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I wanted to explain about the dilemma HixNews experienced starting in early

January. This was a snowball that turned into an avalanche and HixNews was in its path.
Buffalo Bob tried sending a note to which is something I do
almost daily. Juno, my provider, kicked it back to me saying that there is no domain
name. Simultaneously with my receiving that Juno message, I had a note from Helen
Luna Carr
Hi BobI'm sending this directly to you because I clicked on the link to to send the email and I received a message that the email failed
because there is no domain name What?????
When I try to access the January edition of HixNews, I get a message that the HixNews
website cannot be found.... and it doesn't matter if I click on the link or copy/paste it to
my browser. It may be a Cox Communication problem so I'll try again later but thought
I'd ask just in there a problem? Thanks!...Helen Luna Carr
When I read the part about trying to access the HixNews website and a note
saying the website cannot be found, I too went to the site and received a similar response.
I sent a note to Roger citing the problems and asked what the problem was. After
investigating, Roger sent me the following note
The site is down. It appears that the domain name is expired as of January 4th. It looks
like the notifications for renewing the site were sent to Bob Wesley.
A second note from Roger, No, it doesn't appear to be expired until April so something
else is going on.. Checking.
Henry immediately took control of the situation and sent a note to the
HixNews master list
Dear AllWe are experiencing a temporary problem in administering our website. In the
meantime, you can access the latest issue of our Newsletter at the following link (just
click on it):
Ignore all the "Sign up for Scribd" come-ons; you can view the Newsletter right there at
the above link address. We will advise you when we have fixed our website problem.
Thank you in advance for your patienceHenry for The Editors of HixNews
Thanks Henry for all the work you do to maintain HIXNEWS. Happy New Year
Bill Canham 1961

note from Roger Here is the problem... Periodically, ICANN requires confirmation
of the contact information for each domain name. The notice for confirmation went to the
listed owner,, Bob Wesley's email, so it was not confirmed. I am
not sure how to work around that other than to wait for the domain name to become
available again, maybe not until April and buy it back. If anyone has the login for, then we could probably solve this easily. I'll keep on working on
it, but my hands are mostly tied since I'm not the owner or admin for the domain name. I
am headed out for a bit so won't be particularly available for awhile. Bob, see what you
can do with contacting Earthlink.
A note to the editors Spent the last three hours with Earthlink and think the
dilemma has been corrected.
Dear EarthLink Hosting Customer
We have completed the Change of Registrant process for the following domain name:
The request was to change the registrant of this domain name from
Prior Registrant:
bob wesley
bob wesley
(this information has been removed from the domain name registration)
New Registrant:
Robert Casale
Robert Casale
The New Registrant as listed above has now assumed ownership of the domain name.
We should have back now access to the website and to our emails. This is a test. I am
going to check the website now. Thankslove da buff
We all are totally dedicated to publishing a newsletter each month and
will go to great lengths to insure that we can publish and get the end product to each of
you. You, too, do enjoy the newsletter and are great supporters of our efforts. The above
explanation was designed to be the catalyst that shows our genuine interest in our

Old Country Road School 1961Can you put names to the faces???

Here is my son Eric Madigan, my husband Michael Madigan and my son John Madigan getting ready to
go to Monster Jam in Tampa Florida this evening (January 14, 2017)!! They wear their colors proudly

Christine Vitello Madigan

Well, you know you're from Hicksville if . . . you remember Wickers. Well, a new
Restaurant/Bar has opened its doors called Luxor in that very location. Nice place, very friendly staff,
and The Overlooks will be performing there on February 11. Come on down and enjoy some great
classic rock!

I always referred the shopping center as the Wickers Shopping Center

My wonderful wife Nancy surprised me Friday night (1/20/17) with an early

birthday gift. I walked in late from work (as usual). My son, daughter, and her guy
travelled from Manhattan for a birthday dinner. No other gifts necessary!!...

