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Media Plan

That Early Bird


Zack Smith & Davonte ONeal

14th December, 2016

Table of Contents
Executive SummaryPg. 2
Media ObjectivesPg. 3
Target Audience..Pg. 4
Actionable InsightPg. 4
Reasoning..Pg. 4
DemographicsPg. 5
Psychographics..Pg. 6
Media Habits..Pg. 7
Market Environment.Pg. 8
Overall Media Strategy.Pg. 9
Budget BreakdownPg. 10
Geography..Pg. 12
Media MixPg. 13
Billboard..Pg. 13
Internet Radio....Pg. 14
Web..Pg. 15
RoadBelly Magazine..Pg. 16
Sponsor EventPg. 17
Google Sponsored SearchPg. 18
Early Bird Gets The Worms..Pg. 19
Hulu Commercial...Pg. 20
Promotional Tactic.Pg. 21
Scheduling...Pg. 22
Summary..Pg. 23
Bibliography.Pg. 24

Executive Summary
Early Bird Cafe is an authentic breakfast/luncheon restaurant located in
Eastown Grand Rapids that offers exceptional food options.


who visit this restaurant are hip, in the now and are keeping up with daily
trends. It has a very friendly atmosphere that offers a very homey feel to its
customers. Within this media plan, the suggested target audience for Brians
Books will be discussed, revealing a busy and social group of young business
professionals, ages 25-34 living in Ottawa County and Greater Grand Rapids.
Prior to suggestions for media selections, advertising strategies as well as
competitors are discussed. Two plans will be discussed, one with a $15,000
budget, and one with a $100,000 budget. Specific advertising and media
objectives guide the selection of nine different media classes-magazine, out
of home, transit, radio, guerilla, mobile, social media, Google AdWords, direct
marketing will provide an effective route to access the social and busy target

Media Objectives
Media objectives are specific goals that have been set in order to
achieve maximum efficiency from the media plan. These goals are supported
by market research, and described in several ways in order to better
understand different facets of the media plan.
1. Reach 4125 (75%) people of the target market, Eastown, Grand Rapids.
2. Maintain a frequency of 4 during 2017.
3. Make 16,500 impressions in 2017

Target Audience
Males and females aged 25-35 who are young local business professionals
that love coffee, music and stay in tune with social trends. Also, people who love to
try new cuisine, are fashionable, and have a steady income.

Big Idea
That Early Bird Cafe is the Heart of the Neighborhood. The place where you
can relax, with coffee, for breakfast, tea, hot chocolate, lunch. Whatever your needs
are, whenever you need them. Here you are welcome, here you are home.

Actionable Insight
These men and women are comfortable with all forms of advertising, but their
lifestyles present opportunities to become more in tune with social advertising,
specifically traditional. This is most suitable for this specific TA because it is what
they are most familiar with. They are busy people who loves to stay connected
through social media. That being said, these men and women enjoy the comfort in
knowing what it is they are purchasing.

This target audience has been decided based on numerous characteristics.
By targeting people who enjoy an authentic atmosphere and are in tune with daily
trends, it allows to easily break down consumer needs. A majority of product and
services are offered to anyone that has an appetite. This specific audience that we
want to target pushes to have an individual outlook on life and strives to be
different. In pushing this, the TA reasons to find a comfortable and suitable lifestyle
that gives balance to the way they go about daily routines.

The Target Audience

Demographics are the quantifiable statistics of a given population. Demographic profiles
provide a deeper insight into the characteristics of the target market that can lead to more
successful media planning. The following demographics have been identified for the target

Male and Female

25- 34 years (15% of the Grand Rapids Population)
$55,000 Median household income
Caucasian (54%) Black (22%) Hispanic (15%)
Graduated high school (80%) Have a bachelors degree or higher (35%)
Average of 15-20-minute commute to work

Psychographic information provides insight into the classification of people based on
aspirations, attitudes, and other psychological criteria. Psychographic research is
important in understanding the minds of the target audience. The following
information has been identified as important in understanding the target audience:

Enjoy drinking coffee

Sociable and interactive within the community
Self-aware and support local businesses
Motivate to seek out challenges
Enjoy finer cuisine
Love art and it's culture behind it
78% of residents are interested in supporting local events
50% Democrat 48% Republican

Media Habits
This demographic often usually spends a lot of time using mobile
applications. The 25-34-year-old group spends an average of 74.6 hours per month
using mobile applications on various platforms. Approximately 92% of consumers
under the age of 44 own a smartphone. 26% of individuals under 35 pick up their
smartphone within 5 minutes of waking up. Research also shows that this
demographic splits their attention between two media platforms. They spend
approximately 32% of their time watching television and 36% using their
smartphone. 15% of this target demographic spends time online using a computer,
laptop, or tablet. Only 4% of the audience spends time listening to the radio.
Research also suggest that 25-44-year olds have shifted their habits from
watching less linear television to more video on demand services such as Netflix,
Amazon, and Hulu streaming services. Individuals 25 and older are also more likely
to default to their preferred news website of publication. Research also suggest that
25-34-year-old discover new content through Facebook. It still remains that 52% of
people 25-34 use social media as a means of finding out what friends and family are
Other social networks that the target audience use is Twitter at 22% and
Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest coming in at 26% usage. For all those ages 1844, digital media is the most dominant presence, with television following close
behind. Print preferred in a small percentage of 35-44-year olds.

