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Murray Horton. Anti-Bases Campaigner. and Uncle Sam. Host and Chief Spokesman for the Undemocratic Republic of UKUSA.
debate the fine points of satellite spying at the formidable front gate of the Waihopai spy station. Uncle Sam (and the Police)
allowed protesters to gather at the gate for speeches and protest during the January demonstrations. (Photo: Mar/borough

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David defeats Goliath 2

Call for InqUiry into political spyll1g 10
"Whatever Happened to the Serpent" - a poem by Margaret Bremner 10
Waihopai 2000 - Seriously peaceful 11
F ootenote - How to buy the book "The Power of People" 12
Echelon - US and Britain use it to spy on their allies 13
Intelligence and Security Committee - New members: same old story 15
How to complain about spying 16
US Air Force continues to violate Aotearoa/NZ sovereignty 17
US military back in Philippll1es 19
Junk VFA - Kiwi joins protest 20
Obituary - Margaret Hales 21
Robert Rodvlk- Unsung Hero 22
Mercenaries might get back into Sierra Leone 23
Australian spies in sheep's clothing in Kosovo 24
Cops fingm US Secret Service as Chch banner' thieves 26
to result from 1996 SIS break-in!
Murray Morton

In July 1996, two agents of the NZ Security Intelligence later asked him why he sued for that much - one reason
Service (8IS) were caught In the act of breaking into the IS that to get it heard in the HIgh Court ( which he
' wanted. In preference to the District Court) you have to
Christchurch home of GATT Watchdog activist Aziz
Choudry. dunng activities opposing the Asia Pacific Eco­ sue for at least $200,000
nomic Cooperation (APEC) Trade Ministers' Meeting.
AZlz sued the Government for $300,000 damages. In The case came to trial i n April 2000. The heanng, before
1999, after a lengthy legal and political saga, the Na­ Justice Willie Young, took three full days (it had been set
tional government settled the case out of court for an down for two) I was able to attend all but the final after­
undisclosed a m ount, plus costs, and begrudgingly noon session
apologised to AzIZ (after having changed the law to le­
galise, Including retrospectively. all SIS break-ins). But I "We Think Aziz Has Been A Very Naughty Boy"
These were the immortal first words uttered by the cop
The man who caught one of the agents and took their leading the late night raid on Aziz Choudry's home, to
vehicle's registration number, which identified them as the bemusement of his flatmate.
SIS, was Dr David Small, a U nIversity of Canterbury lec­
turer and one of the speakers at the Trading With Our This and a whole lot more were amongst the gems re­
lives conference, which was being held to counter the vealed in the evidence in David's case I was one of
APEC Ministers' Meeting. At the time of catching the those who seriously doubted the wisdom of hIS repre­
spook, David was wearing his conference name tag, senting himself (Aziz was represented by leading Auck­
whIch identified him as "David Small, Corso" (one of the land Queen's Counsel, Rodney Harrison). I needn't have
agencies Involved in Trading With Our Lives). worried - David did an a b solutely brillian t Job, and in­
deed, his representing himself seemed to work in his fa­
A week after catching the agents, David's home was vour as far as the judge was concerned. He was allowed
raided by pOlice looking for "bomb making materi­ to take the case' into areas that frankly surprised me
als" (Aziz's home had already been raided by the cops (and him). not to mention absolutely horrifying the spies
He was away, accompanying a Mexican speaker from of both the Police and the SIS. David played the game -
Trading With Our Lives, on a national speaking tour). he wore a nice suit and tie; he said "Your Honour" the
These raids arose from a still unexplained. very realistic right number of times to keep the judge sweet; he wasn't
fake bomb left at the C hristchurch City Council building a smart arse; he didn't lose his temper when cross ex­
(the City Council had ordered GATT Watchdog to re­ amining cops who absolutely bristled with antagonism
move a previously approved anti-APEC window display towards him (or who suddenly developed mass amne­
from the Council building). Incredibly, the "bomb" was in sia); and most importantly, he stuck doggedly to the
a cardboard box labeled, in handwriting, "APEC Bomb"l point, backed up by wads of both POlice and SIS docu­
Even stranger, the "bomb" was planted after the APEC ments secured during the discovery process. He per­
Ministers' Meeting was over, when the Ministers, bu­ formed superbly, in front of a very i nterested public gal­
reaucrats, journalists and security men had gone home. lery that included his parents throughout, plus several
Needless to say, nothing was ever found in the raids siblings and··their children. His tying the Police up i n
and nobody was ever charged with anything. knots reduced the gallery t o loud laughter more than
once, something which displeased the Judge
David Small also sued the Government, specifically the
Police. He did not take court actIon frivo­ This was the sort of case that the Anti­
lously. but only after he had exhausted the Bases Campaign (ABC) has always
proper channels. Firstly, he complained to dreamed of mounting against the Govern­
the Inspector General of Intelligence and ment Communications Security Bureau
Security. As with Aziz's complaint to the (GCSB - which runs the Waihopai spy­
same source, no wrongdoing was detected. base), but has never been able to do so.
Unlike Aziz, he also complained to the Po­ There was a crucial difference from the
lice Complaints Authority. Same result In October 1999, numerous Waihopai court cases - David was the plain­
he filed his claim with the Christchurch High Court. sUing tiff, not the defendant. He had the State on the back foot
the Crown for $300,000 damages, allegrng trespass and (as Aziz had done in his landmark case against the SIS)
a breach of his rights under the Bill of Rights. The media This wasn't a heanng where people defending minor
criminal charges (invariably trespass) tried to turn it into
lGATT :;;: Genera! Agreement on Tariffs and Trade; now the World Trade a broader trial of tne wrongs being perpetrated at Wai­
Orgamsation, headed by New Zealand's very own Mike Maore And they
hopai (an approach that has always been rejected by
can have him

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 2

t h e Blenhelm judge. who has i nsisted on keeping the tlnctly hostile to Davld under cross examination) The
hearings to the very n a rrow matters In front of h i m . judge then sat back and let Davld gnll these fellows for
rather t h a n looking at the bigger crime being committed hours at a stretch � It was faSCinating to observe their
by the spybase). This was that rare occasion wllere an body language o n the witness stand Repeatedly they
i n d ividual had every legal right to closely examine the looked towards the judge before answering a q u estion
workings of the secret State, and s ubject It to very Criti­ presumably waiting for a ruling from hlln that they d l d nt
cal scrutiny have to answer It The judge ignored them, leaVing them
to reluctantly a n swer the endless probing questions The
Several factors worked in David's favour If AZlz's case judge only stopped Davld o n a couple of occasions (and
had not already created a major legal a n d political mile­ denied hiS request to present additional eVidence on hiS
stone, then t h i s s u bsequent case would not have got off own behalf) He was notlceallly tougher o n t h e Crown
the ground So m u c h of it would have been mere conJec­ lawyer Interrupting him several tllnes to ask questions
ture and speculatIOn. But It is now a matter of i n disput­ and query the direction of hiS argument Not only that
able fact that i t was the SIS whom David caught In the but the judge ordered tile Crown to produce an addi­
act of breaking into AZlz' s house (altllough several of the tional Police witness for cross examination: fle ordered a
Police witnesses In Davld s case persisted I n referring to Police surveillance photograph of David mentioned by a
"another agency" and "the so-called S I S'. On several of Police witness to be produced a n d , when the allocated
the times that Davld referred to the burglary at AZlz s two days had finished rescheduled things so that a tlmd
these cops objected that there was no burglary for them full day was available to fllllsh the case
to Investigate. as the S I S were acting lawfully under one
of their own warrants The Police preferred to call It 'the One thing needs to be clanfied - Davld made n o attempt
events' Of course. as Azizs case established, the S I S to find out what the SIS was u p to at Azizs place that
agents were not acting lawful l y , because t h e i r warrants fateful night Accordingly, we are none the wiser All
gave them no legal right to break and enter) Therefore sorts of speculative scenarios have been suggested
the judge was h appy for David to probe relentlessly Into (see prevrous PRs Ed.). It IS Illegal to identify any mem­
m a n y aspects of the PollcelSIS relationship ber of the SIS, except the D i rector, so the agents caught
by Davld have never been Identified ! n any way I t ""ould
Not only that but Davld, the legal tyro won a couple of have been very d i fficult to have had anyone from the
very Important l e g a l pOints fight at the outset of the hear­ SIS produced In court as a witness. and if Daw) had
Ing The law relating to material produced In the d lsco'J­ tned t h e C l a rk government would Ilave fought i t through
ery process u s u a l l y prohibits It belrlg used In a n y other every court available. The SIS had found Its one day 111
case. Davld successfully applied to be allowed to make the Chnstchurch H i g h Court (1998 ,i\ziz's case) suffi­
use of S I S documents u n covered In AZlz's case. These Ciently traumatic to warrant a full-scale constitutional
he used. With telling effect against Police witnesses battle by the Shlpley government to prevent any further
Their line was t h a t that they d l d n t know the Identity of legal scrutiny of Its activIties. The prospect of its spies
the person who caught t h e S I S agents, that nobody anci being cross examined a n d their operations scrutinised
certai n ly not t h e SIS. had told them It was Davld, and would have Induced cardiac arrest Davld Wisely deCided
that their subsequent raids of h i S a n d AZlzs hornes were tilat he didn't need that figh t and confined IllS !egal ac­
u n related to that But Davld was able to produce an SIS tion to the Police. But the SIS was a ghostly presence
report detailing how the unidentified agent CA) had throughout When Davld's brother naively took photos I n
been caught by someone weanng a conference name tile court he was hauled u p before t h e Bench The
tag clearly Identifying him as ' Davld Small, Corso" judge's q u estion to the Crown lawyer was telling. "Are

The other legal pOint he won was

the fight to cross exarnlne "hiS
Police witnesses He only diSCOV­
ered days before the hearing that
the hapless Crown lawyer did not
Intend calling specific cops that
Davld considered Vital to his case
He u n successfully applied for a n
adjournment t h e n had t o have t h e
relevant cops s u bpoenaed (In one
case, haVing to be at the C hnst­
church Central Police Station be­
fore 7 a m . on t h e Saturday before
the case started . to personally
serve a subpoena on a very sur­
prised cop) The rules of evidence
usually prevent a lawyer cross ex­
a m i n i n g hiS own witnesses. I n thiS
case, t h e judge a llowed It. citing
hiS own exte n s i v e experience of
dealing With hostile witnesses
(and some of these cops were dls-
Aziz & David in f"iagfey Park

Peace Researcher 21 " May 2000 " Page 3

you concerned about anyone in court having his phOto the SIS agents. The cop asked for back u p and addi­
taken?" The answer was "no", and the ernng brother tional cars were sent At thiS pOint he got a radiO mes­
was let off With a warning. sage to ring Control. Interestingly, he left his car and
made the call from a public phone In a shop
"That David Small Is A Fucking Arsehole" (presumably so that the likes of reporters. uSing scan­
ners tuned to Police radio channels, wouldn't hear
These were the i mmortal words uttered by one Police about the SIS involvement). HIS supenors told him to
witness, having just been grilled at great length, to an­ drop the whole matter, which h e d u ly did
other one waiting to give evidence (presumably think­
Ing that he was out of public earshot). That gives you a The commander of the Cnmlnal I ntelligence Service
reasonably vivid snapshot of Police reaction to haVing (CIS) of the Christch u rch Police testified that he got a
their dirty little secrets publicly exposed over three long call at home that nigh! from Control, asking if any of his
days Presumably, they decided to fight the claim undercover agents were up to any "funny tncks" He
( rather than settling out of court, as happened with replied "no". Based on what he was told, he deCided
AZlz) because they must have thought that they had an that the offenders did not fit the stereotype of burglars.
arguable case, and because they are used to their op­ David asked him how he knew. "Cop intuition" was the
erations, procedures and intelligence gathering meth­ answer (court transcript). "I mean b u rglars are bur­
ods being scrutinised in open court. If so. glars and these guys didn't look like bur­
they badly miscalculated. glars" (ibid). H e was pressed for more par­
ticulars. He replied that the "burglars" were
David had one trump card in his hand - the driving a late model vehicle (note to S I S
stack of Police reports, Job sheets, and all training officers; make sure your spies look
manner of other documentation that he had like tattooed Maoris, and that they dnve old
secured under the pre-trial d iscovery proc­ rustbuckets. Then they will get away With
ess. He asked every cop on the stand the cops assuming that they are common or
whether they could remember attending van­ garden burglars). He duly rang the Christ­
ous specific Police meetings and briefings to church head of the S18, his regular contact.
discuss matters connected with this whole chain of on the latter's cellphone and asked if the people m the
events. Invariably, they all said that it was four years motel were his agents He was told "yes". He further
ago, they couldn't remember, etc, etc. The prize goes asked Mr X if those agents were acting in accordance
to the cop who testified that he'd lost his notebook in with an SIS warrant Once again, he was told "yes"
the Avon River d u ring a subsequent incident After David asked if any Police officer asked to see the war­
each cop had proclaimed amneSia, David would pro­ rant, or did they simply take the word of the SIS? The
duce the relevant Police documents to prove that the latter, which appears to be standard Police procedure
witness had indeed attended those meetings. One cop in dealings with the S I S . The CIS commander then in­
was adamant that his colleague who had recorded him structed the cops to abandon the operation to appre­
as present was mistaken and that h e could definitely hend the "burglars". Light was also shed on the rela­
remember not attending any such meeting. The judge tionship between the C I S and grassroots cops. Several
was Intrigued, asking him that if he couldn't remember days after the incident, cops from the Hornby Police
all manner of other things that he was supposed to Station (the closest to Aziz's house) contacted Corso
have done, how come he could so clearly remember to try and arrange access to the house (Aziz was in the
something that h e hadn't done? North Island) to fingerprint it, as part of a routme bur­
glary inquiry (Corso told them not to worry, as they had
David's patient but extremely insistent cross examina­ a fair idea of who was responsible). When questioned
tion of these Police witnesses extracted admissions about this, the CIS commander confimned that it keeps
that they'd discussed the evidence d uring the course of a large amount of its work secret from other cops Le. it
this case (a legal no no); h e queried, at length, cover had not officially stated that it knew that the "burglars"
sheets on relevant files that appeared to have been were S I S agents. Indeed one cop told David, in the
tampered with, to remove mention of the S I S . The days after the incident that he'd been told to "keep
judge asked t h e Crown lawyer to provide an explana­ your bloody nose out of it" by CIS ( h e denied saying
tion - he couldn't that when cross examined).

