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The Human Brain is divided into

TWO Hemispheres: the Right
Brain and the Left Brain.
The Right Brain relates and
perceives through Synthesis, the
Left Brain relates and perceives
through Analysis.
Along the 20th Century, Western
Societies developed mainly the
Left Brain.
Holistic approaches for the 21st
Century need to recover the
capability of Perception through
the Right Brain in order to achieve
I Ching
Yin and Yang

The I Ching, in
analogy to the
Hemispheres, is
divided into Yin and
Yang: Two
complement poles
that symbolically
stand for the
Dynamics of Unity.
The aim of this ‘paper’ is to contribute to
New Means of Communication in
Academic Contexts.
Appealing to the Perception through the
Right Brain, I will use Music, Image and a
Short Text Structure.
The purpose is to focus on the Essence.

This is not a ‘regular’ paper.

I won’t quote anybody.

This is an Instalation of a Cultural Experience

with the Tuareg people in the Desert.

This is their Music…

The Tuareg’s Tent in the Sahara
A Cultural Experience
(Paula Soares, University of Évora,
There are several ways of
perceiving ‘Culture’:
e.g. staying in the office
reading books,
entering a jeep and driving
to the desert…
This paper is about a
Cultural Experience
with the Tuareg people.
The Challenges:
• Leaving the books behind
• Reaching out for a Sunrise in the Desert
• Going into the field
• Awakening the Perception through the
• Loosing temporary the Geographical
References while crossing a Sandstorm
The Tuareg’s Tent in the Desert Inn
• In former times the Tuareg people used to cross the Silk
Roads in Caravans.
• They were the ‘Knights of the Desert’, known for their
Courage, Codes of Honour, Poetry and Blue Turbans
(used by men).
• Female Tuaregs would choose their partners in Poetry
Contests under the Stars.
• Nowadays, the former ‘Knights of the Desert’ guide
people from all over the world, in Caravans, through the
Dunes of the Sahara Desert.
The language of the dunes.
• The Caravan slowly crosses the infinite
• High on top of a Camel the Slow Rhythm
of Motion, the Waves of the Dunes, the
Infinite Horizon lead us
to the Language of
The language of contemplation.
Beyond Time and Space,
the Tuareg sits on top of a Dune,
contemplating the Horizon,
sharing the Language of Inner Silence
lost in the Contemporary Western World.
The Blue Turban contrasting with the
Yellow Sand,
apart from protecting the face from
teaches us the powerful communication
through the Eyes.
The language of the eyes.
After crossing infinite Dunes in slow
the vision of an Oasis,
the vision of a Tuareg’s Tent in the Sahara
Tea is served,
a meal is being prepared,
the Sun sets,
the Stars rise,
the Drums play,
the Tuareg sing…
The language of the tribe.
The Language of the Tribe is
Music under the Stars,
unifying People from all over the World.
Far from artificial Light, the Sky reveals
unknown Galaxies.
Waiting for the Sunrise,
the Night vanishes…
After experiencing the Sunrise in the
Desert, a part of us becomes ‘Tuareg’.
The Language of the Dunes,
the Language of Contemplation,
the Language of the Eyes
become part of the luggage to bring back.
This Cultural Experience could not have
been made through the reading of a Book
in the Office…
The study of Culture in the Future
would be much richer if related to
Experience, whenever possible…