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Brother Robert Lamberts Testimony

From #1 and #2 recordings (One service)

January 26, 1969 -PM -Durham, Connecticut
Robert Lee Lambert

Jesus loves me. Im glad He said, Whosoever will, let him come. If He just said it to
Peter and John, it would of been bad for me. But He said Whosoever will, let him come, drink of
the waters of life freely. And, Whosoever means, just what it means? Whosoever has a will to
drink of eternal life, can drink of eternal life today according to Gods provided way. There is
4only one provided way and that way is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word of God.
So, weve come in here tonight to worship the Lord Jesus because He first loved us, and
because He first loved us, then we express our love to Him by worshipping Him in spirit and in
the truth. Now I was wondering, if you have a prayer request upon your heart, you like to be
remembered in prayer before we pray and with a lift up your hands if you want God answer to
you. Amen?
Brother Lamberts Opening Prayer:
Dear heavenly Father, we are very thankful to be assembled here again tonight Lord,
feeling kind of reamed out inside Lord after the service we had this morning. Truly Lord we had a
solemn assembly, Father. And we thank you Lord, that you love us enough Lord, to come with thy
spirit that you did this morning, and convict every soul in this building. We thank you Father God,
because Lord we know that we can stand chastisement as your children. Father, we thank you
Lord for this day, what its meant to us, and I dont believe I will ever be the same again.
And I thank you Father, for the great work that youve done in the hearts of the people here
in this little group. And Lord, we are looking for you to do great and mighty things. Now Father,
I pray for every lifted hand, that youll bless them God because I love them, and if I love them
Lord, how much more do you love them Father! I pray that youll bless them tonight, and Lord, I
pray that I will know the leading of your spirit in what I should say tonight!
I pray God that you bless every heart, bless every ear Father. Bless us as we sit together.
Thank you for thy presence and for the reverence that we feel in everyones heart. For truly Lord,
we are serving a fearful and terrible God who is mighty, mighty in deeds in this day. Now father
bless us as we sit together. In Jesus name, Amen.
You may be seated.
How many feel like youve kind of been scrubbed out with soap? I took my wifes pulse
this afternoon and she sure was. I dont know how to put it. Im not a doctor, but she said if she
went by her heart she was going to die! I took her pulse and it was really tearing away, then it
slowed down, real slow, and then it took off again - just started racing away. Truly I was the same
way myself, I had to go lie down, very weak. I dont know why but just a little bit of inspiration,

makes one feel like Elijah of old, you know running from Jezebel. I just preached to ya so hard
this morning I hate to face you tonight. You go home and then you dont realize what that does to
you, see, you go home and then you have hard time. You have to know that you search your heart,
Why did you say those things? Was it the Lord or was it you? And then you fight with that and
then you can only just yield your life.
If I seen the life, if I didnt live the life that I live before the Lord, then I would just give
up this ministry. But seein the life and seein the Lord and His Word, how He deals with His people
in the truth of the Word of God! And then I must go on, I must go on. How many feel like you just
been washed out? You feel real clean. You feel like you just made a new start, let me see your
hands. I have not seen a meeting like we had this morning, in many years; in some years. I ask
God if that was Him that was speaking to me, He would do what He did this morning. I ask Him
to do that. He did it! And so, with that, I know it was God.
I waited upon the Lord this afternoon, I kind a if the Lord dont change me in next few
minutes Ive never gave any of my testimony to this church and Ive been pastoring for here for
two years now. I have never told you some real personal things that God has told me. Ive kept
them a secret, between the Lord and myself, and aif the Lord willing.
And we have some visitors with us. I know that there are so many testimonies today that
are a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal. And thats why I would never say anything to you.
Youve watched my life for several years now, some of you for ten years. You know that if I tell
you something, then, how many believe that if I told something, you believe its God? Thats why
Ive never told you these things because I want you to have confidence in me that when I tell you
something, you hang on to it.
And if the Lord is willing, there is so many things happening in the spiritual world to me
that I find that its too numerous that I couldnt tell all of it tonight. But I tell just what I feel, what
the Lord lays upon my heart. Before I do, I like to read you a little scripture that the Holy spirit
gave me something to comfort my heart, when a few days ago, I was very upset because of things
that I was hearing. The Lord Jesus came in the room and spoke to me this little story here and it
means very much to my heart, and its found over in the 14th Chapter of Matthew and 22nd Verse.
Very thankful to have the brethren with us tonight in the back. I know one of the brothers
there, the other one I dont know, but you are certainly welcome, Always welcome to our humble
store front here. Somehow, we believe that thats where the real church of Jesus Christ is returning
to the basements and the store fronts. Gods gonna deal like He did in the early apostolic church.
14th Chapter of Matthew & 22nd Verse:
And straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, and to go before him
unto the other side, while he sent the multitudes away.
And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and
when the evening was come, he was there alone.
But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary.
And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.
And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a
spirit; and they cried out for fear.
But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.
And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.

And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the
water, to go to Jesus.
But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried,
saying, Lord, save me.
And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou
of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?
And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.
May God add a blessing to the reading of His Word. This little thought/message came to
me on January 7th by five AM in the morning. I was very upset, very nervous because I had just
heard some things, that if they were true it would contradict what the spirit of God told me. And
seeing I love people I would much rather... my nature is to think that you are right and I am wrong.
And I would much rather follow what you think is right than what I would think to be right. But
ten years now I have learned, by training of the Lord, that I cannot do that, I cannot do that and
believe that Jesus Christ called me to the ministry.
In 1958, I came into the end my road running from God for many years. I faced death
several times but miraculously escaped from them. In the spring and the month of April, 1958, I
was 28 years old and never had any denominational background, had no religious trainings, knew
nothing of the Bible. I was just an ungodly sinner, but knowing that there was the hand of the Lord
on me and I was running from him, running.
And I should have died several times. Miraculously the Lord brought me out of death and
spared me for some reason. 1958, in April as I said, I came to the end of the road. I was a disabled
veteran and I was thinkin I was dying, I wound up in the veterans hospital in Coral Gables, Florida,
thinking I would die any minute. There they put me in a paraplegic ward and a I was very
depressed of life. I saw in the denominational churches and I knew that I loved Jesus Christ. But I
did not know how to find him. And yet I ran from Him. Ran from His spirit when He tried to come
to me. I did not know how to receive Him!
I ran into a little Methodist church, and I cried at the altar, but they couldnt tell me how to
find Him! Ran in the Baptist church but they couldnt tell me how to find Him! Id just joined the
Baptist church. I saw that it didnt take away the sin in my life. The other people was professing
something that they didnt live. So therefore, I thought there was nothing to this thing called
Christianity. I didnt see anybody living anything. So, I would much rather be an ungodly sinner
than to be a hypocrite.
So therefore, I kept running from the Lord. There I was laying dying in the Coral Gables
hospital, I had one friend that I thought was a friend. All my relatives I was raised an orphan
and had a very hard life. A little of it I never told you, maybe a little of it this morning. When I
was nine years old, my mother died. I cooked, baby sit the children, and took care of the house. I
did the work of a full-grown woman. I had no home. So therefore, I lay there in the hospital bed
and all these things coming to me, no friends, what relatives I had cared nothing about me.
Now there I laid dying with a wife and three children. We just had my little new born son,
Tim, three months old. No money, and in a strange town. I had one friend. I called up the friend
because my wife had come with me in the ambulance and she needed to get back home to be with
the children, a neighbor was watching. This friend didnt even think enough of me to come after
my wife. He didnt know it, but that was the end to me! That killed me and broke my heart. I
thought my last friend dont even care enough about me to come to my bedside and me dying. So,

I said to my wife, If I did live, I did live through this, I dont ever want to see a human being
The nurses at the hospital tried to gather up enough money so my wife could get a taxi to
take her home. But that didnt work out. We rented our house so my wife called the landlord, and
he graciously came and got her around eleven at night, and stopped at the store so she could buy
milk for the children, then took her home. So, its just the way the Lord has to bring you to the end
of the road. I find out there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Thank God for Jesus.
So, the next day, I lived through the night, they put me in a paraplegic ward. While up there
I never saw such suffering of mankind in my life. Death all around me: men in comas, for months
and months never woke up. Korean veterans butchered, wounded, in comas, paralyzed, paraplegic.
I never had experienced anything like it, and if I live a thousand years Ill never forget it, death all
around me. I said to myself, Surely there must be more to life than what I see here and what Ive
experienced. Surely there is something more to life than what I found.
And as I looked across, I see this man, a very handsome man. He was a jet pilot. And he
was all paralyzed from head to toe; a handsome man. There as I was lookin at him, something
happened to me down on the inside. I cant explain it. There I was raised up a orphan, rough and
tough. I thought it was disgraceful to cry. The tears started dripping out of my eye, and off of my
chin. I couldnt understand what was happening to me! And I noticed that somehow I was being
hypnotized while watching this man. I couldnt get my eyes away from him. And I lived on through
another day. And day after day I watched this man. I watched his wife come in one day and then
something happened to me so that I could see right into that family. I could see that womans
thoughts. I could see his thoughts and I could see the heartaches of both of their hearts.
My, how the tears streamed from my eyes! And it haunted me night and day, got so bad
that I was under some I thought I was being hypnotized. And I would read a magazine. His bed
was directly across from me. His name was Eddie. He couldnt do anything. He was all crippled
up in the most horrible way. They had to feed him they had to do everything. And I was reading
a magazine trying to get my mind off of it. And all I could think of was the suffering of that man.
And there Id try to read the magazine and but I would keep looking at him.
There I find myself staring at that man. Well, I didnt know what was causing me to do
that. We had a car, so, my wife came to visit me. And I told her that I got to come home. I said
that if I am gonna die, I would rather die at home because I cant stand the suffering of these men.
They couldnt eat. Oh, youll never know. Do you good sometime to walk through one of those
veteran hospitals and the paraplegic wards. Youd would really appreciate your health. So, I made
the doctors release me from the hospital. Before I did that, I made a statement that kind of sounds
bad. A man was talking about the healing power of God. And I cried out not realizing what I was
saying. I always respected the Lord. And I said that if there is a God that heals, why dont He come
in the hospitals. And the doctor of divinity from the hospital, a Baptist theologian, did the best he
could do to lead me to Jesus Christ, and he said, Are you a protestant or a Catholic? There is not
much hope for a dying man. A Protestant or Catholic. If you are not born of the spirit of God,
youre lost.
And I made the doctors release me from the hospital and I came home. We had to move
and through the providence of God, we rented a house in Miami, from a man by the name of
Charlie Myers from New York City. I am still ungodly and Im still not saved. So, we rented this
home. But the stipulation was we had to live a week in his house with he and his wife, in order to
get the house. I had to vacate the house I was living in. Im expecting to die anytime yet.

I thought if I left the hospital, the suffering of those men would leave me. It only haunted
me worse. It haunted me night and day and I thought maybe I was losing my mind or something,
I didnt know. I tried to explain it to Shirley. Id just lay and meditate and reading all the time to
get away from it.
So, this man, Charlie Myers, witnessed to me about the saving power of Jesus Christ, gave
me a religious track. Next day we moved into the home and noticed that man he loved the Lord.
He worshipped God in a Pentecostal way that you know out here. He really had something real.
Hed met the Lord. He kept telling me, The Lord Jesus Christ could save ya, heal you. And he
kept at that day after day. So finally, he and his wife prepared to go back to New York City. And
you know its quiet offensive for someone to speak of Jesus so much and you dont know him.
He would say loudly, Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! Its a little bit embarrassing if youve never
met God. So therefore, the things he would say and his actions were kind of embarrassing to me.
But nevertheless, I couldnt hide from the fact that this man lived a life that Ive never seen before.
He lived what he was talking about. So, before they left, they asked me to go to a little church with
them. There at that church, after the preacher got through preaching, the big old Charlie Myers
grabbed me by the arm. And the next thing I know, I was at the altar. This was embarrassing to
me also. I thought that I wish I hadnt come, but I loved the man, so I couldnt get mad at him.
And so, in the process of time in next few days they left for New York City.
Well, I thought thats the end of him. I wont be bothered about all this religious stuff so
much. Now mind you I was not seekin God. I was not seeking God at all. I wasnt praying and
seeking God. And then Charlie turned me over to his brother, Joe. Joe kept witnessing to me about
the Lord, he was more fanatic than Charlie was. In fact, he wore the grass out between our houses,
and the grass grows tall and green in Florida. I tell ya, it was steady stream of traffic him back and
forth to my house. My wife got so tired of listening to his story about Jesus. She said if that man
comes over here anymore today, Im just going to faint thats all there is to it! So here he come
anyway! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, thats all I heard. I tell you, I never get tired of hearing that name
now! You can talk about him all you want to, and it just makes me feel good. Joe started to work
on me, trying to win a soul. I didnt know anything about winning souls then. He went to work on
He finally won me over, I seen he had the same thing his brother had, he really loved the
Lord. So, he got me to go to church one night. With much persuasion. I said, just one more time.
I felt Ive done my obligation. So, while we was there in the little meeting, I kind of made fun of
Charlie. big old guy, six foot something. He had his hands up in the air early in the morning and
hed come out of his bedroom praising the Lord. It kind of embarrassed me, scared me too, the
first time I heard it. He come out about six foot four, you know how he looked in the morning
anyway, scary, you know you comb what hair you got. And he come out and said, Hallelujah,
glory to God. Thank you, Jesus I never heard anything like that. I thought surely, hes one of
those holy rollers, and a fanatic. Im glad Im one of them now.
And Charlies brother was a bigger fanatic than he was. So, there they prayed in the service.
The next thing you know I was at the altar. He just dragged me right up there and my face was red
as fire. I thought, Oh, I knew, I shouldnt have come. But this was my first contact that I had with
the Lord. I kind of made fun of these people for the way they worshipped the Lord, kind of scared
me, as I stood at the altar.
I tried to find God and I knew that I promised Him when He saved me from drowning when
the soldiers died all around me while we were swimming close to our Air Force Base in Florida,

and we got caught in a rip tide. I said as the water tried to pull me under, God if you save this
time, and get me out of this terrible place this time, Ill serve you. I was the only one that got out
without drowning. And then I faced death another time, and walk right out of death when my car
went over a hill and a tree stopped my car just like the tree was a pillow. And still youd think Id
yield my life to Him, but I didnt. These things happened before Shirley and I were married. And
so, those things came to my mind as I stood there and made fun of these people, and I said, I
dont know how to talk to God.
And I dont know if I heard anybody praying, anyway. I was in a predicament. I felt
convicted, and I didnt know what to do. And I didnt really believe that since I hadnt seen
anything real. But I believe there was a Lord Jesus Christ, but how to find him? I didnt know!
And I tried so many times, two, three time. I thought there wasnt much use. That was my attitude.
But I was expecting to die and I feared the Lord. I feared the Lord. I always feared the Lord. And
so, I thought it would do good if I ask God to forgive me for making fun of these people. I asked
him. In my heart, I said Lord now I am sorry that I made fun of these people. You forgive me.
And something in my heart started moving. You know youre going to die and youre going
straight to hell. Oh, that just scared me bad, cause Im scared of God! I was scared of preachers, I
was scared of the gospel. Now, I said to myself, yeah thats right. Oh, Im in a terrible shape. And
something said to me my heart said, why dont you try it one more time? And I got to rollin that
around, Yea, what if, I thought, yeah, what if I try it one more time? Maybe I could really find
God this time.
No, I thought, Ive done gone too far. Im too bad of a sinner. Hed never save me, I am
too bad off. You know thats what all sinners think - that your just so bad that Jesus cant save ya.
Brother, the biggest sin that I know of is when you dont believe that the Blood of God is powerful
enough to save you from your sin. Thats the biggest sin I know of. So, that come to my heart,
Lord I dont know how to pray, but Im gonna try one more time. One more time. One more time
and this will be it. One more time. After all Im dying and Im going to hell, it would pay me to
try it one more time.
Oh, thats the way it is brothers and sisters, when it looks like everything has failed, just
try one more time. Cant go another foot, go a inch. Make ground for the Lord. Well I said, Lord,
is it possible that you could save a guy like me? Could you save me? Thats the first time that I
felt the power of the Spirit. He rested upon me. Went from my head and went on down. I knew
that some supernatural somebody had just touched me.
I felt His touch and I let out a squeal. I hollered and I jumped up and down and I took off.
I kissed everybody from the altar, clear to the door, women and all. Jumped in the car, took off for
home to tell Shirley that I just met God. I didnt know how to explain it, but I know that I just met
somebody that heard my prayer. Nobody could tell me anything different. I was about half way
home and a block from the house and I remember she told me, she was working everyday then and
I was too sick to work, and I remember she told me to get some bread and milk.
So, I turned around real fast and run in the store. I run in there and I said, I just met God.
I was telling everybody about it. When you really know youve met Him, you begin to tell
everybody about it. So, I run home to tell my wife about it. It was very late because the people had
told me that they have never seen the power of the Holy Ghost falling at church like that before.
Nobody wanted to leave. I expected my wife to be awake, but she works hard. I got home and she
was asleep.

