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American Sign Language

Level 2
Course Description:
This course will continue to teach students American Sign Language and the culture of the people within the
Deaf community. Emphasis will be placed on ASL grammar, vocabulary, finger spelling, and facial expression.
Students will be expected to display an intermediate understanding of both expressive and receptive language.
Textbook Used
Title: Signing Naturally Level 2
Authors: Cheri Smith, Ella Mae Lentz, Ken Mikos
Publisher: Dawn Sign Press
Contact information:
Amy Fleming Phone: 810-591-0427

fax: 810-591-8033












Homework is expected to be turned in on time. Any

assignments turned in after the due date will be reduced by
30%. Homework must be turned in within the marking
period unless the student has extenuating circumstances.
Quizzes will be given two ways. Receptively: the students
write what the instructor signs, and expressively: the student
signs to the instructor.
Test will be given two ways. Receptively: the students write
what the instructor signs, and expressively: the student signs
to the instructor.
Projects will be graded based on whether or not the
requirements given were fulfilled which may include but are
not limited to: ASL structure, creativity, clarity, vocabulary
usage, timeliness, and overall quality of presentation. Most
projects will be turned in online.





Grading Scale
100-99= A+
92-98= A
90-91 = A88-89 = B+
82-87 = B
80-81 = B78-79 = C+
72-77 = C
70-71 = C68-69 = D+
67 = D
65-66= D64% and below = E

Course objectives
After successful completion of ASL 2 students will be able to comprehend and produce:
1. Topic-comment structure, locative and descriptive classifiers, and requests and commands.
2. Vocabulary including but not limited to topics such as:
a. Specific locations
b. Temporal aspects
c. Concerns and complaints
d. Nationality and heritage
e. describing objects and giving definitions
f. weekend plans
g. expressing feelings and opinions
h. explaining mishaps
3. Contrastive sentence structure
4. Features of spatial utilization
5. A variety of verbs and tenses
6. Narratives and dialogues spontaneously.
Online component: each student will be required to make and use two accounts: a Schoology account and a
Gmail account (an existing school account will suffice). Parents can see their students progress by making a
Schoology account and requesting a specific Parent-Access code from the instructor.
Notebook/folder: Each student will be required to have a notebook for class and a folder that they can leave in
their GenNET classroom
Homework: Students will be required to do both written and signed homework. Signed homework will be
recorded and posted on Schoology. Written homework will be submitted online or faxed to Linden High School at
the beginning or end of class time.
Attendance: The attendance policy for the GenNET classroom is strictly enforced; poor attendance will result in the
removal of the student from the GenNET classroom setting. Students are expected to arrive promptly and prepared.
Should a student miss a day of class s/he is expected to obtain the missed work from either myself or a fellow classmate.
Participation: Students will be required to participate in a variety of in-class activities, homework, and projects
in order to effectively learn ASL- lack of attendance may affect the students grade.
Tests/Quizzes: If a test or a quiz is missed the student must make up the assessment within a week. Tests and
quizzes can be made up by coming into the GenNET room after school or by taking it online proctored by a
Behavior: Being in a distant learning classroom is a privilege and; therefore, the students are expected to act with
maturity, respect, and responsibility at all times
Phones: The use of phones will not be permitted in class unless specified by the teacher. The first offense during
a class period will be a warning; the second offense during a class period will result in a detention.
Tardiness: After being marked tardy 4 times the student will receive a detention.

Please sign and return:

I have read the syllabus thoroughly and understand ASL level 2 entails.
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