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Official school publication of La Jolla High School since 1925 Volume XCI Issue 3 December 18, 2016

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Ryan Robson

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In Review: Fidel 6
Revisiting the revolution and rule of
Cubas late Fidel Castro
Grounding Keystone XL 9
What it took for the Obama administration
to redirect the Keystone XL pipeline

Georgie Morris

Star Austin, Ilias Benbatoul, Sophie Bolinger, Sydney

Brown, Sara Carroll, Monaghan Cromeans, Benjamin
Deckhut, Ariela Feinberg, Diego Guevara, Arman Hamrah,
Cameron Hickman, Adina Keeling, Nicolas Nunez, Maia
Pearl, Annabelle Reeves, Orianna Rodriguez, Dominic
Scurio, Samuel Shindel-Spencer, Anna-Maria Zarembok,
Fengsong Zhang

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Discover spots across town and the neighborhood known as
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See the LJHS sports season wrap-up, and
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Get to know three LJHS teachers: Brammer, Francis, and Medrano.
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December 16, 2016








Now its time for America to bind

the wounds of division; have to get
together. To all Republicans and
Democrats and independents across
this nation, I say it is time for us to
come together as one united people.

Data via AP

- Donald J. Trump, President-elect

Photo via Transition 2017

Anti-Trump Protests Swept San Diego

Demonstrations continued after election


Young Sanders supporters, elderly Clinton supporters, and

environmental, racial
and social justice activists of all ages united
in Balboa Park on November 12 to protest
the election of Donald
Trump as President.
against Trumps campaign
and rhetoric regarding
issues such as LGBT+
gender and civil rights.
More than 500 people passed through the
park with signs and
loud chanting to gather at the large water
fountain adjacent to
the Reuben H. Fleet
Science Center.
Common refrains
from the protesters included, Not my president, and The people,
united, will never be

Many others assailed the Electoral

College system, rather
than Trump directly, as
Clinton won the popular vote.
San Diego Police
closely monitored the
event, and escorted the
protesters as they made
their way through the
The event was
preceded by a small,
peaceful gathering at
Chicano Park in Barrio
Logan on November 11.
There, speakers in
English and Spanish
committed to a unified
anti-Trump effort for
the next four years.
pressed for more lenient immigration policy and defended their
use of the Mexican flag.
Later, over 200
protesters took to
the streets to speak
out against the President-Elect.
Prior to these
events, students at San

Diego universities also

staged campus marches.
Protests had also
been planned in the
event that Trump returned to San Diego
for the resolution of a
Trump University case,
but Trump settled the

Hi-Tide Video
Watch the protests in Chicano Park and
Balboa Park unfold at:


Trump Protesters March

on Balboa Park

December 16, 2016



La Jolla High Schools ranking in the

San Diego Unified School District
based on the latest CAASP test
Mrs. Trang Vu, LJHS Math Teacher,
received a 2016 Platypus Award
from Mental Floss for innovation in
Reince Priebus, Chief of Staff
Steve Bannon, Counselor to the President
Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce
Mike Pompeo, CIA Director
Jeff Sessions, Attorney General
Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human
John F. Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security
Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban
Andrew Puzder, Secretary of Labor
Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury

LJHS Sophomore Sabrina Duong

guessed What are those? on Teen
Jeopardy, giving new life to the
internet meme.
- Reporting by Ilias Benbatoul


New Scholarships Offered for SDUSD

Students Entering Community College
Applications open for the new San Diego College
Promise Scholarship
The San Diego Unified School District has
announced the availability of 600 scholarships for seniors who
plan to attend City
College, Mesa College,
or Miramar Community College.
To be considered,
students must complete the application
(including three brief

essays), graduate an
SDUSD high school
with a 2.0 GPA or
higher, be a California
resident, and have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a
Dream Act application.
All students who
are selected must enroll
in one of the San Diego Community Col-

lege District (SDCCD)

schools for the fall 2017
semester, successfully
complete 12 units and
participate in a community service component.
Applications must
be submitted to the
school site counselor
in-person by February
10, 2016.
- Ryan Robson

Attack at OSU

WORLD: National

Ohio State University student goes

on violent spree

Anthem Required
Before All Films
in India

On November 28
Abdul Razak Artan, a
student at Ohio State
University, drove his
car into a group of students on its campus
in Columbia, Ohio.
After driving into the
group, he got out of the
car and with a butcher knife, and started
slashing and stabbing
his fellow students.
Police officer Alan
Harujko was on the
scene within a minute
and killed the assailant, university officials
said. He engaged the
suspect and eliminated
the threat, according
to OSU Police Chief
Craig Stone.
Some believe the
act committed by Artan was an act of terror
inspired by ISIS. This is
due to a post he made
that referred to Anwar
al-Awlaki, a leading
propagandist and recruiter of the Al-Qae-

As of December,
the Supreme Court of
India has ruled that the
National Anthem is to
played before any film
to promote patriotism.
required to stand while
the national anthem is
being played, and a flag
must be present outside each theatre.
The anthem was last
required before films
after the Indian defeat
in the Sino-Indo war in
Many Indians are
upset with the requirement.
Surabhi, a cinemagoer in her early 20s,
told a reporter with The
Guardian, Nationalism
doesnt mean standing
up for the national anthem, it means standing up for your country, for whats right. So
encourage that.
- Orianna R. Tejada

da terrorist organization. On the contrary,

he also made remarks
about being a lone
Artan enrolled in
Ohio State University
after graduation from
Columbus Community
College. In an article
printed in OSUs campus paper, the Lantern,
Artan states that he
was scared of praying
in public at his new
school. As quoted by
the Lantern, If people
look at me, a Muslim
praying, I dont know
what theyre going to
think, whats going to
Just before he drove
into the crowd on
campus, Artan posted
on his Facebook page
that he had reached
his boiling point and
that Americans need to
leave the Muslim community alone.
- Maia Pearl


Fidel Castro

Photo via Marcelo Montecino


Line Editor

idel Castro, the famous revolutionary,

President, and Prime Minister of Cuba,
died on November 25, 2016. Castro came to
fame in the early 1950s when he led a rebellion against Cubas then tyrannical dictator,
Fulgencio Batista. His first attempt to overthrow Batista failed, and he and his brother,
Raul, were imprisoned for their defiance.
Upon their release, the Castro brothers
made their way to Mexico to continue planning their resistance and revolution against
Batistas reign. In Mexico, Fidel made the acquaintance of another revolutionary, Ernesto Che Guevara.
Together, the Castros and Guevara pushed
one anothers political beliefs, becoming
contingent on the idea that a violent revolution would bring about change in all of Latin
America. This solidified Fidel Castros socialist ideologies as a Marxist-Leninist reformer.
Fidel Castro returned to Cuba with Raul
and Che by his side, eager to overthrow the
Batista administration. He returned with
around 80 insurrectionists and a small ration of weapons, leading a two year long
guerrilla war that ended in victory. A new
government was established, and Castro
himself was sworn in as the Prime Minister.