That was very disappointing to me, because I wanted to tell her that this old mean, ungodly
husband that she put up with so many years, had just got a touch from the Lord. Hes real. Shes
asleep. So, I thought, this is just how the Lord works things out ya know. More than likely I wasnt
that thoughtful of my wife that I wouldnt wake her up. If there were some other reason - if I was
drunk, or something Id a woke her up. But I didnt wake her up. I thought well let her sleep as
she works hard. I was ready to unbutton my shirt and get ready for bed. I know there is a lot of
fanaticism, there is a lot of spirits that deceive people. But the only way I know its real is to watch
it to see if it comes to pass, and if its in the Word, and they live the life, its the Lord. There is a
lot of bogus things, but there is a lot of real things too.
There I heard a still small voice of God speak in my ear and it said, Get thy bible.
Now He didnt say, Get your bible Its, THY He used the word, THY. I had never
heard anyone talk like that. I picked up this little Bible that Charlie had left there, very nervous
and scared because I never heard the Voice of God before. I ran to the kitchen, turned on the light,
opened the Bible up; dont remember the scriptures because it was fifteen years ago. It like to have
knocked me down. Oh, I started to crying, and that same One that came upon me at the church,
came upon me again.
And that scared me, and got more strong while that spirit was resting upon me, because I
dont know how to call that thing that made me feel that way a spirit! I didnt know all these things;
spirit, blessing of God, prophets, apostles, preachers, gospel. I didnt know none of those things. I
am just a sinner. I didnt know to say spirit is upon me! I just knew it was God, I knew that, the
person talking to me was God. And that Voice said to me, Go down to Joes house. Joe was the
man that wore the grass out between his house and mine.
Joe was sick and his mother was sick. They were gonna stay the rest of the winter in Florida
to recuperate. They were farmers from the apple orchards of West Virginia. And the Voice said
again. Go down to Joes house. He just talked to me like a man.
The Voice stopped. Im still crying, I still feel the spirit on me. I dont know to call it the
spirit. I just knew that it was God speaking. And mind ya, I didnt know that God spoke to people.
I didnt know He spoke to people. And something else talked to me right after that, in a minute or
two. I started to reason, the old natural man starts to reason see! And I started to reason now, how
could that be God? Why would God speak to me? Now look who am I now? My, howd I know
God spoke? I dont know.
And I begin to think all these things - something begin to come to me. Something come to
me and said, Yeah thats right. Dont go down to Joes house. Its raining outside and hes
sleepin. I heard that. And that was just contrary to what the first Voice told to do. But something
put a fear in my heart, and the first Voice said again, Go down to Joes house Boy, I took off to
run out of the house as fast as I go, and it was sure pouring down rain, alright. It didnt stop me. I
run as hard as I could go. I put that little New Testament down in my shirt and buttoned my shirt
up and out I went, hard as I could go.
My wife is sleepin through all this. And I had a couple of friends stayin in my home, Randy
Bailey and his brother in-law, I believe it was. They come from West Virginia to Florida to get a
job. They were all asleep when this is happening. I ran down to Joes house, running as hard as I
could go. And I banged on the door. And old Joe stuck his head out. It was a tropical rain. You
know how it rains in Florida, it is just like a deluge those tropical storms. I was standing there
getting soakin wet. He peeped out; he couldnt see good it was raining so hard and dark. He said,
Who is it? I said, Its Bob, Joe. And Joe said, What ya want? Now more than likely he

should of just let me in out of the rain! I guess the Lord just wanted things this way. And out of
my heart jumped out my voice and spoke. I didnt realize what I said! I said, The Lord sent me
here. Wow! That got his attention. Well, Joe said, Come in. and then I got scared. I said to
myself, now howd I know that was the Lord? Now did you ever Bob Lambert did you ever
hear God speakin to anybody? Who do you think you are? That the Lord would speak to you, that
the Lord would speak to you. Yeah. Oh, my, I thought, what if he asked me what the Lord said? I
dont know. And I was thinking about these things. Yeah, what if he said what did the Lord say?
What are you gonna say? Oh boy, I was getting nervous. Yeah, who ever heard of God speaking?
And all that was goin through my mind. I was havin a terrible time.
So, while I was thinking there, all at once I could feel myself falling into something I had
never felt before. And it got to where I was leaving and going into another dimension. I could
hardly hear Joe and his mother talk. I could see them and I could hear them, but it was getting
faint. Finally, I come out of that. The woman brought me out of that by sayin,Young man, young
man youre not listening to what Im saying! Joes mother was a big talker. She just talks for
hours and never slacks up a bit. Bless her old heart! From the mountain country. And she said,
Young man, young man, youre not listening to me. And that struck me, got me out of it. And
then I said, Yes maam. Yes maam. Im sorry. And then I looked at her real straight, and she
started talkin, and I went again. This time I couldnt help it, I was gone.
That spirit came upon me, put me in another dimension, which I understand now, in the
Bible it will be called a trance or a vision. I dont mean those things you make-believe as you see
out here with your eyes closed. I mean something real. There as I slipped into this, it was just like
a little gear. All at once I was relaxed, but it takes God to relax you - to shift the gear for you. If
you try to shift it yourself, youve got man in it. But God shifted that little gear. And later He
showed me that how that works. I cant explain it.
All I know is that He shifted it and I went in it. And I could not hear this woman or Joe
anymore. I was too far gone. But then I heard a Voice speak, right up out of my insides, took my
vocal cords and started talking. It wasnt me at all. I had nothing to do with it whatsoever. I listened
to the Voice just like you are listening to me, but it was my vocal cords. And the tone of my voice,
it was my Voice. And the Voice said, Rise up. Spoke to me, see!
Rise up and lay thy thine hand on this woman. And now I dont know nothing about
those things now. I have never been exposed to divine healing, nothing like that!. Rise up and lay
thy hand on this woman. All at once something picked me up, walked me over there, my hand
went upon the womans head. God kept right on speaking through my Voice, healed the woman,
turned around and healed Joe.
And then God went right on speaking. The power of God filled that room where we were
standing. Those people have never got over that to this day. Grandmother died now in her late
nineties, but they stirred the country up in West Virginia, giving their testimony about this thing
that happened in their little old kitchen in Florida. And there, God almighty spoke to me just as
plain as Im talking to you. And why Im sayin this, its built up to the place that now ten years
later that, a do you love me? I want to share this with you so that you might understand the
things that I do. Why I do them! And that you might help me, to pray for me. I believe something
is getting ready to happen!
And God spoke, and told me why that I was in that hospital. Told me about this boy, Eddie,
that I cried for, and those men, and said, because Now, I want to tell you what He said. Now
how many knows that Im trying to be humble before you? How many believe that? I try to walk

humbly, I say these things because I know that you love me, and you believe that God has
something for me and thats why that I am telling you.
Thats the first time that, you know that Ive been here two years, nobody ever hears me
say these things. I dont tell nobody these things. I travel across the country, been in homes, I never
tell these things. I tell you these things because I thought it might be a blessing to you; it might
help you understand your pastor. The Lord kept speaking in this trance, showed me the hospital,
told me, Because thouest had compassion on thy fellow man, said, thy fellow man. Said,
Ive given thee this gift, and Ill send thee into the hospitals all over the world. And then He
told me about another ministry besides this.
That is only a sort of vindication. He told me of a most unusual ministry that Ive found in
the Word of God that I believe is to take place very, very soon. And He begin, kept right on
speaking and told me, said, Because Im not coming in years, I am coming soon. And because of
this, I must give thee these things all at once for I will make a short quick work upon the earth
How many know that the prophet of God told me the same thing, the same words?
William Branham said to me in an interview with him, Bobby, He will give you these
things all at once. He will not send thee to school as He has His other servants, because He is
coming soon, and He must give you all these things all at once.
Now if you have sat in this ministry here you know by now, without even a supernatural
sign that it will have to be a supernatural one to reveal such things as youve heard. How many
raise your hands, you know that? No little fellow like me in such a short time will know these
things, its impossible. Mind you I have no background on the Word of God, whatsoever, none at
all. But that God spoke to me, said that He would give me these things all at once because He did
not have time to train me. He also told me some personal things, that I dont think that it will be
pleasing to the Lord if I revealed them to you. I dont think I should say anything about it. Now
notice, I saw myself in the hospitals and I saw a ministry that was so, so stupendous and
tremendous that it left me almost a hairline from insanity. When I come out of this anointing, I
was almost insane, from seein the things that I saw. I saw a ministry. Now mind you that this is
in 1958, thats a good number too, 5 and 8. And it was on the 28th, I was 28 years old, and it was
58. All these things is for a reason. How many believe dates and everything have a meaning? When
the Lord finished speakin, naturally I thought the world would come to an end. He said a short
quick work, I thought maybe it could be the next night. I didnt know. I was scared to death.
Now when I come out of that trance. As I came out of it, I realized that I was in this kitchen
and the Voice stopped speaking. And the Voice spoke directly to Joe and his mother, and talked
to them just like I am talking to you, and then talked right to me. Its like He called my own name,
talked right to me. After I came out of this How many believe there is real true trances? Peter
went up on the house top and while he was hungered and they were going to fix something to eat,
he fell into a trance. Heard a voice say Peter rise and eat. Now you can imagine what that did to
me, never had I heard of God speaking in the supernatural, never knew that God does those things!
But yet with all that power and anointing on me, which I didnt know what to call it, a anointing
or power, I just knew it was God. I ran home as quickly as I could.
Ran in and woke up my wife and told her that God had just appeared to me. She sat up in
the bed and thought Id gone totally raving mad. She got so scared the whole bed shook all over.
She got so nervous. I guess she thought I was going to kill her. Well, she thought that surely my
husband lost his mind. She managed to live through the night with the bed shaken all over and
trembling. I wouldnt darest to tell her anymore what God said. She was ready to jump out of

window and run. So, the next morning, (I didnt sleep), the anointing of the Holy Spirit right on
me, woke up the next morning. She woke up, got ready for work, and I got her breakfast She went
off to work very nervous and hated to go, afraid Id kill the children during the day, I guess. Id
lost my mind now.
Thats the way it is you know, when you meet God, the natural man thinks right away you
gone too far, your old mind has popped. How many heard people tell ya that? Yeah!, Watch out
now dont get too religious, youll go crazy! They dont tell you about all those people that went
a little further and got something real! They tell about the ones that didnt get something real. See!
So, the next morning, my wife went off to work and my friends got up.
I thought, now maybe I can tell my friends, cause Randy knows me better than anybody
and maybe hell understand and I can tell him. Maybe he has heard of God speaking to people
before. I want some confirmation, because this is too much for me. Why I aint no theologian. I
aint no doctor? Why a little old fellow like me? I dont hardly no my abcs. Only went to about
the seventh or eighth grade and flunked them too, I believe. Lord, how could God speak to me?
So, I fixed their breakfast.
And I was fixin their breakfast. I never missed a meal. If I missed breakfast, I was a sick
boy. Somehow that spirit was there again. Just like it was before, said, Dont eat noting, dont
eat nothing I never heard of fastin, you know. I wouldnt darest eat after I heard that. And I said
now, Lord Im gonna get sick. I said, If I dont eat Ill get sick. He said, Dont eat nothing.
I sat down to table and they wondered why I didnt eat breakfast. And there I begin to tell Randy
when he was about half finished having his eggs. I couldnt hold it any longer, so I launched into
tell Randy that the Lord Jesus appeared to me last night. You know we drank beer together and
run around the baseball games together, and this was just too much for Randy. I could see he was
getting scared, and his brother-in-law was getting scared.
And I said, Oh Randy the end of the world is here I said, The Lord Jesus is about ready
to come back to the earth. said You got to get saved, as if I could save him. See I was going to
save him. Now you just got to get saved, your wife, your little boy, oh my, you cant miss this
Randy, and go to hell. I said, My you got to get saved! Boy he dropped his fork and said, Oh
Iboy Bob we got to a get out of here were gonna be late for that appointment. The other guy
left his eggs and he got up. And before he got up, I started speaking in other language. That held
them spell bound when that happen. Randy said, BoyWhat. What was that.!!! What was
that!!! Then it stopped I had no control over it at all you know. Boy that got me, I never had
anything like that happen to me you know! I speak a little hillbilly thats about all.
I knew that there was an anointing all over me you know, just as it was the night before.
Randy said, What was that? My, did you hear that? What was that? Well, now then it come to
me that there was a little old church near the railroad tracks over in the town where I was born,
and they call them tongue talkers, Holy rollers. Immediately that come to me, and I said, Thats
tongues, thats what it is. Man, they took out of that house, and they didnt lose no time. I was
having such a good time right then I didnt care whether they believed it or not!
(Later Randy told my wife that Bob had gone crazy. And that if you ever need anything,
please let me know. I will try to help you and the kids. They left that same day).
I was having a glorious time and thats all it matters. Praise God, if people dont believe
that God is real, as long as we have good time about it, thats alright!. So, I begin to worship the
Lord. The children was up running around making a lot of racket, and Lord spoke to me and said,

