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On top of your game - Ch2 your Inner Drive

*Motivation - (Sports Psych. definition) = the Direction & Intensity of Effort
Motivation : Drives your Behaviour - if compels you to act b/c you either
want OR Don't want something
Even though having times of Low-Motivation is Normal - pay attention to it
*There are 2 Sources of Motivation > Internal vs External
Internal = your Inner Drive (b/c of your love/passion of the sport, enjoy
- when Inner Drive is Strong, mistakes/disappointments Fuel you to work on
your Game (instead of taking away from your belief in yourself)
External = are ALL of the Other Reasons you Compete apart from the Sheer
Love of it
- so can receive Positive Feedback, to Avoid Negative Consequences,
receive paycheck, rehab ex's
- External Motivators can be 1.Beneficial OR 2.Detrimental to Internal /M
- When External Motivators Compromise Internal Motivators = Trouble
- External Motivators = Trouble when
1. You are ONLY Externally Motivated
- eg. If only Play for the Glory(or Chicks or Money) - what happens to your
Motivation when you aren't getting Glory
2. You Perceive your Ext. Motivators to be Controlling
- eg. you start getting Paid for it = you now HAVE to do it, instead of wanting
to => money is now a Controlling Factor (instead of a Complimentary one)
If you have Passion for what you do but other Motivational Influences
Controlling you - it can be Detrimental to your Overall Motivation
- To know if you have any Internal Motivation , ask "am I having Fun?"

- If feel Frustration, angst, dread about your Sport = time to find your Inner
*1st Ex in this Chapter = find your Int./Ext. Motivators to make sure your
Ext./M's are Complimenting rather than Diminishing Motivation
*3 Main Factors that Influence Motivation
Feeling Skilled OR Unskilled at your Sport (more Motivated when
feeling skilled - JQ)
Feeling In OR Out of Control of your decision to Compete
(wanting to vs / having to - JQ) - you have to feel that you are wanting to
Feeling you Belong OR Don't belong to the Group
- if you can say "I feel capable, I feel in Control, I feel Connected" - it will
positively impact your motivation
*Motivation is tied to your Beliefs - thus Your Beliefs influence your Actions
- eg. Your Feelings about your Capability in the Sport will Influence your
- when Internal Motivation is Strong:
your Ext/M's = likely to Compliment Internal M's
less likely to be derailed by challenges/setbacks
better setup to receive feedback & make improvements
*Low Motivation - can be attributed to several things including:
You're frustrated with your performance (you are executing well in
Practice - but not in the game & in turn, try too hard)
You need a break - over-training = rest; Bored (monotonous regime)
= change practice routine
you need support - build a Strong Support System
*Often when you learn to Manage your Anxiety - your performance goes up
again & then your Motivation returns

*3 Categories that Motivational Tools fall under:

1. Motivation: Starts you on your Path

2. Inspiration: Keeps you going
3. Commitment: Gets you to the end
Motivation Tools help you discover your Sources & Levels of Motivation
- often when someone is perceived as having a lack of Motivation - it is
actually a Lack of Confidence (meaning they have no Confidence in getting
the Outcome they desire so they put no effort in)
Chapter 2 Take aways:
Motivation effects every aspect of Training & Performance - when
you work on your Motivation, you are working on the Foundation of
your Performance
A Strong Inner Drive - helps you meet challenges, keep you on track
& enjoy your Sport
Ext./M's can be complimentary if you have Strong Internal M's &
don't Perceive Ext./M's to be in Control
Normal for Motivation to ebb & flow - but being able to Diagnose why
it is Low will help you choose the right tools to address it