I am a Marxist-Lenninist and I
will be one until the last day of
my life.
Men do not shape destiny;
destiny produces the man for
the hour.
They talk about the failure
of socialism but where is the
success of capitalism in Africa,
Asia and Latin America?

In the midst of the Cold War, tensions between the United States and Cuba increased,
as Fidel began to develop a relationship with
the USSR. When Castro declared that Cuba
was officially a Socialist state, these tensions
dramatically escalated, and were propelled
by the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis.
When Castro openly claimed his Marxist-Leninism, the U.S. created a full on embargo of
Cuban goods. The hostility towards Castro

The US Flag is proudly displayed at Somos

Cuba, a restaurant in the heart of Havana.

December 16, 2016

did not cease there, however, as he has successfully dodged around 638 assassination attempts
from the CIA and Cuban exiles alike.
Domestically, Castro is loved, feared, or hated.
By creating a communist state, Castro made
almost the whole country literate, opened
thousands of schools, and has provided a widely-praised universal health care system. Yet the
civil liberties of Cubans were jeopardized, and
opposition to his regime was met with execution or exile.
In recent years, Fidel officially stepped down
from the Cuban Presidency and handed it off to
Raul, however, Fidel still held a small amount of
political influence and served as a figurehead for
Cuba. Raul was the announcer of Fidels death,
and with it declared a nine day mourning period for his brother. The emotions that resulted
from his death varied, as many mourned while
others took sighs of relief. Raul and the leaders
of Cubas allies took it upon themselves to lead
one final rally in Fidels name, offering tributes
and speeches of Castros accomplishments and
After 90 impactful and engaging years, Fidel
Castro was buried in Santiago, Cuba.

Images captured during August 2016, prior to the

death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro.


Storm Damage on Field

Thanksgiving break, the rain and
wind storms did some
damage to La Jolla High
Schools new football
field. During the rainstorm in the beginning
of the week, water got
into the transformers,
which blew the lights

on the east side, but

were able to be restarted with generators. A
few days later, a wind
storm blew the lids of
the lights onto the stadium field. The field
was deemed unsafe by
the district until all
of the shards of metal

were to be cleaned up
and the lights fixed.
The inability to use
the football field affected physical education,
sports, and marching
band practice. The field
was unused for four
days which meant that
P.E. and sports prac-

tice had to be moved

to the lower field and
the gym, some soccer
games were canceled
and relocated, and
marching band was unable to practice on the
brought in a huge lift

to fix the lights, said

La Jolla High Schools
Athletic Director and
P.E. coach Paula Conway, and the lights are
still running, but they
wont be completely
fixed until early January.
- Anna-Maria Zarembok
December 16, 2016

On the Grounding of Keystone XL
Protests steer oil pipeline away from Native American lands

Staff Writer

or the past eight

months, thousands
of people throughout
the United States have
stood together firmly
protesting the completion of an oil pipeline
in North Dakota. This
pipeline was planned
to run beneath the
Missouri River, dangerously close to a Native
American reservation.
Its location would disturb Native American
sacred lands and could
easily contaminate the
Missouri River: their
chief water supply. In
of Native Americans
and non-native activists, especially environmentalists, protested
the pipeline, fighting
for the preservation
of their environment
and the human right to
clean water.
Ive always seen this
conflict as about more
than just whether a
specific pipeline exists or not. This issue
American rights and
the treatment of societies different from our
own. We must respect
the values and beliefs
that other cultures hold
and the construction of
such a pipeline would
be doing the opposite.
Though I understood how the pipelines location would
benefit the company
behind the project, ignoring the people so
greatly affected by this

Photos via PDTillman and Bill McKibben

change would be incredibly selfish.

including myself, anxiously
awaited results as the
conflicts in North Dakota grew.
It wasnt until December 4 that a conclusion was finally
reached. Thankfully,
the U.S. Army claimed
it would not allow the
pipeline to run beneath
Lake Oahe (part of the
Missouri River) and
that its path would
have to be rerouted.
This decision caused
an eruption of cheers
as protesters celebrated the long awaited results. For months this
has kept many at the
edge of their seats and

I am so proud of all the

brave, determined protesters in North Dakota whose hard work facilitated a success. The
rerouting means the
Sioux tribe will be able
to live safely, no longer
in fear of the ominous
change the pipeline
would bring. However,
the road to this decision was not easy and
we must never forget
the danger these protesters put themselves
into in order to protect the environment
and their basic human
The Pipeline project began in December 2014 when Energy
Transfer Partners (a
natural gas and pro-

pane company) applied

to build the pipeline.
This pipeline, spanning
from North Dakota to
Illinois, was planned
to be a total of 1,172
miles long, and carry
470,000 barrels per day,
once completed. Energy Transfer Partners
claimed it would serve
as a safe way of transporting oil while simultaneously improving
the local economy.
However, their conception of the pipeline
was far from ideal.
When it became clear
that the pipe would be
constructed beneath
the Missouri River, Native Americans began
their justified protests.
The Standing Rock

the home of the Sioux
Tribe, was less than
a mile away from the
pipelines planned location. Its construction
(and mere existence)
would disturb their
peaceful environment.
In addition, pipelines
are known to break
and, if this one did, it
would contaminate the
water source of thousands of people, not to
mention endanger local
Out of concern
for their people and
the environment, the
Sioux Tribe banded together with more than
200 other tribes across
the nation to fight the
Cont. next page

pipelines location and

the potential harm it
could bring. They advocated for a change in its
route, praying that for
once the government
might listen to their
pleas and help preserve
their community, not
dismiss its needs to
those of a major corporation. Many rioted
for months, constructing teepees in way of
the construction and
camping out on federally owned land. They
held signs on which
Oil and water dont
mix and Water is
sacred was written.
Many quit their jobs
and stayed in protesters
camps, forming close
communities with people who, only months
back, were complete
tents and food stands
were built, providing the help and food
the protesters needed.
Aldo Seoane, a Native
American from the
Wica Agli Tribal Nations in South Dakota,
was quoted saying We
are our own community here and it doesnt
matter what happens
between Dakota Access, the governor or
the sheriff or whoever


North Dakota Oil Production, 1951-2015

Data via ND Dept. of Natural Resources

because our movement

is so much bigger now
than just a pipeline,
announcing that this
conflict was about Native American rights as
a whole, not only the
construction of a pipeline.
Protests grew more

and more violent as

the issue continued
to remain unresolved.
Several hundred people
were arrested; many
claim the police were
much too violent and
brutal. Families were
torn apart, as parents
were dragged away and

arrested, leaving their

children in the chaos.
Though police promised to shoot only non
lethal rounds, the rubber bullets they shot
still proved dangerous,
especially when aimed
at the face. Police also
turned to pepper spray,

tear gas, concussion

grenades, water cannons, and sound cannons to scare rioters.
Water was shot at
families already forced
to endure the freezing
were even hospitalized
for hypothermia. The

