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The Karalapakkam

Society for Rural and Sustainable Development

Institute of Sustainable Development

tenth year of service to humanity

Report for the period

April 2009-March 2010

Plots S1-S2, Air Force Nagar

TSP Road, Veerapuram
Chennai 600055 INDIA
Tel: 044 26840209
The Karalapakkam
Society for Rural and Sustainable Development
Institute of Sustainable Development

Report for the period

April 2009-March 2010

Plots S1-S2, Air Force Nagar

TSP Road, Veerapuram
Chennai 600055 INDIA
Tel: 044 26840209



Education Support Programmes

Health Promotion Programmes

Livelihood Enhancement Programmes

Institute of Sustainable Development

Institutional Strengthening

Our Supporters


The Karalapakkam Society for Rural and Sustainable Development

(KSRSD)was established in the year 2000 to continue the activities of
the Rural Development Centre, Karalapakkam which was earlier a unit
of the Madras School of Social Work and now, by all means, function as
an independent organisation. The rural development centre with 4500
sq ft building, infrastructure, with health unit, vocational training unit
and selected activities at the village level in Karalapakkam has been
handed over to the village committee as an effort of empowering the
rural community to plan and implement their own programmes.
Guidance is provided as and when required by them. Now KSRSD
focuses its activities in the more disadvantaged rural villages in the
Periyapalayam (Ellapuram Block) Panchayat Union in Thiruvallur

KSRSD works on the premise of Sustainable Development, with a pro-

nature, pro-poor and pro-women approach. Health, Education and
Livelihood Enhancement are the primary focus areas for KSRSD at
present and Women and Children are the main concern. Realising the
need for conducting research, training and extension in sustainable
development, KSRSD mandated to initiate an institution dedicated to
sustainable development. Thus, Institute of Sustainable
Development was formed in the year 2005 with a vision to emerge as
a full fledged multidisciplinary resource centre to think globally and act
locally in the arena of sustainable development. Further, ISD has
chosen water, sanitation and climate change as the theme for its
activities for the decade 2005-2014.

This volume presents an account of the activities carried out by KSRSD

directly as well as through its unit, ISD, during the year 2009-10, the
tenth year of KSRSD’s service to humanity. The year 2009-10 was
another remarkable year for KSRSD and ISD with moving in to its own
premises. The achievements can be attributed only to the untiring
effort of the team at KSRSD and the inspiration they derive from the
patronage of a number of individuals, organizations, and the rural
community with whom they work. We sincerely thank all those who

joined us in our struggles as well as happiness. We earnestly bank on
their continued support.
Address (Administrative office): Plots S1-S2, Air Force Nagar
T S P Road, Veerapuram,
Chennai 600 055 INDIA
Tel: 044-26840209
Web site:,

Status of the KSRSD

Registration: Under TN Societies Registration Act
XXVII of 1975 (Reg.
Registration is updated up to: 2008-2009, on 10.08.2009
Membership: 13- General Body and 7 – Executive
Committee (List of Members
FCRA Registration No: 076020025 dated 26.12.2003
Income Tax Exemption under 80 G: DIT (E) No: 2(355)/04-05
dated 21.11.05

Members(in alphabetical order):

1. Prof. K.N.George : Founder Member
Social Worker and Academician
2. Mrs Gita Manoj : Member
IT Professional
3. Mrs. Gita Viswanathan : Founder Member & President
Social Worker
4. Mr. V.S.Hegde : Member
5. Mrs. (Dr) Lalitha Nataraj : Member
Social Worker
6. Mrs S Lalitha : Member
Social Work Academician
7. Mr M Maliachamee : Member
Financial Consultant
8. Mr. V.N. Nagaraja Rao : Founder Member
Lawyer and Notary Public
9. Mrs. (Dr) Nalini Rao : Founder Member
Social Worker and Academician

10. Dr. Rema Saraswathy : Founder Member & Honorary
Social Researcher Secretary
& Social Worker

11. Mr. N. Sanjeevi : Founder Member

12. Mrs. Seethalakshmi M : Member
Social Worker
13. Dr. G.Vijayaram : Founder Member & Honorary
Social Worker and Academician Treasurer


Education Support
Health Promotion
Livelihood Enhancement
Institute of Sustainable Development
Water and health
Water and Local Governance
Water and Livelihood
Research and Training


♫ Child Educational Support Programme

♫ Personality Development / Summer Camp Camps
♫ Educational Materials for students
♫ Bicycle project for 70 students
♫ Chappals for 600 students
♫ Educational materials for schools
♫ Shield of recognition for Thirukandalam School
♫ Children’s Day – interschool competitions 2009
♫ Nutrition supplement and tuition classes in three schools
♫ Child Educational Support Programme- Expansion of
♫ Special Cases

2.1.1. Child Educational Support Programme (CESP)

Regular Financial Support for schooling for children from 6th standard
up to 12th standard has been one activity of KSRSD from its inception.
The priority groups under this scheme are those families below poverty
line and those students studying in government or government aided
schools. Further, female children, total or semi orphan children,
children from difficult circumstances with terminally ill parent or
parents, and differently abled/disabled children are given priority in the
programme. The CESP today covers 120 children with regular support
and another 10 children on an average every year with one time
annual assistance. Of them 90 children are sponsored by TDH
Denmark and the rest are sponsored by friends of KSRSD from India
and abroad. So far about 105 children have come out of the scheme on
successful completion of their schooling. Every year those who pass
out from 12th standard are replaced by other deserving children and
there used to be one or two cases of moving out of the area.

Associated activities under the CESP are

 Financial assistance
 Provision of educational materials
 Monthly review of the progress organized at cluster levels
 House-visits
 student and parent/guardian counseling

 Need based intervention
 medical help
 career guidance
 support for economic activity
 Lending Library which works in 8 clusters with 9 educative,
informative and entertaining periodicals and children’s books
 Personality development programmes including Summer

The programmes held during the year 2009-10 described below:

2.1.2 Summer Camps

Personality Development Camp: This camp was meant for the age
group of students in 10th to 12th standards and was held from 5th to 10th
May 2009, at the World Community Centre (Arivu Thiru Koil),
Veerapuram, Chennai. Nineteen students participated in the camp
which had special exercises to improve the concentration ability,
logical thinking, etc besides physical exercise.

Life Skill Development Programme: The programme meant for the

age group of students studying in 6th to 9th standards. This was held in
22nd to 24th April 2009 at World Community Centre, (Arivu Thiru koil)
Veerapuram, Chennai. From the CESP beneficiaries 12 students
participated in the camp.

CESP Summer Camp: The summer camp held regularly by the

KSRSD for the last 7 years for the benefit of the students coming under
the Child Educational Support Programme was held this year from 11th
to 13th of May 2009. It was held at CORD Campus, (Chinmaya Mission)
at Thamaraipakkam, Thiruvallur district.

KSRSD CESP Report of Summer Camp – 2009

Summer Camp for the year 2009 was organized at CORD Centre
(Chinmayananda Mission), Thamaraipakkam on 11 – 13th May 2009.
The participants included 53 CESP Students, 6 DAYA Trust Volunteers,
4 MSW Students of Hindu College besides the organizers. As practice,
the camp had personality development sessions conducted by
external resource persons. These sessions were sandwiched with
informative and entertaining programmes such as physical and
mental exercises, competitions, songs, dance, drama etc which the
students undertake in groups as well as on individual basis.

