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Senior Capstone Product Proposal Form 2016-2017

Student Name __Inese Uribe___________________________________________________ Period ______2__

Research Topic ___________Currupted Juvinile Systems
Thesis (one sentence) -based on your research, what you believe about your topic
About 70% of kids that come from foster homes become future prisoners, I believe we should prevent
federal incarceration by providing a helpful environment to juveniles .
Research Question ( a question you will attempt to answer and solve on your quest) Description of Product
(What do you intend to do?):
What type of environment will help juveniles successful adults rather than becoming federal felons .

Form of Final Product (check all that apply)

______x_ Video/Documentary(explain below)
_______ Creation (explain below)

_______x Service/Mentorship, etc.

_______ Other (please explain):

Describe the connection between your research (annotated bibliography) and your product.
The research helps me get an idea of what questions to answer throughout the senior capstone.
How will you display the entire process in in your digital portfolio?
I will display my entire process by filming a documentary.
Estimate the number of hours needed to complete ALL of the items on your to do list (page 2) including
your final product. You must document at least ten (10) fieldwork hours outside of class.

Explain how you will document each and every step for completing your product (journal, blog, video blog,
etc.). This must be a documented (10 entries minimum) that will be uploaded digitally. There will be
checks on this throughout the process.
I plan to journal each step to go along with the recording . The journal will include thoughts and feelings
before and after .

What do you hope to learn during this process? Remember that this is not a research paper or project
but an experience.
During this project I hope to learn about different types of people and how childhood affects the person
you become .
How will this final product go outside of the realm of simply a benefit to you? How will your knowledge,
experience, creation, etc., benefit others?

My To Do List
Below list the steps and timeline you will attempt to follow to complete your product. As you
complete the product, make additions or subtract steps as you go if and when necessary. Even though
you completed this To Do list, it will certainly change. Change it on your Googledocs, as it will be a
part of your digital portfolio.

Approx. Time
Necessary to

1.Go to a community hour service and find 3 kids who are willing to document
their life .


2.Film each teen/tween about their childhood and what they are currently doing


3.Film what goals they have and what would help them achieve that goal .
Find programs that help troubled kids become successful
Document if they are going through with the programs or see if the programs are not the
whole solution .
Figure out the whole solution
7.Talk to a main person in juvinile hall /YMCA/After School Activite groups and ask
if they are willing to put up brochures about helpful programs .
The main goal is to give each child the same chance as every other kid in the U.S .

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Teacher Signature __________________________________________________ Date __________________
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