The Police evidence, elicited under his cross examina­ Another CI8 detective testified that, on that same
tion, was absolutely fascinating, and raised more than night. h e received a call from hiS SIS contact (so that's
a few eyebrows in the court itself, and throughout the two separate calls acknowledged. to and from the S I S ,
country. The rank and file uniformed plod who was that night). T h e spook asked for help i n calling off the
sent out to investigate David's original burglary cops who were about to pounce on the motel
complaint testified that "acting on a hunch", he housing his agents. That message was d uly
decided to check nearby motels for the burglars passed on up the chain of command and carried
(David had provided the getaway car's registra­ out He hinted at the mood by describing the
tion n umber; it had out of town registration 81S man as "far from comfortable" d u ring their
plates, which t h e media later famously traced to conversation and "uncomfortable" about report­
an SIS front company in Wellington) The cop ing their predicament to the cops. The Judge
duly located it in a nearby motel. There was asked this detective; " H uman nature being what
never any direct contact between the Police and it IS, I suppose that you and (two other detec-

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 4

tives) would have had a few laughs about the predica­ "risk" They testified that they knew the people Involved
ment the Security Intelligence Service got into?" An­ In "CAFCNAFIA" (Campaign Against Foreign Control
swer "Yes, that IS correct" (court transcript). I think we of Aotearoa/Action For an Independent Aotearoa), a
can take it as read that the cops would have been roil­ m u rky conglomerate protest group which they believed
Ing about the floor screaming with laughter, and that It to be the mastermind behind all manner of protests.
would soon have become the hot gossip in the cop­ and to be located In the Corso building (a q uite wrong
shop "Hear about the S ISsies? They can't even pull off assumption on their behalf, I might add. CAFCA and
a break-In without getting caught and having our guys AFIA were entirely separate organisations, with very
sent after them". You bet they would have had a "few d ifferent Interests and goals. CAFCA has never been
laughs" They probably still are. based in the Corso building). David's witnesses named
the organisers of Trading With Our Lives as the then
Watching The Detectives GATT Watchdog committee of Lelgh Cookson, AZlz.
Nell Wright, and myself David never has been on the
Aziz's case had not involved the Police committee, or even a GATT Watchdog member I nter­
a n d . accordingly, their role in the whole estingly, apart from Aziz, none of the other three organ­

affair had never been examined up until isers was ever even contacted by the Police, let alone
now. Davld's case opened a very wriggly raided. in connection with the hoax bomb or anything
can of worms. His argument was that else. I put out the initial GATT Watchdog press release
there was no reason, other than his having (the only one that's ever gone out in m y
caught the S I S agents, for him to have name) fingering t h e SIS a s being responsi-
come to Police attention. He had no con­ ble for the break-in at Aziz's place, and say- '
• ' i
. ..

victions. no criminal record. Cop after cop ing that the Police raids were a dirty triCkS "
.. . '" . ..

testified that yes, they had no reason to be concerned campaign to smear us as terrorists. I never . . .
about h i m In their jargon, he was a " person of no sig­ saw or heard a dicky bird from the State.
nificance" The officer in charge of security at the 1996 The Police issued four search warrants after the hoax
APEC Ministers' Meeting accepted that Davld had been bomb - in court they testified that Aziz was the prime
granted media accreditation to the conference, some­ suspect and David was N u m be r Two. The other two
thing which would have involved him passing a security were not named in court, but it is a matter of fact that
vetting (and something which was withdrawn, on secu­ neither of them was in any way involved with GATT
rity grounds, from Corso's Joe Davies, during the 1999 Watchdog or organ'lsing Trading With O u r Lives
APEC M i nisters' Meeting, in Christchurch). The cops (indeed, I'd never heard of one of them)
testified that before an event such as the APEC Minis­
ters' Meeting, several specific Christchurch houses and Nor was there any suggestion that David had acted in
premises would be placed under routine surveillance any other than a proper way In attempting to apprehend
They confirmed that Aziz's house was such a "target", burglars and reporting them to the Police. Don't take
and that they were not surprised to learn that It was my word for it - try this, from a letter that David re­
also an SIS target They testified that they knew all the ceived from the Director of the SIS. "I note your con­
people who came and went from the Chrlstchurch cern as to the perception that the Service may have of
Corso building (from which a l l sorts of protests have you. For what it is worth, my personal perception is that
been organised). your actions as described above were entirely appropri­
ate and what I would expect of any responsible citizen
They testified that he was not regarded as any sort of While the Service was not pleased about what hap­
pened, its displeasure
has been directed at it­
self, not you" ( 1/12/99;
quoted i n court tran­

So how did David Small

suddenly become the
back up prime suspect i n
this hoax bomb affair?
According to the Police
Witnesses, because of his
association with Aziz. The
cops. who routinely mis­
pronounced Aziz's sur­
name as "Chowdry"" de­
scribed him as "surly". 'an
habitual complainer about
the police", and a
"person" who lived In a n
"ove rg rown prem­
Ises" ( people don't live i n
houses, according to po-

Peace Researcher 21 " May 2000 " Page 5

Iicespeak; persons occupy premises). It was simply because they were apparently afraid of Susanna get­
stated as a given, by Police witnesses, that association ting access to weapons (David won the case on ap­
with Aziz was s ufficient cause for suspicion that David peal; so he's beaten the Police in court before. He also
was involved in a crime. Even more so then if he was beat a couple of charges arising from protests during
Aziz's flatmate. This was the thrust of Police evidence - the 1 98 1 Springbok Tour). Susanna has been living
that they mistakenly believed that David lived at Aziz's back in Kanaky for a number of years. This same cop
place, based on the fact that it was he who testified that he had a photo of David on file, dat­
caught the SIS agents there. There was ex­ ing from a 1 989 Waitangi Day protest at Okains
tremely comical testimony given of their attempts Bay ( Banks Peninsula) - this was the photo that
to find him once the initial raid on AzIZ'S house the Judge ordered produced in court. Further, that
established that David did not live there - they David's file included entries such as the fact that
scoured electrical supply records (an mteresting he was noted attending a 1 995 Information on
revelation of Police modus operandi); once they'd es­ Ireland quiz night in a Christchurch pub. This evidence
tablished that he lived in Riccarton Road, they consid­ of systematic surveillance spanning more than a dec­
ered a door knock of that road (the mmd boggles). ade, including monitoring articles and social nights out
David asked a glaringly obvious question - "did you raised eyebrows and was put on the front page by the
look me up in the phone book? Because I was in it". Press. The judge asked the detective why the Police
Apparently they didn't Even stranger, why did they hold a file on David, given that he has no criminal re­
search Aziz's looking for David when his complgint to cord. "I don't know", was the reply, accompanied by
the Police about the burglars the previous weekend waffle about how people with no criminal record some­
listed his Rlccarton Road address? times have driving offences that lead to them being on
Police files. Crap. This is incontrovertible proof of politi­
The most bizarre testimony about why they thought that cal surveillance by the intelligence wing of the Police
David lived at Aziz's (he has never spent so much as (which in other countries functions as a full blown Spe­
one night there) was that of the grassroots plod who cial Branch).
was instructed b y CIS to drive up and down Aziz's
street, once only, on a week day before the APEC Min­ David asked this detective if he believed that he owed
Isterial, to observe any "persons or vehicles upon the Davld an apology. The cop replied that h e had been
premises". By wonderful coincidence, a "male Cauca­ wrong in believing David to live with Aziz "but I still be­
sian on a bicycle" came pedaling out at that exact mo­ lieve you to be a person who may have had knowledge
ment, and that i nformation, relayed to CIS, was cited of the placing of that device (the hoax bomb. Ed) be­
(With a straight face) as possible evidence of David's cause of your associations with Mr Choudry and vari­
living there. When pressed for a more convincing iden­ ous protest organisations. Because we didn't find any­
tification, the cop further stated that the bicycle had thing doesn't necessarily mean to me on a personal ba­
"two wheels". In his closing address, David assailed sis that you had nothing to do with it" (court transcript).
this string of Police evidence that casually asserted that David: "So you are saying your belief of me is that I am
mere association with Aziz by this otherwise blameless the sort of person you would suspect of cnminal activity
citizen was enough to convert David into a major sus­ and that the only reason I have no criminal convictions
pect The cops made it abundantly clear that they have IS that I have been clever enough not to have been
had it in for Aziz for a long time but David made the tell­ caught yet?". Detective: "Not necessarily. I believe you
ing point that they had no reason to be interested in to be a person who had knowledge of the placing of the
Aziz either He is not a criminal. Any Police interest is device. I didn't say you made it or placed

purely political surveillance, the criminalisation of dis­ it" (ibid) To sum u p - to this day, that
sent particular cop considers David a suspect 6.'':'
in the hoax bomb affair.
One cop's evidence was in stark contrast to this "we
had no previous interest in you" line. He was the CIS Who Planted The "Bomb"?
detective who had been rung on the night of the bun­
gled SIS break-in by his SIS contact He was upfront This is one of the two major unanswered questions
and unrepentant about his attitude to David, stating that arising from this whole strange chain of events. The
he had been aware of him for 1 0- 1 5 years, dating back other one is, of course, what were the SIS agents up to
to articles that David had written in Corso's Overview in at Aziz's the night David caught them? No explanation
the mid 1 980s These articles were nothing to do with has ever been forthcoming on that one, and we're still
free trade.. but were about the Kanak independence none the wiser.
struggle, in New Caledonia (Kanaky). David's then wife,
Susanna Ounei, is a Kanak, and had a high profile in So, who did plant the hoax bomb at the C h ristchurch
both her homeland and New Zealand as an advocate of City Council building? As already detailed, at least one
independence. Both David and Susanna were public CIS detective was happy to testify that he still thought
figures in New Zealand in the 1 980s because of this that David had something to do with it All the cops who
issue (e.g., David staged a three gave evidence made much of the fact that Aziz had
week hunger strike outside the been described as "angry" when GATT Watchdog was
French Embassy, in Wellington, told by the Council to remove its previously approved
when refused permission to visit anti-APEC display from the front window of the Council
Kanaky, and his wife). The Police building (the Council has learned its lesson, leaving a
had refused David a firearms licence Similar window display well alone during the 1 999

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page /)

APEC Mimsters' Meeting, in C histchu rch) So this ap­ law over the past four years, in spite of being officially
parently was enough to make AzIZ the prime suspect stonewalled all the way 10 pursuit of the truth. Who
and David the Number Two by dint of his "association" knows what would have happened had we not nipped
with AzIZ. It's worth noting that by the time of the Police in the bud what was obviously a politically-motivated,
raid on Oavid's house, the "offence" being investigated secret State dirty tricks operation? The hoax bomb ep'­
was effeclively no longer anything to do with bombs, sode alone has all the hallmarks of classic agents pm·
hoax or otherwise, but the much lesser one of wasting vocateur tactics" (press release, "'We Were Right -
Police time (by making them investigate and detonate a Again": GATT Watchdog on APEC S I S/Police Deba­
hoax bomb in case it was a real one). cle''', 8/5/00). It was drawlOg a long bow to expect a
Judge to accept this argument and, sur­
AZIZ and David were regarded as pnme suspects be­ prise, surprise, he didn't But it didn't
cause of their alleged involvement in GATT Watchdog. matter in the context of the case. The
So GATT Watchdog was a suspect per se. As a GATT hoax bomb episode remains unsolved -
Watchdog committee member, in 1 996 and now, you we have our own very strong suspicions
can take it from me that we had nothing to do with it. about who is responsible
Even If you don't believe me, stop and think: what
would we hope to gain by carrying out such an action? Cock Up Or Conspiracy?
Would it be to our advantage or disadvantage? The an­ The Judge Rules It Was The Former
swer IS obvious. Even the cops didn't press that one -
apart from Aziz, no other member of the GATT Watch­ The gist of David's claim was that he was the innocent
dog committee was even approached by the Police. victim of a conspiracy between the S I S and the Police.
that he was punished by a trumped up Police raid be­
Could it have been extremists from our side of the cause he had inadvertently caught the S I S agents In
fence? Presumably that was the reasoning behind the flagrante delicto, and that the SIS had got their mates
cops Issuing two other search warrants for people who in the cops to get h i m because he'd embarrassed the
had nothing to do with GATT Watchdog. All our own spies This was always going to be a difficult case to
Inquiries around the political scene have come u p with prove, because he didn't have any "smoking gun" eVI­
nothing. I think we need to look over the other side of dence and was never likely to get any.
the fence
Interestingly, in many respects, the court case was a no
David has no doubt who planted it - contest, because the Crown lawyer admitted Police li­
the S I S . The judge highlighted this ability from the outset, accepting that the search was
conclusion when reading David's illegal because of a lack of grounds. Several times he
brief of evidence; David confirmed it stated that the evidence was not in q uestion, and that
but said that it was not central to his the only thing to be decided was how much compensa­
case, because he had no way of tion should be paid to David (he offered $ 1 0,000, in h i S
proving it one way or another. It was certainly a suspi­ closing address). He apologised, o n behalf of the
Ciously well-made hoax bomb. Police witnesses de­ Crown. The judge took all this on board and a couple of
scribed it as "sophisticated", and it was good enough to times stopped Oavid, saying that as his version of
fool the explosives expert called to the scene to exam­ events was accepted by both sides, there was no need
Ine it. He ordered it detonated, and only after that did to cross examine Police witnesses about the details of
he pronounce it a hoax. The conclusion was that it was the search of his house (for example). But the Crown
made by somebody who knew what slhe was doing, ascribed all the events to cock up, rejecting utterly any
and who had the ability to make a real bomb. Most ex­ malice aforethought towards David, and definitely re­
traordinarily, t h e cardboard box containing it had the jecting any suggestion of a conspiracy. Police actions
words 'APEC Bomb" handwritten on it ( handwriting were described by the Crown lawyer as "simply quite
samples were among the items sought by Police in bad negligence" (Press, 20/4/00), "speculation and er­
their searches of Aziz and David's houses). Of all the ror" (ibid), and, in summary, "an honest mistake". H e
things that GATT Watchdog might theoretically have urged the judge not t o award exemplary damages and
written on a hoax bomb, "APEC Bomb" does not rank said that it is an unpalatable fact that some protest
highly groups have to be kept under surveillance. He sug­
gested that, otherwise, C h ristchurch could find itself
Davld had pursued the matter. H e wrote to the Com­ facing the same level of serious civil disorder that has
missioner of Police and the Minister of Police, among become known as the Battle of Seattle (the mass pro­
others, asking what inquiries had the Police made to tests that shut down the December 1 999 World Trade
establish the whereabouts of the SIS agents (the ones Organisation's ill-fated Millennium Round meeting).
he'd caught) when the hoax bomb was planted. Funnily
enough, they didn't make any, and seemed puzzled at The judge reserved h i s decision. He didn't take long to
the s uggestion. make up his mind, just over a fortnight (in Aziz's vari­
ous cases, reserved decisions took a month) The 26
GATT Watchdog has no such qualms. In its press re­ page judgement was delivered In May 2000. He re­
lease after t h e judgement, it said: "From day one, jected conspiracy (sunprise, surprise) and accepted
GATT Watchdog correctly identified the burglars at M r cock up. In virtually every area where there were two
Choudry's house a s S I S agents. W e have consistently different explanations, he gave the Police the benefit of
been proved correct and legally vindicated in courts of the doubt

