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Sap error codes and messages:

SAP Error Code: P0-23

Description: Please check your entries
Internal: 140924
SAP Error Code: P0-230
Description: Personnel calculation rule ok
Internal: 140925
SAP Error Code: P0-231
Description: Error in personnel calculation rule
Internal: 140926
SAP Error Code: P0-232
Description: To delete, please choose 'Delete'
Internal: 140927
SAP Error Code: P0-233
Description: Enhancement to variable key exists -> see long text
Internal: 140928
SAP Error Code: P0-234
Description: First of all, select the object and place the cursor on the target
Internal: 140929
SAP Error Code: P0-24
Description: When entering a product group, quantity or percent is not allowed
Internal: 140930
SAP Error Code: P0-240
Description: Object to be reassigned/included must not be
Internal: 140931
SAP Error Code: P0-241
Description: Object to be reassigned/included must be
Internal: 140932
SAP Error Code: P0-242
Description: After operation GCY no object can be attached or inserted
Internal: 140933
SAP Error Code: P0-243
Description: Check length of refinement to the selected decision operation
Internal: 140934
SAP Error Code: P0-25
Description: When entering a product group, displacement is not allowed
Internal: 140935
SAP Error Code: P0-250
Description: Calculation rule can only be displayed
Internal: 140936
SAP Error Code: P0-251
Description: Edit the rule in the table editor (see longtext)

Internal: 140937
SAP Error Code: P0-26
Description: Sales plan can only be transferred on list entry screen
Internal: 140938
SAP Error Code: P0-27
Description: Production plan can only be transferred on list entry screen
Internal: 140939
SAP Error Code: P0-28
Description: Field selection does not exist (T450F)
Internal: 140940
SAP Error Code: P0-29
Description: Please enter a material number
Internal: 140941
SAP Error Code: P0-30
Description: Requirements type does not exist
Internal: 140942
SAP Error Code: P0-301
Description: No record in T5G22
Internal: 140943
SAP Error Code: P0-302
Description: No record in T5G242
Internal: 140944
SAP Error Code: P0-303
Description: No PERG data
Internal: 140945
SAP Error Code: P0-304
Description: No record in T549K
Internal: 140946
SAP Error Code: P0-305
Description: No record in T549Q
Internal: 140947
Sap error codes and messages:

SAP Error Code: Pslash-064

Description: Choose valid periods
Internal: 147044
SAP Error Code: Pslash-068
Description: Periods created (Calendar ID changed to '(variable should be entere
d here - variable1)')
Internal: 147045
SAP Error Code: Pslash-073
Description: Userbreak detected.
Internal: 147046
SAP Error Code: Pslash-074

Description: Plant does not exist for material

Internal: 147047
SAP Error Code: Pslash-075
Description: Select periods
Internal: 147048
SAP Error Code: Pslash-076
Description: There are no lines selected.
Internal: 147049
SAP Error Code: Pslash-077
Description: The material is not assigned to a routing.
Internal: 147050
SAP Error Code: Pslash-078
Description: The material has no BOM or the BOM was not saved to the material, y
Internal: 147051
SAP Error Code: Pslash-079
Description: Maintenance canceled.
Internal: 147052
SAP Error Code: Pslash-080
Description: The periods of the group are unequal to the ref. operation set (var
iable should be entered here - variable1).
Internal: 147053
SAP Error Code: Pslash-081
Description: There is no material assigned to group (variable should be entered
here - variable1).
Internal: 147054
SAP Error Code: Pslash-086
Description: Please enter a valid standard value key.
Internal: 147055
SAP Error Code: Pslash-087
Description: The operations are not assigned to a workcenter.
Internal: 147056
SAP Error Code: Pslash-088
Description: None of the planning periods required by you could be created
Internal: 147057
SAP Error Code: Pslash-113
Description: Error while writing new planning period
Internal: 147058
SAP Error Code: Pslash-114
Description: New planning periods saved.
Internal: 147059
SAP Error Code: Pslash-115
Description: Choose a valid planning period.
Internal: 147060
SAP Error Code: Pslash-116

Description: Error while deleting current planning period '(variable should be e

ntered here - variable1)'.
Internal: 147061
SAP Error Code: Pslash-117
Description: Planning period '(variable should be entered here - variable1)' suc
cessfully deleted.
Internal: 147062
SAP Error Code: Pslash-118
Description: Required entry not made.
Internal: 147063
SAP Error Code: Pslash-119
Description: The routing has no operations to maintain.
Internal: 147064
SAP Error Code: Pslash-121
Description: Error while creating periods '(variable should be entered here - va
Internal: 147065
SAP Error Code: Pslash-177
Description: Required entry not made.
Internal: 147066
SAP Error Code: Pslash-178
Description: Enter a unit for dimension "(variable should be entered here - vari
able1)" for the standard value "(variable should be entered here - variable1)".
Internal: 147067
Sap error codes and messages:

SAP Error Code: P0-207

Description: The selected sub-tree cannot be reassigned
Internal: 140900
SAP Error Code: P0-208
Description: Buffer cannot be inserted
Internal: 140901
SAP Error Code: P0-209
Description: Variable argument may only be 8 characters long
Internal: 140902
SAP Error Code: P0-21
Description: Please enter a date
Internal: 140903
SAP Error Code: P0-210
Description: The variable arguments are incompatible as regards length
Internal: 140904
SAP Error Code: P0-211
Description: The selected sub-tree is not coherent
Internal: 140905
SAP Error Code: P0-212

Description: Change the decision tree, then activate the feature

Internal: 140906
SAP Error Code: P0-213
Description: You may only create one subtree per ESG grouping
Internal: 140907
SAP Error Code: P0-214
Description: Decision operation or GCY is not the last operation
Internal: 140908
SAP Error Code: P0-215
Description: Wage/time types may only appear once in an ESG grouping
Internal: 140909
SAP Error Code: P0-216
Description: The enhancements for a variable argument must be different
Internal: 140910
SAP Error Code: P0-217
Description: Specify either the structure or field name for the return value
Internal: 140911
SAP Error Code: P0-218
Description: Specify either the table return value or the field for the return v
Internal: 140912
SAP Error Code: P0-219
Description: Please contact your system administrator
Internal: 140913
SAP Error Code: P0-22
Description: You have not entered a period
Internal: 140914
SAP Error Code: P0-220
Description: Due to a calculation rule error the structure graphic cannot be dis
Internal: 140915
SAP Error Code: P0-221
Description: Error when displaying the message long text (see documentation)
Internal: 140916
SAP Error Code: P0-223
Description: Entry of decision operation and GCY not permitted
Internal: 140917
SAP Error Code: P0-224
Description: Wage/time type entered does not exist
Internal: 140918
SAP Error Code: P0-225
Description: ESG grouping entered does not exist
Internal: 140919
SAP Error Code: P0-226
Description: Refinement of variable argument invalid
Internal: 140920

SAP Error Code: P0-227

Description: A refinement was expected at the insert point, not an operation
Internal: 140921
SAP Error Code: P0-228
Description: no refinement is expected at the insertion point of an operation
Internal: 140922
SAP Error Code: P0-229
Description: Calculation rule for structure graphics display is changed -> s. lo
Internal: 140923