…….. cont’d

This year, the Camp got started with a Personality development
programme which was conducted by Mr Prem Anand from Makkal
Shakthi Iyakam. He gave an interactive session to create awareness
on concept of the movement, human thoughts and desires, qualities
of human life, problems of Indian Society. 15 members from the
participants joined as a Volunteer in Makkal Shakthi Movement. The
2nd Session of the day was a education and career guidance
programme delivered by DAYA Trust Team. This was followed by a
session on different ways of walking. Five methods of walking style
was demonstrated by the Hindu college volunteers which the
students emulated. Finally, guidance programme for the preparation
of examination , a session by the volunteers of Hindu College. The
day ended with a film show on importance of personal hygiene.

Second Day
Demonstration and interactive session about basics in computer was
organized by Mr Saravanan of DAYA Trust. He explained about the
parts of the computer, software, hardware, how it works, how to
create file and to save it. Painting, and how to use calculator were
also demonstrated. All the students were given chance to operate the
computer after the session. This was followed by a folk song session
by Mr Manickam, Community Organiser who trained the students in
singing folk songs with topics relevant to the children. The afternoon
session of the day was handled by Mr Shankaran from “ Vanamae
Ellai”. His session had games and mathematical puzzles, patriotic
songs which made the session very active for the students but filled
with fun and subject. The special session of the day was by Mr V
Nandha Kumar, IRS (Assistant Director - Income Tax). He explained
about his experience and stressed that there is no substitute for hard
work and hard work will certainly bear its fruit. He has given guidance
for the preparation of civil service examinations. After dinner,
campfire was organized in which all the students exhibited their
talents by singing, dancing, mimicking etc.

Third day
Power point presentation on climate change was made Mr Ajith
kumar and S.Venkatesh, MSW students of Hindu College. They
explained about the causes of climate change and preventive
measures that must be taken, need for Tree plantation etc. Second
session was on “functions of Automobiles” demonstrated by Mr
Satheesh Kumar and his team from Mechanical Engg Dept of
St.Peter’s Engg College. They have used a four wheeler assembled by
themselves for this purpose. This session has created curiosity
among the students as the vehicle showcased was a special type…..
The final session of the camp was evaluation by the students. The
camp closed with a valedictory session in which parents also

The KSRSD team under the leadership of Mr P Muniyappan, Senor

Project Coordinator with the able assistance of Mr J Kirubakaran,
Social Worker and Mr Manikkam, Community Organiser very

2.1.3 Distribution of Educational Materials to Sponsored

KSRSD CESP Sponsorship for education covers 120 children under the
regular sponsorship and about 15 under the annual sponsorship. Every
year their educational needs are provided at the beginning of the
academic year and this year too, the children were given note books,
chapel (footwear) and financial assistance to buy uniform, school bag,
and all their requirements. On 20th of June 2009 a function was held at
Veerapuram to distribute the materials. About 80 students and their
parents/guardian attended the programme. The Inspector of Police,
Tank Factory Avadi was the Chief Guest for the programme. Special
prizes to the students who stood first among the CESP beneficiaries in
the School Final examination held for the academic year 2008-09 were
given away in the function. The programme was telecasted by the
local television network JAK.

2.1.4. Review and Follow up of Child Educational Support


For the convenience of review and follow up, five geographical

clusters, Athivakkam, Sembedu, Vengal, Velliyur and have been
formed under the CESP. Each cluster has a leader and an assistant
leader with certain specified roles for each of them. Every week the
students are advised to meet and discuss certain issues like school
performance, school attendance, any special requirements or
incidence in the family or school that affects the studies or health of
them, etc. The leader is asked to prepare a report of the meeting with
the help of the assistant and submit the same to the Social Worker.
Normally the Social Worker-in-Charge participate in atleast one such
meeting. When the SW visits the village the parents are also called for
a meeting where, besides children’s education issues, health,
sanitation, trainings or opportunities available, or information about
ISD programme, etc; are also discussed.

Athivakkam (Athivakkam),
Vengal(Vengal, vengal kuppam, athingkavanur, vadamadurai&
Punnapakkam (Punnapakkam, Sembedu, & Thamaraipakkam)
Thirukandalam (Thirukandalam),


This year there will be about 25 replacements for the CESP TDH, and
other individual donors have expressed their willingness to sponsor
more children. Therefore, it is decided to select 60 children from the
168 children short listed belonging to around 26 villages. Pre-
assessment test conducted on 8th & 15th of August, followed by house
visit carried out in the third week of August. Selected students along
with guardian will be called for a briefing in December.

Parents Meeting
Parents meeting for the students of X Std were held at the Project
Office Vengal on 20th Jan 2010. It was well attended by 20students
(Boys – 07, Girls 13) and 11parents (Male -6, Female – 5). Program
Coordinator explained purpose of assembling and importance of
forthcoming Board Examination, dos and don’ts by parents and
students. During the meeting method of study, subject wise revision,
avoiding Television program, Time management and hard work etc.,
have also been discussed. Finally, Parents, Sridhar Vengal, Drowpathy
Kalpattu, Dhayalan, Ravi, Rajeswari, Soundari Vengal, and Student Mr
TamilPriyan expressed their satisfaction over the participation in the
meeting which was very useful and admitted that it was an eye opener
for all of them. One of the parents from Vengal shared her family story
related to her son who has failed in X Std and his present condition.
Her First son joined in a private company and met an accident resulted
in spinal injury in the same year and bed ridden for 2 years now. Her
another son also failed in four subjects. She explained to all the
students attended in the meeting that because of poor studies, her
sons are suffering like anything without any hope for further studies,
good jobs or training, no recognition, bed ridden for many years,
burden for family members etc and the problems she face particularly
female head of the household, her financial constraints etc, Finally she
advised all the students to study well and make the village a role
model in the area as a whole. This meeting was well received by both
the parents as well as students.

Students meeting
Video programmes on Preparation of Board Exam were screened for
the Students appearing Board Examination - X Std at our Project Office
Vengal on 23rd March 2010. 38 students (Boys-10, Girls-28) students

participated from Kalpattu, Avajipettai M.G.R.Nagar, Pagalmedu,Vengal
and Vengal Kuppam and benefited.
Students Meet Government High School Meyyur
On 19th Feb 2010, P.O along with C.O visited Government High School
Meyyur and conducted a meeting for the students appearing Board
Examination - X std in March 2010. Seventy students participated and
benefited (Boys – 40, Girls -30 = 70).

2.1.5 Tuition Classes at Schools

In Vengal School 6th and 7th standard students were covered under the
evening tuition classes. Two teachers took the classes from 4 to 6 in
the evening. The children were provided snacks like different kinds of
sundal in between the classes. This programme is in association with
the Indian Council of Social Welfare Tamil Nadu branch.

There was a special request from the Govt High School in

Thirukandalam to provide the children some kind of snacks to the
students of 10th standard as they stay up to six in the evening for the
special classes. There were 65 students in the 10th standard of the
school and all belonged to very poor families. The classes are taken by
the School teachers who voluntarily take up the work. The academic
performance is excellent, all of scoring more than 60 % in the term
examinations. KSRSD has provided snacks to these students.