December 16, 2016

Boston Schools Dress Code

Sexualizes Girls Bodies
Restrictive policies target girls, students of color

Line Editor

Photo via Brylie Oxley

scene was one of disorder and violence as

many Native Americans, environmentalists, and other allies
were punished for protecting their rights and
fighting for the well-being of their community.
These riots also attracted many non-Native
American neighbors
and celebrities including reporter Amy
Goodman, Green Party candidate Jill Stein,
and actress Shailene
Woodley, who, in response to this, was arrested in early October.
Musician Pharrell Williams was quoted saying We have so much
we can learn from the
Standing Rock Sioux
Tribe and other Native
American tribes. The
children of Standing
Rock ran 2,200 miles
on foot to Washington, D.C. to save their
sacred land from the
oil industry. Lets help
protect them so they
can continue to live in
That anyone would
favor the well-being
of a large corporation
over that of thousands
of families, I find unbelievable. Water and
peace are basic human
rights; to deny anyone
of these would be inexcusable. On this issue,
I have and will always
stand with the Native
Americans and their
allies. Allowing Energy Transfer Partners
to disturb the Native

Americans peace and

home would be a completely unfair move
by the government.
Regardless of the benefits it could bring to
the Energy Transfer
Company, this pipeline
would never be worth
the damage it could
But this conflict has
come to a conclusion
and I am so relieved
that it resolved the way
it did. Had the conflict
continued into Donald Trumps presidency, it would not have
ended the way it did.
Trump supported its
completion. The Energy Transfer Company
also donated $100,000
to a Trump Victory
Fund shortly before the
election, hoping that
he would support their
cause if elected.
We may now rest
assured knowing that
no more harm will
come to the Native
American protesters.
Its decision to be rerouted will allow the
Sioux Tribe to continue to live in peace
with a fresh, safe, water
source. This conflict
put many in danger
and my heart goes out
to all who have been
hurt during the riots.
showed how continued
determination and perseverance pay off and I
am extremely proud of
all who made this turn
out the way it did.

The Boston Latin

School, an exam school
in Boston, Massachusetts, pushed to enforce
a new dress code at the
beginning of November. This change was
immediately met with
resistance, as many students felt as though the
policies specifically targeted females and people of color. In the past
have had criticisms
from students that
dress codes reinforce
rape culture by stating
that it is a females fault
for tempting their male
counterparts with their
clothing of choice. It
is not up to females
to help control what
men get supposedly
distracted by, and the
blame should not fall
on them.
The boldness of
students, such as Liliana Sevrin, is admirable. These students are
taking a stance against

issues that augment

the racism and sexism
that is already deeply embedded into our
society, and speaking
up about them. The
new dress code at the
Boston Latin School
is a lengthy four paragraphs prohibiting articles of clothing such
as spaghetti straps, and
colors that are gang
related, giving innuendos and insinuations
to otherwise harmless
garments. If a factor
of shame wasnt established in relation to
certain styles of dress, a
dress code wouldnt be
necessary at all; it is the
act of prohibition that
reinforces the seemingly negative aspects
of certain articles of
over-sexualization of young girls
bodies is ridiculous,
especially considering
that most girls who are
affected by dress codes
range from ages eleven
to seventeen. We are
teaching young girls
that they are defined

by what they wear, not

who they are. Dress
codes attribute a factor of sexualization to
girls, that they themselves are not claiming.
The dress code also
seeks to prohibit baggy
waist bands, hats, and
other clothing items
associated with rap
culture, targeting people of color. The Boston Latin School in
the past has had complaints about racial discrimination, so issues
such as this one cannot
be overlooked. Schools
may claim that a dress
code benefits the learning environment, but
in reality it is just an
unnecessary measure to
weed out women and
people of color.
The patriarchy and
institutions should not
be defining how someone looks, dresses, or
carries themselves as
long as they are not
bringing about any legitimate form of harm.
Schools serve to educate students, not dress


Incredible Holiday Sale

below Internet prices
Intermediate and Pro
instruments in stock:
Alto Saxes Yamaha YAS 480,
Eastman EAS 640 Soprano Sax
Yamaha YSS 475 Trumpets Yamaha
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Best of
Escape La Jolla and discover San Diegos hidden gems - whether youre
looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Trilogy Sanctuary
Tuscan influence is palpable in every modern achievement of Western Civilization, in monumental architectural structures, life-like
paintings, literary masterpieces, and awe-inspiring sculptures, recognized at first glance by the entire world; all conceived in one single
Italian region
7650 Girard Ave #400, La Jolla, CA 92037


December 16, 2016

Photos via Ryan Robson

From the moment you walk into Pappalecco in Hillcrest, youll know
youve entered one of the warmest nooks in San Diego. The (truly)
friendly staff serve more than coffee: baristas conjure up tea and cold
drinks along with their world-famous gelato.
3650 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

123 Oak Street
La Jolla, CA 92037

Napizza, a newcomer to the plethora of national, regional, and local
pizza joints in San Diego, has quickly been established as a favorite.
Each gourmet pizza, salad, or panini comes with a farm-to-table and
an environmental commitment. Try a slice of their Pollo E Pesto pizza
or grab the tuna, quinoa, or steak salad.
Multiple Locations (Hillcrest, Little Italy)



Harrys Coffee Shop

n Girard Avenue,
in the heart of the
La Jolla Village, is Harrys Coffee Shop.
The restaurant is
reminiscent of a 1950s
Brooklyn diner has a
rich and storied past.
The founder, Harry
Rudolph Jr., was originally a New York native and an avid fan of
the Brooklyn Dodgers.
His love for the team
extended further than
most fans, since he was
the teams batboy.
Despite this, the
true test of his loyalty
came when the Dodgers decided to leave
New York for Los Angeles in 1958. Although
it was a major life decision, Harry decided to
take the leap of faith
and travel to California.
In California, he
embarked on a statewide road trip to find


the perfect place for

his wife Cathy and children to move. With the
a friend, he surveyed
La Jolla. He loved the
small coastal town,
and thought the local
church, Mary Star of
the Sea, would be the
perfect fit for his family.
Soon after, he, his
wife and his son moved
to La Jolla and subsequently started Harrys
Coffee Shop in 1960.
Here, he would be
accompanied by his
wife and many loving
children. Their names
are Charles, Cathy,
Elizabeth, Terry, Susie,
Harry, Jennifer, James
and John.
During his fifty
years at the shop, Harry was dedicated to ensuring his business provided the best possible
service and properly

emulated its New York

City roots.
Today, Harrys children, all La Jolla High
alumni, continue their
fathers legacy of upholding superior customer service and serving up a diverse and
delicious menu.
Their success would
not be possible without Harrys hard working staff, who ensure
the restaurant runs
smoothly day in and
day out.
For many La Jollans,
Harrys Coffee Shop
embodies the nostalgia
of a past era.
However, a younger
generation, consisting
mostly of high-schoolers, flock to the restaurant to enjoy its rich
breakfast menu.
Among its many
popular dishes, Harrys
is known for the BW
Benny, a bacon waffle

topped with eggs benedict and cooked to perfection.