Peace Researcher 21 " May 2000 - Page 7

more prone to this m i ndset than others. Given Police
The judgement IS worth quoting. responsibilities for secunty " Police officers are perfectly
there is no evidence that Dr Small IS entitled to maintain intelligence files on those who are.
a n ything other than a law abiding Citi­ or conceivably could be, security threats. Such people
zen but such Involvement as he had may well include political activists. But there IS a differ­
(with GA TT Watchdog. Ed.) was at a ence between the Police maintaining an Interest I n
level which could not fairly suggest Involvement i n the political activists (which I accept I S legitimate) a n d the
hoax bomb Incident. . . The procedure e mployed to ob­ Police equating political activism with either the com­
tain the second search warrant (to search David's miSSion of criminal offences or With a suffiCient propen­
house. Ed) was Indefensible" The judge found that it sity to commit criminal offences to Justify the obtaining
wrongly described David as Aziz's flatmate, which had of search warrants when a n offence has been commit­
never been true, and that it proVided no factual basis ted. In his closing submiSSion Dr Small took the view
for any eVidence that Davld had a nything to do with the that hiS freedoms of thought, expression and associa­
hoax bomb. "The obtaining of the search warrant was tion and not merely hiS freedom from u n reasonable
slap dash to say the least". H e found that the relevant search had been Infringed. Although there was an ele­
officer did not act out of malice: "The only sensible ex­ ment of hyperbole in all of thiS, there IS also a sense In
planatton for his behaviour in relation to the obtaining of which his claims as to this are fight To say that Dr
a search warrant I S that he was acting on automatic P'­ Small's property was searched because he is a n activ­
lot" But havlf1g found that, he ruled that David could ist m what he regards as SOCial Justice causes Involves
not seek damages for trespass, because the 1950 some telescoping of the thought processes of the Po­
Crown Proceedings Act exempts C rown Judicial officers l ice But it IS nonetheless true. From the point of view of
from liability I n these sorts of circumstances. On legal the Police. I think that this IS the worst aspect of thiS
grounds. he also declined to make a ruling as to case" The judge clearly recognised that Police prac­
whether the warrant was invalid. tices revealed in thiS case amounted to the crlmmalisa­
tion of political dissent That i s a n ominous reality
The judge ruled that although David's catching the SIS
agents and the Police raid on his house were causally The "Proper Channels" Don't Work
linked . he could find no evidence to support David's
claim that the raid was "payback" for catching the spies There was high media interest i n thiS case; 0\
H e described the unexplained altering of Police file the hearing itself attracted national cover- ..,�"_,,,,
cover sheets as "all very unsatisfactory", but not sinis­ age, and when David called a press confer-
ter He accepted that the Police were duty bound to ence at the U niversity of Canterbury Staff Club to re­
take a n Interest I n those who might be opposed to the lease the Judgement, and comment on the case" there
APEC Ministers' Meeting, but I n contrast, the hoax was a major turnout from all branches of the media
bomb Incident o n l y involved an offence of wasting Po­ (there were six separate TV crews there alone). David
lice lime "1 rather think that this is why the identification had this to say
of suspects was carried out in such an unsophisticated
way" '''Just,ce Young's Judgement is a total vindication of
what I have been saying about thiS series of events for
In assessing the amount of compensation, the judge the last four years. I said two things that the Police had
ruled that David had courted pUblicity about the whole absolutely no grounds to suspect m e of being Involved
thing. "It provided Dr Small and his friends with an op­ in the hoax bomb: and that m y responsible and public­
portunity to tweak the tails of both Institutions (the SIS spirited actions i n apprehending the SIS agents led di­
and the Police. Ed.). Indeed, the unresponsiveness of rectly to my house bemg searched.
those Institutions to complaints and inquiries by M r
Choudry and D r Small and the opaqueness of such an­ "The court hearing also revealed disturbing facts that
swers as were given served to provide further opportu­ had not previously come to light, notably the inability or
nities for tail tweaking . . . But thiS case IS not just to be refusal of the intelligence-gathering section of the Po­
swept under the carpet" The judge ruled that David lice (the Criminal Intelligence Service or CIS) to d istm­
was 'entitled to resent" the search: that he saw it as guish between political dissent and criminal activity
" u njustified harassment of him as an activist who, by Dunng the hearing, the CIS officer who specialised i n
accident. had become caught up In an SIS covert op­ political intelligence was frank a n d thoroughly unapolo­
eration All of this was exacerbated b y the stonewall­ getic about hiS conflation of political and criminal mat­
ing responses he received to his Inquiries . It was un­ ters In thiS case and as part of normal CIS practice
derstandable that he took the view that he was being
s'&,;-�®)... lied to. " "Th,s amounts to blatant police harassment of law­
:-�"'r;" ,J _ ) abiding cItizens solely because they hold views con­
n <\l�� Finally h e ruled that the search was I n breach trary to the dominant political doctrines of the day. The
of section 21 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act as being un­ matter at issue in this case had previously been the
reasonable, and awarded David $20,000 compensation subject of investigations by the Police Complaints Au­
(With costs still to be resolved). The key paragraph i n thority (PCA) and the Inspector-General of Intelligence
h i s Judgement I S worth quoting in full "It i s . I suppose and Security. Both i ncorrectly found nothing i m p roper i n
human nature for some Police officers to view an activ­ the Police search of m y house
ist such as Dr Small with suspicion - as someone who
IS on the other Side. Of course. some Police officers are ""Only one of the eight police officers who gave eVI-

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000· Page 8

dence In the hearing of this case confirmed of the difference between political and cnmlflal activity
that he had been I nterviewed during the
PCA investigation. And this was the officer "I also call on the Government to review and overhaul
whose eVidence in the hearing led the the terms of reference and procedural methods
judge to conclude, in effect, that the search adopted by the PCA and the Inspector-General of Intel­
was unjustifiable political harassment ligence and Security" (David Small, press release,
"Court declares Police searched academic's house be­
"The PCA concluded that it was not unrea­ cause he is a social justice activist", 8/5/00)
sonable for the Police to suspect me of involvement in
the hoax bomb because In an Interview I 'confirmed a It's worth reiterating that Aziz Choudry also complained
loose association with (Gatt Watchdog), . . empathised to the I n spector-General of Intelligence and Security
with its principles and engaged in some activities in­ about the SIS breaking Into his house Without ever
cluding speaking to meetings and taking part In a dem­ once confirming any SIS involvement, the Inspector­
onstration conducted on the week of the APEC sum­ General ruled that "nothing unlawful" had taken place
mit In coming to the conclusion it did, the PCA itself (code language for the spies had a warrant, so it's
seems to approve of the kind of political harassment OK) Aziz went to court, and got the histonc ruling that
that Justice Young considered the worst aspect of this the SIS had never had the legal right to break into any­
case The I nspector-General of Intelligence and Secu­ one's place. The Inspector-General then admitted that
rity was asked only about the actions of the SIS and not his finding, based on his mistaken interpretation of the
the Police, but he nevertheless volunteered the view law, was wrong Both Az,Z and Davld went to tt18
that 'It was not unreasonable for the Police to Include "proper channels' - both were mucked around and
Or Small in the application for search warrant those authOrities proven wrong I n the subsequent court
cases. Why should anyone else have faith In those
"Both these 'investigations' were based on question­ "proper channels"?
able assumptions and flawed processes and, not sur­
priSingly. therefore, reached wrong conclusions. As a David was asked by the media how he felt about suing
result of my e xperience. I have no confidence at all in for $300,000 and being awarded $20,000. He replied
either of these complaints procedures that the case had never been about money. It was
about vindication, clearing his name of being a suspect
"1 took legal action against the Crown only as a last re­ in the murky hoax bomb affair, and getting the truth
sort after exhausting every other channel available to about a very disturbing chain of events.
me. U ntil very recently, I would have been satisfied with
an honest explanation and a simple apology. The Are We Still "Enemies Of The State"?
Crown's persistently d eceitfu l and stubborn refusal to
concede any wrongdoing at a l l has ended u p wasting GATT Watchdog's Leigh Cookson
an extraordinary amount of my time and energy and an also released a statement at
Irresponsibly large amount of public money. Even David's press conference. Pre­
when. at the last minute, the Crown finally acknowl­ dictably, the media ignored that
edged legal liability, they still tried to claim that it was all It's worth quoting:
Just a n honest mistake and would not properly engage
In settlement negotiations "This chain of events . . . took place in the context of
GATT Watchdog organising actlvllies opposed to the
"Quite apart from the violation of my right to be free Government's slavish a d herence to extreme poliCies of
from unreasonable search, it is disgraceful that I should u nrestricted free trade and foreign investment just prior
have had to endure the emotional anguish and financial to 1 996's APEC Trade Ministers Meeting.
risk of private litigation against the Crown to obtain JUs­ "Presumably the National government regarded GATT
tice In thiS matter Watchdog and associates as enemies of the State. We
demand to know if the present Government still holds
"To date, the Government has only apologised to that View, and if so on what grounds
for what It h a s been claiming was an honest
mistake. However, as Justice Young's judge­ "Now that the international pendulum i s swinging so
ment makes clear, there was much worse than firmly towards GATT Watchdog's point of view on glob­
an honest mistake involved in the Police deci­ alisation why are organisations such as ourselves stili
sion to search my house. T herefore. I do not being treated as enemies of the State?" (press re·
accept the Government's apology. I call on the lease. "'We Were Right - Again"; GATT Watchdog on
Government to acknowledge the judge's ruling APEC SIS/Pol,ce Debacle"', 8/5/00).
and apologise to m e for the political harassment that
resulted in t h e violation of my rights to freedom of Apart from one reporter at David's press conference
thought expression and association and to my right to asking if it Isn't fair enough for the State to monitor po­
be free from u n reasonable search. Further, I draw the litical activists ("because nobody had heard of the Okla­
Government's attention to the brazenly u n repentant at­ homa bomber beforehand either"), media coverage
titude exhibited by senior members of the Criminal In­ was very good and will run for a good while yet This is
telligence Service of the Police in relation to the surveil­ one story that has been gOing strong for four years and
lance of political diSSidents and I call on the Govern­ is nowhere near finished yet Bruce Ansley wrote a
ment to ensure that all Police officers are made aware hard h lttmg Listener editorial ("SOS Secunty". 6/5/00 -

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 9

before the Judgement was released) and Small. Our best advice to those masterminds IS to
listen for clicks on the line, keep those ministerial
'As Small and the Police slugged it out In court, SWIt­ houses locked at all times, and always take a hard hat
zerland's International I n stitute for Management Devel­ to Washington". Trat puts the whole thing very suc­
opment produced new world competitiveness ratings. Cinctly into context, and into perspective. The enemies
New Zealand rated number one for lack of protection­ of the New Zealand people are definitely not those In
ism. lack of price controls and access to the Christchurch Corso building; they are to
foreign finance We rated near bottom for be found i n much more salubrious surround­
the brain drain, export growth, current ac­ ings, although some of their more cack­
count balance and domestic savings De­ handed henchmen can sometimes be
spite a decade of the world's most ad­ caught floundering about In bushes. I nadver­
vanced economiC reform, we remain tently, David made a very big catch For
among the world's most economically chal­ someone fighting Goliath, Davld Small has
lenged. You might conclude that the na­ got a cinematically appropriate name. In this
tion s leading economic subversives are case, Small has won a very big ViCtOry.
nowhere near the courtrooms with Choudry

One immediate result of David Small's court victory was a broad-based call for a Parliamentary Select Committee
InquirY Into political spying by the Police's Criminal I ntelligence Service (CIS). The appeal was headed by Auckland
University's Professor Jane Kelsey, a prominent writer, and Joined by a raft of groups and individuals - trade union
groupings, churches, academics, students, etc, etc ( Murray Horton endorsed it, o n behalf of both CAFCA and ABC)
The appeal noted that the Small case revealed that the CIS equates legitimate extra-parliamentary political opposi­
tion With Criminal activity; and that the CIS operates as a quasi-Intelligence agency without even the minimal offiCial
oversight afforded the S I S or GCSB

The appeal was directed to Tim Barnett MP (Labour, Chrlstchurch Central) in his capacity as chair of the Justice and
Electoral Select Committee. That committee is already inquiring into Police actions against Free Tibet protests dur­
ing the 1 999 State visit of Chinese President, Jiang Zemin and the role of the Government, specifically the then
Prime Minister. Jenny Shipley, in directing those Police actions .