KSRSD supports tuition classes for students in three schools with

nutrition supplement and educational materials:

SL School Tuition Type of support No of

No class for student
1 Govt High School, 10th std Snacks for students 50 (19
Thirukandalam attending evening boys+
tuition classes 31 girls)
2 Govt High School, 10th std Snacks for students 45 (20
Athivakkam attending evening boys
tuition classes +25
3 Govt High School, 6th , 7th & Tuition class by two 79 (42
Vengal 8th std teachers and Snacks boys
Weak & educational and 37
students materials for girls)
students attending
the classes

2.1.6 Bicycle Project

Having found that there are a number of students who walk atleast five
kilometers to their respective schools in the KSRSD project area,
KSRSD requested funding for purchase of bicycles for about 70
students and Ms Dina Rossenmeir of Denmark TDH was kind enough to
mobilize and donate the required fund for the same. We were able to
purchase 30 bicycles for boys and 40 for girls. They belong to seven
schools and are from 18 villages. The selection criterion was distance
from the school, followed by the economic status of the family. There
were students walking about 7 kms to reach school and now got
benefited under this project. Normally, the State Government provides
bicycles for those in 11th standard but majority, 43, of our beneficiaries
were from 8th / 9th standard. There were many applicants, and we had
to shortlist 70 from them. One cycle cost was Rs 2600/- against its
market price of Rs 3000/- One condition was that either the
beneficiaries have to pay back the cost of the cycle in interest free soft
loans payable in monthly installments of Rs 100/- or replace a cycle
after two years. All of them agreed to repay the cost. The bicycles were
distributed in a function on September 18th at Govt High School,
Vengal. Mr A.K Gupta, General Manager, Chennai Circle was the Chief
Guest for the function.

2.1.6 Shield for Govt High School, Thirukandalam

The Government High School in Thirukandalam village has been

achieving cent per cent success consecutively for three years in the
public examination for tenth standard. In the last year, all the students
scored above 60% marks in the examination. KSRSD is supporting the
school by providing nutritional supplement for the tenth standard
students attending evening special class which is conducted by the
school teachers themselves. This was to encourage and recognize the
efforts of teachers in government schools in our project area.

Educational Support Programme
A short Report of the programme held on 18.09.09

KSRSD (The Karalapakkam Society for Rural and Sustainable

Development) as part of its tenth year celebrations has organised a
programme to give away 70 bicycles donated by a sponsor from
Denmark to selected students of government schools in and around
Vengal, recognize the meritorious achievement of the Govt High
School Thirukandalam on achieving 100% pass in SSLC Examination
for the third consecutive year and to give away educational
materials /school needs (2000 ltrs water tank, 16 lights and fans, 4
black boards, note books and water can) to Government high schools
in Vengal and Thirukandalam. The programme was held on 18.09.09
at Government High School, Vengal (Thiruvallur Dist) at 12 Noon.

Shri A K Gupta, General Manager, Canara Bank Chennai Circle, chief

guest of the programme, while speaking on the occasion advised the
students to excel in their life setting legend like Dr A P J AbdulKalam
as role models who rose from the poor rural background to the
highest position in the country. Referring to the services of Canara
Bank and KSRSD, he urged the student community to take advantage
of the facilities and service made available to them through this kind
public-private partnership. Later he has given away the bicycles for
the students, fan and lights for the school, and issued passbooks for
the students who opened new bank accounts on the day. In
recognition of the meritorious achievement of the Government High
School in Thirukandalam, near Chennai securing 100 % results with
all first class for the third consecutive year in 2008-09, a Shield was
given to them by the Honorary Secretary of the KSRSD. A water tank
with 2000 litre capacity, water drum for handling drinking water,
black boards, and note books were given to the schools on the
occasion. On behalf of KSRSD, the Project Coordinator thanked the
guests and donors. Prof K N George, Founder and Former President of
KSRSD presided over the function. Mr Manimaran, Canara Bank
Officer’s Association Vice President, Lion PMJF Mr A V Kumaresan and
Mr M Malaichamee, Mr Sivaprasadhu (Panchayat President, Vengal),
and Mr Sivashankar(President,PTA ) among others participated in the

2.1.7 Educational Materials and School Needs

The following items were provided for the schools in the project area:
Sl. Items To
1 Black Boards- 5 Govt High School Vengal
2 Lights and Fan, along with Govt High School, Vengal
electrical work
3 Water tank 2000 ltrs Govt High School,
4 Note books – 400 nos Govt High School, Vengal
5 Dictionary-25 Govt High School, Vengal
6 Dictionary-25 Govt High School, Athivakkam
7 Dictionary-25 Govt High School,
8 Dictionary-25 Govt High School, Meyyur
9 60 pen, pencil, geometric Selected students of Govt
box Schools
10 Footwear for 600 students Govt High School, Vengal

2.1.8 Children’s Day 2009

Children’s Day 2009 was organized with interschool competitions for

the students of government schools in the project area of KSRSD and
the prize distribution was held on 18th November 09.

Children’s Day Celebration 2009
Theme: Water and Sanitation

KSRSD has been organizing children’s day prgramme every year since its
inception and these programmes are held to bring out talents in the
children studying in government schools in rural area. The programme
every year has a theme and this year it was ‘water and sanitation’.
Competitions were held at each school during 12th to 17th November
2009 and the toppers were referred for the interschool competitions held
on 18th November. Venue of the programme was CORD (Chinmaya)
Campus, Thamaraipakkam. Ten schools participated in the interschool
competition. The total number of students registered were 85, 38 boys
and 47 girls, many of whom participated in multiple events. They were
categorized in to two: junior and senior. Those who studied 6th to 8th
standard were Juniors and the Seniors comprised those who studied in 9 th
to 12th. Items of competition this time were essay writing, poetry,
drawing, elocution, and singing. The participants were judged by Mr
Velu, (Professional Artist) and Mr Rajvel, Mr P Muniyappan, (Project
Coordinator KSRSD), Mr J Kribakaran (Social Worker, KSRSD), and Mr K
Manikkam (Community Organizer, KSRSD). School wise list of winners
are as follows:
No of No of
Sl No School prizes won students
1. Govt High School, Vengal 6 10
2. Govt High School, Athivakkam 8 11
3. Govt High School, Meyyur 3 06
4. PUMS, Athankikavanur 4 10
5 PUMS, Punnappakkam 3 10
6. PUMS, Sempedu 4 07
7. PUMS, Thamaraipakkam 2 09
8. PUMS, 82 Panapakkam 1 09
9. PUMS, Keelanur 3 04
10. PUMS, Vadamadurai 1 09

The prize distribution function was held on 19th November 2009 at

Government High School premises, Vengal in the afternoon. The
programme started at 2 PM with a film show of one hour to educate the
students about the importance of using toilet and the diseases it can
prevent. The day was also observed World Toilet Day and the film show
had more relevance.
……. Cont’d

Lion Mr A V Kumaresan, PMJF (Founder, Madras Lions Club Pasumpon) was
the Chief Guest for the programme. He congratulated the students who
won prizes and given away the prizes. He, in his speech, stressed the
need to conduct such programmes not only among the children but also
among the teachers. Mr M Malaichamee, Member Board of Management
KSRSD presided over the function. He, in the presidential address, called
for the full cooperation of the student as well as teaching community and
advised them to fully utilize the programmes organized by the KSRSD
those are planned with a futuristic view. Dr G Vijayaram, Member, Board
of Management KSRSD gave a brief introduction about the Educational
Support Programmes of KSRSD at the outset of the programme. Mr
Durairaj Head Master Govt High School Vengal welcomed the gathering.
Mr Shivasankar President PTA GHS Vengal and Mr Venkata Narasimhan,
Bank Manger Canara bank Vengal branch felicitated the winners of the
CDC 2009. The board of management of KSRSD, members Mrs
Seethalakshmi and Dr Rema Saraswathy (Hon Secretary) participated in
the programme. Besides the prizes to the students, 25 LIFCO dictionaries
were given to each of the four high schools (Vengal, Athivakkam,
Thirukandalam and Meyyur), 400 note books for the tuition centre
students at Vengal School, two black boards for the centre and a sewing
machine were given. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks
proposed by Mr P Muniyappan Project Coordinator at around 5 PM.