The La Jolla High
Club would like to
sincerely thank Harrys coffee shop for its
dedication to the community. Their donation
to support the clubs
at our high school is
greatly appreciated. It

is truly an iconic local

- Story by Ian Dicikinson
and Thomas Evans, LJHS
Fundraising Club
Through a partnership with the LJHS
Fundraising Club, the
Hi-Tide has received
compensation for the
placement of this story.
December 16, 2016

Buona Forchetta
The moment you wander into Buona Forchetta, the first thing youll
notice (besides the delectable aroma) are the thick Italian accents of
the staff and the gold-tiled oven lovingly named Sofia. This place
serves up conscious and fresh, yet highly authentic, Italian cuisine in a
cozy and intimate South Park setting.
3001 Beech St, San Diego, CA 92102

Aqui Es Texcoco
The original lives in Tijuana, but Aqui Es Texcoco serves up the
same delicious lamb barbecue in its Chula Vista home. Try exotics
such as grasshoppers and lamb brain tacos, or enjoy traditional
Mexican dishes from a clean, Zagat-rated establishment.

Photo via Robert Boyd

1043 Broadway St #108, Chula Vista, CA 91911


WINTER 2016/ 2017

SAT Test Dates

Dec 3 Jan 21 Mar 11

ACT Test Dates

Dec 10 Feb 11 Apr 8




Targeting January or March Exam Dates

Targeting Februray Exam

Option 1:
8 Weeks SAT Core Program + Winter Boot Camp
Starts Nov. 7th - Jan 21st Exam
Tuition: $1460

Option 1:
8 Weeks ACT Core Program + Winter Boot Camp
Starts Nov. 7th - Jan 21st Exam
in our programs is on a

Option 2:
8 Weeks SAT Core Program ONLY
Starts Nov. 7th - Jan 21st Exam
Tuition: $ 920
Option 3:
Winter Boot Camp + 10 Weeks SAT Core Program
Starts Dec. 19th - March 11th Exam
Tuition: $1690
Option 4:
10 Weeks SAT Core Program ONLY
Starts Jan. 2nd - March 11th Exam
Tuition: $1150


first-come, first-served basis. Register

early to 2:
avoid the last-minute rush
a place
in the
8 Weeks
class. Each
a free
7th - Jan
diagnostic test and meet with a
Tuition: $920
director before being placed in the
appropriate class.

Boot Camp Schedule
A $50 non-refundable registration
Week 1:

Dec. 19, 20, 21, 22

fee will be assessed for first-time

Week 2:
Dec. 26, 27, 28, 29
and scheduling
subject to
& Wed
change without notice.
Tue &does
Online registration

Math Level 2



November 7th - January 21st




Tuition: $500/Subject

US History

Targeting January Exam

First time students: please contact the office to

schedule a consultaion before enrolling

(Contact Rancho Bernardo Location)

5965 Village Way, Suite E203





December 16, 2016

December Faculty Lookalike

by Tanner Ford

Cartoon by Tanner Ford

Faculty Lookalike

by Tanner Ford

Cartoon by Zoe Mendel


Cedros Avenue

Also known as the Design District, Cedros Avenue is an eclectic and fun spirited street nestled in the heart of Solana Beach.
Only two and half blocks long, Cedros vast variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues will provide for an amusing
weekends day with family and friends. The eighteen mile trek from La Jolla is well worth the good food, music, and shopping.

Wild Note Cafe $$

The self proclaimed Pacific Costal and Mexican fusion restaurant, Wild Note Cafe is a casual, gourmet eatery that is not
to be missed. Wild Note Cafe is attached to Cedros concert
venue, The Belly Up, and has been serving up comfort food in
San Diego for years. Serving Lunch and Dinner every day of the
week, the Wild Note Cafes menu includes a plethora of salads,
sliders/burgers, and Mexican specialties. Their Brie Burger is
truly a culinary masterpiece. A pound beef burger stuffed

with traditional creamy French Brie and topped with mushrooms, is one of the menus many standouts. Also a highlight
of the menu is the Ahi Poke, made from Green onions, avocados, and sashimi grade Ahi, with an Asian inspired dressing.
Their Ahi Poke makes for a perfect combination of flavors. At
the Wild Note Cafe, skipping dessert is not even a option. The
favorite is for sure the Reeses Peanut Butter Pie... no explanation needed. Whether for lunch or for dinner, or eating on the
shaded patio or inside, the Wild Note Cafe will always satisfy
an empty stomach and a craving for good food.

Claires On Cedros $$
Claires on Cedros is a San Diego staple when it comes
to delicious Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch. The rustic,
earthy, and woodsy ambiance provides for a pleasurable meal. Most of the seating is outdoors and under a
large Torrey Pine tree that contributes to the sustainable style, design, and architecture of the restaurant.
If wanting a sit down meal, Claires has a wide variety
of farm-fresh menu items ranging from omelets and
Benedicts to traditional Mexican dishes to Griddle
items. Claires French Toasts are proven to be the most
popular menu items with both a plain flavor and a buttery and sweet Bananas Foster. If you dont have time
for a sit down meal, be sure to check out their bakery
featuring coffees, teas, and pastries. A meal at Claires is
the perfect way to start off any day!


December 16, 2016

Book lovers, travelers, designers, and gardeners
unite! SoLos variety of unique items make it a
special find in San Diego. SoLos architectural
style and items can be described as sophisticated and industrial: containing elements of both
tasteful design and hints of industrial decor.
SoLo is one of those stores where one can spend
literally hours of limitless exploration. Their vast
collection of coffee table books includes interior
design, gardening, photographs, and cooking.
Despite SoLos modern furnishing items and
extravagant artwork, it also contains small gifts
that are perfect for the holidays and birthdays.
Such items include custom stationary, soaps,
candles, jewelry, and blankets/tapestries. SoLo is
truly one of its kind a must- stop shop when you
come to Cedros.
Leaping Lotus
Leaping Lotus is one of Cedros main attractions. Comprised of over 120
individual merchants in a large warehouse space, Leaping Lotus has everything one needs from clothing, home decor, art, and other endless possibilities of goods. Leaping Lotus is the place to spend aimless hours of strolling,
looking, and shopping; the store itself is unlike any store in San Diego. Its
artsy and bohemian style make it an interesting destination. The items are
reasonably priced and fit everyones personal style from vintage to beach inspired, and everything in between. Whether for yourself, a family member,
or a friend, Leaping Lotus has unique and special gift items.

Farmers Market
On Sundays, be sure to check out Cedros Farmers Market. The Farmers Market has fresh vegetables, fruits, and select dining options.
Belly Up
Cedros renowned entertainment venue has select
musical performances for all ages a few times
a month. Check out, for a list of
artists that are coming soon.