Put thy children to bed. Well I said, Lord they just got up, thats a hard thing to do, but Ill
He said, Put them to bed, I want to talk with you. I put them in their beds and I said,
Now children (little old Mark now lay right down) I said, the Lord wants to speak to daddy
again! They laid right down there. I knew that had to be God. I closed their door and you know
how children are, you threaten them and everything else you d have to do, and still have a hard
time keepin them in that bed. (At this time, they had not even had their breakfast, and Tim had not
had a bottle.)
I never more closed the door and I walked to the kitchen, there He struck me again, And
I went into another one of those visions. I didnt know to call it vision then. Then I didnt know
how to explain it to my wife. There the supernatural God struck me and then I heard the Voice of
God speaking. He told me about the ministers, revealed some of their lives to me, what they was
doing. A lot about the money? How the evangelists, and lot about the money in it. Cadillacs and
lot of personal things, probably it wouldnt be good to tell it real plain like it was! It made me walk
straight on the money part. How many believe I am clean on that side? Thats the one reason I was
always scared of money, that kind of vision I seen there.
Then as that happened, I dont know how long that lasted, I heard the Voice of God
speaking! Now mind you I dont know any of these things thats in the Bible, I didnt know one
thing about the Bible, not one thing. And after this was over, I come out of it naturally. As I come
to myself and realized that I was there in kitchen and naturally that spirit on me I started to worship
the Lord and crying, I found myself over in a corner, down there praying in the spirit. Oh, such
joy, such joy unspeakable. I had no words to describe it.
Such joy, my cup runneth over. I dont know, but as David said, My cup runneth over
My cup was running over in super abundance. Now I know more got up off of my knees there,
walked half way across the kitchen, He sruck me again. I went into another one, thats the third
time. This time He revealed to me a persecution coming upon the Bride of Christ. Told me there,
revealed to me in this vision that, There will come a day when theyll kill you and think they will
do God a service. Showed myself right there being martyred. They were trying to martyr me,
getting ready in the process of doing it, for the gospel. Only it didnt say gospel, He said, The
Faith. A man was doing the martyrdom. Well, I tell you what, he was going to cut my head off.
And that was kind of hard to understand in 1958. Its not too hard to understand now, seeing the
World Council of Churches and how they are talking. How many say Amen to that?
And it was the Voice of God, it wasnt me. They tried to get me to deny this Faith, this
Faith, it didnt say the faith it said, deny this Faith, or were gonna do such and such a thing. And
then I heard the Voice of God speak, Go ahead and do it then. Oh boy, I think God the scripture
said that you should not meditate on what you say in that day, there will be a word given to ya. I
heard God speaking through me. He said, Go ahead and chop it off then. Then the next thing
you know, I come out of that. Now I was standing there Mark will never forget this to this day.
He just was a little tot, my boy sittin here. He had me by the pants leg and brought me to myself
by pulling my pants leg and said, Daddy, daddy you gonna have your head chopped off? Now
he heard that Voice of God speaking to me in that trance see? He said, Daddy you gonna have
your head chopped off? I said, Son, I dont know. And by that time the other children was up.
(I tried to act normal when my wife got home, but she could see that something was different, but
she didnt say anything.)

Now that went on, the supernatural for days, the anointing of God for days. I seen a ministry
coming upon the earth right before the coming of Jesus Christ. I saw a ministry that was exactly
just like the Lord Jesus, exactly. It was Jesus Christ incarnated in human vessels, because He spoke
out of them by His word and brought to pass what was spoken right before your eyes. The creative
Word of God made manifested through human vessels. So, then it was noised abroad, you know.
Naturally, I went to find my brother and sisters and there is where I had a time. I went to the
Baptist, I went to this one, I went to that one, but I couldnt find that One that was speaking to me
at home.
This caused much heartache, much sorrows, much trials, I went through. And then I met
the evangelist on the field in a big tent ministrys, and I couldnt have nothing to do with that. And
the Lord revealed to me that this thing was Jannes and Jambres. I would have nothing to do with
it whatsoever. Now it was enough to know that it wasnt God. Thats enough right there, nothing
else to let me know for sure that it was God. I would have nothing to do with that. People came to
me and pleaded and begged, and put pressure on me. Because of the calling that I had, and the way
that it happened, it stirred the place that I was at. I immediately started preaching.
Now my wife knew that had to be God. Now if that guy is preachin thats got to be God!
She didnt think I was crazy any longer after that. And I thank God that just few days later, few
months later, she became one of those fanatics too, by the grace of God. Lord knows how I worked
all those things out. I begin to go through my first training. And that first training was Im going
to believe the Word of God, or was I going to believe every testimony that I heard?
Was I going to believe that every preacher on the field was a servant of God, or was I going
to stay with the Word of God? Now my nature, and I say this in truth and humbly, my nature is
that I will believe if your story contradicted my story, my nature is to believe that yours is right
and I am just wrong. And so, there I begin to go through the tests and trials. And I was nervous,
tore up, because people had got a hold of me. They said they werent a denomination and they
believe in winning souls and giving up your houses and going into the mission field. They got a
hold of me, and I said that Im afraid because God told me not to have nothing to do with man or
schools and nothing. He would teach me.
Oh, they said, You got to have help. Youve got to have a spiritual help. You are a baby.
And so, they got a hold of me. Theres where I got in trouble. I did just exactly opposite of what
God told me to do, you see? But I loved them. I loved fellowship, I thought they were all my
brothers and sisters. And then, I moved my family into their missionary camp. (My wife and I
went through a very hard time with them. We lived in trailers with others in the camp at Key Largo,
Florida. She worked for a television station in Miami and drove to work every day.)
These people worked in the mission fields. Their home base was Florida. And there I seen
some of the most horrible things. They believed that there was three Gods. I could not understand
that. Three Gods. Pray to Jesus God awhile, and then pray to the Father God awhile. It was the
Lord Jesus that I talked to. It was the Lord Jesus that saved me. He was the One I talked to. And I
couldnt understand all this three Gods. And they would try to explain it to me. I talked to my wife
I said, I dont understand it. Well, is God three Gods? Is there three Gods or one God, Shirley?
I said, Oh my, I am so confused. I dont know which way Im going? And then I run into that
how are you baptized? Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or in the Name of the Lord Jesus?
So, there I was, and so in that mess of time, God revealed it to me, who He was. I found
out that the Lord God Almighty was none other than the lovely Lord Jesus. God tabernacled in
human flesh. Jehovah witness said hes not the Almighty God. I said, then John the revelator made

a mistake when he said, Hes the almighty God, Revelation 1:15. The almighty God, the Alpha
and Omega, the beginning and the end, both the root and the offspring of David. Brother if you
can make three Gods out of the root and the offspring, you got something to do.
He is both the root and the offspring, He is the root in the ground, and He is the branch,
and the trunk of the tree. Yes sir, and I noticed these missionaries went mix bathing, they cut their
hair. If they went to Pentecostals they wouldnt wear lipstick, if they went to the witness in the
Baptist in the churches, they wear lipstick. But they prayed, they prophesied, they spoke in tongues.
I was so sick, spiritually sick, I was running temperature, 104, almost stark raving crazy, trying to
understand it. Oh, the Lord called me, and the Lord told me this, and Lord told me that, and the
Lord told me this. And Id meet this minister, and he would tell me the Lord appeared to him in
his home he saw an angel, he saw a light, he saw this
I said, Oh Lord, I thought, My, my! Everybodys had this kind of experience I got. My,
my! And I said that the story that they tell is contrary to the one You told me. Oh Lord. People
said that you need to go see the man of the hour? And I said to them, Whos that ? The man of
the hour? I thought Gods the man of the hour. And he told me his name. I said, to him, you
mean__? I heard that man on the radio the other day. And he made a statement on the radio and
when he said it, I was so scared, afraid that God would strike him dead for the statement. When he
said that, I kneeled down on the floor. And I told him that by no means will I go to see that man.
And they put pressure on me. Oh saints, they started scarin me. Thats the way they do, they try
to scare ya into coming their way.
And I thought to myself, if Im a servant of God, one of useither he is wrong, or I am
wrong, either he is right and I am wrong, or I am right and he is wrong. And I thought that I am
gonna go ahead with that One that spoke to me, because what he tells me is contrary to what that
man is sayin. You say that he is the man of the hour, and that may be so, but Im not going to take
any chances on him. I said that because there aint nobody going to tell me that youve got to give
twenty dollars to move God to heal ya. And God dont heal you because of your twenty dollars.
The Bible said, By his stripes we are healed. That was good enough for me! They got mad at
me, never to speak to me again. They said, You talked against Gods anointed now and youve
lost your ministry? I said, Let me tell you something, if I be a servant of God, if I be a servant
of God, the Voice that is speaking to me is true and the voice that is speaking to him is a lie.
So there, something rose up against me right there. It kind of worried me after I said it.
And I met man after man. You read about a man over from here India? That made NBC news for
three years. I spend a day, led by the Lord, in his house. He saw angels. He did miracles. He made
NBC news for three years. I guess Brother John knows about him. Brother Avic Mr. Avic. Hes
an antichrist. Anybody believes that they are the Lord Jesus Christ is antichrist. I dont care how
supernatural you may think your ministry is! In 1950, I saw him on a news reel when I was in
Lakeland, Florida at the Air Force Base. They hailed him to be a prophet.
And God led me from this group of missionaries. I was with preachers, evangelists after
evangelists, and I hold my hand to God that I could not find the real genuine article in none of
them. Yet I knew that there is one. Money beggars, did not live any life, baptized you anyway they
want to, believing in three Gods, and mixed up in the things of the world. Wont live holiness. I
could not have anything to do with that.
Mind ya, Ive never been mixed up in the denominations. I never had a television in my
house. Ive been a holiness preacher since I met Jesus Christ. God would not let me do those
things. Now, I met this Avic. And if I ever heard a supernatural thing, it was in the presence of

that man, that man was demon possessed. Mr. Avic believed that he was the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Lord revealed to me that he destroyed many souls. But there I learned a valuable lesson, that
you cannot believe every testimony that people have! That no matter what it sounds like, how good
it looks, how great it is, if it is not in the Word of God, it is not of God.
This was very trying for me and I went home and went through one trial after other. I met
another great evangelist and when I walked in, he said he saw a vision that I was coming. Yeah, it
was true. Told me everything, called me right out in the audience. Yes thats right! What he told
me was true. So, I said, Surely this is a man of God Now I was trying to find a man of God.
Now I would not lie to you. I would have to be crazy to stand in this hour, in this time, to a little
group that Im pastoring for two years. to get up and lie like a dog to you. But the Lord had
revealed to me that there was an Elijah, a John the Baptist, that was gonna take his true people to
a land of milk and honey.
Alright now, this is just me, you see? If I can find one place where God ever spoke to me,
one thing that didnt come to pass, then Ill quit the ministry, get on my knees and asked God to
save me because I have been deceived. The One that appeared to me, is the One that saved me.
The One that told me these things is the One and self-same person. And if He told me one word
thats contrary to the Bible, then Ill disbelieve. Ill disbelieve it and say that I am lost. Its either
God, all God, or its all wrong to me. And that Voice said that there was a ministry of Elijah that
was gonna take the true Bride back to the Word of God.
How many here today know that I came to New England in 1961, by the supernatural. God
lead this man right here to me, he was (pointed to John Cutts, sitting in the audience) on a long
fast and he never laid eyes on me before. Tens of thousands of people surrounded this man at this
convention on Miami Beach. Our room was four or five floors up in the hote, and the Spirit of God
said to me, Go down stairs. I went downstairs and this man and his wife here were going out of
the door. You talk about God! Of all the people there, that was going out the door with their bags,
and their cars lined up to leave. All these people were in a hustle and bustle getting out of that big
hotel there on Miami Beach.
There I walked along with this couple (just felt lead to), and this man spoke to me and said
he was trying to find the leading of the Lord. You know God never moved on the scene Brother
John, until the Hebrew children was right up at the edge of the furnace and John was right at the
edge of the door, wondering, and probably a little bit discouraged and despondent because he
thought that all of his seeking God and giving up all that food was in vain. They had flown to
Miami from Connecticut, thinking at this convention he would get a Word from the Lord.
But there, as I said, he went out the door. I said to him, Just a minute. Well, that Just a
minute caused a lot of trouble. It split a lot of churches up, and caused a lot of how many can
say Amen? That Just a minute has been causing trouble ever since. Brother John was President
of the Full Gospel Business Mens Chapter here in Connecticut. He invited me to speak to his
chapter, and I came to Connecticut, led by the Holy Spirit, just a baby in the Lord.
But I had the Word of the Lord anyway, baby or not. It was the Word of the Lord. Theyll
bare me record that not one thing I ever told them ever failed to come to pass. Is that right? Though
it looked doubtful, didnt it brothers and sisters? It looked doubtful, didnt it? I doubted it myself
at times. But if God speaks, you can doubt it or not, its coming to pass anyway. Though ye fail,
yet He abideth faithful, because He cannot God never changes His mind. What He said brother,
when He makes a decision on it, you can stick by it. So, if He says, By my stripes you are healed.
He meant what He said! So, there as John and Priscilla went out the door, I caught them. I did not