2.1. 9Special Cases

Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development (CORD)
Thamaraipakkam approached us to depute one or two youth from our
area of operation to undergo Sevak Samaj Course (Community
Organiser-Rural Development) at Chinmaya Organisation for Rural
Development (CORD) Thamaraipakkam for a period of six months.
Boarding, accommodation, Fees, Field visits and all expenses will be
borne by Chinmaya Mission.
Accordingly we identified Mr.Murugan S/O Gopalan a S.T boy from
Anna Nagar Thirukandalam for the above said course. He has studied
XI (discontinued) and was working as an unskilled worker in a Rice Mill
Company at Redhills for a wage of Rs.600/- per day (three shifts
continuously). Mr.Murugan called on our institution and we counseled
him for an hour on 18thth Feb, after analyzing the pros and cons, he

went to office of the CORD Thamaraipakkam on the same day and
attended the interview which was held more than an hour with the
Manager and National Director and selected one among the four
trainees of Thiruvallur Dt. He also convinced his father and continuing
the course from 22nd Feb 2010. Progrm Coordinator participated in the
inaugural function of the course held at Thamaraipakkam on
22.02.2010. After one week of the course, he contacted us over by
mobile and informed that he is very happy and thanked our institution
for giving such an opportunity.

G.Mohanasundaram S/o Guruvaiya, Ottarpalayam Vengal

Mohanasundaram is a student of 12th standard at Govt Higher

Secondary School, Velliyur. He has been a beneficiary of KSRSD CESP
for the past five years. He was the first rank holder in 10th standard at
Padmavathy School of Special Education, Perungulathoor.

He was diagnosed with ‘cerebral palsy flexion deformity knee with

equinum deformity ankle joint’ and had disability to extend his right
leg, hence difficulty in walking, and with similar complaints in right arm
too. He has under gone a surgery at the age of 10 at Govt Hospital but
that did not solve the problem. During the visit of Ms Dina Rossenmeir
of TDH Denmark in 2008 she has agreed to help him undergo
corrective surgery. Subsequently she found a sponsor for the surgery.
Meantime, he was referred to Dr.Mahender, of B.M Orthopaedic
Hospital in Ambattur. Doctor suggested another surgery to perform
tendo Achilles and harmstring release to rectify his problem. He was
admitted to the hospital on 20.07.09 and the surgery was done on 21st
July. He was in the hospital for Twelve days and discharged on 31st July
after removal of stitches. He was to be at bed for two weeks at home
and then medical follow up after 15th August. Further he was referred
to the Red Cross Center to obtain Karo fixed ankle boots which he is
advised to use for about six months.

Now he is able to walk on his own without much difficulty. He travels

by bus to the school. Now, as he is in the 12th standard and wants to
concentrate in studies, he has moved in to the government hostel for
backward classes at the school premises.

♫ Nutrition Education
♫ Health Camps- Eye and Dental
♫ Special Assistance for terminally ill child

2.2.1 Nutrition Education

One week training in Fruit and Vegetable Preservation and Nutrition

was organized for the benefit of women and adolescent girls in
collaboration with the Community Food and Nutrition Extension Unit of
the Food and Nutrition Board coming under the Ministry of Woman and
Child Development, Government of India located at Rajaji Bhavan,
Besant Nagar, Chennai. Participants numbering 30 benefited the
programme that was organized from 23rd to 27th November 2009 at
Vadamadurai village.

2.2.2 Dental Camps

Dental camps in association with the Kottivakkam Dental Centre of
Rotary Club of Guindy were organized on the following days in the
respective villages. Doctors and the ultramodern facility from the KDC
visit the village and attend to the needs of the people. General Public
also is covered in some camps but preference is for school children.
The doctors and volunteers of the KDC take this opportunity not only to
treat the ailments but also to educate the school children and public
about oral hygiene. Doctor Haluor Hegna from Norway treated the







2 Sept 3 Sept 7-8 Octo 2-3Nove 10-11 24 Marc

Total 33 38 222 256 106
Filling 00 00 33 52
Extraction 10 04 14 5 5
Scalling 00 00 00

Short Term Training on Fruit and Vegetable Preservation &

The Training on Fruit and Vegetable Preservation and Nutrition was

organized in collaboration with Community Food and Nutrition Board,
Department Women and Child Development, Ministry of Human
Resource Development GOI Chennai. The training was held at the
Community Hall of Vadamadurai Panchayat @ Ernangkuppam
Ellapuram Panchayat Union, Thiruvallur District from 23rd Nov to 27th
Nov 2009. Thirty adolescent girls and women of Scheduled Caste
participated and benefited. Laboratory Assistants Mr.S. Neelakandan
(23- 25.11.09) and Mr.P.K.V. Sasthri (26 -27.11.09) conducted the five
days training and demonstration. Every day the training was held from
10.00 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm.

23.11.09. The training was formally inaugurated by the Panchayat

President of VadaMadurai Panchayat Mr. E.K.Ramesh by lighting the
Kuthuvilakku. Trainees were introduced themselves to the gathering.
Followed by, Program Coordinator of ISD, Mr.P.Muniyappan introduced
the Trainer of CFNU Mr.S.Neelakandan Lab Assistant to the trainees.
And delivered an explanatory address about ISD, Department of CFNU,
Training on Fruit and Vegetable Preservation and Nutrition, importance,
cost effective nutritional products, economic activity for women etc.

Child Development Project Officer of Ellapuram Developmental Block

Mrs.V. K. Vasantha in her special address emphasized the importance
of child and adolescent health, Role of nutritious products in day to day
activities particularly for women, locally available cost effective
nutritious materials, green leaves, vegetable and their benefits etc.
She further asked the trainees to make use of this kind of opportunities
very carefully.

Mr.Neelakandan (23- 25.11.09) commenced the training with

introduction of Preservatives such as Potassium Meta
BiSulphate(K.M.S.), Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid (C.A), Essence,
coloring agents and its function. He has covered the following recipes
which include essential ingredients, method of preparation and
demonstration from 23rd to 25th Nov 2009.
Juices: Grape, Orange, Lemon and Mango
Tutee Fruity with Papaya
Nutritious Floor
Selection of Fruits for Fruit Jam and Mixed Fruit Jam
Adolescent Girls, Pregnant Women’s Health
Mr.P.K.V.Sasthri (26 -27.11.09) covered various types of Pickles viz.,
Lemon, Tomato, Onion, Amla Gooseberry, Garlic, Green Chilly, Mixed
vegetable and Mango Thokku.
Both the trainers have done their part very sincerely and we could see

Since the training was based on food product, all the trainees
participated very interestingly in the five days programme. All of them
remitted their fees of Rs.10/- and continued all these days without any
delay or leave except very few with valid reasons. Collection of
required utensils, apparatus, cleaning of vessels, halls were done
trainee participants. KSRSD Community Organizer assisted the trainer
to purchase and collect fruits, vegetable and provision from
Periapalayam then and there. All of them expressed that this is the
first of its kind training attended usefully, and most beneficial for their
own as well as their wards, parents, family and community as a whole.
All the trainees were given a stipend of Rs.20/- per head/day along with
Certificate of participation. They were also given a booklet of Fruit &
Vegetable Preservation and Nutrition published by CF&NB future

ISD used the training platform for Water and Sanitation. During the
course of time, we had an interaction with trainees and we come
across to know that all of them have cell phone, TV with Sun Direct/
Cable Connection, Own House but none of them have a Toilet of their
own. We had a serious discussion and explained about the
consequences of Open defecation practices, environment pollution and
its health impact. At the end of the day, trainees voluntarily came
forward and expressed their ignorance on sanitation, understanding
the importance of Individual House Hold Latrine (IHHL). They were also
resolute to construct toilet with in three the six month of time for which
they are in need of ISD’s support and guidance. They told that,
meanwhile they will take efforts to convince their family members
particularly the Head of the family.