Harvard Bound

LJHS Senior Reed Farley Signs


Staff Writer

Senior Reed Farley

recently signed to to
Harvard University for
Farleys recruiting
process has been in
the making for all of
his high school career,
but it reached a serious
level from the spring of
his junior year through
the summer prior to his
senior year.
Farley has always
had a goal to play basketball at a college level, particularly in the
Ivy League, and being
able to accomplish this
goal is very fulfilling to
He claims that the
most difficult part
of his recruiting pro-

cess was staying level

headed and confident
throughout the entire
process, as it was challenging for Farley was
seeing that he knew he
was on radar for Harvard, but things werent
moving as quickly as he
Farley is most looking forward to getting
to play in front of a
larger crown and being
able to travel across the
country to do what he
He also has hopes of
having the opportunity
to play in the NCAA
tournament at some
time during his career.
He says that he has always felt that he was
given great gifts and
has always believed that
he should work to get
himself to a higher lev-

el however, there is no
one in particular who
he thinks is responsible
for his current success,
but there are many
important people who
have helped him in
many aspects of his career.
Farleys could give
advice is that ...there
are always ups and
downs in terms of how
much interest a school
shows, but it is most
important to make sure
that you dont get too
down on yourself, but
to also not get too confident.
says to always make
sure that you are enjoying what you do and savoring the process as so
many people are showing interest in you.


Dana Waldburger Commits to Cal


Staff Writer

Sophomore Dana
Waldburger has committed University of
California, Berkeley for
beach volleyball. She
started her recruiting
process at the beginning of this year (2016).
Waldburger didnt
see herself playing at
a college level until a


year ago, but is now

very excited to have the
opportunity to play at
One of the most difficult parts of getting
recruited for Waldburger was staying
dedicated and playing
Now she looks forward to play with her
sister, Abby Waldburger, who also plays beach
volleyball at Berkeley.

Waldburgers coaches and family inspired

her to take her skills to
the next level and pursue playing in college.
According to Dana,
communicating with
the coaches of the
schools you are interested in going to on
your own is the key to
finding success in committing to a college.

December 16, 2016




Fresh/Soph Girls Volleyball went undefeated this season with an 18-0 record. JV
Football also went undefeated this season
and became League Champs.

Signed Athletes

Photo via LJHS PTA

CIF Champions

Girls Tennis won the Division I CIF Championship against

Poway last month. Junior Alex Kuo, a San Diego Union-Tribune
Athlete of the Week, led the team to victory. Girls tennis went
2-5 this season.


Fresh/Soph Girls Volleyball went undefeated this season with

an 18-0 record. JV Football also went undefeated this season
and became League Champs.

Sydney Boland - UCSD
Karli Canale - SDSU
Bennett Bugelli - UCSD
Ciara Franke - UCSD
Dana Waldburger - UC Berkeley
Zach Sehgal - Stanford
Reed Farley - Harvard
Shelby Meksto - UCLA

French Government Bans MMA

Mixed martial arts down for the count

Staff Writer

Ministry announced
October 26th that it is
upholding a ban on specific aspects of combat
sports that effectively
outlaws mixed martial
arts. France is the last
European country, excluding Norway, to not
recognize the sport.
Mixed martial arts
is a combat sport involving a mixture of
different types of traditional martial arts
and from other combat
sports. Its rules allow
one to strike an opponent while the opponent is on the ground.

The competition can

utilize a variety of rings
and cages, but as broadcast by the UFC, takes
place in an octagonal
The French Sports
Ministry has banned
some strikes already
considered illegal in
MMA, but it also
banned some important elements of the
Strikes while the
opponent is on the
ground are now banned
in France, and so is the
type of cage used in
many MMA events.
Fights will take
place on a carpet or in a
ring with three or four
ropes. The corners of

the ring will be protected, read a press release

given October 26.
It also specified
that punches, kicks
or strikes with the
knees against a fighter on the ground; any
strike with the elbow;
headbutts; blows to
the genitals, the spine,
the back of the head
or the throat; putting
the fingers in the eyes,
mouth or nose, as well
as Pulling the hair; biting; throwing (the opponent) intentionally
onto the head or neck;
throwing the opponent
out of the ring, would
be banned.
French MMA athletes

train in the United

States to avoid the
French rules.
There were hopes
that a loophole could
be used to get around
the ban, but this announcement is evidence that the MMA
ban still stands. The

French MMA Federation, or CFMMA, has

threatened legal action challenging the
Ministrys ruling. The
Bertrand Amoussou,
called the decision disrespectful.


Pitch Breaks Baseballs Barriers


Staff Writer

Pitch, a new show

on FOX that highlights
women in baseball tells
the story of Ginny Baker, a woman who becomes a pitcher for the
San Diego Padres, making her the first woman
to play in Major League
Ginny must demon-

strate her value to the

team, and prove not
only to herself but to
everyone else that she
The show tackles
issues of gender perception and stereotypes that often exist in
The manager of
the team says that she
is just a pretty face,
treating her as though
she was just a publicity

Ginny Baker is given the number 43, one
number up from Jackie
Robinson to demonstrate the significance
of the barrier she is
breaking. Jackie Robinson broke the racial
barrier by being the
first African American
to play in Major League


of San Diegans voted in support of
Measure C, an initiative supported
by the Chargers to increase the
hotel tax and fund a new stadium

Brazilian Soccer Team in Plane Crash

Five survivors in crash en route to Columbia

Staff Writer

On Monday November 26, a chartered plane carrying

Brazilian soccer team
Chapecoense crashed
into a Colombian hillside, leaving only six
survivors. The plane
had a total of 81 people aboard and 75 have
been reported dead.
The Chapecoense
team departed from
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
where they were on
their way to play in the
final against Atletico
Nacional of Medillion.
The plane declared
an emergency and was
lost from radar at 10:00

survivors include Alan[a] Luciano Ruschel,

Ragnar Follmann, two
crew members, Ximena Surez and Erwin
Tumiri, and Brazillian
journalist Rafael Henzel. Marcos Danilo Padilla died in the hopstial.
made the rescue effort
a difficult task, as it was
hard for ambulances to
get to the remote crash
It seemed the plane
had no fuel, said Elkin
Ospina, the mayor of
the nearby town, La
Ceja. Crash investigator Alfredo Bocanegra
said that communication with Bolivian aviation official suggested
that the plane was experiencing electrical

problems. Authorities
are also investigating
the possibility of an
engine failure, after a
former female flight attendant reportedly said
that the plane ran out
of fuel.
Chapecoense joined
Brazils first division in
2014 for the first time
since the 1970s and last
week qualified for the
finals, after defeating
Argentinas San Lorenzo squad. They were
currently 9th in the 20team league with one
game left in the season.
The team was honored
in Chapeco on Saturday, December 3, with
more than 100,000 people in attendance. Burials occurred across Brazil for the players.

