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Fuel monitoring
with system

About us
Since 1928, Aquametro AG has been synonymous
with a tradition in meters, owing to generations of
quality products and the targeted provision of
applied solutions.
Awareness of the large variety of individual needs
we encounter around the world in business, ecology
and culture influences us on how we react. Our
closeness to the market is based on our continual
willingness to tread new waters to find the most
optimum solutions.
The experiences and competences acquired by
our employees in Switzerland, our subsidiaries
and representatives worldwide, are implemented
effectively on an every day basis.

Marine Division
The marine division of our company offers not
only flow measurement for marine diesel and
heavy fuel oil. The main focus is on fuel (monitoring) management systems and fuel conditioning for fuel systems on board of vessels.
Innovative system components, communication
interfaces and analysis solutions pay off not only
when it comes to saving fuel. Convinced users
also appreciate the operating simplicity and the
sustainable learning effect of efficient fuel management and conditioning.

Success needs reliance. Our customers appreciate our proximity to them, with a single point of
contact, taking their demands and requirements
seriously. This makes us proud and guides our
actions. Customer satisfaction creates trust and
means success.

Marine Systems
Solutions for fuel saving and control of emissions


Founding of Aquametro AG
Test center recognized as Swiss verification body
First accreditation to ISO 9001
Accreditation of test center to EN 45000 (water, heat, oil)
First accreditation to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

From first oil flow meter to system solutions for shipping

First rotary piston oil meters
One million oil flow meters sold
Aquametro Representative Office is founded in Tokyo / Japan
Aquametro Korea Ltd is founded in Pusan / Korea
Launch of PLCbased system solution for fuel monitoring of ocean
going vessels
Aquametro (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd is founded in Singapore
Launch of PCbased fuel consumption analysis and monitoring
system for offshore vessels
Aquametro (China) Pte Ltd is founded in Shanghai
Launch of DFM-BC board computer for riverboats
Launch of the Fuel Performance Analyser (FPA)

System Solutions
From sensors to monitoring tools



Optimize your ship

Fuel prices are rising continuously, and ecological
awareness in the marine industry as well as in
society as a whole is intensified. This combination
leads to more efforts to make shipping more energy efficient monitoring fuel consumption and
emissions are an integral part of this.

Fuel Performance

We provide the perfect fuel monitoring solution

for ocean going ships, as well as offshore vessels
and riverboats. The product portfolio ranges from
basic data collection up to fuel performance
analysis with historic data trending and reporting

Fuel tank

Fuel tank


Touch screen optional

Fuel Performance Analyser

Shaft power

Fuel meter

Viscosity & Density


Fuel metering
of all fuel types


With the CONTOIL VZO and VZF series we
offer a modular system for direct and differential fuel consumption measurement for every
engine. The basic module of the CONTOIL
series is tested and proven rotary piston meter,
which can be extended with a mechanical or
electronic totalisation unit. The electronic VZF
can be used with our fuel monitoring systems
for automated calculations. The extension "A"
stands for increased accuracy of 0.5% instead of
1%. Calibrated in pairs (supply and return), an
accuracy of 0.1-0.3% can be achieved.

Product features:
Nominal diameters DN 15...50
Temperature up to 180 C
Protection type IP 66
No straight inlet and outlet necessary
Special designs for pressures up to 40 bar
Flow range from 10 to 20000 l/h nominal flow

Viscosity controlling
measure, heat and control

Viscosity Control
Aquametro offers a robust viscosity sensor for
measuring the viscosity and density of the heavy
fuel oil before it enters the engine, as well as an
LCD viscosity controller that controls the motor
controlled 3-way valve to regulate the heaters.
This way, fuel is always heated to the temperature at which it can be injected with the optimal
viscosity, resulting in better combustion and
engine performance.

Product features:
Calibration range 0.5 to 100 cP
Temperature up to 200 C
2 analog outputs
Protection type IP 66
Power supply: 20...28 VDC
Up to 2 relay and 2 analog outputs
switchable controlling input (VC3xx)
Power supply: 100...250 VAC
Motor control valve diameters DN15100
Power supply: 100...250 VAC

Fuel switching
changeover and blending

Diesel Switch MK II
Aquametro proudly presents the first certified
(GL) Diesel Switch MKII, enabling convenient
switching between heavy fuel oil and marine
diesel. Automatic switching prevents human
error and damage by thermal shocks.
Furthermore, the Diesel Switch has the option
to blend the fuel to a set sulphur level, allowing
to operate the engine with the maximum
allowed sulfur level and save money.