know them. Never saw them before. Can you imagine that? How many thousands there were
thousands of people there, wasnt there John? Thousands of them! And I thought that I was gonna
speak at this Miami convention (and they invited me to speak) but they never let me. And there I
was just as discouraged as John was.
I said, My Lord, I spent all the money that a poor brother gave me, and I begged him, Lord,
not to pay mine and my wifes way over here at this expensive hotel. Too expensive, but he insisted
that we stay there rather than drive from home about ten miles away. He even bought my wife a
dress, hat and gloves to wear to this convention, since I was on the speaker list. And another sister
kept the kids.
You told me that the ministers who spoke at this convention were not of God, didnt you
Brother John? Thousands of people. Oh, hallelujah, this is it, glory to God. A little, still, small
Voice told me, Its not of God. They are deceived and they are the five foolish virgins, and theyre
are not gettin my spirit. And John believed that God called me a little fellow like me among all
these great big doctors of divinity, and great big evangelists with big, tent ministries, and a little
old, a little old nobody like me. And here I say that they are deceived.
I seen their best evangelist, some of them a devil working right all around them. Couldnt
none of them discern it! If they had the Holy Ghost, why didnt they discern that spirit? The Lord
God told me that some of the women was demon possessed. Those very devils proved that I was
rightthrew the women down and caused an awful mess that Id ever seen, like a serpent, crawling
and foaming at the mouth. Some of the ministers come back there to get me to cast the devils out.
I said, go get some of those mighty men of God up there to cast it out! While the thing was
prophesying, speaking in tongues deceived every one of the preachers. I walked out. I would
have nothing to do with it. Went up to my room and I got down on my knees and said, Lord, God
get me out of a such a mess as this, as people cant even know, dont even know God or the devil,
they cant even discern between God or the devil.
The Bible said, Try the spirit, see whether it be of God or not!. The people there talked
about the one hundred and fifty that got filled with the Holy Ghost last night saying, Hallelujah.
God said they are not getting filled with it, proved that they wasnt. I believed the Voice that spoke
to me was God. I dont care if there is a thousand preachers there, I believed the Voice that spoke
to me.
You know a lot of people say, how can you be right and everybody wrong. There was four
hundred preachers one time, and they were sure they was right. Turned out one man was right,
they was all wrong, but one man was right. Now I done learned brother that whoever that is thats
speakin to me, Im gonna believe Him, I dont care what anybody says. See. Deceived!
So, I came to New England, still in training, still in training. And I came here and preached.
I told Brother John that he should come out of that thing, that Full Gospel Business Men
organization. It isnt of God and its goin fold right up. Well, thats hard for Brother John to take,
but he believed that God brought us together and it was God. He came out of that thing, his wife,
Priscilla and him. And God blessed them mightily. And there I began to preach. What did I preach?
Did I come preaching myself? Did I come preaching myself? No sir, I come telling them that
Elijah is on the scene. Its gonna produce another apostolic church just like on the day of Jesus, on
the day of Pentecost.
That was 1961, right here in Connecticut. I preached the very same things you are hearing
for this last two years. And I have not changed my doctrine, not one thing, but God added to it as
he seen fit. Is that right Priscilla and John? Am I preaching the same thing that I was when I met

you? It had to be God. And I told him that there Elijah was here, and I told him who it was! I said,
Its William Branham I told them that God that appeared to me and saved me as a dying man in
the Coral Gables Hospital. It was either God or it was either the devil! I dont believe in no mister
in between.
Its either all God or, all the devil. Not a half God, or 90% God. As far as Im concerned,
its got to be all God, or no God at all. And I preached that Elijah was here. And I said that whatever
you do, you hear him. Cause every man that dont hear, will be cut off.
And at that time, 1954, 1956, on up, evangelists were running up and down the country
and doing mighty miracles and everything. I know many of these men, T.L. Osborn, Brother
Osteen, Gerald Derstine, Brother Trumbley, and a Brother Allen, and many great ministers, so
many I couldnt name, was having great miracles and doing great things.
But I told them, I said, When this Elijah, shuts that thing down brother, thats the end of
it. And I said, And There will arise on the scene a true Bride of Jesus Christ that will be exactly
like it was on the day of Pentecost. How many heard me preach that? Is that right? Well if a man
tells you something and it comes to pass, the Bible says hear him! Is That right? And these people
believed what I was tellin them. You know why? Because my ministry, right here in New England,
was preaching that Elijah was here. I came and preached it like it was, proved it by the scriptures
and there wasnt one preacher here that believed.
Oh, they lied about me and talked about me behind my back. But Brother John wasnt one
of them. They wouldnt come and face me down, and I was just a baby in the Lord. Not one man
had the decency come to me, talk to me, to my face. I preached that Jesus Christ is none other than
God almighty. I preached water baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, holiness hell fire
and brimstone. Something that the other evangelists wouldnt preach.
But I didnt care brother. If you never gave me a penny, and I had to eat cornbread and
drink branch water. Id tell you the truth. I didnt care if I never got another meeting to preach. I
thought as long as I tell them whats in my heart, let it go.
Yeah, here I was preaching against women preachers. Well, I didnt know anyone would
get mad at me. I never thought that they would get mad at me. It never dawned on me that anybody
would get mad! I thought everybody loved God. The Bible said, They that love my word, nothing
shall offend them. So, I believed that.
And there I was invited to preach at a church in New England, and they called a woman to
preach before I was to preach. Oh, I thought thats was terrible. The more I listened to it, the worse
I felt. Well, I said, now Lord I got to tell them all about that! I see they dont know that. See? I got
to tell them. The church is packed out. The man that founded a big bible college was there. He
was a big feller of it! Now I aint got no sense, I just said what God said! Like Micah now
whatever God puts in my mouth Ill say what God said. Shoot me kill me, hang me, cut my head
off, I am gonna still say what God said.
See? And I walk right up there, opened my Bible up. Oh, they believed God sent me! Oh,
they prophesied, got themselves in trouble, see? I could hear them say, Yeah, thus saith the Lord
youre my prophet Yea, thus saith the Lord! Its all on record. And when I got up and told them
the truth, I was no longer a prophet. Then they said you lost your calling right there. Not that I
believe Im a prophet, you know. A New Testament prophet is nothing but a inspired preacher
anyway. But I got up there, I thought, I got to help these poor little people since I see that they
dont know that. See! I was just feelin so good! I told them that I want to read something right over
here in my Bible found over here in Timothy, where Paul said and I read it!

I said, I am not preaching, just gonna to talk to ya a little bit, And I said Ill read over
here. You remember that Mother? That was a terrible day wasnt it. And I read down there where
Paul said, that I forbid a woman to teach or usurp authority over the man, she is forbidden to
preach the gospel. And I quoted a few other scriptures. Now I said, Sister. Now I leaned over
the pulpit like that and looked right at her. I thought of this many of times. Lord I wouldnt do it
now. It would scare me to death. Yea, I would too, I take that back (Brother Bob laughs) I looked
down there and it got quiet in there. Well, I didnt know that her husband founded the big Bible
Institute and his daughters are pastors and everything. Well I didnt know! If Id known that I
said it anyway, I guess, (Brother Bob laughs). I looked down and I said, Sister, I said a You
know the Lord has not called you to preach his gospel. And I said, He aint called your husband
there to change them baby diapers either while your preaching out in the ministry? Oh, it got
I said to her husband, If anything about it, He called you to preach the gospel, and called
her to be a good keeper of the home. But his face turned red, blue, orange, got worse! And then
he blew up, Then I thought he was gonna and out that door he went! Jumped and run out of
there! I thought, Oh my what have I done. That man got mad! Ran out the door! My can you
imagine that! Got mad. Then I thought, Well boy, Im in trouble here! So, I said, to her Sister,
I said, I love you. I said this because I love you. I said, Maybe the preachers wouldnt tell ya
that. See! But thats the truth.
I said, If youll believe that I said, One day youll love me for that. Maybe not now,
maybe itll hurt now, but one day youll love me for it. And I went on preaching, and God just
anointed the Word so strong they couldnt resist it. Even the other brothers that had women
preachers, pastors come over and hug my neck crying and said, Brother thats the Word of the
Lord. And had to say it was God. So, thats the start of this little group. They turned against me,
right after I went out the door. But thats always the way it is. But the next thing you know, went
up there to tell John and this little couple - I just learned to like them real well! And I kind of hate
to leave them and I went up there and ready to take off. And a Oh my, I heard a real prophesy
that night that came in. A man told me I was Gods servant and all these great things I was gonna
do, and I listened. And a brother that worked with me was all enthused, and I said, dont pay any
attention to that! That brother would turn against me in a minute and he did! But his prophesy
sounded real good though. Told me wait here and Lord said, you come over here in the country
and wait on me. Thats what I done too.
The next thing I know it everybody started coming to Johns house in Yalesville,
Connecticut, where we would have meetings with a few Christians. A car pulled up, and another
car load come in. Well, the next thing I know they are lined up out there in Johns driveway! They
said you cant go off and leave us out on a limb. What are we gonna do? We done heard this thing.
What are we gonna do? I said, My, my, I never thought of that! I was just preaching: I didnt
know what you need to do after that Heres all these people and they want to come out of all these
churches. They wanted to get lined up with this true Elijah ministry.
Now the Bible said, Behold the day cometh that shall burn as an oven. But before that
another kind of revelation comes, in other words Ill send Elijah the prophet. Did the Bible say
that? Sure it did. Did it say a group of men? You say it was John? Why didnt the earth burn?
Better look the Bible over again. John the Baptist that forerun the first coming of Jesus Christ, was
Malachi 3, but Malachi 4 is the one I am talking about.

After that prophet come, there are five comings of Elijah: that spirit of Elijah, Elisha, John
the Baptist, Malachi 4 and 5, and Elijah to the Jews, thats five. Dont make it four. Five of them,
So I knew that, the Voice that spoke to me in Florida, said, Elijah is here. He revealed to me that
it was none other than William Branham. Only I didnt tell the people it was William Branham. I
would describe the ministry, what it would do, and how it would be, and they read between the
lines, didnt they? Now I say its William Branham. When I said that, they could see and tell it
was William Branham.
So, of course that cut me off immediately I didnt have another open door, cut me off. And
I went through training, meeting every kind of spirit that God could bring me, just to test me. Many
hundreds I feel like David, Lord, you tried me every minute of the day, you tried me. Everything
happen to try to get me off the Word. My dear minister brothers I love dearly came, and the Lord
would let them do it. Then I would get into the most awful messes that ever was by listening to my
brethren. And the Lord would just tell me, if you are going to walk with me, youve got to walk
alone. You got to walk alone He said. He said, be still and be quiet. And my, I was going through
and awful time that ever was.
I was in Jeffersonville, Indiana in Brother Branhams mothers house. And I wanted to hear
with my own ears his mother tell the story of that Angel that came in that house, in that little cabin,
and the pillar of fire. How many know that the pillar of fire was with Elijah? The picture of it today
is hanging in Washington, D.C. right now? Yes sir!
I say this, in my ten years, there has not been one man that went before that prophet to try
to deceive him, that God didnt cut him down right there. Therere plenty in the graveyards tonight
over it. Yes, sir! How many say amen to that? Not one case. So many Id hate to count them. Not
one thing could triumph over that ministry, and I knew without a shadow of the doubt that God
had told me that Elijah would be here. And I see how it stands.
And I know what a prophet is. I know what a prophet is. A prophet is the Word of God. I
heard great ministers say, I got a great gift just like Brother Branham I said, You have? I said,
What kind of a gift brother? Well discernment, well I discern just like he does. I said, You
do, you got a gift of discernment? Yeah. I said, Thats not a gift of discernment working
brother. I said, Thats an office of a major prophet.
And I said thats the only one thats spoken of in the Bible, show me yours! Oh brother, I
say this humbly, Ive never had a man could stand up to me face to face to disprove that, and I
challenged them all over the country to come privately to do it. I would corner them right as they
come out of the pulpit and take them aside and say, Brother thats as contrary to the scriptures
as can be. And I want you to give me one scripture to base it. And I said that you deceived
hundreds of people the other night and I want you to show me in the Bible where thats so. I never
had a one do it. They know that they are just blowing up a big bag with nothing in it but hot air.
Bible said that He would send Elijah. One man to turn the true hearts of the people back to
the true apostolic Word of God, so that there could be a Bride for Jesus Christ. Wise up brothers
and sisters, you know that theres got to be a Miss Jesus somewhere. Shes not stuck out in the
Baptists, Pentecostals, this Trueness, Oneness, and all this. Theres got to be a true Bride
somewhere. And how you gonna to get a true Bride? No other way than for God to send a true
prophet like He promised in the Bible.
Well, you believe your right, and this one believes hes right, but Gods got to come behind
it and back it up and prove it. I saw four hundred ministers challenge this man of God (William
Branham) and there wasnt a one of them that could do anything. The Angel of the Lord would

come up right beside him and reveal everything about them, and it scared them off. How many
raise your hands? And four hundred had to bite the dust! Four hundred of the best the ministerial
association had in Illinois. Catholic priests, Pentecostals, Jesus name preachers, Trinitarians, great
evangelists like Tommy Hicks. Wheres he now? I was supposed to preach a meeting with him in
Georgia and I was gonna ask him, was gonna tell him, Tommy youve been wonderfully used of
the Lord, but when you laid that trap for Gods prophet, your doomed till you repent! Whats
happened to him? Brother when he lied and did what he did to Gods prophet brother, he never
rose again, hes down. And all the rest of them and four hundred of them said they did not believe
William Branhams doctrine, and laid the trap for him. What happened to them? They all got
scared and repented and said they were gonna come down to Jeffersonville and listen and repent
and be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and get his tapes and listen to them. How
many of the preachers come? Not a one of them. He challenged them, he said, You doctors of
divinity, and those with lawyer degrees, and PHDs and everything, and you lied to me, laid a trap
for me over my doctrine, now I challenge you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to bring your
Bible and stand beside me and disprove one thing that I preach
Brother I believe in, put up or shut up! They everyone shut up. And Tommy Hicks, I got a
picture of it in my mind. He buried his head and hid. Thats all right, you could be used of God,
but dont you never touch Gods prophet. Dont you never come up against the Word of God, or
your doomed right there. And I seen all these things heading up. And the Lord Jesus revealed to
me that He would take His prophet away. He would have to take his prophet away, so that He
could go on and deal with His Bride.
And there is gonna rise a real true Bride of Christ that will have the same power that was
in the early church, and even greater. And there will be a ministry just like the Lord Jesus on the
earth and in action. At that time, Jesus Christ raptures the Bride. Now Dearly beloved, I heard and
saw those things by a revelation from God, and William Branham is the Elijah that is promised in
Malachi 4 and 5. Life magazine packed the picture of the seven angels that appeared to him.
Its published in some of the biggest magazines in the country. Its in Life Magazine; its
in the Encyclopedia Britannica, its in all kinds of things. Its hanging in Washington D.C. The
government officials has testified that God has visited the earth. But what has the church world
done? Turned it down because it did not agree with their theology. But I ask, did God back up with
their denomination? Did God back up with theology by the power of God? Did God back up Gods
prophet in this hour, by mighty signs and miracles? Then there is something is getting ready to
Now it would take me days and days to put all this in here. But to just give you a little
skeleton eye site on it!
This was brought to my attention on January 7. Five AM in the morning. I was very
disturbed because of a dear precious brother, that was telling me some of the visions and the things
thats taking place. It very much upset me because I did not understand it, and I wanted to believe
it. So, I was very upset, and I went to bed and I finally fell asleep, and along toward morning I had
a dream.
How many believe in spiritual dreams? At the end of this dream I heard a Voice speak. Its
not like a dream, its something you know, something happened. I heard a Voice speak. Now mind
you God has continually for ten years trained me. I cant tell you the things that Ive gone through.
They would have to write books that how He trained me. How people would come. And you think
that it was the bread from heaven. My own wife knows that by the Word of God, I have seen