In terms of what comes next for the

Chargers, its just too early to give you
an answer. We are going to diligently
explore and weigh our options, and
do what is needed to maintain our
options, but no decision will be announced until after the football season
concludes and no decision will be
made in haste.
Thank you, again, for believing in the
Chargers. Everyone on the team and
in my family appreciates your loyal
support and continued patience, and
we look forward to an exciting rest of
the season.
- Dean A. Spanos,
Owner & Chairman of the Board
San Diego Chargers

December 16, 2016

Photo via MANICA Architecture

FOXs new TV show imagines female pitcher for Padres

Coaching Shakeups
Updates on head coaches at LSU,
Oregon, and Texas

Sports Editor

LSU named Coach

Ed Orgeron permanent
head coach November 26th, following his
stint as interim coach
after the firing of longtime coach Les Miles in
September. Orgeron
previously served as
head coach of Mississippi from 2005-2007,
but was fired due to his
10-25 record. The news
came 2 days after LSUs
victory over Texas
A&M, the win was followed by players chanting Keep Coach O in
the locker room. As for
the rest of the coaching
staff, Orgeron commented, My plan is to
take my time and assemble the best staff in
America. A Louisiana
native, Coach O understands the measures
necessary to uphold
the name of the Tiger
Football program, and
expects to succeed at
his new position.
Oregon fired head
coach Mark Helfrich
after 4 season as head of
the football program.
Despite going 37-16
with the Ducks and
leading the team to the
first National Championship game in the
history of Oregon football, Helfrich went 4-8
this season, ultimately
resulting in Helfrich
being let go. Following
the news, Helfrich released a statement saying, It is with respect
and disappointment
that we receive this
decision Plain and
simple we didnt win
enough games this season. Oregon plans to

look outside of the current coaching staff for

their next head coach.
Regarding the players,
athletic director Rob
Mullens stated, It was
difficult Players were
upset because they lost
a family member. No
has been released regarding who the program is considering for
the position.
Texas head coach
Charlie Strong was
fired following a loss to
TCU, despite players
pleading with University to allow Strong to
remain. He was 16-21
in his 3 years at UT.
Texas President Gregory L. Fenves addressed
Strongs firing, saying,
In the end, the results
over three seasons were
not there. It was not
clear the future was going to be at the levels
expected of Longhorn
football. Strong was
quickly replaced by
Houston coach Tom
Herman, who was also
pursued by LSU. Herman went 22-4 in 2 seasons at Houston, and is
credited with bringing
Houston football to
national prominence.
Herman has already
hired four assistant
coaches from UH. Following the announcement of his hiring,
he stated, Longhorn
football has been - and
always will be - a national power, winning
and playing for national championships with
great pride and passion, supported by an
unbelievable fan base.
Lane Kiffin will most
likely replace Herman as Houstons head

Las Vegas Scores NHL

Hockey Team, the Golden

After naming controversy, NHL welcomes

its 31st team

The original Black Knights are the athletes of the US

Army at West Point Military Academy (photo via US Army)

Staff Writer

The National Hockey League (NHL) has

been a concrete part of
North American sports
for almost 100 years.
The professional ice
hockey league, consists
of 31 club teams who
will be playing in this
years 2017-2018 season.
7 of the 31 are located
in Canada, while 23 are
in the United States.
The latest controversy within the league
is the addition of an
expansion team in Las
Vegas. Las Vegas is in
desperate need for abig
name sports team, with
little revenue currently coming in through
the sports world, the
addition of their very
own team would be

beneficial on many levels. Owner Bill Foley

decision to name his
500-million-dollar expansion team the Golden Knights has caused
much uproar in the
Foley was a 1967
graduate of West Point
Military Academy, and
wanted the name to
embody toughness and
strength. In an ESPN
interview with Foley,
he stated, It should
represent Las Vegas, it
should represent the
environment, it should
be unique to Las Vegas, he said.
But it needs to be
a name that people
hear the name and say,
These guys are tough,
these guys are going
to win, these guys are
dedicated. So I need to
have that kind of mo-

mentum, that kind of

philosophy behind the
originally planned to name
his team the Black
Knights, which caused
much controversy.
many trademark issues
throughout his process
of choosing a name for
the team. The reasoning
behind the name Black
Knights was a nod to
the military from Foley.
However, many citizens and military personnel find this name
to be crossing the line.
In a recent compromise, Foley finally
decided on the Golden


On Assignment: Serenity
Photo 6 courtesy of Shayna Kobrinetz
Photos 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 courtesy of Maia Pearl
Photo 1 courtesy of Sam Spencer


December 16, 2016




Shauna Brammers Automotive & Musical Side


Staff Writer

What is the most

adventurous thing you
have ever done?
racing on Leeds Motor
Speedway in Alabama.
It was a weekend course
and you trained in fast
Porsches and then rode
on a professional racetrack.
Another time, I
rode my bike from
Canada to home. It was
1755 miles to the Mexican border. Joey and I
flew from here to Canada, packed our bikes
in big boxes, and rode
Do you have any
interesting scars or tattoos?
I have scars on my

legs from a bike accident. I also have a scar

from a tattoo removal. It was a red rose.
I got it at age sixteen
with two friends--the
tattoos matched, and
they still have theirs. I
hid it from my parents
for two years, until my
mom walked into the
bathroom while I was
in the shower at my
grandmas house. It was
only $25 to put on, but
$500 to remove.
What were some of
the bands or musicians
who were popular
when you were in high
Boston, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Van
Halen, David Bowie,
The Rolling Stones,
and Supertramp.
Whats the sketch-

iest thing youve ever

When I was in third
grade, I wanted to be
like Evil Knievel. My
brothers and my neighbors and I would set
up ramps in the street
with nails and buckets
of water between them
and do bike jumps over
them. We kept moving
the ramps farther and
farther apart. I went
for it and didnt make
it. I spent spring break
in the childrens hospital. Half of my face was
a scab and I had a terrible concussion - kids
didnt have to wear
bike helmets back then.
All the parents in my
neighborhood brought
their kids to visit me so
they wouldnt use the
bike ramps anymore.