The Homogenizer improves the uniformity of
HFO and "water in fuel emulsion" to enhance the
combustion quality and to reduce emissions.
It operates on mechanical shearing and ultrasonic forces.
A high hydrodynamic power homogenizes the
high molecular asphaltenes, existing cat-fines
and remaining water into heavy fuel oil with a
maximum particle size of 5m.

Product features:
Nominal diameters DN 32...100
Fuel record book (blend or change over)
Optimized control algorithm

Product features:

Nominal capacity at 100 C 525m3/h

max. 150 C


Shaft metering
measure your ships power

Aquametro offers a state of the art shaft power
measurement system. This equipment is mounted to the shaft, and measures the actual thrust
and torque delivered by the engine.
Knowing these forces is a great advantage,
because not only the engine performance can be
monitored, but also the ships efficiency as a
whole: propeller and hull, independent of sea
and weather conditions.

Product features:

diameters DN 250...1000
HD sensor technology
long lifetime
minimum maintenance

Fuel monitoring
Ocean vessels


and FPA
Like a spider at the centre of the fuel system
web, it collects all data, and makes it available
for reporting, or for display on the Fuel
Performance Analyzer (FPA), with historic data
trending, reporting functionality, documental
information and consumption averages of all
entered voyages.
The CFM-S is a simplified version of the FPR,
also a touch panel PLC, as basic model with
basic functionality but upgradable to FPR. A
new FPM Client Software with basic trending
of up to 6 hours, connected with CFM-S and
FPR, can be installed on any PC on board to
display the immediate past.

Product features:
low installation cost
high accuracy
multiple signals in one tool
full transparency
FPM Client SW
basic trends
data logging for reports
voyage management
consumption overview

Tug- and river boats

Contoil Fuel
Monitor-Tug: CFM-T
The CFM-T is the ideal solution for offshore
vessels and riverboats, typically with multiple
engines running on Diesel oil. Offshore and
supply vessels, workboats and tugboats can
manage their bunkering and fuel consumption
for each individual engine conveniently.
The CFM-T is the center point for different flow
meters for up to 8 engines. It collects and
stores all data, and makes it available for

Board Computer DFM-BC

The DFM-BC offers a simple plug-and-play
solution to display fuel consumption.

The basic version consists of a PLC with display. Optionally, rpm and running hours as
well as a panel-PC can be added to show
graphically consumption and other properties,
for optimized visualization of performance.

Any two flow meters can be connected to the

board computer, which displays total, trip and
current consumption.

Product features:
Power supply 12-24VDC
quick and easy installation
no extra maintenance

Product features:
Power supply 24VDC
up to 8 engines in 1 system
tamper proof measurement

hassle-free, easy and certified competence

Perfection in every detail

Quality Products Made in

As a Swiss company with a long tradition, we
work day to day to address your needs and to
give competent advice. We produce and calibrate oil flow meters exclusively in Switzerland
Thanks to our factory site in Switzerland we can
guarantee consistently high quality products.
And as a local business near you, we can provide
you with the best possible support when it
comes to your requests.
The Swiss Accreditation Office (SAS) has
accredited Aquametro AG according to ISO/IEC
17025 as Swiss Calibration Service (SCS 077) and
according to ISO/IEC 17020 as Swiss Inspection
Service Type C (SIS 038) for heat, water and oil.

Permanent planning, execution, controlling and

optimizing of our processes guarantee the consistently high standards of our products.
Aquametro AG is certified in accordance with
the standards ISO 9001 (Quality management
system), ISO 14001 (Environmental management system) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational
Health and Safety Association Series).

Comprehensive Package
We offer attractive services from product consultation, installation to service and maintenance contracts. Upon request, we also offer
training programs, focusing on specific topics
and are available to answer any questions. For
the latest product information on data sheets,
technical documentation, installation, operating instructions, declarations of conformity and
tender specifications, please visit our website

Aquametro AG
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Aquametro Korea Ltd

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Busan, 612-050, Korea
Phone +82 51 905 5566
Fax +82 51 905 5569

Aquametro (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd

190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5,
#07-15, Woodlands BizHub
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Phone +65 6899 1980
Fax +65 6899 2972

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Quality Assurance

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Satisfied customers motivate our employees.

We place the highest demands on ourselves
every day to continue to improve our products
and services to ensure premium quality from
Switzerland without compromise. We not only
owe that to our customers, we also owe it to
nature and the environment.