through those things by the Word, not a gift but by the Word of God. Id let them talk till I caught
them in the Word of God, and Id find it not so!
I saw a man deceive thousands. And he looked like if there ever was a apostle or prophet,
he looked like one. And everybody was crying, wet their handkerchiefs down. Turned out he was
the filthiest, dirtiest antichrist that you ever seen in our life. The woman hes living with was not
even his wife, he deceived everybody there. Oh, he saw visions, spoke in tongues, prophesied and
the women with him spoke in tongues, like an ark angel and give the interpretation to it. The spirit
of God let me know theres something wrong with that man. I turned around to my wife I was
crying. I believed it all along. I thought, Oh Lord thank you God, and then all at once he struck
something in the Word to me. Oops. Then I got my eyes open. Then I said, Wait a minute. I told
Shirley. That mans deceived. He is in a delusion. Turned out later on, it proved out right.
Its hard, I wouldnt tell nobody about it. Wouldnt nobody believe me anyway. It turned
out, I was right. And I seen them shout, jump up and down, and praise God. And something would
speak to me and say, Thats not me And it was always contrary to the crowd. And thats what
gave me the most trouble. And my wife kept telling me, Why dont you listen to the Lord? Why
dont you obey the Lord? Then God would speak supernaturally every now and then and give me
a sound rebuking. Hed say, Be still and be quiet if you want me to teach you. Stay away from
man, leave man alone. Stay away and Ill talk to you.
But would I do it! No. I just had to go Boy. Had to go! I walked right into Jeffersonville,
Indiana, and something told me, Talk to that woman and I wouldnt do it. I was afraid aWell,
I thoughtWell, instead a See, if God tells you to do something that much. And then you stand
right there, and if He doesnt tell you nothing else, you just stand there. Hell tell you the rest of
it. But a lot of time we want God to tell us all so we can see it real plain and understand it real
good before we do it. Something said, Talk to that woman And I wouldnt do it. So, then I got
all hurt and tore up because I didnt do it.
So, then I walked in the hotel, and there she stood with her husband. Then I got scared
again! What am I gonna say. A brother with me said that he was gonna go over. He went over and
got her and her husband to come over where I was. As soon as she walked over, the spirit of God
hit her before she got to me. Told me all the things I was doing. I said, Thats right, thats right,
thats right. Yes, maam. And what she said shook me real badly, and I never got over it.
She said, You just come out from a missionary camp, didnt you? I said, Yes. She said,
Like a lot of missionary people, full of devil. She said, A missionary camp, full of devils.
Brother, I could have went through the floor. That scared me to death, but she went right on
speaking brother, revealing secrets. And some of them wasnt too good. She turned right around
when she got through with me, and the spirit of God caught the brother that was with me, revealed
him, wasnt too good what she said about him. He said thats right! I said thats good and bad, I
know that must be God. She said, a missionary camp is of devils. Brother let me tell you something,
that changed my life right there, I said, Lord God, I tell you Lord, I will never believe nobody, if
its not according to your Word I dont care who it is, I will never believe nothing thats not in
your Word regardless of who it is! Ill take thy Word.
And God begin to change me right there, then I started walking alone with the Lord Jesus
and listen to His still small Voice. He begin to train me in the Word of God. Id get a little bit
here, and little bit there. So, next thing you know, it brings me up these last two years. God has
revealed many things, too many words. More than even men thats been out on the field, like Ned
Iverson, and Lee Vale. In those days, people would ask me what did I think of them. I said I never

seen nobody talk things like he was talkin. I said I never seen nothing like that. One brother asked
me what do I think about it. I said, it would have to be God, its God almighty. Ive only been
saved a few days to know all them things. I was preaching deep, deep, deep revelations that people
just couldnt understand.
I told a brother who lived down there back in the mountains of Kentucky, a brother who
was fasting and praying twenty-seven days, trying to find the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.
Everybody told him he had it. He said, I dont have it. He lived more of a life than most of them
that said they had it. And there I met old George Parelli, and we loved one another took a liken to
one another. And old George believed me. I just had a busting out see. I just had to tell somebody,
some of these things? And I would get old George over there and Id tell him some of these things
that God told me. And old George would sit there, hed believe me. He wouldnt understand it but
hed look kinda off in a distance every now and then, but he didnt doubt it. He believed it. At that
time we were living in the mountains of Kentucky in a log cabin, and George lived just down the
And he hadnt seen me for three years. He was then in New York City, listening to Malachi
4 and 5 tapes. He said, Look at that, said, Lambert told me that years ago. Then hed go on
a little bit and he and his brother put on a tape and he said, Looka there, there it is again, he told
me that too. It went on like that for days. He said, Boy I got to find out if that mans still
preaching the same thing that he told me years ago! Brother George come in one day and I said,
Brother George, I am still preaching the same thing. So, weve been together ever since. He
had searched, tried to find someplace where they preach the real true unadulterated Word.
Now something happened when I first came to New England. God supernaturally kept
dealing with me about the east, but I could not for my life see that it was Connecticut. I thought it
was in the vicinity of New York City. But, we left Connecticut and moved to Louisiana, where I
thought I could ride my horse, find a little place there for my family, and a place to be alone with
the Lord.
But God kept dealing and dealing with me, out of the east, out of the east, out of the east,
out of the east, and my Bible kept falling open and certain scriptures over in Ezekiel 4-47. Out of
the east, the glory out of the east, out of the east, kept going on and on like that. I never dreamed
that it was Connecticut. And I had no intentions of ever going back to Connecticut at all, because
I dont want nothing to do with pastoring.
So, then God supernaturally led me, worked it out. And I told brother Herman King, who
was a witness to it. I said, Brother Herman, I know its going to shock you because I know you
moved over here to Louisiana to be close to me. I said, I want to tell you before it happens. I
said, The Lord appeared to me last night, and I said, I am going to be leaving Louisiana in a
few days. Is that right Brother Herman?
So, in just a little bit here it come, and I come to Connecticut. (Brother Herman and his
family eventually moved here also). Immediately when I got to Connecticut I knew that I was
gonna have a terrible enemy to face. I knew how he (the devil) was entrenched here thats one
reason I didnt want to come. Nobody knows what that was like. Even Lee Vale, men like Brother
Coleman, and many others said that there is more demon force right here in this one area, in this
one group than they ever faced in their life. I knew it was here! I ran from it years ago, thats why
I didnt want to stay here. And I knew if I come back, I surely was gonna have a battle on my
hands, unless I knew I had somebody with me. I would of never faced that battle unless I knew
God sent me. I had to have that from the Lord before I come. And immediately when I arrived

here, I went into our apartment and I shut that door, and here He come. And here He come and
started speaking, week in and week out. Brother Howie knows about those days. I never left that
room hardly, Did I Brother? And He came and begin to speak to me in his words.
I tell ya I love to see a personal vision or something. I thank God for that. But I tell you,
when the supernatural comes, that Voice begin to speak in His Word brother, I tell ya that I love
that more than anything else. And I would rather have revelation upon the Word of God than to be
able to raise the dead, open the blinded eye, and do great wonderful miracles. I would rather have
a revelation of the Word of God.
And God came in the room and begin to reveal the things to me that I never had saw in my
life, and every time it would line right up with the Word of God and dove tail all the time.
And there as He would give it to me, I came and spoke it to you. And people here in
Connecticut are a witness to this - that immediately when I started bringing out these things, some
divine supernatural person started coming into the meetings. How many say amen to that? Walk
right in to ungodly people coming into the meetings. Some supernatural person just walked in and
when Id get up to a certain place in my text and I would feel Him pass by and there He would just
fill the place up with His presence. And I never had that before. I have been in great meetings but
I had never seen the Holy Spirit get out in the people and anoint the people, and be in the building.
Ive seen it in prayer lines, the great power. But to get out among the people, I had never seen that
before. Then I noticed the people that come in my home, and they would be there in a little while
and say something, and here He would come. Brother Bill, how many of you are a witness to that?
You know that? You come around in the cars with me. He comes right in. A brother and I went up
to Maine went right up there and I was speaking and the men were doubting some of the things
that I was sayin. It was hard but I let them know! Thats one thing about me that people dont like,
Ill not talk about you behind your back, Ill tell you to your face what I think. And I begin to tell
them to their face what I thought, and they started to resent it and He walked right in and brother,
they hit the floor and covered their faces.
Is that right brother? And then we walked outside and they put their arms upon me, and
something come to me again and I spoke it and there He came right down there in Maine in all that
snow. One of them hit the ground mud, snow and all, and the others run over and fell over on the
car, and children set spell bound under the presence of God. A little brother, it opened up his eyes
and he saw an angel standing right there with a Bible in his hands. And nobody knows whats
happen only myself, my wife, and others thats been in my home.
And see how the Lord, the Holy Spirit, has come and revealed these things that youve
heard for two years. And I asked you, have you ever heard this spirit speakin here that ever said
one thing contrary? I asked you, have you ever heard anything contrary to what youve heard on
tape, and youve listened to them since 1961? How many raise your hands? You know that thats
got to be somebody else besides your pastor. Is that right?
Now this kept happening these two years that Ive been here that the Holy Spirit is come
in my home and revealed these things and come and witnessed to ya. And I even got out of the
will of God because I love Brother Herman, Sister Eloise, and mama. I love them and I traveled
seventeen hundred miles to go down there and try to help them, and I knew that God had his hand
on this family. If nobody believes there was a prophet here, theres was a woman who sat right
back there and fasted and prayed for fifteen years or more crying for her children. Never seen this
man of God (Brother William Branham) before in her life. She come right before this prophet of
God, he spoke right out, and revealed every secret in her heart and said, Thus saith the Lord, I

give you your children. And her children sittin here right now, saved by the power of God the
spoken Word of God. And around the world it went! And if this wasnt the true ministry, you think
God would send this child to sit under it? I dont believe He would. Do you? All the devils in hell
try to keep them children away from me.
And I while I was in Arkansas, God give me a revelation on the first day and the eighth
day. How many know that? You tried it, you cant do nothing with that message! Its true! And
there, even out of the will of God, I spoke that, I spoke down there. And God poured out his spirit
and they said they never seen nothing like it in Arkansas. Is that right Brother Herman? And there
was even a little old preacher that followed me ten days and disagreed with me horribly, but I loved
him and never raised my voice and stayed right with him. He followed me ten days just to hear me
speak on the Word of God. And there he was tore up because the things he seen, and what God
done had done in Arkansas, when God come and pour out his spirit. Nobody can stand against it
and there wasnt a person left in their seat hardly.
And 99% of them thought I was a devil, when I got there. And I walk right into the city,
into the drug store and one minister sit right there and was thinking in his heart that he want to do
something for me, buy me a little pen. And the spirit of God come right in the car and revealed
something to him, filled the car up. And then I hated to get out of the car and leave that precious
anointing. And then I walked into the drug store, I didnt know he was coming in behind me to
buy me a little ball point pen. As he come in the drug store, I reached in my pocket for a bill of
money and laid it up there to pay for my purchase, and I thought a thought, and here God came
down in that drug store.
A man standing, must of been forty feet from me, come over trembling, he said, Bro
Lambert, the Lord God is in this drug store. I said, Yes, Sir and I saidI thought a thought.
And I went out and got in the car, and he never had seen nothing like that. And I knew God was
dealing with me, something was gettin close. And God kept trying, told me, Come aside, come
aside, stay alone, listen to me. Dont listen to nobody. Stay with what I tell ya. Dont listen to
nobody, dont listen to nobody. Say what I tell you.
And its been hard for me to do. And Im the most misunderstood preacher, I dont go
nowhere or do anything and yet my name is black balled from one coast to the other. A precious
man from oversees wrote me, and said, The Lord God spoke to me and said get in touch with you,
that you have a Word of the Lord for me. And he said, Brother Bobby, it would have to be God
because all that Ive heard is bad news about you.
And he said, Can you come to my church? He lives overseas. Ive been praying about
it. And so many things have been taking place. I see how brethren turned against me for no reason
at all. Not a one of them can come and face me on the Word of God. Then I know that God has
let them do that so that Ill be alone?
And then I seen, and I said, Yes Lord, Ill walk alone with you and Ill will do what you
tell me to do! And I was laying in the bed and a precious brother that I went across the country
with, and he wanted me to preach, I didnt want to. I preached a little message and he ridiculed it.
But it was the Word of God. A little brother that followed me from Florida was there and he said,
Bro Bob that blessed my soul, I like to have a tape of that to send to my wife. And the Lord let
him do it. He said some hard things to me that hurt my wife, and just tore us up. I went in my room
laying on my bed and there the Holy Spirit came in the room and tears dripped down my face.
The Spirit of God said, Theyll try to change you Then I said, Lord there aint nobody
gonna change me. (Brother Bob cries). Ill preach the Holy Ghost gospel, the old time gospel as

long as I got breathe in me. Then the Lord revealed to me that I was a danger being close to the
ministers, because not knowing that they would try to lead me off of the path that He called me to
go. Not knowing, see. So, that scared me more. It kept coming to me year after year, month after
month these things that happened, so I finally made up my mind now, I got to go alone.
So then, I meet precious brethren around the country. They said things the Lord said this,
and they saw a vision of these things. And then I hear them and I know that the things they say is
contrary to the Word of God: to what the Lord said. It is contrary dearly beloved. I have their
tapes in my office and it caused me much heartache. And then this caused me just recently to go
to bed very nervous and upset. Brethren hearing whirl winds, and stopping storms, and doing many
things, and then when it comes to the Word of God, I say, Brother now show me this here. And
they would contradict, and they disagree with the scriptures.
And I know the Lord revealed to me years ago, and there the spirit of God rested upon me
while I was sitting in a little service. The spirit of God came upon me and I couldnt control it. I
had to leave the people. And I went outside and I sit down out there, I just sit there like an Indian
and the tears dripping down my face when the spirit of God was all over me. I didnt know what
was going on! And there when I come to myself, I looked up and I seen two women, with long
dress and long sleeves and long hair, which I liked that. And I was just pleased to look up and see
these holy dressed women and one of them was playing a guitar and singin, and they were aware
of the Holy Spirit was falling all over the place out there.
But there was only three of us standing out there at that time. And then the woman looked
back at me and revealed the thing to me what God had told me about! The type of ministry that I
was getting ready to come into. And there she revealed it to me, and then the power of God struck
me, and it was so forceful that I fell to my knees. I couldnt stand up under it!. And I heard the
Voice of God speak and say, Be still and be quiet. Man will confuse you. Be still and be quiet.
The Holy Ghost will come and teach you, and I will send thee to my people that need thee. And
I know that God has kept His hand on me and kept me safe, and brought me to this place for a
reason. (Brother Lambert is crying).
And God knows, my hand to heaven, not ever dreaming of what was going on, in 1961 the
Lord paid me a visit in Sarasota, Florida, that shook-up Sarasota, Florida. They never got over it.
Great tent meeting going on and a great convention, and a little humble man like me not knowing
it. And a man of God, Brother Osteen, was preaching. He looked at me and said, God sent you
here, Im leaving. That scared me to death, him being a great preacher and me just a little old
hillbilly. I said, Surely brother, not so. I have come to hear you. And there he said, No. God
spoke to me. He said, He sent you here, I am leaving. Oh, I had never preached before only to
just a little tiny hand full that came out to hear an ignoramus like me. And so there in the room that
night with two missionaries and another Jesus Name preachers in the room, God came in the room
and revealed to me. Oh friend, there is something coming. Wed better be ready.
Its gonna be terrible if you miss this. There God revealed to me, not knowing it, spoke to
me with the same Voice that He spoke to Noah. I didnt know the scriptures and He spoke to me
the same identical words almost that He spoke to Noah. He said, The vileness and wickedness of
man has come up before me, as stink in my nostrils and I can stay my hand any longer. Im gonna
pour out my wrath upon the people. How many know that? In 1961 this account went into books
all over the world. (Also printed in Full Gospel Business Mens magazine) They were gonna buy
me an airplane and fly me all over the world and to the churches. And they got up and prophesied