Market Environment
The Early Bird Cafe has the unfortunate luck of having heavy competition in
Eastown, Grand Rapids. East Town is currently home to several restaurants and
cafes that offer similar atmospheres reminiscent of the client. The closest
competition to the Early Bird Cafe is Peaches Cafe located at 410 Ethel Ave. The one
thing that they have over Early Bird is their competitive pricing. Unlike That Early
Bird Cafe, Peaches Cafe offers food that ranges from $2.25 to $7.90 at the highest,
outpacing the clients $11-$30 menu. They also have the added benefit of being the
more established cafe since they have been there longer.
The next source of competition for That Early Bird Cafe is Terra GR, located
next door to the client. Like Peaches Cafe, they offer competitive prices that
undercut what Early Bird prices their food at. Terra offers a cheaper lunch menu for
their customers who dont want to pay a huge premium. Terra makes everything in
house with fresh ingredients that are locally sourced and sustainable. Terra also has
the added benefit of allowing consumers the chance to look at their menu online
before visiting the restaurant. Early Bird does not offer that opportunity to
consumers, requiring them to instead visit the restaurant and read the menu board
posted above the counter. Terra also sees their heaviest business in the same period

that Early Bird does, mid-afternoon. Which could potentially lead to a loss in
consumers from Early Bird.
Other competition includes Rowster Coffee shop, Squibb Coffee shop, the
Electric Cheetah, GR Bagel Bakery, and Wolfgangs Restaurant all located within a
mile of That Early Bird Cafe. They all offer the same items that Early Bird does with
unique atmospheres.

Overall Media Strategy

Focus advertising efforts on social media that the target audience is
accustomed to, but reinforce those ads with other new medias. The media
mix is specially designed for the media habits of our target audience. The
target audience consists of busy on the go, social people that stay connected
through mobile and social media use. In terms of social media, platforms
such as Facebook, and Twitter will be utilized. The media strategy is a mix of
traditional and non-traditional media.


Budget Breakdown
There will be two budgets used in this media plan. The first budget will
be a small $15,000 and the second budget will be $100,000. The $15,000
budget will have the guerrilla tactic, website designer, and Roadbelly
magazine included in the budget. The $100,000 budget will include the
internet radio advertisements, billboards, Google AdWords, Grand Rapids
Magazine, and event. All parts of the budget will include the social media of
Early Bird.
$15,000 budget

Guerrilla Early Bird Gets- $477.97

Website Design- $7,500 for 3 months
Roadbelly magazine- $500
Early Bird Run-$857.73


Early Bird Punch Cards- $80

$100,000 budget

Pandora Radio Ads- $5,000

Billboards- $3,800
Google AdWords- $36,000 for 5 months
Hulu streaming advertising- $50,000
$94, 800



This media plan will take place All advertising expenditures will be
focused in the city of Grand Rapids. More Specifically in the Eastown
neighborhood of Grand Rapids.


This billboard will be placed in two locations; the first place will be on
Lake Michigan Drive with viewers looking at it heading east. The second
place it will be present is on 196 where viewers will be looking at it heading
North. This tactic is great in capturing the attention of people who live
outside of the city and are unfamiliar with local business. This in turn allows
for awareness of what type of place Early Bird is and what is has to offer. This
billboard will generate numerous impressions that will impact Early Bird in a
very positive way.
Mobile Billboard circulation stats
MSA Rank: 38
Population: 738,000
Daily Effective Circulation: 41,250


Internet Radio
Pandora Internet radio will allow for drastic awareness among
consumers who enjoy music. Music enthusiasts usually enjoy authentic, fresh
coffee and this would be a great way to target the demographic Early Bird is
looking for. Our research suggests that only 4% of the target audience listens
to traditional radio and spends more time on the internet. Pandora ads can
be specified by placed by DMA and assumptions based on the target
demographic. You can become very specific.


Early Bird Website

The most immediate issue with Early Bird Cafe is their lack of relevant
content on the restaurant's website. Early Bird does a good job of posting
consistently to their social media sites but have not updated their website
content at all. They are currently missing key pieces that makes a webpage
worth visiting. Those include a missing about page and their menu, as well
as an appealing landing page. It is currently inconsistent with the cafes
personality that the present on their social media sites. Because of this, we


suggest a website designer come and update their website so that it

matches the rest of the brand.