We also made use of the training and Govt Officials to seek help of
eleven year old boy who met an accident at the age of three and
bedridden for seven years with neurological problem (malfunctioning of
mental and physical growth). Details are being collected and
submitted later. Extension Officer (Social Welfare) Ellapuram Union and
Rural Welfare Officers (Social Welfare) Ellapuram Union visited the
boy’s house and committed to look into the case for financial

Officials visited during the program

1. Mrs.V.K.Vasantha Child Development Project Officer of Ellapuram
2. Mrs.V.Parimala Grade II Supervisor ICDS
3. Mrs.V.Devaki Grade II Supervisor ICDS
4. Mrs.K.Vijaya Extension Officer (Social Welfare) Ellapuram Union
5. Mrs.V.Vijaya Rural Welfare Officer (Social Welfare) Ellapuram
6. Mrs.M.Kumari Welfare Officer (Social Welfare) Ellapuram Union

Volunteers: 1. Mr.Rajvel Vada Madurai, 2. Mr.Kumaresan Vada

Madurai, 3. Mr.C S Karthick and 4. Ms.Geetha both of M.S.W I Year
Hindu College Pattabiram.

ISD Community Organiser Mr.K. Manickam played vital role to identify

the eligible candidate and worked hard to mobilize them for the five
2.2.3 Eye Camp

Eye Cataract Screening Camp was held at Panchayat Union Elementary

School Periapalayam in association with Sankara Netralaya and Tulsi
Trust Chennai on 12th Dec 2009.

1. Examination – 122

2. Screened for Cataract Surgery – 18

3. Refraction - 10

4. Unwilling for Cataract Surgery - 08

5. Surgery performed - 03 at SN on 17 th Dec


2.2.4 Special Case of terminally ill child

Navinkumar aged 12 years is the second among three children of

Thirunjganam and Perazhaki residing at 436 Patavattamman Koil
Street, Vadamadurai, Thiruvallur district 601102. Their main source of
income is from casual jobs they get and now, it is only Thirunjganam
goes to work. They live in a 200 sq ft tiled house, very close to the
Thiruninravur-Periyapalayam High Road. They have no other property.
Navin has an elder sister and a younger brother; both of them are
school students.

Navin was a smart toddler till the age of three years. While he was
playing on the road side, he was hit by a lorry on 24.12.2001. In the
accident, he was injured and was taken immediately to the
Government Hospital at Ponneri. They treated him as an inpatient for a
week and referred to Government General Hospital Chennai,
Neurosurgery Department. He was diagnosed with ‘post traumatic
seizure disorder and cerebral palsy’. Later, the parents have taken him
to various hospitals, within their capacity and beyond their capacity,
but did not any see any improvements. In 2006, the doctors certified
him as 90% disabled person with permanent disability due to post
traumatic seizures, cerebral palsy, RTA mental disturbances. During
this diagnosis in 2006, ‘progressively decreasing interaction for the last
2-3 years’ was observed. He was opening eyes to call. Now, he doesn’t

even respond to any call. Physical growth is that of a six or seven year
old child. No movements he makes, and they feed him with just milk.
They spent about Rs 500 for the milk for a month.

The family was given a nominal amount as an accident claim and they
feel it was not justified. They spent more than that for taking the child
to various hospitals.

They have approached the District Rehabilitation Officer, Social

Welfare officer and others but no help came. Now, what they expect is
a helping hand to meet the cost of the milk for the child. With two
other growing up children at home, and only with one earning person,
they find it difficult to meet the daily requirements of the family in the
event of the increased cost of living. KSRSD is taking all efforts to
mobilize financial support for them.

♫ Farmers’ training
♫ Entrepreneurial Development
♫ Special Assistance for physically challenged

2.3.1 Farmer’s Training

One day training for farmers was held at (82) Panapakkam Village in
Ellapuram Block of Thiruvallur district on 09.07.09 in collaboration with
the central government institutions in Alamathi; i. Central Cattle
Breading Farm and ii. Regional Station for Forage Production &
Demonstration, Alamathi. Twenty six farmers participated in the
training programme. Mr.Muniraj, Veterinary Compounder from CCBF
explained how to look after the cattle, diseases which can cause them,
mode of transmission, simple treatment, and means to improve the
quantity of milk. After that Mr.Stephen, Field Officer IFDT explained the
importance of fodder, minerals, protein and carbohydrates in the cattle
feed. He discussed the different types of fodder, such as CO3, CO4,
Stylo grass, Maize etc, and other nutrients required as well as each of
its advantage and disadvantage. He has introduced the new type of
fodder, CO 4 to the farmers which is very easy to eat for the cattle.
Vermi compost and its benefits were discussed by the Dr Gunasekaran,
Director of CCBF before he concluded the session with description of
CCBF functions. He agreed to form a model farm in Panapakkam
Village if a land measuring 25 cents is give. Later, President of
Panapakkam Panchayat agreed to identify and give the required land
25 cents for the model farm. Farmers interacted very well and cleared
their doubts and thanked the ISD and CCBF for arranging this
wonderful programme for their benefit.

Three Social Work trainees also participated in the programme which

was coordinated by Social Worker J Kirubakaran, and Community
Organizer Mr K Manikkam.

Training at KVK, Kattupakkam

Two young farmers from KSRSD project area were selected and send
for training in Goat training organized by KSK, Kattupakkam on 5 th and
6th of August 2009. They have started goat rearing at small level with
their own fund.

2.3.2 Entrepreneurial Development:

Mr. K. Manikandan, Sree Krishna Digital Studio

K Manikandan, 20 years of old male, is a resident of Melkondayar

Colony, Melkondayar village in Thiruvallur district. He has been a
beneficiary of the Child Educational Support Programme of KSRSD
since the year 2000. His father is not alive and the mother with her
daily wage earnings takes care of the family of three children.
Manikandan benefited from the sponsorship from 6th standard and has
completed 12th in Government Higher Secondary School, Velliyur,
Thiruvallur district. He has been regular to the special programmes
organized by KSRSD for the sponsored students. Painting and writing
poems are his hobbies which he developed from middle school years.
He has participated and won prizes in various interschool competitions.
To improve his painting skill he has joined a six months course in free-
hand painting at Ajantha School of Arts, Poonamallee and attended
classes in the weekends. On completion of school education, he has
worked with KSRSD as Community Worker for about a year. During this
period, he has undergone training in computer graphics and designing,
digital photography and DTP as a part time student. All through the
courses he had the support of KSRSD.

On completion of the courses, he has started working in a digital studio

in Thiruninravur. Having gained a year’s experience in photography
and the functioning of studio, he has started his own unit, Vinayaka
Digital Studio in Kavanur on the Thiruninravur-Periyapalayam Main

The initial establishment expenditures were met by him and for further
expansion such as purchase of a computer, printer and other
accessories, he has approached KSRSD for assistance. He was then
referred to UCO Bank, Velliyur Branch. His application was accepted
under the Self Employment Assistance Scheme of Government of India.
He was directed to undergo entrepreneurial development training for
ten days and has been sanctioned a loan of Rs 41000/- along with a
subsidy of 15%.