that I was Gods prophet, many of them did. And then when I preached name of Jesus Christ and
the truth - they turned me down.
I turned into a false prophet. Thats strange how you can be Gods prophet one night and
be a false prophet the next night, see! I dont understand those things. If you are Gods servant you
are always Gods servant. So then, not knowing it, but there I saw myself running through the
cities of the world crying to the people to repent and get under the token.
Now that was years and years before the token message was ever preached. How many
read that book? Years. Who was that I ask you? Did not the seven angels come down from heaven?
Six months before the seven angels come to the earth, how many heard it said that there was gonna
be seven angels gonna appear to the prophet. Absolutely, I heard with my own ears. Six months
later, a little less than that, He came to earth, seven angels.
Open up the seven seals of the Bible, and the revelation in there was, that time is over.
Grace is almost over, and God is gonna pour out His wrath on everything that dont have that
token. How many knows thats true? Well then, was that God that appeared to your pastor there in
1961? Was it God? (Church says amen!) Now how many knows without any preconceived idea of
what to preach, I come and spoke to you by revelation. Not one thing has ever been out of cater.
But fits perfect with the message of Malachi 4 and 5. It could not be just your brother. Im ignorant
and unlearned. But what He tells me, I come and tell you just exactly what He said. Not knowing
see, that it fits together. But I tell you and I see it come together. Very terrible, fearful things that
God has revealed in His Word ready to happen to people, and they dont know.
Now I saw myself going into the world preaching the token of God, that was my message.
I was preaching the token. How many know that every message I preach, I tie that in somewhere.
I saw myself years ago, going through the world preaching that. God told me that He would send
me into all the world and He would send me into the hospitals to pray for the sick. I saw myself
going right in there, told me Hed send me into all the world. Now dearly beloved, there is too
much thats happened in the past few months that can be passed by too easily.
We went to Jeffersonville, Indiana, and God moved upon me not to go into a certain room.
And I, and some ministers, three or four ministers in there, they called and said they were coming.
I told my wife I didnt tell them Id be here. I said Ive got to leave. I went to Louisville, Kentucky,
drove back hours later thinkin they would be gone, because I didnt want to be with ministers that
There I came in the motel and a little brother started to go, I said, I am going to my motel
my brother. I cant go in that room right now. I went in the motel room, laid down upon the bed
and I felt bad because I was afraid the brother might think that I dont want to fellowship with all
the brethren and ministers in there.
But it pays to do what God leads you to do. And there are things that were happening in
the motel room of a dear precious little brother. He was saying things, same old thing in this hour
for ten years. This one saw this, and this one saw that, and this, and that. It makes it very hard.
And after it was over I said I will go over now, and I went over, shook hands with the brethren and
theyve been there so long they had to leave. And as I stood there, the Holy Ghost, the spirit of
Christ, came in the room. Is that right brethren? Can I hear an Amen? Without saying a thing, He
came right into the room. People started to bow their heads and cry.
And a woman started to tell a strange dream that she just had. She never saw me before in
her life. She just come out to Jeffersonville because she believed the message of Malachi 4 and 5.
She come out of a certain Pentecostal denomination. And she said, it was totally impossible for

her to come to this meeting, but God supernaturally made a way right before she left. And she
wanted to come because she had a strange dream, in which she saw a man. she didnt know at the
time who the man was, it turned out to be me.
She told a brother, a dear friend of mine, that she saw a man in this dream, and it was
Brother Lambert. And said, she saw in this dream Brother Lambert standing preaching a certain
message. And he was standing, preaching and a minister rose up and denied it and resisted what
he said. She said that Brother Lambert said, Dont do that brother, please dont do that. If you
do that youll drop dead right where you are at. And the minister come against it and he dropped
dead. And she said, of course, it scared everybody to death and that Brother Lambert was very
upset over it and was crying. She said that Brother Lambert then turned around and walked down
and laid his hands on the man and Brother Lambert asked God to let his life come back, and the
Lord raised him up. And when she told the dream, the power of the Holy Ghost filled the room. Is
that right, brethern?
And I was just stunned that the Lord would give that right there in front of the people. And
not knowing that, see, I said, Sister, I said, You know I said, No one could know what you
saw, I said, Even a prophet of God himself told me the same thing on an interview, years ago.
There it was again, see.
Now I see that there is a message thats ready to live again. And then coming back home,
just recently I have so many things, I cant tell them all. I was so upset about these things that I
was hearing, and I tried, believe me dear brother I say this humble, I have tried and Ive tried to
doubt whats happen. Ive tried hard. I quit the ministry and left. And the prophet of God got a
hold of me and revealed things to me. And I had to get back on the field. And Ive tried to doubt
it. I spent months a nervous wreck, walking the floor while you was sleeping. Demons tormenting.
You dont know what, what torment I went through. Trying to stay with what God said. Youd
have no way, or ever will know what it is to carry something like this in your heart, knowing what
God spoke to you, and sweat it out all the time. Sweat everything out that God told me. It has to
line up with that prophets message, or its not of God. How many understand that? And I sweated
these things out. Some up until eight years I sweated some of them out. Nobody knows how it
wretches my heart! See? And nobody believed me, nobody believed me, except my wife.
You know what it does to you? You try to doubt God. It would be a pleasure to say its
not all of God. Then I could be free of the burden. But He keeps coming all the time, no matter
how backslid I was, or praying or not, He kept coming kept revealing things. I couldnt get away
from it. So, it really busted open when I come back to Connecticut. And He tied the message of
Malachi 4,5 together for me. He did it! And the highlight of this prophets ministry was the real
true seal of God how to receive the real true baptism of the Holy Spirit, which only the true
Bride of Christ is going to receive - that true spirit because all are deceived in a false one.
Follow a false prophet and receive a false experience. Follow a true prophet of God and
the law of God will bring you to the real true seal of God. It seals you into the body of Christ. I
went to bed very upset because the things that I heard, it was just contrary to what the Lord was
telling me! I was so upset and nervous. I wanted to believe it.
And then I come to the show down in the Word, then I said, Show me brother. Contradict
this in the Bible and on tape. He couldnt do it. I went on and it couldnt be done. He couldnt
prove it by the Word of God. If its not proven by the Word of God, I wont have nothing to do
with it. I dont care what it sounds like. So, I was very upset and nervous, and my wife was upset
and nervous. And I went to bed, and I dreamed a dream. Right at the end of this dream I heard a

Voice speaking as clear as a bell and it was Brother Branhams voice. And it said, The bride of
Christ will receive a vindicated minister. I come to and there He was in the room I said, Lord, I
know thats the same one that comes to me all the time. And I said, Lord, I said, if thats
Thee, I said, I cannot rest in dreams too much but I said, Lord if thats thee, give me another
And then as I lay there, in His presence of his anointing, here come a revelation to me on
this little scripture that I read. I saw Peter in this boat, and it was ready to sink. His presence right
in the room. Its good when He gives you little revelation like that in the Word, it blesses your
heart. It means much to me now, this little story. And I saw Peter and the ministry that was to carry
on after the Christ, and the message was crucified. And all the other fishermen depended upon the
men of God that was in that boat. The devil had that boat watered logged, I tell ya. It was watered
logged and the sails were torn down, and it was ready to go under. And then there came a divine
revelation, quickening everything to me. It was just glorious in His presence watching this.
And that the devil said, I will sink this ministry, there will be no outpouring of the Holy
Ghost. There will be no Bride of Christ, Ill sink this vessel and Ill drown every bit of this
ministry. And Oh, the waves went up and over and tore down the mask and it was terrible and
the boat was watered log. And about that time when all hope look like was gone, about like it is
now, so many interpretations so many of that of this, so much of that, so much today, God. And
it looks like itll never come out, what God has predestinated for this hour. And it looks like the
old boat is about water logged and its ready to sink. And about that time, come one walking on
the water. And I looked out there and the boat was ready to go down so many interpretations and
so much deception of the devil, and the waves are roaring and the boat was going under and I
looked out, and there was the Lord Jesus come walking on the water and as He did, a pulsation in
a little preachers heart there on the boat begin to leap out. And they said, they all cried and said,
Its a spirit that aint the Lord.
Thats about like it is now. And now Peter looked out and he believed it was God though.
He believed that was God walking on the water, and he cried out and he said, Lord, if that be thee
bid me to come to the. Lord let me walk on this water. And out of the boat Peter came. But I was
coming with him brother. I was coming out of that boat with him. Out of that boat we came. I did
not care what any ministers said in that boat. I did not care what they said. I come out of that boat.
I stepped down off of that water logged boat with those white caps, and I begin to walk, and I keep
my eyes on you, Jesus. Ill keep my eyes on you Lord no matter what anybody says.
I walked on that straight line, and I walked on those waves. And then I began to hear a
different interpretation of the message. I begin to hear this preaching, saw this vision, and heard
this Voice of God. I begin to sink with Peter. I began to sink. And it looked like I was going to
drown, and the boat was going down and everything was lost. And then I realized I had to get my
eyes off the water, I had to get my eyes off of the storms of the devil that was trying to sink me
and drown me. Praise God.
And I looked up and I saw Jesus. And I said, Save me Lord, let me believe you. Peter
may have heard that great Voice, and Jesus stretched forth His hand and I got my eyes on Jesus. I
come up out of those waves again. And I walked on the water and we walked back into the boat,
and the waves become calm and the storm ceased.
And there my pillow wet with tears, I said, Jesus I am sorry that men are in a delusion
Lord, I cant help I, but I got to believe you, Lord. I cannot go this way, its too deceiving. Oh,
friend remember tonight that many are called but only a few are chosen to go into that Bride.

That delusion and the deception of the devil is so great, there is only one way to make it is
to keep your eyes upon Jesus. The whole denominational church world, Pentecostals and all is
going right into the world government, and then a little group that stays with this Word is going to
have to die. Men and women right here that dont go in the rapture, we are gonna have to shed our
blood for what we believe. Tears dripped down my face and on my pillow.
I said, Jesus, I am gonna believe you Lord. I am gonna believe you. If I listen and believe
everything that I hear Ill sink Lord. Now I said, I got to believe you and I promise you Lord
the peace of God sweat my soul, not knowing it. I didnt tell my wife about it. Now I said, Lord
make it sure to me, clear to me. And just the other night. Now my wife, usually when the spirit
comes in, it will wake her immediately. I have lived with people in their homes, and He would
pay me a visit, and it would wake up the people in the other bedrooms and they would start
speaking in tongues. Filled the house full of presence of God, they spoke in tongues way in the
other bedrooms. But this time, usually when he comes it scares my wife so bad, she grabs a hold
of my arm with a death grip, and she just shakes all ove, shes so scared. She fears the Lord, and
she reverences the Lords presence. And not one time has it ever failed what He said in those
dreams. And not realizing it, I kind of forgot about it for a few days.
And then something happened again just the other day. This time the Holy Spirit came to
my room, woke my wife, and didnt wake me. And God spoke out of my mouth and talked while
I was sound asleep. It scared her so bad, she wanted to wake me up, but she thought she better not.
And she laid there till day light and said over and over and over again what God had just said. His
presence stayed right in the room.
And then she said if only she had put a pencil beside the bed, she could have wrote it down.
So, there she wrote it over and over in her mind so she wouldnt forget it. And then she told it to
me. And so help me, its the same thing that the Lord told me in 1958. She dont know those things,
and she didnt know that what He just said related to me about Peter and what those men had said.
Now here it come right out. Now dearly beloved you know that Elijahs ministry, Malachi 4 and
5, has been gone now over three years. And you know the one world government and the one
world church is getting ready to put on the pressure. You see what happened here this morning,
supernatural God, that I asked him to let that happen, and it happened. You know that God is trying
to get you ready to receive this great outpouring of the Holy Spirit; to seal you into the body of
You believe that? Now there are many other things, thats personal that I couldnt tell you,
but those few little things. I believe with all of my heart, as I see God moving in my own life, and
dealing with me, calling me to the closer walk that I never known before. I see that I got to press
on into this something. You see. I know its there, see? I did not see it come there. Something is
getting ready to take place. I believe what it is; its the last move of God on the earth.
And I believe that its going to be judgment to the house of God, wrath to the unbelievers
and to the ungodly, but grace to those that have received the true message of God. I believe with
all of my heart that judgment is gonna strike the church of Jesus Christ, not to the Bride. But no
longer will the uncircumcised be able to sit among the body of Christ. God is going to circumcise
every carnal thought away from the true Bride. He is gonna purpose that He is gonna have a Bride
without spot or wrinkle or blemish.
I believe with all of my heart that today the days that Ananias and Sapphire is ready to
return again. How many believe that? First thing that I asked, Elijah of this day, was the return just
before the coming of the Lord, where God will sift out from among the elected to have a real pure

