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Courses which should be included in secondary schools curricula (298)

This subject was recently discussed at a radio programme and after heated debate, a partially accepted conclusion
regarding the subjects which should be included in secondary schools curricula was reached. I will try to pus forward
some of the most relevant arguments expressed.
To begin with, research recently carried out revealed the fact that, although 80% of the children of the middle class posses
a computer, there is still some unknown information about the proper use of computers, and the situation tends to be even
worse among adults. In this prospect, introducing a computer course in the curricula would be a great opportunity for both
children and parents (with the help of their children) to learn more about the functions and uses of a computer. However,
there have been voices stating that using a computer is not necessarily practical and of use in the every day life.
Secondly, many historians are of the opinion that knowing Ancient Greek and Latin is of the utmost importance, as it can
greatly influence ones level of knowledge and understanding of many subjects. Although it may seem that learning a dead
language would be of no use to the modern students, this is far from being true. Most of the fundamental scientific
theories and thesis are written in these two languages, so knowing them would do nothing less than enable the reader to
understand the information to a greater extent. However, some people tend to affirm that translators have already done
their jobs and there is no need to learn Ancient Greek and Latin.
In conclusion, I tend to believe that the subject which would enable the usual student to broaden his knowledge spectrum
would be computer science and Ancient Greek and Latin.

Dear manager of the shop, (284)

I am writing to express my deepest dissatisfaction regarding the level of politeness and common sense among your shop
assistants, as I was accused of something I hadnt ever done or intend to do: shoplifting.
I visited your shop on Monday, April 26th, as I was intending to buy a gift for a friend of mine who was celebrating her
birthday on that very day. So I thought I should buy her some books, because she is a bookworm and loves scientific
literature. Knowing your store was the best place to find some of the most recent works in the world of science, I entered
and chose three books that I put in my backpack until going to the checkout, because I didnt have any other kind of bag
In that very moment, a guard drew his stun gun out and pointed it at me, accusing me of shoplifting, something which I
deeply disregard and would never do myself. I tried to explain that I was only using my backpack as a way of storage, but
it was of no use. He soon took my bag, emptied it, only to see what I was trying to explain: that I was innocent.
Although he had made a huge mistake, he never had the initiative of apologising, something that I would find rather usual,
thus being something that deranged me the most.
I wouldnt expect to be given the books at no cost, but at least I expect a consistent voucher, as I was personally intending
to report this incident to the police, but thanks to my wife who was able to calm me down, this hasnt happened.