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Name: Elaina Eikey

Software Title: BrainPop

Function(s) of Instructional Software (check all that apply):
Drill and Practice



Instructional Game


Features of the Software (check all that apply):

Assessment Monitoring/Reporting (Keeps track of student data and/or generates reports for
the teacher)
Allows teacher to create customized lessons for students
Multi-user or
collaborative functions with others in class
Multi-user or collaborative functions with others
beyond local class
Accessible to students beyond the school day
Accessible via mobile
Multiple languages
Safety, security, and/or privacy features
Strengths of the Software: Very engaging, appealing, multiple content areas are addressed, easy
to navigate, colorful and fun characters
Suggestions for Improvement: More languages, multi users and more of the same stuff

Standards Addressed: See

SS3H2 The student will discuss the lives of Americans who expanded peoples rights and freedoms
in a democracy.
a. Paul Revere (independence), Frederick Douglass (civil rights), Susan B. Anthony (womens
rights), Mary McLeod Bethune (education), Franklin D. Roosevelt (New Deal and World War II),
Eleanor Roosevelt (United Nations and human rights), Thurgood Marshall (civil rights), Lyndon B.
Grade Level/Content Area(s): Third/ Social Studies
Blooms Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply). See

Description of how to implement in the class: (Ex: equipment needed, instructional model*,
what students/teachers will do, how activity will be introduced/concluded, how student learning
will be assessed, how assessment data will be used to inform/differentiate instruction. Minimum 2
paragraphs). The teacher will introduce the study of Frederick Douglass and civil rights using the
video from BrainPop. They will be encouraged to watch the movie and remember two special
things that they learned about Frederick Douglass and from the movie. Students will share the
facts about Frederick Douglass and civil rights, and I will write them on a large sheet of chart
paper. After we share our ideas, then we are going to re-watch the video to see what we missed. I
will record the new ideas on the chart paper. The goal is to have one idea for each student in the
Students will pick one idea that they like or are the most curious about Frederick Douglass, and we
are going to create a podcast as a class to share. As an extension, students will pick another famous
person to research either individually or as a group. Then the students will create their own
podcast for everyone in the class to listen to.