Though the target audience doesnt read traditional print media, there
is still a small percentage that do read magazines or their favorite
publications. So to take advantage of that, Early Bird Cafe will be featured in
two local Grand Rapids Magazines. The first magazine that they will be


featured in will be a small magazine by the named Roadbelly Magazine. It

features many local eateries, breweries, and cafes that are up and coming in
Grand Rapids. It is great platform to use for a newly established cafe such as
Early Bird. Roadbelly also gives the featured venue/restaurant they work with
50 copies of the magazine as well as a pdf of the article to use on their
website or social media.
The next magazine that Early Bird Cafe would be featured in would be
Grand Rapids Magazine. Unlike Roadbelly which is just a onetime run, this
would get out to far more people of Grand Rapids. Increasing possible
exposure and penetration to the target market. This would run in 2017 in the
Taste This! Portion of the magazine.

The Early Bird Run


Eastown, Grand Rapids is a small community with several restaurants

on location, Early Bird Cafe is one of the locations with strong community ties
in Eastown. Early Bird will put together a 5k run around the entirety of the
Eastown area. Starting on Fuller Ave and ending on Franklin St in front of the
Grand Rapids Public School. The Early Bird Run will be held on May 6th, 2017.
We will have all the local restaurants in Eastown sponsor the run also.
Research shows 71% who attend an event remembered the name of the
company that handed out promotional products and 76% had a favorable
attitude towards the brand as well (Belch & Belch, 2012).


Google AdWords
When searching for places to dine in the greater Grand Rapids area
and when you go to type in a keyword phrase such as Cafes in Grand
Rapids, several places show their location. Early Bird Cafe, however does
not show up as a top result. Google offers effective paid advertising
programs that help with website promotion, one of them being the Google
sponsored search. This process implements strong awareness and helps in
geographically locating businesses. In providing and moving forward with
this approach, awareness will increase and the TA will become accustomed
to Early Bird Cafe. As far as scheduling goes for this process to continue, it is
recommended to start this as soon as possible. A six month spread beginning
December 14th and ending May 14th will give a solid overview of the
progression. This will be vital in the curation of impressions and overall clicks
to the web page. In finding and discovering this information, further
awareness will spread among consumers and a promising impact will be


Early Bird Gets the Worm

This Guerrilla tactic Early Bird Gets the Worm will be used to attract
customers to the cafe. Early Bird Gets the Worm will have one of the workers
at Early Bird Cafe come to downtown Grand Rapids and set up a pop up
coffee stand at Rosa Parks Circle wearing a Blue Jay costume. They will pass
out 4 oz. cups of coffee and some of there in house pastries to people who
stop at the stand. This will lead to an increase of community interaction with
Early Bird and will bring awareness to Early Bird in the heart of Grand Rapids.
Since its 10 minutes away from downtown, Early Bird is capable of being a
great place for lunch.


Hulu Commercial Advertisement

Our research suggest that the target audience is shifting their viewing
habits from watching less linear television to more video on demand services
such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu streaming services. Because of this we
suggest a commercial be placed on Hulu. The commercial cost $25-$30 per
1000 impressions so it will only be a one-time run but can help reach our
16,500 impressions goal. The commercial can be specified to a specific
market such as Grand Rapids as well as certain television programs that the
target audience is more likely to view. This will in short help put Early Birds
name out to the public. This commercial will run in October where television
programs are beginning. It will cost approximately $50,000 to run it for 2000


Promotional Tactic: Early Punch Card

This promotional tactic will be framed around an Early Bird Cafe punch
card. There will be 10 slots on the card where consumers who visit and spend
more than $5 will receive one-hole punch on the card. After all, 10 slots are
filled, the consumer will receive a free pastry. Consumers who visit That Early
Cafe between January and March 2017 will be able to receive the card after a
purchase of a coffee or pastry. This promotional will be usable on smaller
items such as pastries, coffees and breakfast sandwiches, entrees are


Due to the nature of Early Bird Cafe and the target audience, this
media plan would consist of a pulsing schedule. Currently, Early Bird spends
a lot of time posting on their Facebook and Instagram pages, so that would
remain continuous as it is not requiring them to go out of their way to post.
Everything else in the plan will follow a pulsing schedule, ramping up during


the times there are more people outside which would be mostly fall and

Media Schedule

The information gathered and taken into consideration for this plan has
been conducted to best suit Early Bird Cafe. Through the creation and


implementation of events, guerrilla, and other vehicles, these will be

reinforced by the main structure of the media implanted. These repeated
exposures over a wide variety of channels will allow for Early Bird to stand
out and be more aware in the community. This awareness will bring together
a sequence of rational insight for why citizens should visit this cafe and how
it outweighs the competitors. In continually acting upon what has been
suggested in this plan and reinforcing the main objective, a promising impact
will be made.