�"�._""" ..-:J,,,,,,�,,,,,,,,,,,,�.�,,�, ,,,,,,,,,,,,�,, �


.-:l, '��'


They meet in a sunlit paddock The other �
One urbane in a dark suit Without benefit of suit i
Wrapped in authority Shivers �
Out of place Clothing his nakedness
I n charge. I n a protest flag.
He srniles behind dark glasses Thus clad he
Welcomes the other F aces the future
Provisionally Cast oul, but
To view but not to touch Sustained by the knowledge
What flourishes in his domain, Of good and evil.
Guarded by fiery gates
And steel fences- Knowing who the real trespasser is
The alien fruits He shivers
Of the Tree of Knowledge-is-Power. But stands firm.

A cold wind blows. Margaret Bremner

Surreal globes Waihopai.
Sit ill in this green valley. th
November 14 , 1998.

Peace Researcher 2 1 · May 2000 - Page 10

WA I H O P A I .2 00 -
Bob Leonard

After countless demonstrations at Waihopal the familiar district courthouse was the venue
Since 1 988 our intrepid band of fomenters for our sausage sizzle (Including vegetanan
needs simply to whisper "demo" and the po­ options) and Best-Dressed Spy Contest To
lice are on to us. Our first action of the 2 1 " keep us ever so slightly on edge, Mother Na­
Century was held i n the usual place i n the ture continually threatened to wash u s out
usual month (January). I n other words we were ex­ since the only cover was a few trees and the tiny space
pected. Police interception began via cell phone (we at the base of the war memorial clock tower
are now a fully modern expeditionary force) as the two Passersby were curious about the colourful spy cos­
ABC police liaison persons drove northward toward tumes, placards and banners and many stopped for a
Kaikoura. Reception was bad as it always IS u nless sausage and a chat about spies. Uncle Sam was there
you are camped under one of the towers. But we man­ to represent the U S National Security Agency (US­
aged to understand the message from the officer in NSA) and to try to snare a few promising spies for use
Blenhelm - he wanted to know what we were up to So out at the base. The local media too loved the atmos­
we told him set u p camp near the base on Fnday eve­ phere and had some good photo ops with spies hiding
ning, hold huge actions in Blenheim and at Waihopai i n trees and behind benches.
on Saturday, debrief each other endlessly in camp on
Sunday mornmg, and disperse. We made no guaran­ When It came time at one o'clock sharp to start the
tees about arrestable actions. He seemed disap­ Best-Dressed Spy Contest the bell in the tower chimed
pointed about that loudly and down came the rarn, as if on cue But the
compere of the contest proceeded anyway and the rain
We camped In a new and very convenient location just stopped. A parade of spooks of all ages emerged. one
down the road from the base thiS year, courtesy of lo­ at a time, from beneath the clock tower to be Viewed
cal landowners. They even laid on extremely high­ and judged by the crowd (and U ncle Sam). The final
pressure water for us. It was a n adventure just filling a decision on the winner was left to Uncle Sam, who had
cup but was much appreciated. OrganiSing the camp arrived j u st that morning at Christchurch Airport on a
and all its detail was in the capable hands of LeeAnne U S Air Force Starlifter. H e chose a masterfully dis­
Boyd of Riverside and her mates. She did such a won­ guised Blenheim local, dressed in classic trenchcoat,
derful Job of it that she earned the dubious honour of rakishly tilted brimmed hat and sinister dark glasses, to
being asked to d o it all over again next year receive the top prize, a manual on spying techniques
written by J enny S h i pley, M i nister in charge of Waiho­
This year was a little different in another respect - ABC pal. (The winner was i m mediately ushered into a dark
Christchurch arrived at camp with some detailed plans limo and whisked away.) Several younger spooks tied
for fun times on Saturday. Not that we wanted to domi­ for the Junior prizes which turned out be high-altitude
nate the action, but we had given it some thought An surveillance kites. And so ended what may have bee n
early morning breakfast and briefing for the assembled ABC's most unusual protest activity In Blenhelm. But
throng at camp was followed by a refreshing walk down more was to come . . .
to the base to look at the dew on the domes. The walk
was leisurely with h alf-awake campers wending their To the base ...

way down the Eucalyptus-lined Waihopai Valley road

while the M P-activists among us showed their skills at No day i n Marlborough would be complete without a
talking on cell phones and walking simultaneously. visit to the Defence Satellite Communications Station,
OutSide the farm fence festooned with menacing signs Blenheim - Waihopai for short. In anticipation of this
("You climba da fence you getta busted) Nicky Hager Visit, ABC members had distributed Passports for the
patiently gave h i s technical speech on the base (short Undemocratic Republic of UKUSA during the sausage
version) and a n swered questions. Fully bnefed and sizzle. Those who would visit Waihopai would need a
awake by now, we returned to camp to prepare for the passport to gain entry to US-NSA territory It was all
day very carefully planned, with Uncle Sam playrng a PiV­
otal role as commander in chief of the whole ball of
Midday activities were In Blenhelm Several wax At the base, Uncle Sam got off on a U S
campers departed camp HO early decked out i n gummrnt power trip supervising the stamping
their finest s p y gear t o distribute specially pre­ of passports and controlling access to the nor­
pared pamphlets on Waihopai to Intensely cun­ mally heavily guarded road leadrng to the
ous shoppers in the City Mall The intent here even more heavily fortified Inner sanctum of
and at lunchtime was to involve the people of the spy base behind 4-metre-high chain link
Blenhelm in the nasty issues of spying but in a fencing topped with razor Wire, and an inner
lighthearted m a n ner. Seymour Square opposite electnc fence Remotely controlled Video

Peace Researcher 21 · May 2000 - Page 1 1

cameras spaced strategicdiiy aiong th8 iJC; iI nett,; National Se­
fence completed the security ensemble. (To Illustrate c u r i t y
the effectiveness of Waihopal's expensive and IntimI­ A g e n c y
dating security. Nlcky Hager and TV3 reporter John ThiS meeting
Campbell managed to penetrate It one night In 1996 was one of
while carrying a tall ladder and a TV camera in order the very few
to film the Interior of the computer control room opportunities
through a window. They departed totally undetected for the NZ
Extensive coverage of their adventure a ppeared on public to see
national TV s h o rtly thereafter ) thiS impor-
tant docu-
Uncle Sam w o u l d not allow us inside the fences and m e n t a r y
he was backed u p by an assortment of N Z police and since It IS
GCSB security staff on the Inside The staff included h I 9 h I Y
Walhopai's Officer In Charge We had to be content unlikely ever
to conduct o u r speeches outside the gate Uncle to be aired
Sarn reluctantly welcomed the Visitors to the front on NZ na­
gate and suggested qUite clearly that protest activI­ tional TV
ties were detrimental to the smooth functioning of
Walhopal T h i s despite the fact that we had actually A B C - H O
brought a third dome to contribute to the base U n ­ (Planning
fortunately it h a d been s u l l i e d by a n u m b e r o f antl­ DIVISion)
base comments written all over Its surface Uncle were gener-
Sam. In the spirit of listening to the vOice of the NZ ally pleased Peter Meihana holding one of the
infamous UKUSA passports
people. agreed to put the dome and ItS messages on with the
the first Starllfter back to N S A headquarters In Mary­ day's activI-
land (We've had no feedback on this one ) ties After all we got some of the best media cover­
age ever, including the lead story on TVOne news
To the assembled mass of over 50 members of the that evening The story even managed to convey
publiC media and protesters, Green MP Kelth Locke conSiderable substance about the serious Issues of
announced he would take steps to Initiate a select Walhopal and the G C S B ThiS was largely due to
committee InquirY into the operations of the base an d Kelth Locke s select committee proposal . a proposal
the GCSB. T h i s was well received by a l l but Uncle to be taken seriously Since Kelth Sits on the relevant
Sam After a few more short sharp highly Critical select comm ittee - Foreign AffairS, Defence and
speeches from the likes of Green MP Rod Donald Trade Not to be underrated were the colour, the
and Nlcky H a g e r , Sam lost hiS patience With us and good humour and the non-threatening fun In Blen­
told us to bugger off NSA territory. We took the hint helm and at the base
and left. peacefully, for camp to plan for the evening
back In Blen h e l m The lack of confrontation and arrestable action was
cause for some critiCism ABCers took note of those
Video Evening i n Blenheim comments and we did make It clear to all protesters
that our plans were never II1tended to exclude others
To finish a successful day and after a deliCIOUS dOing their own thing But we did negotiate some
home-cooked meal at camp we returned to the Com­ temporary conditions With the police for access to the
mUnity Trust C entre 111 town at 8 . 00pm for some base gate that we did not want to breach
Video footage a n d diSCUSSion The main feature was
a 1 999 Australian TV documentary entitled ' Big Anyway most agreed they had a good time and pel
Brother IS listening" played to a packed house ot haps we should do It all over again next year On the
members of the public, and ABC supporters ane �ther han d . we might do something completely d , fte<
members The Video Included some excellent cover­ ent In fact the place might not even eXist next year
age of Wal hopal (Including the famous Hageri People are beginning to listen to what we have been
Campbell invaSion) and gave a broad picture of the saying about Walhopal s,nce 1 988 And they don t
global network of satellite spy-bases run by the U S like It


Here's how to buy a copy of Will Foote's latest book - 'The Power of P e o p l e ' ,
In our last edition of PR, we failed to let our readers know how t o obt a i n Cl copy 01 \NIII r O()tt� s book
The Power of People' Copies can be obtained through

Page and Blaclrmore Booksellers, 264 Trafalgar St, Nelson. It costs $9.95

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 12

Murray Horton

ABC's January 2000 protest action Judicial and Parliamentary i n vestigations have been
at the Waihopai spybase (see else­ launched in Italy. German parliamentarians have de­
where in this issue for details. Ed ) manded an Inquiry. I n the US itself. a Congressional
cOincided with another upsurge of investigation into Echelon's implications for privacy
international revelations about the rights begins later thiS year. The Belgian Foreign Minis­
Echelon project. of which Waihopai ter said "In effect. democratic states and a member of
is but a small part. Very briefly, the European Union (Britain) could have organised
Echelon involves the satellite i nter­ large scale espionage operations In order to reinforce
ception spy bases In the UKUSA Agreement countries their economic interests to the detriment of Belgium
( US UK Canada. Australia and NZ) automatically and other European countries" ( Washington Post
searching billions of messages simultaneously and 24/2/00; " Europeans decry U S electronic Intercepts··)
continuously for key words. In the case of the bit play­
ers. such as the NZ Government Communications Se­ It's OK - Spies Tell Helen Clark They Don't Do It
cUrity Bureau (GCSB), this raw material is collected in a
fully automated process at Waihopal and sent undi­ The Europeans are espeCially aggneved by Echelon's
gested to Big Brother. namely the US National Security use for commercial espionage, to their disadvantage
Agency (NSA). the world's biggest intelligence agency French MPs claim to have evidence that the E uropean
Airbus consortiu m lost an $ NZ 1 0+ billion Saudi Arabian
Echelon's existence was first revealed in Nicky Hager's contract to Boeing of the US as a result of Echelon
seminal 1 996 book "Secret Power", and that started the Thomson CSF of France missed out on an SNZ2+ bil­
ball roiling I n a very big way. The shockwaves reverber­ lion Brazilian contract. to Raytheon of the US These
ated around the world. Further revelations came with allegations came all the way back to the New Zealand
the 1 998 publication of the European Parliament's Sci­ Parliament. where Green MP, Keith Locke. asked the
entific and Technological Options Assessment Group Prime M imster. Helen Clark, if she was concerned
report entitled "An Appraisal of Technologies of Political about them. Previous PMs have refused a l l comment
Contror Echelon featured prominently In that The on matters of "national security", but Clark (the Minister
principal researcher and author was the longstanding nominally in charge of the GCSB - there is no such
world expert o n such subjects, British Journalist Dun­ portfolio) was slightly more forthcoming. She replied
can Campbell (who visited New Zealand i n 1 996/97) I n that she was concerned. but that she had received as­
1 999 the same Group a pproved another report from surances that Waihopai isn't used for commercial es­
Campbell entitled " I nterception Capabilities 2000" This pionage, either by New Zealand or by the other UKUSA
came before the European Parliament's Committee on partners "We are not authorised to, and we do not
Citizens' Freedoms and Rights. in February 2000. At provide intelligence outside government channels. We
the same time. Echelon's existence was officially con­ provide intelligence i nformation only to the United
firmed for the first time ever in declassified US Defense States government for the purpose of aSSisting in for­
Department documents published on the I nternet (the mulating policy. fighting terrorism, and protecting
NSA itself continues to refuse to confirm or deny Eche­ United States forces. Specifically. we do not provide
lon) Intelligence information to U nited States companies for
commercial or competitive advantage" (Press. 24/2/00 .
This was all too much for the French, who have re­ "Concern over spying inquiry"). She cited the NSA a s
sisted at every turn American attempts to dominate the source of the assurances (via t h e GCSB) "We ob­
Europe. be it politically, militarily. or culturally viously would not expect the NSA to lie to us, so we
(McDonalds' burger bars tend to get regularly trashed have to accept the assurance in the absence of any
by a ngry French farmers) Echelon is seen as yet an­ evidence to the contrary" (Ibld), So there you have It
other Anglo-Saxon covert operation to spy on and take from the horse's mouth - spies don't lie or deceive their
advantage of America and Britain's nominal European political masters, Even the conservative mainstream
allies' Paris lawyers announced a class action suit NZ media weren't happy about all this - the Waikato
against the American and British governments, for Times editorialised ( 25/2/00; "Spotlight goes on spy
breach of France's very strict privacy laws. Simply at­ base") that Helen Clark should get Waihopal out of
tempting to I ntercept communications is an offence in Echelon (a tricky one) and concluded; "If New Zealand
France (in the i nterests of balance, It should be stated comes out of this with a minimum of mud on ItS face. It
that France is one among several European countries will be very lucky. Espionage is a d irty game - espe­
with their own satellite interception spying networks. cially when you get caught out'
Dutch Intelligence has Just gone into the bUSiness
Courtesy of its worldWide network of colonies, including The mainstream American media were onto the story
several In the Pacific. France has a global network) . now, and In February 2000, CBSTVs flagship 60 Mm-