KSRSD field staffs provide all mentoring to him and follow up the case
to ensure that the unit functions well and the bank loan is repaid in

J.SivaPrakash, VGAR Concerns

Mr Sivaprakash J is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from St

Peters College, Avadi in the May 2009. He originally hails form Pollachi
has been a residing in Avadi and Thamaraipakkam village for almost
three years. He has been a very sincere volunteer for ISD/KSRSD
activities for about three years now. Although he belongs to a lower
middle class family, he never wanted to take up a job on completion of
the course. Instead, his desire was to establish an own business unit.
He has initiated a coconut business with own funds. We have helped
him by providing vehicles (two-wheeler and three- wheeler) and some
financial assistance too. In four months of the business, now he is
supplying about 700 coconuts every day to shops in and around Avadi,
Thiruninravur, and Thamaraipakkam. Besides his business, he has
been engaged in various philanthropic activities, mobilised funds to the
tune of about Rs 75000 to help five students to complete their
education including one through KSRSD.

As a first step in his business expansion, we have recommended him

for a loan of Rs 25000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousands only) from
UCO Bank Velliyur branch. He has received the loan, took a shop on
rent to store the coconuts and already started repayment of the loan.
We are sure that he will turn out to be a model entrepreneur under
KSRSD mentorship.

Expansion of KTG Garments

KTG Garments, the first beneficiary of KSRSD in IGP from the year
2000, has to their credit 35 women workers working in one unit. In July,
they have branched out to another village where seven are working

2.3.3 Guidance for Youth Group:

A group of youth under the leadership of Mr Jayakumar of Melapedu

village approached the ISD for guidance for improving their
functioning. They were registered as a youth group, Bharath Maatha
Ilaignar Narpani Mandram, about four years ago and were under the
guidance of another NGO working in self help group formation in the
area. They did not have any training regarding the functions of a

group, ways of bringing in group cohesiveness, focusing their activities,
planning and executing various programmes, etc. The members of the
group were put through two sessions on two days. After a month of the
sessions, the President of the group expressed their satisfaction that
they are meeting regularly, discussing various issues that should be
taken forward in their activities, discussed about resource mobilization

2.3.4 Special Assistance for Physically challenged woman

It is a case of rehabilitation of a physically challenged woman who was living

a life of total deprivation in terms of physical mobility, emotional support and
a self worthiness. Frequent visits and counseling by the field team has made
a tremendous change in her life and that she herself accepts. She has
started taking tuition classes for the children around her house, started
writing short stories, poem etc. She find her life worth living now. Only
request she has now is a support to start some income generating activity.
KSRSD/ISD is making all efforts to support her.

Case Study

Miss. R. Sumathi, 31 years olf

D/O Rathinam (Late)
Door No Old No.242, New.No.174
Peria Colony, 69 - Vada Madurai,
Uthukkottai Taluk, Thiruvallur Dist.

Miss. R.Sumathi aged 31 years(Date of Birth – 10.07.1979) Daughter of

Mr.Rathinam (late) & Mrs. R.Chandra, residing at Peria Colony, 69 Vada
Madurai, Uthukkottai Taluk, Ellapuram Development Block, Thiruvallur
Dt. She has studied up to X std and belonged to S.C. community. Her
father is no more and her mother Mrs.Chandra aged about 50 years is
working as a Helper in Govt Balwadi ICDS Peria Colony Vada Madurai
with salary of Rs.2500/- p.m. Her only younger brother is residing in the
same village separately, along with his family. Sumathi and her mother
are living in a small thatched house. Their annual income Rs.24,000/-
as per Income Certificate issued by Tahasildar Uthukkottai Taluk by
means of mother’s salary.
……….. cont’d

She was a normal child like others and was studying I to VII in Panchayat
Union Primary School in Peria Colony and Panchayat Union Middle School
in Vada Madurai (1 km). While she was studying VII std, she was affected
by fever followed by “ Thattammai ” and not able to swallow water and
bedridden for fifteen days. Without knowing the cause of the fever, they
simply left out, thinking that fever automatically comes down, and so the
family members not even taken her to doctor and no medicines or
injection were given. Later fevers subsided but her body weight gone down
heavily not able to walk as earlier. She also told her mother about the
inability, weakness but their parents responded mistaking that it is general
weakness after fever and will be all right in due course of time, with out
knowing the repercussion. She was walking like a person having wound on
a foot and her left leg pulled inside slightly. Seeing this, the villagers /
soothsayers told them that it is “Kadavul Kutram” some “Parikaram”
should be performed on her to cure such health problem. They also tried
to do massage with oil and pouring boiled water on her leg. Even after so
many traditional healing practices, no improvement, it was worsened and
day by day she was not able place her foot properly on the floor. Her
father and mother not even thought of to call on a Doctor/Medical Officer
to show her deformity and it was happened in 1989. With that she helped
her mother to do some simple house hold work. By that time she was not
able to walk with footwear and fell on frequently.

With this deformity, she went to Govt High school Vengal (3 kms) by bus or
some time with her friends by walk. She faced many problems/obstacles
from VII to X std. While boarding the bus she was expecting some one else
to lift her on the bus and one day she fell inside the bus with support of
bus seat she stood on her own and psychologically affected. She also told
her parents about the inability to go to school by bus, so her father took
her by bi – cycle and with that she continued her education and completed
X std successfully. By that time her left leg was weakened and pulled
inside. At this crucial and critical period their parents took her to Stanley
Hospital Chennai. After thorough check up, the Medical Officers reported
that surgery can be performed but couldn’t give guarantee for proper
position of her legs and normal walking. Since it was not clear and doubtful
they returned home. By that time, her right leg also affected and it was
pulled inside like left leg. It was very difficult to sit or stand on her own and
for everything she needed support. Then they went to Government
Rehabilitation Centre K.K.Nagar. After diagnosis they also reported the
same that her both legs are so weakened, if they perform surgery, there
won’t be any improvement and it will be worsened further along with
hands getting affected.
………. Cont’d

The same day, she realized that her hands were not helpful to her and cried.
Day by day she was not able to walk and sitting on the floor were very
difficult. Now a day, she is not able to lift her hand / arms properly. Only
with support of her mother she is attending her routine chores and she is
totally depending on her mother. Now, she is not able think about after her
mother what would happen. She is praying God Almighty for her empathy.

Certificate of Disability : 1. Percentage of Disability - 80% ,10765 dated

15.07.1996 issued by the M.O, District Disabled Rehabilitation Office,
Chenglepat M.G.R.District.

2. Percentage of Disability – 60% LD 4546 dated 13.09.2006

issued by the M.O, District Disabled Rehabilitation Office, Thiruvallur

Govt Rehabilitation Centre – Disability Certificate: In her disability Certificate

issued by the Medical Officer disability was 80% in the year 1996. In 2006
the Medical Officer Govt Hospital Thiruvallur noted only 60%. This is not the
fact actually, her disability has not decreased.