Mitchell Hirsch 1971

A little help here

Since mobility has become an issue with me, the lack of strenuous exercise has packed on
some pounds, mostly unwanted. My daughter asked me to write down a daily diary of
food consumption. She noticed I was eating too much bread. "Cut out the bread, Daddy"
she wailed at me. I grew up on sandwiches and current meals include sandwiches I had to
compromise and developed what I call the breadless sandwich. I take a piece of Swiss
Cheese, put a piece of provolone on top of that, then a piece of white American cheese,
followed by a piece of hard salami, then a piece of smoked turkey, spread some Miracle
Whip on top of turkey then put a piece of smoked ham, spread some spicy brown mustard
on top of the turkey, then a piece of yellow American cheese and lastly, another piece of
swiss cheese. It is so good. This is my breakfast and that's gonna be very soon. Hey, I cut
out the bread didn't I???...Buffalo Bob Casale 1961

Sounds good...I build mine between leaves of

romaine...???...Dan Wagoner (Uss Liberty shipmate)

Cutting out bread does make a

difference. It's helped me at least..and I love Hellmans! Trying to stay away from that and
using spicy brown mustard instead!...Barbara Kargauer Castonguay 1970
PS: Are you sure you have enough cheese on your sammies??? Lol
I was thinking about adding a piece of mozzarella. LOLBuffalo Bob
Funny! Bet it's a darn good sandwich too!...Barbara

I've gotten used to low carb

wraps...I'm also a Hellmans..... fan but my husband likes miracle whip.... I have trouble
with gluten and a lot of gluten sends my digestive tract on a wild ride! I used the lite for
a long time ,but it just wasn't the Same! I mix my hellmans.. with mustard, and I use the
originals, and a teaspoon of each tastes really Good! But if your ok with the lite, it's fine !
Just my taste buds, just had to have the orig... Rod eats the miracle whip, and only likes
the real, but he only uses it on turkey, and in Tuna . But it's your choice and we are a
hellmans.. miracle whip, household ! We follow the Atkins program, it works, but I've
been on every plan, and they all work once , but Atkins is easy for me. What ever works
and your taste buds are happy ,that's what Counts!...Sue Donner Merkler 1968

The miracle whip adds a little punch and I can eat it by the spoonful. Of course I use the
"LITE."Buffalo Bob
That's a lot of cheese Isn't cheese packed with a lot of fat & calories. You use the cheese
instead of bread?...Julia Walsh Funfgeld

If you follow this with a diet drink all the calories will
disappear !...Lisa Dorais Wissler 1971

Yes, stay away from the carbs, and they are everywhere! Bread, rice,
pasta, beans, but dried beans is a good carb, peas, corn, potatoes, see told ya,
everywhere!...Dana Wagoner Baker (sister of USS Liberty shipmate)

Good that you use Miracle Whip....I grew up using this, its less
fattening then Hellmans mayo!...Felicia Rybak Adorno 1972

Tomato and lettuce on rye with mayo or miracle whip was my

absolute favorite sandwich. Especially with garden grown tomatoes, Bob. Actually
Hellmanns is less salty than miracle whip, so have switched. Whole wheat is better than
rye alsoVirginia Cabbe Reinhardt 1964
You forgot the lettuce!...Marge Politano
Lettuce is for Rabbits. I left the lettuce off because I didnt want to confuse the taste of
the cheesesBuffalo Bob

OMG All that Cheese at one meal will kill youGinny Wills
Wyer 1963

That's a heck of a diet you got there, Bob! . Did you try the
BLT of bacon, tomato, mayo all wrapped in a leaf of romaine lettuce? Just add more
bacon to make it more substantial. Mike Anselmo 1959
That sounds amazingI love conventional BLTs. When I was stationed in Bremerhaven,
it was an air base and the mess was open 24 hours a day. The cooks would prepare
anything you wanted. Their BLT sandwiches were to die for!!!! Buffalo Bob

LOLSherry Mallen Cauley 1964

Some of that diet bread gives you 2 slices of bread for the same
calories of 1 piece. Stay away from so much cheese and salamiConnie Casella
Shein 1964
Only one thin sliced piece of salamihonest!!! Buffalo Bob

I have used large lettuce leaves as slices of bread for

"sandwiches." Works!...Barbara Di Bella Dowd 1962

Mr. OLeary, can I marry your daughter???

Gonna have to shift my routineadd the lettuce, cut back on the cheeseBuffalo Bob

Try less cheese & meat w lettuce in place of bread...I call it

lettuce sandwiches! Loose the miracle whip! Try mustard!...Peggy Maier 1964

I use mustard nowspicy brown. Will never lose the Miracle Whip. I used to eat tomato
sandwiches on white bread back in my high school days with lotsa Miracle Whip
Buffalo Bob
p.s. As kids we did silly things and a lot were I dare you toeat a spoon of Miracle
WhipI ate two.
They have some things Bob that are called bread thins and they're around and theyre
already precut and have very little carbs and very tiny amount of calories they come in

wheat and white and some of them I believe have the little seeds you can have on top!!
They give you just enough taste of bread to curb your longing for it and not enough to
pack on any pounds. As you already know all that cheese is counteracting any good you
were doing by leaving off the bread!! LOLCarmen Maxey(Good friend who
left Hicksville before graduation)
psthey are round in shape!