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 1 3

ules broadcast a once over lightly examina­ report says: 'The company was alleged to
tion of Echelon (it was broadcast soon after, have bribed members of the Brazilian gov­
on the TVNZ edillOn of 60 Minutes), For any­ ernment selection panel, Of Airbus, it says
one who h a s seen the much better and that we found that 'Airbus agents were offer­
twice as long 1999 documentary from ing bribes to a Saudi offiCial' These facts
(Australian) Channel Nine's Sunday pro­ are Inevitably left out of European press re­
gramme there's nothing new in it - indeed, ports. That's right, my continental fnends, we
the Australian programme broke new ground have spied on you because you bribe. Your
( getting the first official admission from a participating companies' products are often more costly, less tech­
spy agency that the U KUSA Agreement actually ex­ nically advanced or both, than your Amencan com­
ists It also had extensive New Zealand content, petitors' As a result you bribe a lot So complicit are
whereas 60 Minutes had nothing about Australasia), your governments that In several European countries
But tabloid T V IS where the great majority of Ameri­ bribes still are tax-deductible,
cans get their news from (see the fascinating Holly­
wood movie 'The Insider" for a gripping, and true, ac­ "When we have caught you at it, you might be inter­
count of the 1990s internal politics of 60 Minutes vis a ested, we haven't said a word to the US companies in
vis Big Busmess) and it undoubtedly had a major Im­ the competition. Instead we go to the government
pact Even the NSA was compelled to respond to this you're bribing and tell its officials that we don't take
unprecedented publJc exposure, sending a letter kindly to such corruption, This upsets you, and some­
(24/2/00) to Congressmen reassuring them of ade­ times creates recriminations between your bribers
quate overSight of its operations, Former spooks re­ and the other country's bribees, and this occasionally
vealed that E c helon's targets have included the late becomes a public scandal. We love It. Why do you
P rincess Dlana (because of her high profile campaign bribe? It's not because your companies are inherently
against land mines); the late Mother Teresa: the more corrupt Nor is it because you are m herently
Pope, Amnesty International, Christian Aid and less talented at technology, It IS because your eco­
Greenpeace (a real line up of international terrorists nomic patron saint is still Jean Baptiste Colbert ( 1 7'"
there) Century French Finance Minister and a "statiS!" Ed, ),
whereas ours is Adam Smith (the philosophical father
Former CIA Director Says: of modern market capitalism. Ed. ). I n spite of a few
W �J""'<

. ;::;;
"Yes, We Do Spy On Our Allies. So
recent reforms, your governments largely still domi­
nate your economies, so you have much greater diffi­
culty than we in innovating , encouraging labor mobil­
George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence ity, reducing costs, attracting capital to fast-moving
Agency (CIA) and D irector of Central Intelligence young businesses and adapting quickly to changing
(overall head of all US intelligence agencies), denied economic circumstances, You'd rather not go through
that the US spies on European firms for the commer­ the hassle of moving toward less dirlgisme (a French
Cial advantage of US transnational corporations. But term. roughly meamng dominance of the State Ed, ),
he was flatly contradicted by his predecessor, former It's s o much easier to keep paying bribes,
CIA Director, James Woolsey, in an extraordinary ar­
ticle In the Wall Street Journal ( 1 7/3/00; "Why we spy "The Central Intelligence Agency collects other eco­
on our allies"), It's worth quoting in full nomic intelligence, but the vast majority of it is not
stolen secrets, The Aspin-Brown Commission four
"What is the recent fiap regarding Echelon and US years ago found that about 95% of US economic in­
spying on European industries all about? We'll begin telligence comes from open sources. What are the
with some candor from the American side, Yes, my economic secrets. in addition to bribery atternpts, that
continental European friends, we have spied on you. we have conducted espionage to obtain? One exam­
And it's true that we use computers to sort through ple is some companies' efforts to conceal the transfer
data by using keywords The European Parliament's of dual-use technology, We follow sales of supercom­
recent report on Echelon, written by British journalist puters and certain chemicals closely, because they
Duncan Campbell, has sparked angry accusations can be used not only for commercial purposes but for
from continental Europe that U S intelligence is steal­ the production of weapons of mass destruction. An­
In9 advanced technology from European companies other is economic activity In countnes subject to
so that we can -- get this -- give it to American com­ sanctions -- Serbian banking, Iraqi oil smuggling.
panies and help them compete. My European friends,
get real. True, In a handful of areas European tech­ "But do we collect or even sort secret intelligence for
nology surpasses American, but, to say this as gently the benefit of specific American companies? Even
as I can, the number of such areas is very. very, very Mr, Campbell admits that we don't. although he can't
small. Most European technology Just isn't worth our bring himself to say so except with a double negatrve
stealing 'In general thiS IS not incorrect'. The
A s p in-B rown CommiSSion was
' Why, then, have we spied on you? The answer i s more explicit 'US Intelligence Agencies
quite apparent from the Campbell report - i n the diS­ are not tasked to engage in ' industnal
cusSion of the only two cases in which European espionage' -- i.e. obtaining trade secrets
companies have allegedly been targets of American for the benefit of a US company or com­
secret Intelligence collection Of Thomson-CSF, the panies'. The French government is form-

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 14

lng a commission to look into all this. I hope the i regulate international telecommunications es­


. .
commiSSioners come to Washington. We

should organize two seminars for them. One
� . .
would cover our Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Beyond Echelon
and how we use it, qUite effecllvely, to discour­ - ,

age US companies from bribing foreign govern­ . Echelon, of course, represents the present
ments A second would cover why Adam Smith and also the past for the spy agencies. They
IS a better gUide than Colbert for 21 st-century econo­ are always looking to "improve" their craft. In August
mies Get serious, E u ropeans. Stop blaming us and re­ 1 999 the NSA patented a new technology for automatic
form your own stallst economic policies. Then your topic spotting and labelling of data. ThiS is a vital step
companies can become more efficient and innovative. towards automatically analysing human speech, includ­
and they won't need to resort to bribery to compete ing vOice recognition (Echelon works on keywords, not
And then we won't need to spy on you". vOices or speech as such). Britain, the only UKUSA
member still to have an OffiCial Secrets Act instead of
So there we have it - E c helon is used to spy on allies, an OffiCial Information Act, takes a brazen a pproach to
to detect and prevent the crime of corruption , and to electronically spying on its citizens and the rest of the
provide a level plaYing field for the hard done by Ameri­ world. MI5 (the British internal security and intelligence
can transnatlonals It's pretty flimsy. As Duncan Camp­ agency) is building an $NZ75 million e-mail surveillance
bell countered " I f you find evidence of wrongdoing. centre, in London, that will have the power to monitor
bnbery your duty is to go through the legal process, all e-mails and Internet traffic sent and received In Brit­
not use it for the benefit of US companies. There are ain. A new law will compel all Internet service providers
mechanisms for legal cooperation between coun­ operating In Blltaln to route thell traffic through the
tnes" ( NBCTV News Website, 1 4/4/00). Nor was there splendidly named Government Technical Assistance
any comment from Helen Clark about the former CIA Centre, and hand over the keys to decode encrypted
Director flatly and proudly contradicting what she had messages, so that everything will be monitored . The bill
been told by the NSA (via the GCSB). also creates a new offence - that of not prOViding thiS
Information to the Government
None of this placated angry E u ropean Parliament MPs,
qUite the opposite In March, 1 7 1 of them (out of 626) Mind you, sometimes we get the last laugh The Sun­
signed a petition calling for an inquiry into British in­ day Telegraph reported (1 1 /4/00) that more than 1 00
volvement in sPYing on E u ropean Union allies. This staff at the Government Communications Headquarters
was enough to get it debated; Britain tried to kill the de­ (GCHQ - the other major UKUSAlEchelon agency) had
bate, because of womes that it would force a choice been compensated by the British government for hear­
between loyalty to the U S and European partners, and Ing loss caused by too much eavesdropping on "enemy
because intelligence and security matters are normally transmissions", whilst wearing faulty headphones. Per­
strictly off limits within the E u ropean Union. But the haps M I 5 better get in a truck load of glasses for use In
European Parliament wants the debate to proceed, reading everybody's mail.
plus there are moves to amend international law to

The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) is, most deliberately, not a Parliamentary Select Committee. It is
a committee of Government, having nominal oversight of the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and Govern­
ment Communications Security B u reau (GCSB). Created by the 1 996 SIS Amendment Act. it is always chalfed
by the Pllme Minister, who IS also always the Minister in Charge of the S I S (and the GCSB, although there IS no
such portfolio). T h e PM picks two members; the Leader of the Opposition sits on it, and also picks one member

The 1 999 election changed the Government. after nine years of National, New Zealand F i rst. and various ragbag
' Independents" The Labour/Alliance coalition contains MPs and Ministers who have preViously strongly op­
posed the S I S and the whole demi-monde of spy agencies So it was with interest that we awaited the new ap­
pOintments to t h e ISC. Clark picked her righthand (and Rlghtwing) man, Michael Cullen, the Minister of Finance,
Alliance leader, Jim Anderton, is on by dint of being Deputy P M . Jenny S h ipley picked ACT leader, Richard
Prebble. So four parties are on the Committee (Labour, Alliance. National, ACT), but funnily enough no room
was found for the Greens, an Opposition party broadly supporting the Government, and the party most commit­
ted to clOSing Waihopa l , abolishing the GCSB. and putting the boot Into the SIS Not to mention getting lid of the
ISC Itself

The Alliance and Anderton found themselves in a cleft stick They had voted against the two 1 990s SIS Amend­
ment Acts and against the creation of the ISC. They had been trenchant critics of the SIS (and, to a lesser ex­
(Continued on page 16)

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 1 5

(Continued from page15)
tent. of the GCSB and Waihopal). Yet here was Jim going onto the ISC and. even more IrOniC, being Acting Mmister
In Charge of the SIS in Clark's absences. He publicly reconciled this by saying that he still opposed the SIS but
would serve on the Committee because he couldn't ignore the reality of being Deputy Leader in a Government com­
mitted to the S I S and the ISC, and because he would be officially responsible for the S I S on a regular basis. Rod
Donald. Green co-leader (and a former Alliance MP) missed no opportunity to skewer Jim over this

To his credit. Anderton did try to do something about it. In February 2000. he proclaimed himself In favour of a full
Parliamentary Select Committee, made up of MPs from all parties, to oversee the SIS. complete With public hear­
ings This got short shrift from Helen Clark (Labour had unanimously voted with National in favour of those two
1 990s SIS Amendment Acts) She. and Labour, are fully committed to the ISC and its "oversight" New Zealand First
leader. Winston Peters (himself a former Acting SIS Minister from his 1 990s glory days), backed Clark "You can't
have any old person on the committee" (Press, 2 1 /2/00, "Call for more access to S I S information")

But Its an Issue With the potentia l to divide the Coalition (the Coalition Agreement does allow them to publicly dis­
agree). In March , an obscure Bill governing radlocommunications caused Labour and the Alliance to vote against
each other for the first time. The Bill gave the SIS power to intercept foreign cellphone and radiO communications -
the Alliance and Greens voted against it; Labour turned to National. ACT and New Zealand First to get it through
The debate turned nasty, with Jenny Shipley declaring: "He (Anderton) is an unfit person to ever sit on the ( I SC) He
IS an unfit person to ever hold the warrant as Acting Minister for the SIS" (Press, 30/3/00: "Govt split over SIS Inter­
ception powers")

Green MP Keith Locke has put up a Private Member's Bill the Intelligence and Security Committee Act Repeal Bill
2000 - and had it survive the ballot process (for Private Members' Bills) and proceed to debate. The Bill would have
scrubbed the I S C and have its f unctions taken over by a proper Select Committee. Labour, of course IS dead set
against it. The Bill was killed, in May 2000. by 1 03 votes to 1 6 . To Its credit, the Alliance Joined the Greens in voting
for the Bill

New Government, business as usual as far as "our" spy agencies are concerned

Bob Leonard

Have you ever wondered how to caught in the act. denying it. The very high profile
complain about Waihopai or the Gov­ cases of Aziz Choudry and David Small come to mind
ernment Communications Security immediately. Both of these gentlemen have won court
Bureau (GCSB)? You've probably victories against government agencies after David
heard that the h i-tech listening equipment at Waihopai caught two Security Intelligence Service spies in the act
IS capable of Intercepting all of your international elec­ of breaking into Aziz's home in 1 996. The details have
trOniC communications - emails, phone calls. telexes, been published widely and will be familiar to you The
faxes, the lot. It's done by snooping on stray signals pOint is, how likely are we ever to catch a spy In the
from the Intelsat satellites that hover over the Pacific. act? Not very
So you may well wonder, as I do, how you would ever
know that you were being spied upon. The fact is, you And you are never going to catch the GCSB in the act
can't know unless the spooks tell you so And that's of intercepting your electronic communications. There­
not too likely. Nevertheless you can complain about it if fore, you wouldn't expect many complaints from the
you suspect it's going on public about Waihopai and the GCSB. But the I-G. M r
Laurie Greig, made the following amazing statement on
The Office of Inspector-General of Intelligence and Se­ the first page of his 1 99 9 annual report 'The fact there
curity was created by a special law passed in 1 996 by are very few complaints and little need for any inquiry
the National Government. It was part of a rather pa­ into the activities of the NZ S I S or the GCSB indicates,
thetic attempt to improve oversight of our so-called I believe, that the performance of their activities does
'intelligence' agencies Section 1 1 ( 1 )(b) of the I-G Act not impinge adversely on New Zealand citizens"
states that ' t h e functions of the Inspector-General
shall be - to inqUire into any complaint by a New So I wrote a letter to the I-G saying " 1 am at a loss to
Zealand person that that person has or may have understand how you can draw such a conclUSion about
been adversely affected by any act, omission, practice, secretive organisations whose activities. by their very
poliCY. or procedure of an intelligence and security nature, are almost entirely hidden from public knowl­
agency". Sounds reasonable until you think about what edge and scrutiny . . . . Presumably, specific evidence of
the substance of your complaint might be. Secret adverse effects on me from GCSB spying would be re­
agencies are pretty good at hiding what they do, and if quired to form the basis for a viable complaint to your