Government Health Insurance Scheme

It is pity that her name is not included in the Government Health Insurance
Scheme officials concerned told them that age is above 25

KSRSD/ ISD’ s intervention

She was identified during the five days Training on Nutrition and Food
Preservation at Vada Madurai held from 23.11.2009 to 27.11.2009 in
collaboration with Community Food & Nutrition Extension Unit, Food and
Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women and Child Development, GOI. The Senior
Project Coordinator, Social Worker and Community Organiser of ISD often
visited her, counseled and motivated her to do some thing which will
support and engage her time usefully and physically active. She was
encouraged to start a Tuition Centre for primary section. She has accepted
and conducting the centre with 11 students from L.K.G to IV std. Any one
visiting could see her face with happiness and enthusiasm now. The
Community Organizer is also supervising the Tuition Centre regularly and
guiding her. She told that during the last fifteen years of her life no
individual or institution did give such expertise, moral support, guidance
and opportunity to share her views except ISD. During the last four months,
she has started writing short stories and poems. She has sent seven
detailed letters during this period. All these are available at the office for
any reference on request. ISD is taking all efforts to further help her spend
her life in a socially and economically productive manner.


Tell me and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll
Native American Saying

3.1 Water and Health

♫ watsan week education in the middle Schools
♫ Global hand washing day
♫ Individual Household Latrines- Sanitation Campaign
♫ Student rally
♫ World Water Day

3.2 Water and Local Governance


3.3 Water and Livelihood

♫ Community Water Governance for livelihood CoWaGL

3.4 Research and Training

3.1 Water and Health

3.1.1Watsan week Programme in Schools

ISD has introduced a programme in Schools to educate the children

about the importance of water and sanitation. The programme is
designed in such a way that one school will be covered in one week
and hence the programme is named as ‘neerum nalamum vaaram’. It
has been started with government middle schools in Ellapuram
Panchayat Union.

3.1.2Global Hand Washing Day

Global hand washing day was observed by the ISD on October 15 th,
2009 with awareness programme for school children in Punnapakkam
village followed by demonstration of hand washing. All the children
participated in the programme were made to practice the hand
washing in the demonstrated way. Resultantly, one girl in the school

started carrying soap to school from the very next day to wash her
hand while at school. Further, KSRSD propose to provide a sanitation
kit including soap for hand wash, nail cutter, etc to each class of the

Neerum Nalamum Vaaram

Water and Sanitation Education Week observed in Schools

Create awareness among school children about the importance of Water and Sanitation

Area of operation:
Middle Schools and High Schools in Thiruvallur district. As the first phase of the
programme it has begun with middle and high schools in Ellapuram Panchayat Union.

Phase 1 starts on 1st October 2009 conclude with World Water Day (22nd March) 2010

Synopsis of the programme and plan of action:

The programme will take 4.5 hours split in to three days of 1.5 hours each. The first session
will cover basic facts, issues about water and sanitation through:

Day 1
Issues to be covered: basic facts and issues about water and sanitation to sensitize the
students about the importance of water and sanitation. As a result of the session the
students should be aware of importance of water and its present status, importance of
sanitation, methods of water contamination, safe water handling practices, and personal
hygiene practices

Short lecture with Power point slides and flip chart

Songs on water and sanitation - Materials sourced from UNICEF and best items selected
from the competitions held for students during 2005-08 on the occasion of children’s day.
Video Clippings
• Jaundice- 13.30 minutes
• Hookworm- 4.59 minutes
• Malaria - 8.17 minutes

Day 2
Issues to be covered: Best practices –hand washing, water handling, cutting nails, etc. At
the end of the day’s session the children should be aware of steps they can take in
safeguarding water and sanitation including personal hygiene aspects.
Demonstration and Games

Day 3
Competitions at School level including quiz, essay writing, drawing, etc
Final Event ‘Toilet Queue’ on World Water Day 22nd March (2010)

Plan of action
ISD will work with each School for a week and organize the programme in the above
mentioned manner. The programme is spread over one week to enable us to organize it
without disturbing the normal academic sessions. In middle school, the 7th and 8th standard
students will be given preference. Timing of the sessions will be finalized after consulting
the concerned head master/mistress of each school.
3.1.3 Total Sanitation Campaign – IHHL
During the reporting period our team visited Vadamadurai Peria Colony
village three times (01.12.2009 – 16 beneficiaries, 02.12.09 – 19
beneficiaries, and 29.12.09 to discuss and motivate the members of
women group to construct their own IHHL with the support from ISD
and office of BDO. Financial Sources - 1. DRDA – TSC Subsidy
Component Rs.2200/-, 2. TSC Revolving Fund Loan amount Rs.2000/-
repayable in 20 months in 20 installments @ Rs.100/-p.m. During the
meeting our team explained various types of cost effective models of
IHHL plat form level and super structure level, Our Community
Organizer reported that colony people are understanding the
importance of IHHL and enthusiastically participating in all the
meeting, after some times they change their attitude stating that their
companion are not cooperating or they will do it while constructing
own houses or they don’t have initial investment since the subsidy
component will be released only after the completion of sanitary
latrine or leach pit will be very small and it will not sufficient for us so
we need a big leach pit/septic tank for which the total cost of
construction will be more around Rs.8000/- such a way they are
expressing their not worthy reason. On 30th Dec IEC program on
sanitation awareness film show was organized in a grand manner in
which 85 villagers participated.

3.1.4 Students rally:

In association with DRBCCC Hindu College a Students’ rally was
organized on Oct 2nd from the College to ISD via Pattabhiram,
Mitnamale, Alathur, Morai, Kanniamman Nagar, and Veerapuram. The
messages carried included water conservation and sanitation, besides
national integration and peace. Besides placards, performances by
street theatre group of students were held at various points

3.1.5 World Water Day 2010

World Water Day 22.03.2010 is a crucial moment in the fight against

the global sanitation and water crisis that’s killing 4000 children every
single day. And 58% (nearly 3 out of every 5) of those who defecate in
the open area are Indians .

In the month of April 2010, politicians from across the globe will gather
in Washington DC to discuss what they need to do to fulfill some of the
basic rights of the World’s citizens – access to a safe toilet and clean

The world’s Longest Toilet Queue is a mass mobilization event and

Guinness World Record attempt bringing together thousands of
campaigners from across the world to demand real change at the

As part of this global effort, ISD has organized a queue for toilet
towards public toilet at Avadi on 22nd March 2020 from 4.00 p.m to
5.00 p.m.

Traffic Inspector Mr.Balasubramanian , Sub Inspector Mrs Geeta Law &

Order , Dept of Police were participated and supported this programme
by deputing Traffic Constables. They also appreciated the ISD for
organizing such a useful awareness sensitization campaign among the

Participants of the event

S.No Name of the Institution Place Number of
1. Hindu College ( NSS Dept) Pattabiram 315
2. Hindu College Dept of M.S.W Pattabiram 060
3. St. Peter Engineering College Annanur 031
4. Vel Tech Multi Tech Engineering Avadi – 012
College College Alamathi Road
5. Mary Immaculate Matriculation Avadi 004
Higher Secondary.School
6. Udhira Poogal Veppampattu 010
Tot 432

All the 432 students positioned on the Toilet Queue from Avadi Bus
Depot with Banners of respective colleges and holding of pluck cards
stating the importance of water and sanitation issues. They were also
given a merit of Certificate of Participation.

NSS Programme Officers of Hindu College and Vel Tech Engineering

College, Lecturers of Dept of Social Work, Hindu College were
participated and coordinated the event.

Bit notices/Pamphlets such as Components of Sanitation, Achieve
100% Sanitation, Clean Water, Personal Hygiene, Sanitary Latrine,
Water Governance etc were distributed to the public on the occasion.

Media Coverage Jak Communication Pvt Ltd –Jak TV covered the entire
event and telecasted in the News section for three times on 24th March
and Weekly News Bulletin on Sunday the 28th March 2010.

Team Leader and Member Secretary of ISD Dr. Rema. S, with the
members, Program Coordinator Mr.P.Muniyappan, Social Worker
Mr.J.Kirubakaran, Community Organiser Mr.K.Manickam organized this
event in an impressive manner.