Whats your hidden

So many. Im a very
good cook. And I can
So whats your favorite recipe?
It would have to
be a pizza, easy on
the sauce, easy on the
cheese. I use buffalo
mozzarella, a lighter, more traditional
cheese, and fresh basil.
What is the most
youve ever run into a
former student?
Oh! At a concert!
Not only one of my students, also a T.A. He
was a student twenty
years ago and he was
really into music - he
played the saxophone.
The concert was at
Humphreys and the

band was Yes. I was sitting on the side wall. A

man came up and asked
if the spot next to me
was taken. I recognized
him and said, Eric?
This seat is for you!
If you hadnt become a teacher, what
line of work do you
think youd be in today?
Detective work? Maybe I would have gotten
a Masters degree in
Nursing. It would still
be science. I might like
to be an automobile
designer. I have a love/
hate relationship with
Speaking of cars,
what type of car do you
have? How do you take
care of it?
I have a black 2010
Porsche. I have it serviced regularly, check
the tire pressure regularly, and wash it. It
has a protective wrap
called a clear bra, which
can take an impact of
up to 130 mph. Once I
was in Sorrento Valley
and the car in front of
me kicked up a board.
I must have been going
at least 65 mph. The
2x4 hit my car in three
places. It scuffed the
clear bra and cracked
the windshield, but
there were no dents.
Whats the most interesting change youve
seen at this school in
your time here?
Ive been here for 28
years. There have been
new buildings built the 900 and 700 buildings, and the pool - and
there are more clubs,
and more technology.
Most of all, Ive seen
a lot of new faces. The
only teacher whos been
here since I started is
December 16, 2016

Hi-Tide reporters asked their teachers a common set of questions in order to

profile the LJHS faculty.



Away from the Pool with

Coach Francis

Ms. Medrano: Dont

Sweat the Small Stuff


Staff Writer

What is the most

adventurous thing you
have ever done?
The most adventurous thing Ive done
has to be when my
wife went on a trip for
a week, when my two
kids were toddlers. I
had to watch them by
myself. Yeah, that was
the most adventurous
thing Ive ever done.
Do you have any
interesting scars or tattoos?
I have a pretty
gnarly scar on my back
from skin cancer but I
dont have any tattoos.
What is your favorite movie of all time?
My favorite movie is The Godfather, but
I also really like The
Shawshank Redemption.
What are your favorite songs of all time?
My favorite rock
bands of all time are
Led Zeppelin and The
Rolling Stones. My all
time favorite Led Zeppelin song is Whole
Lotta Love and for the
Rolling Stones it would
have to be Gimme
What is the most
that has happened to
you as a teacher?
The most embarrassing thing would
have to be the time I
taught 3 periods with
my fly down until a
little boy was like,
Hey, Francis your fly is

I really believe that

you should laugh a lot
in life and have a sense
of humor about things.
I really consider that
one of my best qualities
is my sense of humor
and people know that I
like to roast but I do it
completely out of love
... I dont take myself
too seriously.

Staff Writer

What is the oddest

place you have seen a
former student?
One time I was
visiting my family in
Oregon and saw a kid
Where do you like
shop for your groceries?
I usually shop a
What is the sketchiest thing thats ever
happened to you?
When I was around
18, me and a couple
buddies got busted peeing in a parking lot in
Tijuana. I had to ride
in the back of the cop
car in Mexico. That was
pretty sketchy.
What was the biggest news event that
happened during your
senior year?
Well, I graduated in
1983, and I think Michael Jackson caught
his hair on fire in a
commercial. That was
pretty big news.
Whats the funni-

est thing that has happened to you while

teaching swim?
A swarm of bees
started attacking all the
kids so everyone, even
the non suits, jumped
in. It was pretty funny seeing 40 kids fully
clothed spazzing out in
the water.
Do you have any
rituals that you follow
on a daily, weekly or
monthly basis?
Yeah, I always leave
my lock for my locker
on my favorite number.
Im superstitious like
If you were not a
teacher what would
you be?
I didnt know it
until after I became a
teacher, but I wanted
to be Fish and Game.
What is your favorite swim stroke?
Well I dont like
swimming, but I guess

What do you like

to do most in your free
I like to sleep,
watch sports on TV,
and workout.
Whats the most interesting thing you do
outside of school?
Read and research
about things Im curious about to help better understand people.
Why do you think
you have such a strong
connection with your
I think like they do
and I see things from
their perspective. My
son keeps me hip. I try
and understand what
goes on kids lives and
keep it real. Really anti-teacher, I dont sweat
the small stuff. I care
if my students are engaged.
you to become a teacher?
It just happened
to me. It just kind of
found me. I didnt look
for it. I dropped out

of college and I got

a teaching job. So it
found me and just sort
of happened. I really
wanted to be a singer
and an actress.
What do you look
school year?
Why do you invest
so much time in the
football team?
I want to make a
difference in their lives
and I wanted to coach
and help them with
their academics.
What would you
be doing now if you
werent a teacher?
Id be independently wealthy and Id be
volunteering and helping people out.
Did you used to
Ive coached longer
than Ive been a teacher. Ive been coaching
since I was 19. My first
job ever was coaching
flag football. And Ive
track and field, soccer, basketball, and
football. I think like a

Afghan Girl In Trouble

Subject of iconic photo deported from Pakistan

Staff Writer

31 years ago an
iconic photograph of a
child refugee appeared
on the cover of National Geographic. Journalist Steve McCurry
took this photo in a
refugee camp located
in Peshawar, Pakistan.
The subject, 12-yearold Sharbat Gula, was
an orphan; her parents
had been killed in a

Soviet bombing. She

and any surviving family members had left
Afghanistan, walking
through snow covered
mountains to reach Pakistan.
In the photograph,
Gula stares back back
at the viewer, her intense green eyes captivating and haunting
them. The young girls
expression of fierce yet
pained determination
has become synony-

mous with the suffering that the Afghan

Civil War brought to
17 years after the
photo was taken, McCurry, who only knew
Gula as the Afghan
girl, set out to find her
again, traveling back
to Peshawar. All this
time Gula, 29 then,
had known nothing of
her international fame.
When finally finding
her, McCurry and the

Photo via National Geographic


public were finally able

to truly hear her story.
Now, 14 years later,
Gula landed in trouble. She was arrested
after being accused of
having fake identity
papers. She applied for
an identity card in 2014
under the fake name
Sharbat Bibi. Recently Pakistan has been
cracking down on illegal identity cards and
many Afghan refugees
who fled to Pakistan
for safety are now facing national charges.
She is one of thousands
of Afghan refugees
could face years in jail
and an expensive fine.
On October 22, Pakistans Interior Minister said Gula should be
granted bail. However
a judge denied her application. This means
she could face up to
14 years in jail and a
$3,000-$5,000 fine.
hearing of her arrest,
vowed to do anything
to help Gula. He hired

a lawyer for her and

argued that she was singled out because of her
I object to this action by the authorities
in the strongest possible terms. She has
her entire life, and her
arrest is an egregious
violation of her human rights., McCurry
claimed, promising to
support her.
On November 4,
the court finder her
$1,100 and sentenced
her to 15 days in prison.
She will then be deported back to Afghanistan.
Afghanistans ambassador to Pakistan,
Dr. Omar Zakhilwal
rejoiced, saying, She
soon will also be free
from an uncertain life
of a refugee as she will
be on her way back to
her own country as
soon as next Monday
where she still is a beloved image and a national icon.
December 16, 2016

How to destress during

college app
BY STAR AUSTIN, Staff Writer

Express your feelings

Talk, cry, laugh and be mad when you need too.
Calling a friend or close relative that you fell comfortable with is a healthy way of relieving stress.
Tell them how you feel.
All forms of exercise can reduce depression and
anxiety by releasing feel good chemicals into the
brain. Going for a walk or even just stretching will
help decrease your stress.