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 • Page 1 6

office Please tell m e how I would obtain such evi­ Those with the best chance of some success might be
dence If there is some other basIs for a complaint those with a record (police?) of protest at the Walhopal
about the activities of the GCSB which affect me per­ base or who have otherwise made known their OppOSI­
sonally I would appreciate your advice as to what that tion to it. If you send voice or digital communications
basIs might be " overseas (via satellite) In which you use vanous terms
or phrases of Interest to the spooks (there are hun­
I n his response M r Grelg did not tell me how to gather dreds if not thousands of such "trigger" terms in the
physical evidence of Waihopai's interception of my per­ Dictionary of the Waihopai system), you are likely to
sonal communications Frankly, I doubt the GCSB have been spied upon, Whether or not you are of suffi­
would divulge such i nformation to Greig himself, but he cient interest to the GCSB for them to keep a file o n
claims It would H e did say - " I n the first instance a you is another question,
complainant would need to have a rational belief of
such an adverse affect or its likelihood in the past or Make your complaint i n writing addressed to the I n­
future' [EmphasIs added] Further on, he said "The de­ spector-General of Intelligence and Security through
gree of factual and other circumstantial support to the the Registrar of the High Court, Wellington, And If you
claim the more easily I can base an inquiry" [sic], The get a response, please let ABC know about It Laune
last sentence doesn't read very well, but I get the gist of Greig's very limited record of dealing with complaints I S
It appalling H e concluded that the break-in of AZlz
Choudry's home was legal, The Appeal Court said It
So there you have it If you hold a "rational belief' you was illegal (so the Shlpley govt promptly changed the
are being spied upon you can complain to the I-G, It law), Greig also concluded that the police search of
would be an interesting exercise for some individuals to David Small's home a week later, looking for bomb­
ask the I-G If i n fact the GCSB holds Information i n any making eqUipment, was legal, The H i g h Court I n
form on them and from what sources, Years ago, sev­ Chrrstchurch has Just awarded David $20,000 I n dam­
eral people asked for thell SIS files and a few even ages for the illegal police search,
succeeded in getting the liS until a "change of policy"
dried up the source, In summary, the government would like the people of
New Zealand to think we have some avenue of appeal
If you wish to file a complaint against the GCSB and and complaint against the excesses of the spies, If we
you can convince the I-G ( a former High Court Judge) don't actually complain, then we haven't fully tested the
that your complaint i s not "trivial, frivolous, vexatious or system. Please give it a go, and keep us informed
not made in good faith", we suggest you give it a go, about the results,

Bob Leonard
ThiS article updates flight data on U S m i litary and Ant­ tic support after 42 years i n Christchurch. NYANG, a
arctic logistics use of C hnstchurch I n ternational Airport, branch of the U S Air Force, now flies all ski-Hercules I n
It continues the compilation of flight data for the 1 990s, Antarctic service,
Peace Researchers No, 5 (June 1 995) and No, 1 4
(December 1 997) provided data for the period June In PR No, 1 5 we gave two main reasons why we think
1 990 through May 1 997. ABC monitors the flights us­ the Air Force, instead of the Navy, now runs the show -
ing monthly flight summaries proVided by the Ministry of 1 ) I n addition to its logistics flights for Antarctic re­
Foreign Affairs and Trade ( M FAT) under provisions of search, the Air Force also conducts Channel flights o n
the Official Information Act militaryiintelligence business t o Australia; 2 ) the Navy
had but a single role - logistiCS for Operation Deep
Since May 1 99 5 , MFAT has provided ABC with com­ Freeze. Thus the Navy was expendable (supposedly
plete flight data for Ski-Hercules (LC-130) aircraft flown to save money) and the Air Force could continue its
by U S Navy crews and in recent years by the New York Channel flights u n q u estioned by the NZ government
Air National G uard Military business as
(NYANG). ( P rior to that usual,
time, we only received data
on US Air Force Starlifters The table shown here
71 97 1 68
and Galaxys. ) Trial reveals the proportions
NYANG flights actually be­ 38 85 1 0_J' 69, I of US Air Force Star-
gan in 1 988 ( PR No. 1 7, 1" 47 63 1 10 57.3 lifter and Galaxy busl-
series. Feb 1 98 8 , p. 9) and 58 91 63.7 ness throughout the
were sporadiC I n most Ant­ 28 79 1 07 73.8 decade. These large
arctic seasons for some cargo planes have vis-
31 78 1 09 7l 6

years thereafter. But by ited C h ristchurch on

37 66 1 03 64,\
early 1 998 t h e Navy was m i l i t a ry i i n t e l l i g e n c e
formally gone from Antarc- 63 37 1 00 37,0 business a n average

Peace Researcher 21 · May 2000 · Page 1 7

of 63% of the time Flights In
dedicated service to the Ant­ us Air Force and Navy Flights
arctic program have been in a
at Christchurch Airport
decided minority ( 37%) Of
possible significance is the
sharp drop I n percentage of 40
military flights In 1 998-99 .t!l
.J: 35
Thirty seven percent IS by far Cl

the lowest proportion In 1 0 � 30

years A preliminary look at ·Vi
t: 25
flight data since M a y 1 999 (not [';
shown here) Indicates that the '0 20
low trend IS contin u i ng into the �

year 2000 The most recent � 15

flight-year data ( 1 999-2000) E
will be published later thiS year
in PR 5

The decrease In C h a n nel

Flight activity m a y reflect the
winding down of activity at the 1997 1998 1999
huge US Air Force satelllte­
monitoring base at Nurrungar
In South Australia (see PR No 1 9/20. p . 2 0 . for Infor­ The S kl-Hercules flights (combined Navy a n d NY ANG
mation on the fate of Nurrungar) I n past years ap­ LC-1 30s) are shown as a line on the graph
proximately half the C h a n nel flights served Nurrungar
on a regular weekly schedule In which the flights went Our sovereignty IS being violated at C hnstchurch Air­
first to Nurrungar from the U S (via Pago Pago) and port by the US Air Force We are nuclear free In name
then passed through C h ristchurch Airport on their re­ only Our nuclear free law IS not enforced at our air­
turn to the U S . A closer analysis of the timing of Indi­ port Mllitarylintelligence business has been conducted
vidual flights may shed some light on this question under the cover of Antarctic research by the U S gov­
ernment since the 1 9505. Starlifters and Galaxys tran­
The monthly flight patterns. shown on the bar graph. sit our airport several times per month with n o controls
are similar to those of previous years Black bars show on their contents They are capable of carrying car­
the regular year-round viSits of militarY/Intelligence goes of nuclear weapons through our country but New
Starllfter and Galaxy aircraft Note the sharp drop In Zealanders a n d their government wouldn't have a
military flights beg i n n in g in December 1 998. The Ant­ chance of knOWing about It Although thiS is u n l i kely to
arctic category (white bars) Includes a l l Skl-Hercules happen given the present U S nuclear posture In this
Starlifter and Galaxy flights strictly dedicated to Antarc­ part of the world. it is a contingency that the US military
tic logistics. as far as we can determine. In October obviously wants to keep ope n . These are some of the
a n d November t h e Antarctic flights are prlmanly con­ reasons ABC demands the immediate a n d permanent
d ucted with the larger-capacity Air Force wheeled removal of all U S military presence at C hnstchurch Air­
cargo planes which can land in s p n n g on the ice run­ port
way at WIII,ams Field near McMurdo

ABC Committee Members Bob Leonard, Murray Horton, and Yani Johanson take Labour MP, Tim Barnett, on a tour of Harewood.

Peace Researcher 21 • May 2000 . Page 18

F or several years PR has followed The US and the Philippines set up
Murray Horton

the progress of. and the militant a special group to counter adverse publiCity and to
mass opposition to the Visiting manage pro-VFA propaganda (this arose out of bad
Forces Agreement (VFA) between publiCity dUring a late 1 99 9 US warship viSit to Cebu
the U S and the Philippines which City) A total of eight USIPhllippines war games have
was finally ratified by the Philippines been scheduled for 2000 alone
Senate. in 1 999 One of the world's
most successful anti-bases cam­ The Pentagon IS delighted to get back Into the Philip­
paigns forced out the century old US bases (Sublc pines. Its goals are spelled out i n the US Defense De­
Clark and co) in 1 99 1 /92. But the VFA a llows the Pen­ partment's 1 995 East Asian Strategy Report a US
tagon In the back door, without any need to maintain troop level of 1 00,000 must be maintained there must
permanent US bases In the PhilipPines. Essentially the be forward deployment of US forces In the region there
VFA opens up all of the Philippines to the US military - must be access and basing rights for US forces m the
the next best thing to actual bases - with speCial rights region, the US must maintain its ability to affect the
at 22 ports and other facilities. And it gives effect to the course of events in Asia
1 951 US-PhilipPines Mutual Defense Treaty which had
been frozen since the 1 9 9 1 Senate vote to not renew The first legal test for the VFA will come with the case
the bases treaty. of three US sailors who were arrested I n Cebu City
d u ring a port call after " Balikatan 2000" They were ar­
It allows In thousands of US troops at a time for Joint rested and charged with assaulting a taxI driver by the
exercises. whilst essentially exempting them from local Philippine authorities (because they were off duty, at
law The first such large scale Joint exercise under the the time. US authorities have Junsdictlon for crimes
auspices of the VFA, was "Balikatan 2000". held from committed on duty). They face a maximum of 1 3
January until M a rch 2000 (the small scale " Balance months prison if conVicted. The judge let them sail with
Piston exercise was held. In October 1 999). their warship, after their commanding officer pledged
Balikatan" (which means " shoulder to shoulder") in­ that they will return for all court sessions The U S Navy
volved 2 . 500 U S troops and 2 , 300 Filipino troops. Its apologised for the incident
scope exceeded that of any previous Joint exerCise,
with US forces exerciSing In the provinces of Nueva The Philippines is still grappling with the toxic legacy of
ECiJa. Tarlac, Pampanga, Zambales, Bataan, Cavite a century of hosting major US bases ApprOXimately 80
and Palawan. Both governments denied that the US residents have died from the effects of toxic wastes
presence had a n ything to do with the SinolPhilippines around the , former Clark Air Base. I n February 2000, SIX
row over the disputed Spratly Islands, but the US mili­ year old Crizel Jane Valencia, d ubbed the "child tOXIC
tary's first stop was in Palawan, the Philippine province warrior", died from acute leukaemia. She and her fam­
closest to the Spratlys. It started with "hearts and ily drank the water from the area surrounding Clark
minds" medical and dental clinics but the bUSiness end Other children are seriously ill. Liberal Party Represen­
of the exercise was several weeks of Simulated jungle tative. Wigberto Tanada, has urged the Philippines gov­
warfare. aerial combat and amphibious naval landings, ernment to sue the US at the World Court, to compel
culminating in a simulated naval assault on a beach the US to clean up the mess Senator Loren Legarda
south of Manila has Cited a figure of $ U S 1 billion as bemg the possible
cost of the clean up. The US is denying any responsi­
Unsurprisingly, the exerCise centred on the former US bility for cleaning up what an international lawyer has
bases at Sublc ( n aval) and Clark (air force), Their host correctly labelled "time bombs" (Philippine Daily In­
cities Olongapo and Angeles - used to be infamous quirer, 2/3/00). The potential for future harm IS Im­
for their extensive sex industry to cater for the G l s. mense, not only to those who are already victims or are
Brothel keepers rubbed their hands with glee again, in in the process of becoming Victims of the former U S
2000, thinking that the good old days were back. Three bases. Olongapo a n d Angeles are slated to become
Angeles hotels were reserved for the troops' ' ' rest and the sites of major economic zones, with huge US trans­
recreation" U n convincingly. m ilitary commanders from nationals such as Federal Express and America O n
both nations said that the troops would be under strict Line touted a s likely to set u p shop there. T h e interna­
curfew Philippine Defense M i nister, Orly Mercado, tional lawyer advised them to stay away: "The risk is
said "We have agreed that they will be provided with Immense to such corporations and their workforce. And
alternative actiVities, mostly sports activities, in the If their insurers are aware of the situation, there will be
camps to keep their testosterone levels down" (BBC no cover, especially if the corporation IS from the U n ited
News, 31/110 0 ) . Cold showers perhaps? Protesters in States" (ibld). Already toxins are seeping Into the base­
Manila weren't convinced - i n a demo outSide the US ments of buildings being erected in a Taiwanese I ndus­
Embassy, they waved u nderwear on which they had trial Park right on top of S u bic's former 'andfi" , which I S
written problems assOCiated with the return of Uncle a cocktail of dumped toxic wastes, The bases might
Sam - AIDS, prostitution abortion. and tOXIC waste have gone - their poisons linger on

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 · Page 19

Nick McBride

..... -- . . _ " ,.. . ,. -- "'+"