Too funny, Bob

Joe Carfora 1962

Will you be my Valentine???

John Uss living in Florida and loving his Hicksville Tee Shirt

Bob Giffen from the class of 1962 has written a new book called "One Little
River It is the story of the Connetquot River, A Millionaire-Sportsmens Paradise in Oakdale, Long
Island. It covers the creation of the river and the natural history beginning with the Native Americans.

Highlighted is a remarkable colonial family, piracy, hunting, fishing and millionaire sportsmen,
American presidents and other interesting characters.
Assuming there was a category for Least Likely To Write A Book in the Hicksville High Popularity
Poll, my name would have been #1 on the list. But I, somehow, beat the odds. Hopefully some of my
classmates will be interested in my book. They can send me an email at . All
proceeds go to the "Friends of Connetquot" for the preservation of this place now called the Connetquot
River State Park Preserve.

Thanks ... Bob Giffen Class of 1962

If you read Casales Corner this month, you can appreciate the response from our
webmaster Roger Whitaker
Regarding the Donner party, it originated from here in Illinois. We are acquainted with some
descendants of that group. Historical and archaeological research indicates that the reports of
cannibalism were greatly exaggerated, much as a lot of "news" is exaggerated today. See

I have a question for my friends in CA or anyone who can answer. Why are California
navel oranges so expensive and so absolutely dry, juiceless and tasteless? I used to love
those things but they suck now, and they suck year round! Why?...Walter Relling
I have a tree in my backyard, and mine are full of juice and very tasty. The tree got
watered regularly during the drought years - easy to do when you only have one tree and
not an entire orchard. Of course mine are also only picked when they have reached full
ripeness - pick too early and they are somewhat sourRichard Geimer
We keep the good ones here and ship the dried ones out. Orange Groves are disappearing
and Marijuana fields are replacing them everywhere!...John Campbell
I remember Richard Burger posting a documentary about the destruction of the "Central
Valley" which had once been covered in orange groves. As I recall it was do gooders
from San Francisco rerouting waterways to preserve the "smelt" or some such nonsense
leaving farm workers unemployed and orange groves reduced to kindlingWalter
Monsanto??? MaybeCathy Rowan

Theresa Milito Raso 1970

I viewed the HHS Class of 1970 video montage. Very well done.

Congratulations. It brought back many memoriesJoe Zuckerman 1970 Class

Follow up to an article from the January Newsletter

Hey BobWhy hasn't anyone mentioned how the 2017 Super Bowl
celebrates Long Island. After all, it is Super Bowl LI
Just sayin'David Teitel 1968

I got a kick out of this one, but you can tell the alumnus who wrote
you about it that the NFL discontinued using Roman Numerals to define the Super Bowl
starting last year. Last year, Super Bowl L was known as Super Bowl 50. Hence there
will be no Super Bowl LI, as it's now 51. It was a clever thought, howeverJoe
Carfora 1962


A story from a resident who lives in my town, Hicksville, NY.

On Thursday night my 22 yr old son was taking the Long Island Railroad home from
Manhattan and fell asleep (passed out). When he got off the train, he realized his wallet
was missing. Well, today, a package arrived with his wallet, all his cash, his gift cards
from Christmas and his identification. Also in the package was a note "happy holidays."
We are all so appreciative and moved by your kindness, whomever you are that returned
his wallet. I hope someone receives our words of thanks. Happy New Year and wishing
you all that you desire. You deserve it!!...Cheryl Gries Brown

Hi AllIn the latest newsletter, Carol Johnson Prestiano asked for

information about The Villages, FL. Lived here for over 5 years now. Give her my email and she
can contact me. ThanksPhil Fulco 1957
A note to Carol Johnson Prestiano...I saw your note on your Facebook account
wanting information about The Villages in Florida. I put your request into the January
issue of the Hicksville High School Newsletter that has been published for the past 16
years. One of our readers, Phil Fulco, wrote back that he has lived there for the past 5
years and would like to give you information. Please send me your email address and I
will contact Phil and send him your email address. Send response to my email Thanks...Buffalo Bob Casale class of 1961
Hi bobThanks so much for hooking me up. My email is (concealed). Happy New Year
to you!...Carol Johnson Prestiano

Who are these happy peoplelooks like a fun event

So I'm at the checkout in Kroeger nd the cashier and bagger are

having a conversation about age. They were talking about this one and that one, so I
asked how old they thought I was. Cashier guessed in the 40's, bagger 50's. I felt like a
million bucks. When told I'll be 63 on Tuesday, they were in shock. They asked my
secret. Told them it was the stress free lifestyle I lead. HAHAHAHA...Robert Starke

p.s. I forgot to mention I just had my hair cut, so I did look rather dapper!!