church. I knew it had to be done in order to have a purity that they had on the day of Pentecost.
You cannot have the purity of the moving of the Holy Ghost and have unconverted and unclean
spirit sitting among you. So therefore, I believe with all of my heart that God has got to find a few
empty vessels right away to get into His fullness. And I believe its gonna start a revival among
the body of Christ. Now I disagree with all the theologians and the ministers that there is gonna be
a mighty revival among the denominations. Thats unscriptural as can be.
People has been spewed out from the mouth of Jesus Christ in this Laodicea church age.
God is dealing with a true Bride now. True Bride of Christ that has never had a revival, but shes
ready to receive one. You bare me record and write it down in your Bible, that it wont be too
many days hence till therell be the mightiest outpouring of the Holy Ghost that the world has ever
seen. You believe that? Now after, what happened this morning if we ever got close to the Lord,
you move up as close as you can for surely something is getting ready to take place.
Gods calling me to a much closer walk. Now I tried my best, I think I walk as close to the
Lord as I can, but somehow, Im not where I ought to be. Theres something that I need, so I want
to go away and seek the Lord. Just to go off of myself. I want to go away, and I want to see if I
can hear from the Lord. Just to be off by myself. Ive fed you good and I think your good and fat
in the spirit, in your inner man, so I want to go away and see if I can hear from the Lord. And just
get off and rest and meditate upon the Lord, because I know with all my heart that its God.
Now children you know, that if I couldnt find it these things in the Word of God, I
wouldnt believe it. But its there and God is going to bless His people like you could never dream
of. Creative power of God is going to be let loose. We are way up the road from laying hands on
the sick. When God moves this time, its gonna be the creative Word of God. Its gonna shake the
scientific mind. God, the creator, that created a ram for Abraham, is gonna create arms and legs
and eyes, and missing limbs back upon His people. And its such a great thing that the Lord is
gonna do. We cannot afford to not be ready now can we?
Say what you will, and it will be done. How many believes the scriptures? How many
believe the Bible is inspired, every bit of it? Did not Jesus say, If you say to this mountain, be
thou removed be thou cast into the sea, and not doubt in your heart what you said, you can have
what you said. Did He say, why marvel ye at the fig tree! For you can curse the fig tree. He said
you can do greater things than curse the fig tree, you can even move a mountain. What is that? He
said, just say it and He will perform it. See, we never had that here in the world. The Lord revealed
to me that at the time of the rapture of the church, something has got to happen. The Bride cant
stay too much longer.
You know that its got to happen. So, Ill probably never say those things again, but I
thought that Id share a few these things about me. So, you will see what a terrible place Im in.
Oh, my brother, that put thumbs down on me. They say I am a heretic. If I am, Im in a awful bad
shape. Ive never had a man come to me yet that could show me in the Bible though. Its easy to
say a man is a heretic, and is all messed up. Its another thing to bring your Bible and show it to
me in the Word of God. Bring a good spirit brother, and just show it to me in the Bible. Its not
there. The Word of God dont lie. Its line upon line precept upon precept.
Dearly beloved, God is ready to pour out his wrath. You see what happened in California?
See all those tornados in Mississippi? You watch it intensify in 1969. God is gonna shake this
world brother just like people blowing their brains out left and right. They dont even put it in the
paper. Men and women are just blowing their brains out left and right because of the fear that will
come upon them. The Bible said, When man see these things happen in that day, mens hearts

will fail with fear. They are doing it. People are scared to death. The governments are scared to
Thats why they got to have a one world government. The churches are scared. They know
that they are backslidden. They know that the denominations are not of God, so they got to have a
World Council of Churches. And what are they gonna do? They are gonna persecute the true Bride
of Christ. Now I ask you, where is the way that is evil spoken of? Is it the Trinity, or the Pentecostal
people? Is it the Jesus Name Pentecostal people? Is it the Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterians and
Catholics? How come the World Council of Churches havent raked anybody over the coals, but
this group right here? Why is it the world Council of Churches hate this message that I am
preaching so bad? Why? Why dont they hate the Jesus Name Pentecostals message? Think of it;
think of it. Thats something to think of. The Bible said that men of reprobate mind who speak evil
concerning the way of truth. Men of reprobate minds speak evil of the way of truth. Now where is
that way of truth?
Where is it? Is it the Jesus Name Denomination? Is it the Assemblies of God denomination
with their multimillions? How come the World Council of Churches say that they are gonna kill
us - how they will vent out their anger on us? They say they know every meeting we hold. They
know every book we send out, and everything we preach out of the Bible, and everything else.
Why do they want to persecute us? I believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. Ninety- five percent
of the preachers dont believe it. Now whos right? I believe in the blood of Jesus Christ for the
remission of sins.
I believe that the correct form of water baptism is the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I
believe there is a second coming of Jesus Christ. I believe that there is a natural vine, and a spiritual
vine. I believe that there is an ungodly line that came out of Cain, and a Godly line that came
through Seth. You can call it anything you want to. I call it predestination because God by
foreknowledge knows who is evil, and who are the good children. He knows whos the children
of darkness, and whos the children of light.
Now the Bible says that the children of darkness is gonna persecute the children of light in
this hour. Brother everybody says, Im a Christian, but the devil is gonna force you to stand up
on your conviction and prove it to this world who is a Christian and who is not. The Bible said
that all that dwell upon the earth shall be deceived by the mark of the beast. And the Bible said,
there was a beast that come up out of the Revelation 13, that gave power to the rest of the world
to form an image to the beast.
Whos that? Its none other than United States of America. Even Mr. Nixon himself, which
I believe is a fine man, God bless him. Hes fulfilling the scriptures right before our eyes. America
is the fore leader and is gonna unite the world into making an image unto the Catholic Church
which is the World Council of Churches. Theyre gonna have one world religion and one world
government. And then brothers and sisters I tell you, the true Bride of Christ will be brought
together, and God will seal them together, and they will see the love of the Holy Ghost. And there
will rise up a mighty church of God.
The very mechanics for this thing is working right now. Their clamoring and working as
hard as they can go to have a one world government. The Bible said so. When the United States
and the rest of the governments of this world, when they say, Peace, peace then sudden
destruction. How many believe Gods Word? Brother and sister, we are living on a brink one of
the worst persecutions that ever struck the world. Brother and sister, I dont believe the Bride of

Jesus Christ is gonna go through great tribulation. But I believe in the love of Jesus Christ, that
He loves that little Bride.
Hes gonna carry Her out of here by the resurrection, which is the rapture. Theres is no
scripture in the Bible for rapture, just the word Rapture but I like it. We say rapture, but what we
mean is that there will be a real Bride of Christ thats living on the earth in this hour that we are
living in. The power of the Holy Ghost is gonna take her out of here with power. Hallelujah! I
believe that Gods coming with such power that the world is gonna have to recognize who the
Bride is.
I believe that the Jews is even gonna recognize it when He comes in power after the Gentile
Bride. I believe that this Laodicea Church world is in an apostate condition. And I believe that God
says theres only one thing for an apostate, and that is to be destroyed by the wrath of God almighty.
A brother said, What do you believe about our denomination? What do you think we are? I said,
Well I dont wanna hurt you brother, I will just make it real short and quick. I believe there is a
devil. What do you think about it? If youre honest, youll believe it too.
Anybody that reads the Bible, knows that denomination is of the devil. I am ready to die
for what Im preaching. I dont fear death; I just fear pleasing the Lord Jesus. The best thing that
could happen to the Bride of Christ, is that the Jesus Name people, and the Assembly of God
people, all the Pentecostals could turn against us like a bunch of mad dogs. You believe their gonna
do it? Pentecostals are going be the ones that string you up, most of all. If the Pentecostals go on
the way they are going now, theyll be in worst shape than the Catholics who have been two
thousand years, getting the way they are now. The Pentecostals will be in worst shape. Sure, they
Oh, brother, but all that dwells upon the earth in the last generation, the Bible says, shall
be deceived and shall worship the image of the beast. For the image of this beast in Revelation 13
gave power, gave power unto the image of the beast that it should both speak and cause as many
as would not worship the beast, would not worship the image, would be persecuted, hunted down
like a bunch of dogs, martyred, sawed asunder. Sure, it did! And they will be doing it?
Its right in your newspapers; they are forming the very thing that the Bible said that theyd
do. America in Revelation 13, she had 13 colonies, 13 stripes in the flag, everything was 13. Is
that right? Shes a womens nation, Statue of liberty is a woman. Is that right? She is number
thirteen, and when the Pope came to America, he walked up how many steps? Thirteen. Oh, but
blessed are all those who have their names written in the lambs book of life. All that dwell upon
the earth shall worship the beast and its image, except those who have their names written in the
lambs book of life slain from the foundation of the world.
God said to all that has wisdom, Revelation 17, let him count the number of his name, for
his number is six hundred and sixty-six, 666 (Latin Vicarius Filii dei) which is the Pope himself,
the man of sin was right in New York City. The Rome newspapers said that we are going to have
a one world government, and that we got a one honest man over the whole thing that we can trust.
Well, who is more trustworthy, than the Pope himself? Hes the very man for the job.
And the people are going to fall for it hook line and sinker, especially after America goes
bankrupt any day. Yeah. I said bankrupt. Oh, thats hard to take ant it. Its gonna happen anyway.
And whos gonna be your great savior? Whos gonna be your great savior? The Bible said, the
Pope. And whats he gonna do, Pentecostals? Because you dont know the Word of God, and you
wont line up with it if you heard it, you are gonna accept that thing because you are not gonna
have no car to drive, you are not gonna have no house to live in. You are not gonna have no job to

go to because the Bible said, Who is able to make war with the beast and its image? Who is it
able to do it? How can you make war with it when Russia is behind it? How are you gonna make
war when even America is behind it? How can you make war with it when even Red China is
behind it? Who can make war with this man of sin? Nobody!
But the ten horns that is upon the beast gave their power unto the man of sin so that he
might rule and reign for three and a half years. We will give it to him while were here though.
How many say Amen? I like to preach that to the pope himself. I thank God for Theodore
Roosevelt. He wouldnt kiss the popes toe. And I wont either. I dont care if he would promise
me my car back, and my house, I wont kiss his toe. If I did anything Id bite his toe! And tell him
to repent! Thats what I think of it. Why? Because the Bible said, he was Judas. Is that right? And
they are gonna bow down and kiss his toe because he saved them from their mortgage payment.
Oh yeah, you say, you are out of the scriptures. I am right in them brother, sister you better read
them. Is that right? Oh, where is the way thats evil spoken of? Is it the Jesus Name, Pentecostals,
Assembly of God? Wheres it at? You better find it out boy, because everybody that dont find it
out is gonna be casted in the lake of fire that burns forever and ever. Now everybody that dwells
on the earth is gonna receive the mark of the beast or you cannot buy or sell. You cant to go down
the store and buy no food and you cannot sell anything to make any money to get it with.
But all you got to have is a mark. Oh, my. And theyre setting up a world bank now so you
dont have to have cash no more, you just got to have a number. How many been reading about it
in the paper? Sure, I read about it and cut the articles out and put them in my office. Why? Because
the Bible said that God was gonna let this thing come upon you to try every man thats upon the
face of the earth. And you will take Gods way, or you are gonna take the way with the World
Council of Churches, or you cant buy, sell, or do anything.
Whats gonna happen to the true Bride of Christ then brother? Youre not gonna be driven
together with it. Im so glad, that its written in the Word of God, Revelation 13:8 and Revelation
17:8, it said, All those that have their names in the book of life, they are not gonna worship that
thing. Now here is the patience and the Faith of the saints. I just praise God. Let it come. I would
like to tell the Pope what thou has to do, do quickly.
Let this thing come, even so Lord Jesus, come. A lot of peoples afraid to talk like that
because they are not ready to go. Theyre scared the Lords gonna come. Well, I want him to come.
I want out of this putrid mess here. Brother if there is no more to life than this, its not worth getting
up and gettin dressed for in the morning. Oh, there is an eternal kingdom thats ready to be set up.
World without end, ruled over by Jesus Christ and the saints of the most high. Yes, sir, thats the
kingdom I want in, brother. A stone that was cut out of the mountain is gonna strike the image of
the beast and smote it right in its feet. I thank God, that I see the Word of God, and Im not going
to sell out my birth right.
Whats your birth right? I ant gonna sell that token out for a mess of potage. They can
have that house Im livin in, and everything else too, I dont believe we need all that anyway. I
believe that a little fire of the Holy Ghost will keep us warm if we got no oil. Id rather have a
Holy Ghost heat anyway. I dont care if I cant get to the bakery. Id rather have angels food
anyway. Oh yeah, dont tell me, God is still God. If God sent the rains, crows, and unclean birds.
God could use crows and unclean birds to feed a faithful Christian that stayed with the Word of
God like Elijah. Hes able to feed me, for his eyes are on the sparrow and I know he watches me.
Amen, He fed him fresh angel food from heaven in morning and in evening. Well I dont
care much about dinner anyway. It was so good probably he didnt need no dinner. But He fed him

angel food in the morning and in the evening a drink of cool water from the Brook Cherith, and he
felt the Holy Ghost movin all over that mountain. My Lord, where was everybody else? They were
swallowed up by the World Council of Churches. They sat down there at Jezebels table, eating of
the filth and muck from the World Council of the Churches, thats where they sat!
Now where was your organizations there, if you are in one? Where was you at there? Every
organization was at Jezebels table. But where was the true church at? On the mountain brother,
sure it was. I am glad I come out of that dirty thing. And Ill die before Ill go back in one. Any
man thats carrying around ministerial papers in his pocket has got the mark of the beast already.
And anybody sittin in a denomination, if you got a mind to get out of it, you better get out quick
because they aint gonna come around brother and send the state police over your house with a big
stamp to mark it on your our forehead - number 666. Brother come off of that.
But everybody that believed what the World Council of Churches says, they had a mark in
their hand, is that right? And in the forehead. Where do you receive the doctrine at? Its in the
forehead, isnt it? And what do you do then? Sure, I think this is a wonderful thing. A big business
man here in town was talking to me in my home. He said he was late for my appointment, we
were very busy this morning uniting are churches together, He said, Isnt that wonderful? Were
havin a little trouble with a few people there that gave us a hard time. I thought, boy they must
be children of God. He said, dont you think thats wonderful?
And I thought, Oh God let me hold my peace. He said, Dont you think thats wonderful
Reverend Lambert? I wouldnt answer him. Then I said, Sir do you really want me to answer?
I dont want to offend ya. I think you just fulfilled the words of Jesus Christ. He looked down 2,000
years ago and saw you say that and put it in his Bible. He said that youd do the very thing that
you just told me you just done.
And I said, Sir, I would rather see my wife and my children and myself with our heads cut
off then to do what you just done. Thats what I think about it. Why? Because God said, whether
you believe it or not, He said he would cast you in a lake of fire and burn you forever and forever.
And your smoke would descend before Him and His holy angels forever and forever. He would
never forgive you! Now what do you think about that? He swallowed hard, And I poured the
gospel to him as hard as I could pour it. He said, Thats the truth.
Well, when I got through I put my arm around him and said youre a lovely person. Now
you know what is the truth. I said, Now what are you gonna do about it? He said, Well, you
see. Lambert, Im too busy, making money and everything. I said, See. I said, One day sir,
you will weep and wail and gnash your teeth and wish you had done something about it. Brothers
and sisters this thing that I am talking about is right at the door, its even at the door.
Well, I am so thankful to God that I see that in the Word of God,
Oh, dont you love him? He is gonna have a people who called by His name. He is gonna
have a real Bride without spot or wrinkle or blemish. We dont claim to be the Bride of Christ.
Dont get me wrong, I am not claiming to be the body of Jesus Christ, Im preaching the gospel. I
pray to God that I have a part in that Bride thats gonna be.
Theres gonna be a real Bride, one without spot or wrinkle or blemish. She will have real
prophets, and real apostles, real pastors, the real gifts of the Holy Spirit, the real power of God.
She will show great signs and wonders and miracles, do great mighty things. But brother, there
aint nobody going be in that that that isnt born of the unadulterated Word of God. Its gonna be
Word clear through all the way.
With our heads bowed while the sister plays. I dont believe there is much time left.

