About Peace Researcher

Peace Researcher is published quarterly by the Anti-Bases Campaign, Christchurch. The editors are
Murray Horton and Bob Leonard (Warren Thomson is on overseas leave). Our journal covers a range of
peace issues with emphasis on foreign military bases and intelligence topics. Contributed articles will be
considered for publication based On subject matter and space requirements. We are particularly interested
in reports of original research on peace topics in Aotearoa and the wider region of Australasia and the
Pacific. Our address is:
Peace Researcher
P.O. Box 2258
Aotearoai New Zealand

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First Hand Accounts from the New Zealand-based Flotilla"

E dited by Claudia Pond Eyley.

(Tandem, NZ$39.95).

In July 1 995 Greenpeace founder David Taggart said on New Zealand TV: "I hope that the Kiwis. who are the
best sailors in the world, get together all the boats they can and just wander over to Moruroa". Fourteen New
Zealand boats heeded the call. It was a key part of the international protest that forced the French government
to finally end testing.

Claudia Pond Eyley interviewed 32 participants and supporters of the flotilla, gathering stories of generosity
and sacrifice, and adventure on the high seas as the flotilla faced uncertain weather conditions, equipment
failure and the French Navy. Also interviewed is the commander of the New Zealand naval vessel TUi. which
joined the protest. Claudia is a well known artist, who painted several of the protest banners that travelled to
Moruroa on the yachts. The book is beautifully presented , with many photographs.

Order your copy (post-free in New Zealand) by sending a cheque for NZ$39.95 (or credit card details) to the
non-profit progreSSive shop, One World Books, Box 68-419, Auckland, New Zealand, ph. 0064-9-377-
1 367, lax 0064-9-377-5541 , e-mail: Overseas customers who wish to pay in US
dollars, send US$28 (includes postage).

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