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Vedik Gyan

Hindu values as we interpret are Vedic values (Gyan and Vigyan). The Gyan and Vigyan
is delivered through some books such as

• Four Veds
• Upanishad
• Ramayan
• YogVasistha
• Mahabharat and Gita,
• Bhagawat
• Puran etc...

Good and Bad Only?

The purpose of these books is not only to comment and dictate the mundane things for a
peace loving human being but it is to teach the way of gaining ultimate knowledge to the
entire mankind.There main aim is science and nothing else. So to say vegetarianism and
Woman upliftment etc. are Vedic concept is retarding ourselves.

Using Religious Books as Weapon?

You may get references here and there about vegetarianism and nonvegetarianism in
these books,we dont deny that but the point is, Is that the basic purpose? Are we
convinced about the utilitiy of these books to simple level of Veg-NonVeg? Or We are
taking the help of these religious(?)books since we know that people will accept without
much reason, to some how convince people about be Veg and not be NonVeg? Shoulde
we belive that allllllll good things is real motive of these books?

All good things are there in these books but motive must be one and that is Gyan &
Vigyan.These books dont contain mere stories of "Ek tha Raja and Ek thi Rani..." type.
There are several rediculous(?) stories in these books. To remind,just try to reason

• PutraKamesthiYgna of Dasarath
• Pandav JanmaKatha
• AhilyaKatha
• Janak Janama Katha
• Drupadi Vastraharan
• SitaTyga
• Hanuman

All other stories are astonishingly rediculous or atleast such that we dont discuss in
drawing room thinking that they are "Ashlela". Ved Vyas and Valmiki were not of "that
type" we should belive.We avoid arguments to figure out the scientific gist of these
stories is what is most unfortunate part of it.
Some Popular Arguments

When we try to say and talk to elders we usually get a stero type reply : First make your
self capable to understand these stories then argue. But it is never told how to elevate
oneself. Sometimes we are told to listen to the commentries written by great saints on this
topic. Usually commentary by a great saint will require us to intepret the story by taking
the anaology. It is good but it is never reveal to us why some story is to be interpreted in
this fashion. What kind of clue author of the story has provided to consider it as such and
such. Is it our own interpretation or author has given some clue for that? Usually it is our
own interpretations. To figure out author clue, we should have real YogSadhana.


This is what is the trap of the other religions. They do not have strong scientific motive.
That is why they point out only arguments in support of their religion to the extend of
showing all goody things in their religious books. That appeals to the masses and
naturally people get busy in mundane things only. The idea is rooted to the level that an
Orthodox person is consider as religious person. It is true in accordance to other religion.
A Hindu Orthodox must be highly Scientific. We should be convinced about that. Instead
we also take pride in finding similarities/differences in our religion as regards to their.

• Budhists say Ahimsa

• Christians say Love
• Islam say Contract-Love
• only Hindus say ????Science????

. And the irony is that every one wants to say all the things but Science. We find a Hindu
defending the religion for every possible good value in Hindu religion. Some day there
would be a question Whether respect towards woman is a Hindu/non-Hindu concept?
Drinking is Hindu/non-Hindu concept? Hindu religion is not made to answer such
mundane question and no Hindu should indulge in such activity.Let them do that. There
are many Hindus who would not be able to say a single scintific thing about our religion.

We must know how theory of relativity and more than that, is in these books, we must
know real nature of Gayatri Mantra. To say somthing... we come to know about Black
holes and we belive that it is from west only. Have you notice the word Krishna?


"Karshati iti Krishna" Yane Jo Sub Ko Aa-Karshit kar ta hai use Krishna kahatye
hain. Isi liye rang unka Kala hai.Jo sadhak apne Indriyaon ka karshan kar divya Gyan ki
prapti kar ta hai use Krishna kahate hain. Isliye aise sadhak ki premika Radha(aanand)
hai. Jiski sub Indriya apne kaboo mai ho(Goupal) use aanand ke alawa kya milega?
Radha died for Krishna and new shristee was created. Spell in reverse Radha it is Dhara
that is normal flow that is SavyaGati. Reverse of Dhara would be ApaSavayaGati.
Anything that revolves in reverse direction must die. Anything that goes in Black
hole(Krishna) must die. We therefore say that YaduVansh was completly destroyed.

So point is that be Vedic as much as possible. Try to figure out line between
Science,History,and Religion.