For the first trme rn nearly a decade. a New Zealander heard from one of the organisers was 2 , 00 0 ) while
has taken part in protest activities rn the Philippines to other newspapers carned no coverage. In any event, It
confront the US rl1llitary Nick McBride. of Wellrngton. a was a magnificent achievement to get several thousand
member of the Philippines Solidanty Network of people to attend 13 hours of protest at the beginnrng of
Aotearoa (PSNA) was 111 the Philippines 111 February the working week (no one seemed to leave despite the
2000, on holiday He took part In protests agamst the repetitive speechmaking) While the enthusiasm and
' Ballkatan 2000" exercise and the VFA The following is energy. overt anti-Americanism and the sympathetic
hiS account. With thanks to Kapatlran the newslelter of press were welcome and refreshing compared with po­
PSNA Ed litical activities In New Zealand. the huge amount of lit­
ter and graffiti left behind was less positive
On Monday, February 21, 2000, I JOined With Bayan a
dozen other peoples' movements and thousands of What was the protest about?
comrades (estimates ranged from 2,000-10,000) In a
mobilisation against the Visiting Forces Agreement The US military bases were closed by decision of the
(VFA), signed between the USA and the P h i lippines Senate In 1 9 9 1 The VFA, however, proVides for the
return of U S military forces for the purpose of 'war
Before setting out I received two warnings the first that games' US forces will have access to 22 ports as well
the police rnlght be waiting With water cannons. the as airstrips and landing facilities
second that I best be prepared to get pelted With stones
by locals hostile to the protest action Luckily. my re­ Legal JUrisdiction over the VISiting personnel will be
sultrng fears turned out to be unfounded - the few po­ ceded to the American authOrities - PhilipPine authOrity
lice kept a discreet d istance and I was lucky to notice does not even extend to requiring passports or dnving
them at a l l . Hostile locals were also not apparent I n permits of US troops The P h i lipprnes also has no right
fact, t h e o n l y threatening inCident was a confrontation to inspect Visiting U S faCilities. not even for quarantine
With a very drunken Amencan man who objected to my purposes, nor are U S personnel liable for any local
presence at the anticAmerlcan event " H ave you ever taxes or duties. The agreement effectively turns the
fought In a forei g n war. son?" he slurred at me, ' has Philippines into a military facility for the US and unlike
your daddy ever fought In a foreign war? I was In Viet-
the former bases. U S personnel have access to a Wide
nam . . range of ports and faCilities. In acknowledgement of this
onesldedness, the agreement allows similar pnvlleges
We started In Quezon City (Metro Manila) at 8 a . m . and for Philippine troops VISiting the US - a meaningless
94 vehicles formed a colourful convoy which made the concession
three hour drive to a point one kilometre away from the
former Clark Air Base (now the Clark free trade zone) The key reasons why FilipinOS oppose the VFA are
From 1 1 .30 a . m on It was SIX hours of speeches • it IS a surrender of PhilipPine sovereignty
songs and chants along the lines of 'death to the USA' • It makes the P h i l i ppines a party to U S Imperialism
The day concluded with an extremely long march and aggression
( maybe eight k i l ometres) to the town centre of Angeles • It opens the door to nuclear weapons, tOXIC wastes
and a couple of wrap up and other d a n ge r s
speeches e v e rything (remember t h e "neither
finally coming to a n end confirm nor deny'" poliCY)
after 9 p m (Although • It Will worsen SOCial
not for everyone some problems such as prosti­
who had carne u p from tution - the reasons for
Manila missed their thiS are self-evident
transport back a n d were
stranded In Angeles ) There IS no doubt vIsltrn9
American troops Will be
The next day I checked made to feel unwelcome
all the local p a pers for Hopefully the moblllsa
news of the event The tlons Will continue and
most sympathetic daily eventual l y put pressulf
estimated a turnout of on Filipino politiCians to
1 0. 000 and another said "junk' the vr i'"
4 000 (t118 estllnate I
Protesters at gate to Clark Ecozot1e (former US Airbase)

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 20

MA RGA RET H A L E S Murray Horton

the Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa until her

death, I last saw Margaret in 1 994 when I addressed a
New Plymouth public meeting on behalf of the Cam­
paign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA).
She introduced me to her husband, Sam, with her
usual forthrightness "This is Sam, He's dying",

She was involved i n all a spects of the peace move­

ment, for decades, and was also involved in anti-bases
campaigns before the ABC was born, She and Sam
met in the English anti-war movement, and, once in
New Plymouth, they founded the North Taranaki Peace
Group, which organised many local activities for years,
particularly revolving around Hiroshima Day They or­
ganised a Tangimoana Peace Picnic in the early
1 980s, to protest at that spybase (one that is neglected
by the Christchurch-based ABC) I n t h e last weeks of
her life, she was organismg sympathy cards for Mor­
dechai Vanunu, the imprisoned Israeli nuclear whistle­
blower. Her fundamental beliefs were pacifism, world
justice and non-racism, She was a member of the Reli­
gious Society of Friends ( Q uakers) throughout her en­
tire life.

Margaret Hales led a fascinating and very full life S h e

was born Peggy Peet m Shanghai, i n 1 9 1 8 (her father
Margaret Hales died in New Plymouth, in November was a master mariner who took a shore Job In Shang­
1 999, aged 8 1 . Margaret was one of the true heroes of hai) , Asia always intrigued her -she and Sam holidayed
the New Zealand peace movement, in all its broadest many times in Indonesia; she was a committee mem­
context and although not an ABC member, was well ber of the NZ-China Friendship Society and travelled to
known to us and took part in ABC activities At 72, she China with a group that was there at t.h e time of Chair­
was the oldest person who came on the ten-day long man Mao Zecfo ng's 1 976 death (she was greatly
1 990 Touching ..the Bases Tour, which spanned both moved by the mass outpouring of grief that she wit­
Islands and included New Zealanders, Australians, Fili­ nessed)
PinOS and Pacific Islanders. She was one of those who
climbed 1 , 500 metres, in snow and appalling weather, After spending two years IrI New Zealand as a child.
up to the (now closed) US Naval Observatory on Black her family moved to England, where she went to a
Birch, In Marlborough (Margaret was the second mem­ Quaker school . She trained as a primary teacher, and
ber of that tour to die In 1 999. See PR 1 9/20 for the taught at alternative schOols. I n New Zealand, she was
obituary of Diana Ingram, of Sydney). She took part In amongst the first to graduate extra-murally from
some of our early protest activities at Waihopal Massey Umverslty, with a BA, and she went on to get a
BEd. She and Sam had seven children - once they
In 1 989, Margaret and I were amongst the New Zea­ were grown she returned to teaching, working as a
landers (and a whole lot of Australians) on the montt, teacher of E nglish and Japanese at New Plymouth
long International Peace Brigade to the PhiliPPines Girls High School. Her da ughter, Bryony, writes "Her
where we foreigners and thousands of Filipinos directly Interest In learning is evidenced by the papers of atten­
confronted the massive US bases Margaret was in­ dance at numerous seminars, for example, on counsel­
domitable - I have a VIVid memory of our bus being ling, youth SUICide. and participation in local poetry
stopped at one of the Inn umerable roadblocks put In reading groups, English literature discussion, travel
our path by the Philippine military to try and stop us overseas on craft tours and adventure tours (one of
getting to Angeles City and the Americans' Clark Air which saw her narrowly missing bemg nuked by the
Force Base A FilipinO soldier came on board, weighed 1 986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, In the
down by hiS nfle, side arms, bayonet and grenades Soviet Union - she was In Kiev at the time), She also
Margaret proceeded to berate him about how he should developed her arts and crafts Side, working as an ap­
be ashamed of himself she thought this was supposed prentice potter With a well known English stUdio potter
to be a democracy, etc, etc, The Sight of a white halred She learnt calligraphy, leaded stained glass, and de­
grandmother scolding him In publiC was too much for Signed the family Christmas cards every year from the
the guy - he turned tall and fled. She retained an inter­ mid 1 940s onwards
est In the Philippines ever since and was a member of

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 21

Sam and Margaret Hales m igrated to New Zealand I n Waltara, In recent years she was very vocal In support
1 956 Initially, S a m worked a s a printer a t t h e Chnst­ of Te Ihl Tu Trust (a rehabilitation centre for recently
church Press In the 1 960s, they spent some time at released Maori pnsoners) being set up In the Barrett
the Riverside Community, in Motueka: but eventually, Street Hospital site, in her community, despite stlOng
Sam got work as a printer In New Plymouth, and that objections from the neighbourhood It went ahead and
was their home for the rest of their lives (Sam died a IS now established, Her final project was to organise
few years before Margaret), She developed a commit­ and pay for the Installation of playground equipment In
ment to the women s movement and was a volunteer the Wallace Place Reserve, a small neighbourhood
worker at. and supporter of, the New Plymouth park, stimulated by the need for a playground for local
Women s Centre from its Inception In the 1 970s She Maori preschoolers,
was a volunteer for the Rape CriSIS Centre, and a trus­
tee on the board of the SAFER Centre, the Taranakl Our condolences go to her children - Cnspln, Batch,
organisation counselling and educating on sexual and Vallis, Anthony, Tlm, Bryony and Jasmln (political activ­
family abuse, In the 1 950s and 60s she and a m idwife ism runs In the family, For example, B ryony became a
friend attended and encouraged home births, long be­ well known Wellington actiVist, and was i mmortalised
'fore thiS was a n acceptable social trend (indeed, home by Muldoon In his Infamous list of "communists and
births were seen as dangerously crackpot by the medi­ subversives" whom h e and the SIS claimed were be­
cal profession and society at large), Margaret devel­ hind the oPPosition to the 1 98 1 Springbok Tour)
oped skills as a lay midwife, and remained a long term
advocate of home births, She followed thiS to its logical Margaret Hales was a strikingly forceful woman, forth­
conclusion, and became an advocate of the home nght to the point of bluntness, courageous, energetic,
death movement challenging the control of dying and and a ceaseless worker for the rest of h u manity, be It I n
death by funeral d irectors "Leave your condolences at t h e same street o r across t h e world It is women like
the doorl", she told the funeral drrector whom she al­ her that made the New Zealand peace movement the
lowed to carry o u t her wishes for Sam's funeral. For her formidable force that It became
own funeral, the family saw to It that she was fare­
welled with a day long party - she lay In bed and was ThiS obituary would not have been possible Without the
covered with spring flowers by all who came to her generosity or and research by Maureen Leggetl, of
home Eltham., and Margare t s children, Crispm of Chicago,
(but temporanly teaching at the UnrversJty of Canter­
Margaret was also a practitioner of Think Globally - Ac; bury for part of 2000) and Bryony of Welilngton My
Locally She was very Involved In local community is­ thanks to them
sues Over the years, she developed links and fnend­
ships with Maori from both north and south Taranakl,
and was a frequent viSitor to events at Owae Marae,

You don't have to be dead to get n ice reet relevance to us That's OK - that's
things said about you in Peace Re­ what the delete button IS for
searcher From time to time, we need to
acknowledge those who help us greatly, He plays an Invaluable role See the arti­
and who remain essentially anonymous, cle elsewhere In this issue about the
Such as those that send uS information worldwide upsurge of interest In Echelon
Nobody sends us more than Robert Rod­ earlier thiS year. A great deal of that stuff
vik, of rural British Columbia, In Canada, came courtesy of Robert - he sent us
He's been sen d i n g us stuff for so long that matellal from Canada. the U S Britain,
we can't remember how we fllst got i n Singapore India. you name It We are a
touch With each other. For the first ever so great deal better Informed about the
many years, h e sent us hefty envelopes of clippings, worldWide fightback against Echelon because of him
from Canadian and Amencan newspapers and maga­
zines, both mainstream and movement We've never met him. know nothing about him person­
ally, and have never spoken to him. So we deCided that
Then he bought a computer and went onto the Internet to illustrate thiS bllef piece about thiS International man
Nobody has had any sleep since For the past couple of mystery we wanted a photo of him H e went coy on
of years h e has bombarded us (and a whole lot of other us. claiming to be The Invisible Man, and not to have
people besides) with a deluge of material culled from one. Eventually he agreed to send us thiS 20 year old
the electroniC newspapers, TV news sites and Xines of passport photo (rather like those old East German spy­
the world. Every message comes complete With a per­ masters. of whom the only known photo was a grainy
sonal (usually s p lenetiC) introduction from Robert - Side on shot taken In the 1 9505) We're sure he hasn't
they are collectors' items In themselves. He sends us changed a bit Good on you Robert
far more material than we can ever use or that IS of dl-

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 22

l.1tR(£� EO
·'" LE O NE
P' wE H E LP N'VEftS,
SO" Murray Horton rr
Suddenly the benighted and impoverished to dispense with its services, because of the
West Afncan state of Sierra Leone is in the cost of the contract. The m ercenaries went off
news It has some of the worst economic and quality of to ply their deadly trade elsewhere i n Africa - especially
life statistics anywhere In the world (average life expec­ Angola - and came horribly unstuck in PNG But , ,n
tancy IS m the low 40s, for example) and it has been 2000, with the resumption of civil war in Sierra Leone,
wracked by a particularly vicious civil war for the past the "experts" are calling for Executive Outcomes to be
decade The rebels specialise i n hacking the limbs off ' allowed back I n . Writing in Busmess Day magazine
anybody who gets i n their way, including children, The South African journalist Simon Barber asked "Would It
world has taken notice because the UN peacekeeping really have been so awful to let EO take ItS pay m mm­
force (the largest in the world), comprised of African ing concessions? That way, at least Sierra Leone's
and Third World troops. has proved singularly inept. mineral wealth might have been saved, as well as tens
and so the Great White Father has had to come to the of thousands, mostly women and children, from death,
rescue, in the form of Britain, the former colonial mas­ amputation, rape, AIDS I nfection and sexual enslave­
ter The "peacekeeping" by the Bntish m i litary has very ment" (quoted in New Zealand Herald, 1 5/5/00 Time
rapidly turned Into Britain fighting the rebels on behalf once more to whistle up the dogs of war?" Note that
of the Sierra Leonean government. exactly the sort of "mineral wealth" ranks as the top priority) Sandllne's
gunboat diplomacy that Britain practised i n Africa and boss, Colonel Tim Splcer (a former Bntish Army officer)
throughout the Empire, including New Zealand, during said that Western governments are too "politically cor­
the 1 9 Century. New Zealand has suddenly taken no­ rect" to use companies such as his (ibld). So once
tice of Sierra Leone because we have a couple again these old dogs are champing at the leash to get
( l iterally) of soldiers tangled up in the UN operation back to one of their favourite killing fields

