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Very Bright (1200 ANSI lumens)

Multimedia Projector
Lightweight and Very Compact
800x600dpi SVGA Projector
also supporting VGA to XGA
6 Colour Modes for Ultimate
Image Rendering
Vertical Keystone Function
New card-type Remote Control
Monitor Output Ideal for
Educational purposes

Brilliant and Affordable Mobile Projection System

The EPSON EMP-52 is a very bright and very

Giving you everything you need for instant, high

affordable projector, perfect for professional

quality presentations, the EPSON EMP-52 is an easy-

presenters on the move. Being lightweight and

to-use, quiet and compact projector that is also

compact, the EPSON EMP-52 can be taken just about

suitable for home and educational usage. With

anywhere, and with its advanced 1200 ANSI Lumens

6 colour modes ready to match you particular

brightness, it wont let you down whatever

presentation environment, vertical keystone

environment youre presenting in. A wealth of unique

correction for adjusting the projection angle and the

EPSON technologies and features really make this

ability to project a huge 60 screen at a very short

projector stand out, giving you reliability and

distance, the EPSON EMP-52 is a highly versatile and

excellence at a price that suits your needs.

user-friendly presentation tool.




Full Connection and Flexibility

The EPSON EMP-52 includes a comprehensive interface for instant, high quality mobile presenting. Video
compatibility with simultaneous audio connection ensures you are never limited to any particular input
device, sources include PCs, Macs, DVD's, video game consoles, camcorders and digital cameras. Automatic
source recognition makes switching between different devices effortless. The monitor output gives the user
greater flexibility in that you can view the presentation via your monitor while projecting the presentation
on screen, making it ideal for a variety of presentation environments including educational and interactive


Advanced Colour Management

With its class-leading projection lens and highly advanced colour management system, the EPSON EMP-52
delivers maximum image quality at a very affordable price. Colour management has been improved so as to
deliver the perfect image performance from a wide range of input signals and presentation environments,
letting you match the input signal and environment for either sRGB, Normal, Meeting, Presentation,
Theatre or Game mode.
Control at Every Step
The EPSON EMP-52 is very straightforward and easy to operate. Fully functional menus with step-by-step
set-up, adjustment and help options are accessed by the on-board control panel or the re-styled card-type
remote control, which is conveniently stored inside the projector when not in use. The ability to project at
a very short viewing distance (a 60 inch screen can be handled at just 1.8m) and adjust trapezoid screen
effects via the menu also helps set-up and operation further.

EPSON reliability guaranteed

under the 3 year
European Warranty.

Model Name



RGB Liquid Crystal Shutter

Projection System


Pixel number: 480000 dots

(800x600) x3
Aspect ratio: 4:3

Projection Lens

Focus: Manual
F number = 1.5, f = 16.6mm


Native: 800 x 600dots

Resize: 1024 x 768/
640 x 480dots

Remote Control

Functions: Input Selection

(PC/Video)/Color Mode/AV Mute/


S-Video Input: 1 x 4pin

-Mini DIN
Component video input: via Mini
D-sub 15 pin
Composite Video Input:
1 x RCA Jack

Digital Zoom (1.01.2)


Light Source: 130W Ultra High

Efficiency Lamp

Optical Features

Optical System: Dichroic

Mirror Separation & Prism
combine Method
Screen Size (projected distance):
0.76 7.62m (0.9 to 11.3m)
Vertical Keystone correction:
15 to +15 degrees
Brightness: 1200 ANSI lumens
Contrast: 400:1


Analog Input: Mini D-sub

-15pin x 1
Monitor Output: Mini D-sub
15pin x 1


Audio Input: Stereo Mini Jack

Audio Input: 1 x RCA Jack
Control In/Out: 1 x RS232C
Sub-D 9 pin


Illumination uniformity: 85%

Maximum Dimensions:
224(D) x 309(W) x 104(H) mm

Colour reproduction: Full Colour

(16.77million colours)
Audio Features

Weight: 2.9Kg

1W Monaural

Power Consumptions: 190W

(6W at standby mode)

Frequency Range Pixel Clock: 13.5MHz to 162MHz

Power supply: 100240V

2.21.0A, 50/60Hz

Vertical: 50Hz to 85Hz

Horizontal: 15KHz to 92KHz

Noise Level: 35dB


Art.-Nr. 7010193 Stand 10/02

Dimensions, without lens & feet:

219(D) x 309(W) x 93(H) mm

3 year European Warranty,

2 year worldwide warranty


Your EPSON dealer:
ISO 9001 : 2000 BVQI Certification number 80678
ISO 14001 BVQI Certification number 80679