You see how the world is decaying and falling apart. Theyre clamoring hard for this one
world government. It could be that this nice man Mr. Nixon, nice as he is, he could be used to set
up in this one world government this one world church. His whole theme of his presidency is to
unite the people, unite the people. Its uniting time saints. Its time for the real Bride to unite with
the head stone, Jesus Christ. This is the time; for in that day as I am in the Father and the Father
in me and I in you and you in me. And, The works that I do shall you do also and greater works
than these shall you do. Oh, dearly beloved tonight? If you are in one of them denominational
bird cages, bound up by the traditions of man, why dont you lose that thing and find the truth?
Why dont you get down on your knees and look in the Bible and see the things that we
have told you is been happening in the earth today. Its happening now.
While I pray, may God burn it down in your heart. Dont you know and realize that Jesus
Christ is ready to come to his Bride. There is gonna be a out resurrection from among the dead,
and only those that are wise and prayed up and filled with the spirit is gonna go in.
If there is a one that would raise your hands, and say, Id like to know where the Bride is.
Id like to find the true people of God. I like to find that group in the Bible thats evil spoken of,
thats gonna to be persecuted, that wont have nothing to do with the denomination, that is outside
the leaders of the ruler ship of the denominations, but is being led by the spirit of God. Raise your
hands. You say, Brother Bob I want to find that truth, I want to find that place.
Let us pray.
Dear heavenly father, God we praise you for thy word Lord. We thank you for the service
this morning, thank you for the service tonight. Lord truly we know that thou has visited the earth
with the mighty prophet, and Lord we thank you that you promised a prophet in this hour. Now
were looking Lord for Jesus Christ to come on the scene in his fullness, the kingdom of heaven.
Dear heavenly father, we are looking for it to come upon us anytime. And dear God, we thank you
that there was a stone hued out of the mountain that smote the image in his feet.
Dear God, how I pray that we will remember this day, though we may never speak of these
things again, personal things like tonight. But God I pray that you help each one of these my
precious friends here tonight that pray for me. That Id be led by your Holy Spirit. I believe with
all my heart Lord, something has got to happen soon. There is something thats got to be done.
You got to help your bride. Shes got to be stirred.
Lord somethings got to take place to completely get her where she ought to be. So, I believe
that this little group here that we could have a little part in that and we wanna lay down our lives
for our brethren, Lord. We thank you for the dying of our Lord Jesus that his life might be made
manifested in us. God there are so many groups thats trying to play church. But Lord help us to
have a church.
A Bride, a body Lord, a real church apostolic, like they had on the day of Pentecost thats
lead by the Holy Spirit, that does great signs, wonders and miracles Lord. Thats what we wanna
be in father. I pray that you bless each one tonight, and God those things that I said. I pray that
people weigh them out, and may it work upon their heart. Now father we pray and ask these things
in Jesus name, Amen.
(Brother Lambert singing the song: I Love Him)


What do we have here tonight? Catholic? Come out. Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterians,
Pentecostal, United Brethren little of everything. You know what a church is? What is a church?
Called out, called out of what? Called out of denominations. Thats the Bride. A Bride taken out.
Sure. Jesus said, Come out, and then, Come in. You got to come out before you can come in
to what Gods got today. Is that right? You say, Ill just stay in here! No, you wont either. I want
you look in the Bible and tell me where the resurrection took place down in Egypt? No sir. They
took old Isaac, Abraham, Joseph, and Jacob, and all the rest of them, and Sarah and Rebecca, and
all the prophets, carried them across the Jordan and buried them in Palestine. Amen, the promised
land. There aint gonna be no resurrection down there in Egypt. Boy, dont you worry about that.
That resurrection is gonna to be across the Oh, my Id like to preach on that right now. Id like
to bring the bones out of Egypt and put them over there for the resurrection thats ready to set it.
I believe that this day that were livin in is going to receive such a outpouring of the Holy
Ghost thats gonna suck the dead from the graves. Amen. Oh, you say that youre just a little holy
roller group thats right. Little in number, but brother were in the minority now, we are in the
minority now, just a little bunch here and yonder. But were gonna be in the majority in just a little
bit. Because its gonna be six thousand ages of prophets, saints of God that walk through the fire
like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Daniel was thrown into the lions den by that council of
churches. Elijah was took away on a fiery chariot. It was Paul that said, Oh, death where is your
sting. And they picked his head up and threw it in an old bushel basket down in Rome.
Brother were in minority now, but brothers are coming up to give me help, Glory to God!
Amen. The apostolic way is the only true way. Amen! You know Im gonna need a little help. The
Bible said, he had ministering angels to minister to the heirs of the token. And their gonna need a
little help because Gods gonna give us some help because the pressure is gonna be so tough from
the world government, the World Council of Churches, and the devil himself. You know three
coils of rope is hard to break, and you will not take the world council of church backed up by the
world government, civil power, and their backed up by ecclesiastical power, you havent had
nothing to get a hold of you till you get a PHD hold of you.. Hell kill ya in a minute. Thats what
killed Jesus.
And you got a civil power thats after you like a bunch of mad dogs. And then you got a
ecclesiastical power after ya. Then on top of that you have got all the demons thats ever been
loosed from hell after you. Your gonna need some help! Thats why Gods is gonna fill you so full
of the Holy Ghost brother until you are gonna leap on top of the mountain and come in at the
windows. Amen, youll skip like little rams over top of these things. And there wont be a hair of
your head harmed. Just when they think theyre gonna martyr you, theres gonna be One that slips
in and He had his picture taken with the pillar of fire Hes gonna loose the chains from your feet
and you are gonna come out of the jail house praising God.
Oh yeah, theyre gonna throw you in there. But this gospel shall be preached into all the
world for a witness against the ungodly and the denominational church world, and then that rapture
will take place. Oh, I dont know, I got so much Id like to say and dont have time to say them
tonight. Dont you love this gospel though? It gives you the answer. Its got it all right there. People
have to lookwait for the newspaper to come out every morning to find out whats gonna happen.
Why Brother, I looked in here (Brother Lambert holds up his Bible) and told these people here
whats gonna happen years ago, before the paper come out. And the great big educated PHD,
school teachers, scientists has got to wait for the newspaper comes out to find out what happened!

And a little bunch, holy rollers they call us, get down on our knees, and fast and pray. But,
look at this, God tells them everything that is going to happen before it ever happens. Now whos
the smartest now? That wisdom will count the number of his name. How many counted the number
of his name? Well, you count it. Amen. And when you count it, you better get out of it. Amen!
And were gonna be in the majority in a little bit. How many are anxious to see Elijah? How many
is anxious to see the Apostle Paul, all the other saints. Well brother, I am not talking about a
fairytale off somewhere!
Im talking about what the Bible said thats gonna be here today, theres gonna be a rapture
of the church of Jesus Christ. The dead is gonna come forth from the grave. You know when they
crucified Jesus, He cried with a loud voice and the Bible said, He descended from the heaven with
a shout, with a loud voice of the archangel. And brother, the voice of the archangel is getting ready
to sound. And God is going to raise all the church ages from the dead and theyre going to appear
unto many.
Oh boy, theyre gonna appear unto the Bride. You talk about being the majority. We will
outnumber the Catholics and everybody, sister Priscilla. How many do you recon died back there?
Cant even count them theres so many. A multitude no man could number. Oh my! We are gonna
be in the majority then. You wont feel so lonesome then will ya? Youd feel awfully good when
youd see Apostle Paul saddle up beside ya. Dont worry about it, if they say their gonna martyr
you. Now, this is whats gonna happen. About the time, they get ready to do it, I am gonna hit
them with the power of God knock them about thirty feet. Do you remember how when they came
after Polycarp? Now this is the way its gonna be. When they come after old Martin, one of those
holy rollers, he wouldnt bow down to the World Council of Churches. Its still the same thing
same old spirit that came down after that little old man of God staying with the Word of God.
Oh boy. Come down there and said, Martin! Come on out and give yourself up! And he
had a old cloak on. Big, long cloak on. He walked out there. That old PHD with his big sword,
and the big headquarters of the denomination, pulled out his big sword. Swish! Martin, he said,
we come to kill you because of this Faith. We told you to stop preaching were gonna martyr you!
He said, you have? Martin stuck his neck out there and said, here it is, cut it off. And he saw that
it was alright and then he drew back took a swipe at him and the power of God hit the PHD and
knocked him about fifteen feet. He crawled back, solders with him repenting and crying for God
to have mercy on them.
I just rejoiced to see that day come. Thats when the Bride will blossom. Listen brother,
they couldnt burn it out, they couldnt drown in out, they tried to drown it out of old John. They
said we will get it out of him boys. We will get that Faith out of him. Boy! Put him down there in
that boiling pot there filled with that oil. Well get it out of him! Well, the next morning. he was
just as strong as he ever was. He had One standing beside him. And they lowered him down in that
boiling pot. Ya know it would normally just singe your feet right off soon as he hit it. Let him
down to his ankles and he said, Thank you Lord! Put him down to his knees and he said, Thank
you Lord! Put him down to his waist and he said, Oh, praise God, this feels good! Put him on down
to his neck and the oil just a boiling! John was just havin a holy ghost time in there and it wasnt
bothering him at all. They said, get him out of there, theres something mysterious thats a witch
hell curse us all! Said, Put him over there on the Isle of Patmos.
Then John wrote me a letter he said, Bother Bob your Brother John is on the Isle of Patmos
for the Word of Gods sake, and for the testimony of Jesus. The Bible said, there will come a day
when they will do that to the Bride. Then in that day youre gonna find out what you got! How

many say, even so let it come Lord Jesus. The more they poured it on that early Bride, the hotter
they got with the Power of God. The more they pour it on, the more miracles they done. The more
they threatened them, the greater the blessing they got.
Oh my, I dont want to talk to you all night. I just want it to happen so bad I can hardly
stand it! Amen. Lets sing a hymn and be dismissed. Only believe. We only got out of here at
1:00 this afternoon!
(Brother Lambert and the congregation singing the song, Only believe)
Yes, Lord, we thank you, thank you Lord God. Its so wonderful to know that Jesus is with
His Word. You walk with the Word, then Jesus is walking with you. And then this terrible hour
that is ready to come upon us, Jesus in the darkest, darkest time in six thousand years of history,
Jesus is gonna be with his Bride. Brother Shaw, I just love this. I dont like to turn the service
loose, this is joy to me. I just like to stay here all the time - till God pours out a revival. Little
brethren have to get up in the morning and go to work. Sisters many of you workin trying to help
daddy pay the bills. I know its hard.
Even those that endureth to the end of this thing, the same shall be saved. God has given
us the greatest hour to be living in, to be used of God. Bear me record that God is gonna fill empty
vessels very soon. And the world is gonna here directly from Pentecost. Now ifSee! Just wait
and see if it dont happen. Just write it down and bare it record. God is gonna fill some empty
vessel, and this world is going to hear directly from Pentecost once again. But it will be too late
then to make it right, partner. Hes gonna take them on home, and pour out his wrath on everything
else. So, brothers and sisters Im not trying to scare you, but if you ever counted the number of
denominations you better count it today brother. Its weighed in the balances and found wanting,
and you better find out where light is, and get to it quickly! Let us bow our heads.
May God bless you for being patience and being such a wonderful little audience. Im
going to be praying for you all week long, as I wait upon the Lord in the night and in the day. I
will be praying for you. Pray brother.
(A brother prays)
Bless that prayer Father. Remember our payer chain saints. The Jewish prayer hour, keep
it revitalized and stay with it. Nine oclock, twelve oclock, and three oclock. Every time that clock
hand comes around to those hour, pray. You Mammas keepin house can be sure to pray when
that hour comes. Its the greatest thing. Without prayer you can do nothing. And just kneel momma,
find that little place to kneel. Daddy, find that place to kneel. Im sure if you look around your
house, your barn, whatever you got on your premises. And you find a little place, and the holy
spirit asks you to do this. Anoint that little place, and bend your knees there, and watch God. Say,
Im Right here God, right here. Im going to meet you. Right here Lord, I want to find you. And I
guarantee you, take it from me, I know from experience. Keep praying until you find Him. It may
start out you wont feel nothing! But say, devil Im gonna get blessed, and you are not going to
keep me away from it. Hell meet you! Then when you find that presence try to stay in it, and then
life will be such a joy.


Brother Lambert Speaks again:

How many like to have the joy of their salvation? Where it just flows out and it just bubbles
out, see? Alright. See, when you can have that, then you have a victorious prayer life. Stay in that
prayer life and find His presence and you will have joy forever more. Now God bless you, and
God bless our precious brothers that are with us tonight. Come back again brethren. If you heard
anything! Like eaten cherry pie you hit a seed and you keep eaten the cheery pie and you get the
seed, just throw it out. But just look it over and make sure its a seed. Its like eaten chicken too,
you know we eat fried chicken, but when you hit the bone, you dont throw the chicken away, just
throw the bone away. So how many think its good throw the seed away and throw the bone away.
And still you are our brothers and We love everybody. Were trying to stick with the message that
He gave us. So, we dont have much of a building here, this little old store front, that used to be
the Durham cleaners. So, thats what we try to do. And anybody that comes in that front door, we
take you to the cleaners. Not in your billfold now. No. We dont do that here, we never mention
money. Has anybody heard me mention money, since Ive been pastoring here in the last two
years? No Sir! No. We just preach the gospel, and its without any price. You just come, its free.
Its free, arent you glad that the gospel is for free? Anybody that has to sell the gospel has
got another gospel thats not been given to Paul. So, God bless you. Let us sing this little song,
maybe we will meet again Thursday night expecting the Lord pour out his spirit in a mighty way.
Weve had some wonderful outpourings of the Holy Spirit. But we cant rest upon yesterdays
manna. We want a fresh experience this Thursday night. How many want a fresh experience with
God? Alright, pray pound that devil in that prayer life. And press through like Jesus did in the
Garden of Gethsemane, and find his presence. And say, not my will but thine be done. When Jesus
found His presence. Before he found his presence, he said, Lord if you can take this cup from
me. Now I dont want to get into the God head discussion here. Humanity was praying to divinity.
He said, Lord if it is possible, take this cup from me.
Then he went back and tried to try to find his, thinking they were praying with him found them
sound asleep. About where we are today. He went back and woke them up and said, Could not
you not watch for 1 hour? and he came back, and he prayed, he prayed more sincere this time,
Jesus did, now brother if Jesus was God, he had to pray like that where are you and I? but he
prayed, he prayed until he got the hold of the spirit and then he said, Lord not my will but thine
be done! how many like to say, Lord not my will but thine be done. Thine be done Lord, thine
be done. Alright. Take this name with you now.
(Brother Lambert and the congregation sing the song Take the name of Jesus with you)
Note: All messages are written from recorded tapes of Brother Robert Lambert. Even the language he used is printed here, just as he said it.