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A TRANSISTORIZED () METER DSB by Rolind L. Guerd, Je KABPL cribed herein The DSB trensmitter dé uses erystal control and runs 1 Gr to, which ean he used barefoot or to drive an rf amplifier The unit should be assembled i minibox or built on perFboard oF PC board dnd then installed ina small minibox, as hand. capacitances can upset the a small stray carrier balance. ‘The transmitter consists of speech amp, cartier oscillator, balanced modulator, and PA stages. The amount of carrier suppression avai able with a diode-type balanced modulator is -40 dB TRANSMITTER Care should be taken in selecting the ode pair, Check the forward resistance of Several diodes with your VOM until you find two with the same or neatly the same forward. resistance. Germanium diodes were used in this unit which were in rab-bag pack of $0 for $1 from Poly-Paks. The diodes should read at least 10:1 (forward-to-reverse resistance ratio). Capacitors C2 and C3 are 30 pF vatt ables Cb is a variable, and capacitor C1 isa 930 pF tritames, Coils Lt, L2,and 13 are % in, shug-tuned types removed from a TV PC boards many types of these coil formas L_ MOD. POWER AMPL |_-+[ can 686} [ea q ‘SPEECH AMPL ig, 1, This block diagram shows the wide ni canbe uted fo drive « low-power 40 implicty of the homabrew 10m DBS tansmiter, The te Tinaus or, for ORP fin, it can be used barefoot 79 MAGAZINE ere by jue! settings, Atter ation S-meter Rp. L out the speak it sain cor to hear At woss kite | Obsery inon | a eine! toring on this te below Th should shoul may > taken in selecting the the forward resistance of h your VOM until you same or nearly the same e, Germanium diodes s unit which were in a for SI from Poly-Paks, ld read at least 10:1 resistance ratio). and C3 are 30 pF vari ble, and capacitor C1 is.2 Coils Li, L2, and L3 are pes removed from a TV ypes of these coil forms Y WER AMPL DBS transmitter. The tent 1 be uand barefoot 73 MAGAZINE atte ete Fig. 2. Schematic diagram of DSB teansmitter for 10m. © tried and, although the ferrite slugs vary in Q, all coils resonated at 10 meters by jugeling the slugs and tuning capacitors settings After checking the transmitter for oper- ation by listening for the signal on a receiver, peak LI and Cl for maximam Semeter strength, Then null out the carrier (minimum S-meter indication) with pot Ry. L2 and C2 may also be varied to null out the carrier. With the cartier nulled out speak into the microphone with the mike sain control half open. You should be able to hear the double-sideband signal in your receiver, Next adjust L3 and C3 for maxi ‘mum output, At the home station, I use an RCA WOS8A oscilloscope to’ monitor the 50 kHz if stnp in my Mohawk receiver. Observing the scope with the signal tuned in on 10 meters makes balancing the carrier 4 cinch, If you don’t have a scope, moni- toring your S-meter is sufficient On my scope, the carrier supp! this transmitter is eufficient to put it way ‘below noise level on the 10 meter band balancing adjustments should be carried out with the rig installed in its minibox, cover on. Small holes should be drilled in the appropriate pla ession of The cartier May 1971 for adjusting the coils and trimmers. Changing crystals may upset the carrier balance and you will have to make the Dalance adjustinents again. A few times and this becomes child's play. Today’s receivers can receive a DSB signal with no difficulty. Most of the time, operators will not be aware you are using DSB. This tig could easily drive 2 61458 which would give you about 100W PEP. This rig can also be used on any other ‘band by changing the coils and crystal. To do this, “borrow” coil data from other published articles for the band you want, A homebrew vfo could also be built for this rig. This rig could be made into a walkie~ lulke or hidden in the glove compartment of a car. IL would be just the thing for tallein at hamfests You can squeeze more power from bby reducing the resistor values shown or by applying more voltage to Q2 collector (not to exceed the rated vollage for the partic lular ansistor you use). However, you could also drive Q2 into a nonlinear opera ting condition. For DSB, as in SSB, you must operate the PA in its linear operating By turning the Rj balance pot to either Side, you can use lowlevel AM. K4EPIN a