Previously, Sierra Leone was the personal playground But if Splcer and co are having things their own way In
of the mercenary armies who revel in the title "The West Africa. not so In his homeland. In November
Dogs of War" (the "Mongrels of M u rder" might be more 1 999, outraged students from the U niverSity of Wales.
appropriate) These killer corporations, namely In Aberystwyth. alerted the world that, in a few days
Sand line and Executive Outcomes (EO), became time, Tim Spicer was due to give a public lecture at the
household names as a result of their disastrous 1 997 International Politics Department. His topic was to be
attempt to " l iberate" Bougainville and its forcibly closed "The Role of Privately Owned Armed Forces in a Glob­
Panguna mine, on behalf of the Papua New Guinean alised World". They called for i nformalion on "thiS
government. They were ignominiously rounded up by gangster a'nd his racket" (e-mail, 1 2/ 1 1 /99). and for lo­
the PNG m i l itary and chucked out of the country (there cals to protest his visit A h , the power of the Internet
was malor Civil u n rest and political upheaval in PNG as Within days, the Aberystwyth students had been
a result). This was all fully detailed in PR 1 3. The Feb­ flooded with international information (we e-mailed
ruary 1 997 Harpers magazine describes how Executive them everything on the subject that we'd published in
Outcomes (founded by apartheid era, former South Af­ PR), and the u niversity had a big rethink. It had fielded
rican military officers) operated in Sierra Leone. O n oc­ media Inquines from as far afield as Afnca and Oce­
casion It was paid by misused funds from the Interna­ anla, It was worried about a militant demo on campus
tional Monetary Fund or, more commonly, by the con­ (Aberystwyth students have chased the Queen away in
cession of Important deposits of oil, diamonds, copper, a previous demo) So, surprise, surprise, it cancelled
etc (the fabulous wealth of Bougainville's copper mine the inVitation to Spicer "due to u nforeseen circum­
was a definite Incentive for the mercenaries' ill-fated stances" (e-mail, 1 7/ 1 1/99). I n short, we won. Perhaps
adventure there), Harpers reports how, i n 1 995, t'{)lo Splcer remembered the very rough time he had person­
South African mercenary pilots approached a Sierra ally experienced at the hands of the PNG soldiers who
Leone military commander about their difficulties telling detained him, then expelled h i m (haVing come very
the rebels from the civilians in their air attacks around close to killing him), and thought that Welsh students
Freetown, the capital. "Kill everyone I" was the answer, might be even worse.
and that's what they did. I n 1 995, it took a 300 man EO
force, backed by four helicopters, two months to sup­ We are pleased to have played a small part in denying
press the rebels, at a cost to the Government of thiS glorified hitman a respectable academic lectern
SUS 1 . 7 million per month, plus some mining conces­ from which to expound upon the necessity for merce­
sions After that it required 90 EO mercenaries to con­ nary armies In the "global economy". First World private
tain the rebels, at $US55,000 per day armies killing for profit in some of the poorest and war
ravaged countries of the Third World - that is the reality
The glory days (or should that be the gory days?) of The New World Order It needs to be opposed at
ended for Executive Outcomes in 1 997, when the Si­ every turn
erra Leone government was forced by the World Bank

Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 23

U ST RA L l AIII P I E S 1 111 S EE 'S ( T H I N ' I N kO SOYO
Astute readers of PR will have noticed that ma­ admitted that the two men
jor wars come and go in countries such as Iraq had in their possession, when
and the Former Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY - arrested , information on troop
a singularly apt acronym for a country burnt by movements, tank pOSitions
war after war) without any mention from us. The reason and minefields, all wntten in what Fra­
IS simple - we are a very specialist peace movement ser described as "military language"
publication not an all p u rpose one. We do not attempt These revelations so horrified Frasefs
to be a replacement for the late lamented Peacelink. CARE PR minders that one tried to
correct him on air. Fraser erupted " Do
But now and again something from one of these catas­ not Interrupt when I am being interviewed and do not
trophic wars catches our specialist attention. One such ever i nterrupt again. Do you understand?" (SBSTV
was the 1 999 arrest, trial and imprisonment of two Aus­ Datelme, q uoted on World Socialist Web Site [ www
tralian humanitarian aid workers by Slobodan MII­, 9/2/00: "New information on the case of two
osevic s Serbia (what's left of YugoslaVia). The charge jailed Australian aid workers").
was spYing (they were released after a few months In
pnson). Naturally, the mens' employer (the transna­ The Bloodstained Man From The CIA
Ilonal aid agency, CARE), the Australian government
and NATO. which was bombing Kosovo and Serbia at The likelihood of these hapless Aussies being spies in­
the time of their arrest, all indignantly denied it Just the creases dramatically when you dig Into the reality of the
sort of thing you'd expect a ratbag like M ilosevlc to al­ OSCE mission. Consider the fact that ItS boss was the
lege American, William Walker, a Central Intelligence
Agency (CIA) man with a long and bloody track record
F u n nily enough, it turns out to through the Americans' charnel houses of central
have been true. The two had America in the 1 980s. The following is from an elec­
sensitive military material in their tronic posting, entitled "Meet Mr Massacre From E l
possession at the time of their Salvador To Kosovo: The U S Bloody Trail". Mark Ames
arrest One of them made a tele­ & Matt Tabibi; 30/4/99).
vised confession on Serbian TV
(this was discounted at the time, although h e showed ""According to various newspaper reports, Walker be­
no obvIous sign of torture or coercion), His own mother gan his diplomatic career in 1 96 1 i n Peru. H e then re­
told the Australian media that he'd had to leave his pre­ portedly spent most of his long career in the foreign
VIOUS assignment - in the very sensitive Kurdish north service in Central and South Amenca, including a
of Iraq - In a great h urry because of similar allegations highly controversial posting as Deputy Chief of MiSSion
by the Iraqi government All of this evidence was In Honduras in the early 1 980s, exactly the time and
brushed off, but further revelations came from the very place where the Contra rebel force was formed. The
top Contra force was the cornerstone of then-CIA Dlfector
William Casey's hardline anti-Communist d i rective, and
Former Australian Tory Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, Honduras was considered, along with El Salvador, the
IS the chairman of CARE Australia. In a February 2000 front line in the war with the Soviet Union. From there,
Australian TV i nterview h e admitted that CARE had a Walker was promoted, in 1 985, to the post of Deputy
contract with the government of Canada, a NATO Assistant Secretary of State for Central America. ThiS
member, to recruit a team of Organisation for Security promotion made him a special assistant to ASSistant
and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) monitors to venfy Secretary of State E l liot Abrams, a figure whose name
the ceaseflfe I n Kosovo (which was I n place before would soon be making its way Into the headlines on a
NATO started its 1 999 bombing campaign). The pro­ dally basis In connection with a new scandal the press
gramme revealed that the monitors consisted largely of was calling the ' Iran-Contra' affair.
ex-military people, sending information by satellite
phone to NATO, but not sharing It with Serbia. I ndeed, "Walker would soon briefly jOin his boss under the pub­
one of the arrested Australians was a former major i n lic microscope. According to i nformation contained In
the Australian Army, and a former election candidate Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh's lengthy I ndict­
for Fraser's liberal Party. In fact, he'd got the Kosovo ment of Abrams and Oliver North, Walker was respon­
Job at Fraser's express request He must be one very sible for setting up a phony humanitarian operation at
well connected former Army officer to be hand picked an alrbase in 1I0pango, El Salvador. This shell organi­
by an ex-Pnme M i nister. It's worth beanng in mind that zation was used to funnel guns. ammunition and sup­
Australia, unlike NZ, does have an overseas intelli­ plies to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua
gence gathenng agency, namely the Australian Secret
Intelligence Service (ASIS), which operates very much ''Despite having been named in Walsh's indictment
on military lines, and which has regularly worked i n (although he was never charged himself) and outed In
global hotspots for Western intelligence Fraser also the international press as a gunrunner, Walker's diplo-

Peace Researcher 21 " May 2000 " Page 24

matlc career did not as one might have expected, take proof that they were m ilitary'
a turn for the worse, Oddly enough, It kept on advanc­
Ing, In 1 988 he was named ambassador to El Salva­ "Later. Walker would recommend to Sec­
dor a state which at the time was still In the gnp of US­ retary of State James Baker that the
sponsored State terror United States not Jeopardize' its relation­
ship With El Salvador by Investigating
Walker's record as Ambassador to E l Salvador is star­ 'past deaths, however heinous This IS
tling upcn review today, In light of his recent re­ certainly an Ironic comment coming from
e mergence rnto the world spotlight as an outraged a man who would later recommend that the United
documenter of racist hate-cnmes, His current posture States go to war over" heinous deaths,
of moral disgust toward Serbian ethniC cleansing may
seem convincing today but it IS hard to square with the "One final Intnguing biographical note: Walker In 1 996
almost comically callous indifference he consistently hosted a ceremony in Washington held in honor 'of
exhibited toward exactly the same kinds of hate crimes 5 . 000 American soldiers who fought secretly In E l Sal­
while serving In El Salvador vador. While Walker was Ambassador of E l Salvador
the US government's official story was that there were
'In late 1 989, when Salvadoran soldiers executed SIX only 50 military advisors in the country ( WasmgtolJ
Jesuit pnests their housekeeper. and her 1 5 year-old Post, May 6, 1 996) " The Irony IS that Walker was
daughter, blOWing their heads off with shotguns, Walker charged With monitoring Serbian human lights abuses
scarcely batted an eyelid When asked at a press con­ In Kosovo. and his ruling that the January 1 999 "Racak
ference about eVidence linking the killings to the Salva­ Massacre" of Albanians became the J ustification of the
doran High Command, he went out of his way to apolo­ following war by NATO Since that time there has been
gize for chief of staff Rene Emillo Ponce. dismiSSing the considerable evidence of operational links between the
l1lurders as a sort of forgivable corporate glitch, like CIA and other Western intelligence agencies with the
running out of Xerox toner 'Management control prob­ Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which was fighting Mil,
lems can eXist rn these kinds of these kinds of situa­ osevlc s Serbs, There have been Western media sto­
tions he said ries that the "Albanian peasants" massacred at Racak
were actually dead KLA ftghters dressed rn Civilian
In discussing the wider problem of state violence and clothes, for propaganda purposes,
repression --which In El Salvador then was at least no
less widespread than In the Serbia he monitored from OSCE had other links to the CIA The US verification
October 1 998 u ntil March 1 999 Walker was remarka­
-- team was composed of employees of Dyncorp. At the
bly circumspect 'I'm not condoning it. but in times like 1 992 Senate hearing to appoint James Woolsey as CIA
this of great emotion and great anger, things like this Director (see the Echelon article elsewhere in thiS issue
happen,' he said, apparently having not yet decided to for Woolsey's extraordinary admiSSion of US commer·
audition for the OSCE Job clal espionage against its "allies"), he commented that
he was a shareholder In It, and that it did have have
Finally. ,n what may be the most amazing statement of some CIA contracts (which was actually covert work In
all, given hiS current occupation, Walker q uestioned the Colombia and Peru).
ability of any person or organization to assign blame in
hate crime cases Shrugging off news of eyewitness It all adds up to a n ugly picture of spies and the military
reports that the Jesuit murders had been using aid agencies as cooperative cover for running es­
committed by men in Salvadoran army pionage operations in war zones or other areas which
uniforms, Walker told Massachusetts they themselves would have trouble accessing. Those
Congressman Joe Moakley that 'anyone nice kind humanitarian NGOs who are always first on
can get uniforms, The fact that they were the scene when trouble erupts may very well not be
dressed in military u niforms was not what they seem


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Peace Researcher 21 - May 2000 - Page 25

As detailed at great length elsewhere in this issue (see Treasury officials): "Having reviewed the file It would
the story on Davld Small's successful court case appear to me the banner was removed by one of the
against the Police), the cops are very protective of Secret Service staff attached to the Clrnton
other secunty agencies (the Security Intelligence Ser­ visit" (Press, 1 8/5/00: " U S agent suspected of theft")
vice. In that case). But, ironically enough. they have Barnett said that he will ask the US Embassy If an
publicly named the US Secret Service as pnme sus­ American offiCial was Involved In stealing the banner
pect In the u nsolved theft of a protest banner during
President Clinton's September 1 999 State visit to I n this case, we congratulate the Police i n lettmg the
Chnstchurch (see PR 1 9120 for coverage of ABC pro­ chips fall where they may. And shame on the para­
tests during his visit. Ed. ) . noids who are responsible for the US President's se­
curity. Stooping to steal a protest banner in peaceful
The stolen banner belonged to the Student Chnstian little old New Zealand (which went embarrassingly
Movement of Aotearoa. It read: "Clinton armed Indo­ gaga over Clinton's visit) really IS ridiculous. We de­
nesian killers" (this was at the height of the East Timor mand an ID parade of all men in the White House
crisis) and "their feet run to evil, they rush to shed in­ weanng three piece black suits. S u nglasses, ear­
nocent blood" I t was i n the carpark pieces and bulging armpits are
of Chnstchurch Central's Labour M P , other giveaway signs. We trust
T i m Barnett. whose office i s very that the Police Will follow thell
close to the Cathedral Square hotel new found zeal for the Amen­
which was the base for Clinton and can police philosophy of 'zero
his flying circus. A volunteer in his tolerance' for petty crime, and
office witnessed the theft, and de­ chase this well dressed thief
scribed the thief as a well dressed with the full rigour of the law
man wearing a three piece black suit Otherwise these guys will
In May 2000. the Police released graduate to walking around
thell file on the matter to Barnett, and with concealed weapons and
in It the investigating officer con­ talking into their wristwatches,
cluded (doubtless after having elimi­ whilst fixing everybody with a
nated other black suited suspects 1 ,000 yard stare Full blown
such as Mormons, u ndertakers and psychos, in short.

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