Listen to soothing sounds

Studies show that listening to soothing sounds
like water dripping and waves crashing can help
you feel more relaxed.
Take deep breathes and focus on the present. Be
involved with what is happening at the moment
and let everything else go.
Turn off the screens
Close your computer and shut off your phone for
a few hours. Youll notice your body is physically
more relaxed without the electronic stimulus.
Get a massage
Getting a massage is good for the soul. It physically releases the stress within your body.
Try aromatherapy
Aromatherapy oils are known for their relaxing
properties. Try rubbing a little of your favorite
scent into your skin and lay back and relax.

Spent time outdoors

Going for a walk outdoors is a good way to
relieve stress. Take time
and look around at the
flowers and really try
to take in the environment.
Spread the love
Random acts of kindness are proven to boost
your mood and the other persons as well.
You might be tired of
writing from your essays, but take a break to
write a freeform journal about what youre
feeling. Youll find this
to be a powerful tool
for stress relief and personal introspection.



The Best Rap Albums of 2016


SremmLife 2 SUGGESTED TRACK: Look Alive

Rae Sremmurd, Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee come together to create another album full of hits. With almost all Mike-Will
production, this is an album you can enjoy with everyone else at the function.

Atrocity Exhibition SUGGESTED TRACK: Lost

A removed and dark look at the effect of drugs and life in the gutters of Detroit. No glam, No buzz, a raw look at the crumbling come down from narcotic ridden psychosis.

Honor Killed the Samurai SUGGESTED TRACK: That Cold and Lonely
Ka, Brownsvilles very own firefighter comes with an album that is distinct as much as it is traditional. Featuring production
that will make you reminisce about hip hop made before you were born and the sturdy but hushed flows of Ka himself.

Bullet SUGGESTED TRACK: Just Gangsta

Conway, Not for the Bryson Tiller fan, ruthless flows on uncorrupted instrumentals. Militant raps from Buffalos very first
to come forward.

Strictly 4 my Fans SUGGESTED TRACK: Gutta

G herbo, This mixtape, as a precursor to his upcoming album, finds G herbo with his same ever-aggressive flows, but with
the shiny lacquer of the rocka-a-fella overwatch.. Real stories from a real representative of Chicago.

We Got It From Here Thank You 4 Your Service SUGGESTED TRACK: The Killing Season
After an eighteen year hiatus, and the passing of the legendary Phife Dawg, one of Hip Hops most notorious and outspoken
groups come together to create a intellectual, politically driven, and poetic album that stands out in a time where that aspect
of the art form is widely forgotten.


December 16, 2016


HBOs Westworld

Amazon Enters the Music

Streaming Arena
Amazon Music Unlimited competes with Spotify

Staff Writer

This past October,

Amazon released its
version of Spotify and
Apple Music with Amazon Music Unlimited.
The Amazon Music
Unlimited service is
$9.99 per month, and
just like Spotify Premium, doesnt include any
advertisements or commercials.
If you are an Amazon Prime member,
however, the price
drops to $7.99 per
Furthermore, if you
own an Echo, which is

Staff Writer

(Ed. Note: The new

HBO show Westworld,
which premiered on October 2, 2016, is the recreation of the 1973 original movie by Michael
Crichton. The idea behind
Westworld is a place
where wealthy people
can pay to fully immerse
themselves in a Western-style world. So far
there are seven episodes
that have been released in
the first season. HBO recently renewed the show
for a second season.)
With my computer
on, and a tab opened
to the show, I sit in anticipation. Something
I had often fantasized
about as a boy had
been made into an hour
long episode of reality:
cowboys and the West.
So with high hopes, I
pressed the mouse and
the static of HBO appeared loudly through
my speakers.
She appeared, Do-

lores, and she answered

the questions, and I
was intrigued or rather
mesmerized. This was
not a Western movie as
I had previously imagined and hoped for, it
was something greater,
something deeper.
Westworld, I soon
began to find out, represents the trueness of
humanity, what we are
in reality, but what we
hide behind the veil of
social evolution.
It is with this deeper meaning that Westworld lives up to and
surpasses expectations.
Along with a storyline that becomes increasingly complicated
with reveals and twists,
Westworld provides
its audience with something to think about.
Not only is the
guest fully immersed,
but so is the watcher.
I would highly recommend giving this
show a chance, because
it might surprise you as

the companys smart

speaker, Amazon Music only costs $3.99 per
Amazon Music also
offers tens of millions
of songs throughout its
music library.
In response to Apple Musics voice operated system, Siri,
Amazon Music allows
users to talk to Alexa,
through the Echo device.
With its lower prices, Amazon Music is
trying to win over Spotify and Apple Music
users, especially if they
already have a Prime
Amazon Music Un-

limited is just another

new way for music lovers to enjoy their content.
The service allows
for users to browse music and instantly download all of their favorite songs with just the
click of a button.
The only downside
is that, similar to Apple Music, users can no
longer listen to radio
stations for free. In order to do this, you must
have a subscription to
the service.
All in all, Amazon
Music Unlimited is yet
another music service
that users are able to
get their hands on.

Netflix Titles Now Available Offline


Staff Writer

Netflix users, rejoice! You can now

download TV shows
and movies for an offline binge. Traveling
for the holidays? You
can now watch Parks
and Recreation while
youre on the road. Sitcoms arent your thing?
Good Will Hunting is
also available for download.
We all appreciate
that Netflix has added
this feature, but whats
taken so long? Well,
means that Netflix
needs to secure a new
set of rights from the
people who created
those shows, and that
takes time. Thats one
reason why Netflix has
upped its spending on
original shows, if they
own the rights, they

can do whatever they

want. In 2016 alone,
Netflix released upwards of 600 hours of
original content.
Netflix has gone
further than that,
however, adding many
more titles to its downloadable collection.
Netflix is working
with lots of partners
globally to get downloading rights for the
bulk of the content
on our service, wrote
Marlee Tart, a Netflix
spokeswoman, in an
email to WIRED magazine. This is an ongoing effort as we know
consumers want this
capability and we are
working to provide it.
While for many of
us living in the United
States downloadable
content is a nice plus,
Tony Gunnarsson, a
TV and video analyst
with market research

firm Ovum, pointed

out that its really a step
toward Netflix becoming a global company.
In many new markets like Africa and
Asia, Wi-Fi isnt a
guarantee. So, people
in these areas could
simply load up their
shows when they have a
connection, and watch
them later.
Netflix, however,
is not the first to offer
the ability to download
content, after all Amazon Video has been
doing it for years. Although, Gunnarsson
recognized that Amazon may not have made
a big enough splash
when it announced the
As good as it sounds,
downloadable content
will cost you, at least in
storage. One season of
Narcos takes up around



December 16, 2016