I just read this and laughedTuna noodle casserole is a thing with

the potential of sending a chill down the spines of Baby Boomers, who knew it as a salty,
gloppy, and mostly gray pile of cafeteria lunch in elementary school. In the late 1980s,
scores of recipes for honest remakes (using good ingredients and respecting the textures
of just-cooked noodles, a creamy sauce, and a crispy topping, be it toasted bread crumbs
or crunched-up chips or crackers) appeared. This recipe is in the latter category, tuna
noodle casserole redux, if you will, something to wipe away Boomer memories of weirdsmelling school cafeterias. Using the right kind of canned tuna is everything. Our favorite
is premium tuna packed in olive oil (we particularly like Ortiz Bonito del Norte).
James Rubins 1967

I am old and I have so many unanswered questions!!!! I still haven't found out who let the
Dogs Out...where's the to get to Sesame Street... why Dora doesn't just use
Google Maps...Why do all flavors of fruit loops taste exactly the same, or how many
licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop......why eggs are packaged in a
flimsy paper carton, but batteries are secured in plastic that's tough as nails, yet light
bulbs too are in a flimsy carton... Ever buy scissors? You need scissors to cut into the
packaging of scissors... i still don't understand why there is Braille on drive up ATM's or
why "abbreviated" is such a long word; or why is there a D in 'fridge' but not in
refrigerator... why lemon juice is made with artificial flavor yet dish-washing liquid is
made with real lemons... why they sterilize the needle for lethal injections... and, why do
you have to "put your two cents in" but it's only a "penny for your thoughts" where's that

extra penny going... why do The Alphabet Song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the
same tune... why did you just try to sing those two previous songs... and just what is
Victoria's secret? ....and what would you do for a Klondike bar and you know as soon as
you bite into it, it falls apart...and Why do we drive on Parkways and park on Driveways?
do you really think I am this witty?? ... I actually got this from a friend, who stole it from
her brother's girlfriend's, uncle's cousin's, baby momma's doctor who lived next door to
an old class mate's mail man...Now it is your turn to take it from me...Peace!!...Lynne
Lombardi 1971

Thank you for the card and for thinking of us. It

was much appreciatedGerry Bracero Callejas & Ruben Callejas 1953

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated.

Muriel Maas Froelich 1955 Shown with (left to right)

Dennis Naso, Buffalo Bob Casale, John Pizzariella and Palmer Maas
Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciatedJack DeVaul

A cowboy appeared before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

"Have you ever done anything of particular merit?" St. Peter asked.
"Well, I can think of one thing.", the cowboy offered. "On a trip to the Black Hills out in South Dakota, I
came upon a gang of bikers who were threatening a young woman. I directed them to leave her alone,
but they wouldn't listen. So, I approached the largest and most tattooed biker and smacked him in the
face, kicked his bike over, ripped out his nose ring and threw it on the ground. Then I yelled, 'Now, back
off or I'll whip all of your asses'
St. Peter was impressed, "When did this happen?"
"Couple of minutes ago..."
Submitted by my shipmate Dan Wagoner from Indiana

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedEileen Walter Toscano 1959

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedJoyce Van de Merlen Landau 1959

Thank you for the birthday card and for the thought. Have to say
again how much I appreciate each addition of HixNews. Hard to believe its nearly fifty
years since high school graduationRosemary Olivari 1960

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedPatricia Kelly Bruno 1960

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedAlice McIntosh Rigdon 1961

Thank you for the

card and for thinking of us. After 49 years and counting, we sure are a couple who have
been everywhere, but still have more places to goJoe & Sharon Carfora 1962

Thank you
for the cute Anniversary Card. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating our 50th
Anniversary. A romantic dinner for 2 on Friday and a fun filled surprise party the next
day with family and friendsDiane Cuti Germain 1962 and Joe Germain

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciated. Super Nice SurpriseHerbie Pearce 1962

