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Pete K. Rahn Secretary of Transportation 7201 Corporate Center Drive Hanover, MD 21076-0548

Dear Secretary Rahn:

We write to thank you for proposing to allocate an additional $41.8 million dollars in operating

funds to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (“WMATA” or “Metro”) in the

proposed 2018 budget, as requested by the Metro General Manager. We also write to ask that you do more to help make sure that Metro can be a safe, reliable, and affordable transportation

option for Marylanders.

We share your frustrationsand those of our constituentsand about the state of the Metro system, which has seen innumerable delays and service disruptions in recent years. While Metro has faced difficulties, it is important that Maryland and the other jurisdictions continue to invest in the system in order to prevent further decline and return the system to a state of good repair. The prudent allocation of additional funds provides Metro with the necessary resources to provide a decent level of service to their riders.

Despite the additional operating funds included in the budget for Fiscal Year 2018, Metro riders are still facing service cuts and fare hikes under the General Manager’s budget proposal; a combination that threatens to drive away riders and add traffic to our already-crowded roads. Metro’s proposed budget would:

Raise fares for both bus and rail riders, a move predicted to result in 10 million fewer

trips on the system in the coming fiscal year. Reduce service on all six lines by increasing the amount of time between trains, which will result is slower, less-predictable trips. The Metrorail lines in suburban Maryland will be most affected by these service cuts, with time between trains planned to be 15 minutes during off-peak hours and eight minutes during rush hour.

The reduction of service proposed in Metro’s proposed budget paired with the planned fare

increases will only deter potential riders from using the system, and it will have an especially negative impact on Metro riders from Maryland. We are requesting that the State do more to insulate riders from these planned fare hikes and service reductions. The General Manager estimates that $50 million is being “saved” through changes affecting riders, meaning that if Maryland, Virginia, and DC each contributed $17 million more, harm to riders could be

avoided. Even a subset of that increase could help reduce the burden on Marylanders who rely on the system and those who would be negatively affected should riders switch to single occupancy vehicles.

Please continue to engage with Metro and its Board members on a reasonable 2018 budget that does not further endanger the health of the Metro system. The Metro system’s importance to Maryland cannot be overstated, as it serves riders from all over the state and is critical to the economic productivity and prosperity of our region. Protecting riders from service cuts through additional investment will retain ridership and allow Metro to continue long-overdue system maintenance and improvements.


Senator Brian Feldman Senator Douglas Peters Senator James Rosapepe Senator William Smith Delegate Kumar Barve Delegate Charles Barkley Delegate Erek Barron Delegate Benjamin Brooks Delegate Kathleen Dumais Delegate Tawanna Gaines Delegate Anne Healey Delegate Ariana Kelly Delegate Marc Korman Delegate Clarence Lam

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Keturah D. Harley, WMATA Board of Directors Michael Goldman, WMATA Board of Directors

Kathryn Porter, WMATA Board of Directors

Malcolm Augustine, WMATA Board of Directors.