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedSusan Spector 1962

Thank you for my

birthday cardRob Pietras 1962 & Rob with wife Vicki

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedAnthony Masi 1963

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedStephanie Hill Vetter 1964

Thank you Bob for

the Birthday Card . Id like to say thanks to you and the entire staff for all the hard work
and time that goes into bring back memories that clearly were the best time of our lives
Peter Maiorino 1964

It was 21 years ago today, January 17, 1996 that I became a grandmother for the first
time. Happy Birthday Nikki. May your day be as special as you are!!!
Bette Harrison Germain 1964

Thank you for the card and thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedVic Olsen 1965

Thank you for the card and thinking of me. It was much appreciated.
I am looking forward to a great yearKaren Armstrong Krautsack 1969

Thank you for the card and for thinking of us. It was much
appreciatedKerry & Ron Landau 1969
Thank you for the card and thinking of me. It was much appreciatedLisa Calma Fritz

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedJudy Pugliese Alfano 1970

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedMike Levins 1975

Thank you for the card and for thinking of me. It was much
appreciatedCheryl Schaeffer 1979

Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

(Answer can be found at the bottom of the newsletter pages)

In the current newsletter you mentioned Rich Gallagher having a new email address. You can send him
my email address. I would love to hear from him. We both worked for L.I. LightingPhil Fulco 1957

Herbie Pearce class of 1962 has a new email address. Anyone wanting to contact Herb,
please send a note to and we will make contactthe editors
I have not been getting the Monthly HHS Newsletter, as I used to, so I wanted to advise
you as I enjoyed reading it monthly. Please email me with a confirmation. And please
note I have a new email address. Anyone wanting to contact Dottie, send a note to and we will make the connection.
Regards. Happy New YearDorothy Kunz Drago 1950

The newsletter is always available at We do

not send it is on a website. Bookmark the above hyperlink and you can always get

the newsletterbuffalo bob Casale

A note back from DottieThanks Gotcha!!!

Dear HixNews EditorsThe HHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. now has its IRS issued 501
( c ) 3 federal tax exemption due directly to the hard work and generous donation of legal
expertise by Mr. John Ciarelli, Esquire, member of the HHS Class of 1964.
On Monday evening, January 9, 2017, members of the alumni foundation board will meet
with two school board members, Mr. Michael Beneventano, and Mr. Kevin Carroll along
with current high school honor society members and Marching Band student members.
The purpose of this meeting is not only to distribute appropriately $ 3500 raised from
previous foundation fund raising endeavors to worthy student related projects but also to
learn from this youngsters what they see as short, medium and long term needs currently
not funded by limited school district tax levies.
Our foundation board already has some ambitious goals for 2017 and beyond. A rising
minority of Hicksville families struggle financially.The HHS Alumni Foundation would
like to create a "dress for success" fund for the high school guidance department to be
able to disburse to needy high school seniors so they are appropriately attired going on
internships/job interviews.
Mr. Ray Williams, current HHS principal, plans to create a male and female
empowerment project and the foundation would like to financially support this positive,
character-building, self-esteem effort.
We have been told that the entire high school marching band needs new uniforms and the
award-winning robotics team is desperately in need of funding so they can compete both
locally and nationally.
Of course, more scholarships to deserving graduating seniors would make going to
college less financially stressful to these youngsters.
Now that the foundation has its own 501 ( c ) 3 federal tax exemption status, hopefully
HHS alumni might consider sponsoring one or more of our ambitious goals or donating
what they can. Many of HHS alumni are now over 70 years old and if they have tax
deferred IRAs, they are now required to take income distributions from these accounts.
Possibly, for those who can afford it, donating a portion of these yearly distributions to
the HHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. will serve two purposes. First, the youngsters of their
beloved high school will directly benefit from their generosity and secondly, any of these
required income distributions will be considered tax deductions off their required tax

SincerelyJohn Maniec, president, HHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. cell 9177507842

email address:

Horrific Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport

The suspect in Fridays shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International

Airport was military. He had served in the military, and his brother said that he was
was pro-America. A federal law enforcement source said Esteban Santiago, 26, who
allegedly killed five and injured eight at the Florida airports Terminal 2, had a military
ID on him when he was taken into police custody. According to his brother, Bryan
Santiago, the suspect was born in New Jersey, but moved to Puerto Rico at age two.
Hi all...just wanted to give you an update on the active shooter situation. Myself and a
couple of other TSA are hanging/hiding at our warehouse which is on the outside
perimeter of the airport. Just waiting to get the go ahead to go homeLauri Spector
P.S. Just arrived home about 30 minutes ago - watching CNN now for any updates I
didn't get while I was waiting to go to work. We were finally told not to come in.

The shop is closed after many decades of service to the community. They were originally
located on Newbridge Road and moved when the town was torn apart with all the road
work. Brian McNeil, class of 59, Started with them in high school at the old location and
was with them for over 50 years. Maybe you could check with Brian for some accurate
information about the shop.

Carl Probst 1959

Richie Kunz 1959

Steve Bodensiek 1969

Christine Chwalisz Provenzano 1967

It is with a broken heart, that on behalf of Mike Soblick (HHS 1974) and family, I must
share with you the tragic news that their loving, special and beautiful 28 year old


Brittany Soblick passed away on January 16, 2017. Many are now asking about her
funeral, so please click on this link right below, as it will give you the information for the
services this Friday from 6-9pm at Moloney Funeral home in Port Jefferson Station.
Mitchell Schlimer

HelloI am writing to let you know that my father, Chester Nichols, class of '58, passed
away on February 27, 2016. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997 (Primary
Progressive form), and passed away peacefully in sleep. He is survived by his wife,
Elizabeth, my brother, William, my sister, Dianne, and myself. My parents have never
had a computer. My father had been bed-bound the last eight years with his MS. One
thing he enjoyed very much was when I would print out the Hix News Newsletter and
bring it over for him to read. He enjoyed recognizing names of former classmates, and
seeing pictures of people and places around Hicksville (our family moved to Washington
State in 1978). Thanks for a wonderful newsletter! Sincerely.
Heather Nichols Pickett
It is with sadness that I write to inform you that Cynthia Jane Colvett Evans, my cousin
Hicksville High School Class of 1965, passed away on December 20, 2016 at the age of
69. She is survived by her husband, Dennis Evans and two sons, Chaz and Jason (wife
and daughter, as well). SincerelyCatherine Schram Hess Class of 1965

Four years ago today, January 7th, 2013 I lost

my best friend - the love of my life, Cliff Berry. The above photo shows me having my
annual dose of "poison" aka Jack Daniels toasting Cliff. I will do this in his honor to
celebrate the wonderful life & love he gave me for 48 years! They say that time heals a
broken heart but time has stood still since we've been apart. It's not getting any easier...I
miss you more today than yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow! Love you
ALWAYS! Carol Mack Berry 1963
I just read the latest newsletter and I am a bit confused. Under "Passages", there is a
quote from me which I posted on my FB page in memory of my son, Clifford. It seems
to have been put together with the passage of Vincent Luna and I am not sure the
significance in sharing my post as my name is not mentioned and Cliffy passed away in
1976. I miss him every day and recently lost my husband, Clifford Jr. after a very short
bout with lung cancer, and after 48 years of marriage, I am totally heartbroken. Thanks
for all you do for us "Hicksvillians". I look forward to the newsletter each month.
Carol Mack Berry 1963
CarolIt actually is a separate entry from Vin Luna and would have been more
distinguishable had I put your name and class and photo. Every once in awhile I forget. I
always spend the last day before sending the newsletter part to Roger looking for loose
ends and this is an "end" I missed. I've had to pull more from Facebook because the
normal input from classmates continues to dwindle. I empathize with you and share your
heartbreak. Hopefully you have a family of supporters always there to give you a cushion
when the memories become overwhelming. Sorry for the omission. love yah bob
No problem at all, Bob. I was just curious how it got there. I understand your need
to pull from FB and was happy to see a picture you posted of my granddaughter and me a
while back. I have 3 wonderful kids and 8 grandkids who are my support system.
Unfortunately I lost my husband of 48 years to lung cancer. He was diagnosed in
November and gone by January. Life is not always easy, but I am grateful for what God

has given me. Thank you for responding. And thanks to you and the gang for all you do
to keep our Hicksville memories aliveCarol
It is my sad duty to let you know that

Richard Felman, Class of 1966, passed away on Dec 21, 2016. Best regards

Mark Felman 1965

Hi allIn the current newsletter you mentioned Rich Gallagher having a new
email address. You can send him my email address, would love to hear from him. We both worked for
L.I. Lighting. ThanksPhil Fulco 1957

Dear Rich Gallagher (HHS Class of 1956)Phil Fulco (HHS Class of 1957) would like to contact you.
His request is appended below but the email is concealed. Best.

Henry Lichtenstein

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