3.2 Water and Local Governance

Community Organisation For Water Governance (COWaG)

Community Organization for Water Governance (COWaG) has been the
flagship programme of Institute of Sustainable Development. The
COWaG has been started on pilot basis in 8 villages and extended to
two more villages later. Selected according to the proximity to the ISD
and the performance in terms of further action was very difficult due to
lack of political will in most of the VPs. However, the programme made
way through for some developments in terms of water and sanitation
situation in the 10 villages. Continue to guide the PRIs with timely

Participation in Gramasabha

Team members of ISD participated in the Gramasabha of Veerapuram,

Vengal, and Sembedu village Panchayats.

3.3 Water and Livelihood

Agriculture and horticulture which have an effect on, and are affected
by, water are given priority in the water and livelihood activities.
Water and Agriculture is an area we have incorporated recently. ISD is
developing its capacity by internal learning in related issues, namely,
water saving cultivation methods, water saving crops, farmers’
management of water resources, TN FMIS Act 2001, etc.

Various The following is a gist of activities taken up by ISD during Dec

2009-March 2010 in the area of Water and Agriculture:

 Discussion with farmers in Kusasthalayar Subbasin in Thiruvallur
district {Veerapuram in Villivakkam Panchayat Union, Vengal,
Thamaraipakkam, Athivakkam, Athingikavanur,
Periyakilambakkam all 5 in Ellapuram Panchayat Union} during
the last week of December 2009 and first week of January 2010
regarding SRI and Precision farming.

 ISD Team members visited the TNAU Rice Research Station –KVK
Tirur on 29.12.09: As the Head, RRS was not available the team
was not able to get more information about SRI.

 Contacted the Dept of Agriculture Ambattur Office regarding

guidance required for farmers in Veerapuram on SRI: Field Officers
came twice based on our call, one farmer was ready to adopt SRI,
and further the FOs did not come or give the seeds as they

 RRS at KVK Tirur was further visited on 18.01.10. The Prof and
Head RRS was available and offered all help. Subsequently,
farmers’ training was organized at the village level.

 Three farmers have agreed for SRI Paddy cultivation and ISD
bought and provided them the seeds. Due to non-acceptance from
the family members and unable to convince their own family
members, they dropped the idea of SRI for the January season.

 Regular follow up with farmers, visiting them to discuss the

advantages of adopting SRI, elaborating its benefits etc for about
20 days over a period of two months.

 Followup trainings at KVK, Kattupakkam (10 farmers), visit to

Alampoondi-Varahanadi Subbasin, Villupruam (4 leading farmers),
visit to Pondavakkam village- Araniar Subbasin in Thiruvallur
district (10 farmers), interaction with model Farmers, hands on
training in nursery preparation etc have been carried out during
March –April 2010.

 About 10 farmers are prepared to adopt SRI in paddy cultivation in

the season coming up (without looking for incentives or subsidy).

3.4 Research and Training

3.4.1 Study on Youth in Tamilnadu

Undertaken Tamilnadu data collection for ‘Construction of National
Youth Development Index and Preparation of Youth Development

Report’ for the assignment of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
funded by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development,
Sriperumbudur, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, GOI.

3.4.2 An assessment on the functioning of the Integrated

Sanitary Complexes in Avadi Municipality 2009:
Integrated Sanitary Complexes in urban area are constructed under
the Integrated Sanitation Programme component of the TamilNadu
Urban Development Project II with World Bank aid during the period
2002-04. This programme provides a package of public sanitation
services for the urban poor including separate toilets, bathing and
washing areas separately, with additional facilities like water supply,
lighting, garbage collection, sewerage, and approach roads. There is
separate facility for both men and women in these complexes and
there is one room for any community based activity. The ISP had a
demand driven participatory approach involving community, local
body, NGOs and CBOs in the area. In constructing the facility in
Municipalities the cost Rs 10 lakhs and 50% of it came from the TNUDP
II, 32 % from VAMBAY (Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana) and 18 %
contribution from Municipality. In Avadi Municipality there are six such
units of the ISCs. On the World Water Day 2009, ISD launched
periurban projects in Water and Sanitation and a study to assess the
functioning of the ISCs in Avadi was the first exercise in that series.
Subsequent to the study, Community Organisation has been initiated
in two of the six units. Work will follow in other units provided there is
funding from any source.

3.4.3 A situation analysis of selected Nirmal Gram Puraskar

awarded village panchayats

The Nirmal Gram Puraskar launched by the Government of India as

part of the Total Sanitation Campaign recognizes the Panchayat Raj
Institutions and other institutions who are making commendable
efforts to ensure full sanitation coverage in their respective areas. As
per the eligibility of NGP, those Gram Panchayats received the Nirmal
Gram Puraskar should have achieved 100% sanitation coverage with
access for all the households to individual household latrines or
community toilets, toilets for all schools and anganwadis for all
households, with:

a) All households in the PRI must have access to individual toilets
or to community complexes.
b) All schools and Anganwadis must have toilets. All co-
educational schools above primary level must have separate
urinals and toilet blocks for boys and girls.
c) Complete elimination of open defecation within the boundaries
of the PRI. Nobody, including floating population, defecates in the
open and child faeces are disposed of in toilets.
d) All water sources to have proper platforms and drainages
around them.
e) Functional mechanism for household garbage collection and
disposal, including the segregation and proper treatment of
biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. Solid and Liquid
Waste Management (SLWM) should be carried out as per the
rules framed by the Department, which could be revised from
time to time. No garbage dumping and water logging within the
boundaries of the PRI.

To obtain a preliminary idea on first hand about the NGP awarded VPs
the ISD team has visited six VPs, in Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram and
Vellore districts. ISD propose a study to be carried out among the
Nirmal Gram Puraskar awarded Gram Panchayats to assess their
present status and an appeal for funding has been send to
Government of Tamilnadu and the reply is awaited. Meanwhile, other
sources of funding are also being explored.

3.4.4 Rapid Assessment of Impact of the TN IAMWARM Project

in Upper Vellar Sub basin, Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water Bodies

Restoration and Management (TN-IAMWARM) Project is a
multidisciplinary project funded by the World Bank and implemented
by the Water Resources Organization under Public Works Department
of Government of Tamil Nadu. The Water Resources Organization
functions as a nodal agency and coordinate with the State Government
departments such as Agriculture, Horticulture and Plantation Crops,
Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Marketing and Agri Business,

Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Fisheries and the Tamil Nadu
Agricultural University. The Project Development Objective is to
improve irrigation service delivery and productivity of irrigated
agriculture with effective integrated water resources management in a
river basin / sub-basin frame work. The Project propose to cover 63
subbasins in TamilNadu. In order to make an independent effort on
this, Institute of Sustainable Development, Chennai an external
agency, was entrusted with the task. Objectives of the study are to
measure the impact of the project on agriculture, irrigation service
delivery, and farm income through interventions in crop diversification
and horticulture area expansion with specific reference to Upper Vellar

3.4.5 Rapid Assessment of Impact of the TN IAMWARM Project

in Kottakkariyar-Varahanadi sub basins (work underway)

3.4.6 Rapid Assessment of Impact of the TN IAMWARM Project

in Palar sub basins (work underway)

3.5 Social Work Student Trainees

Mar Gregorios College, Chennai 600037
Mrs S Sivaramamangai 2nd year MSW 1/7 to 24/9, 2009
Mr. P. Vijayakumar 2nd year MSW 1/7 to 24/9, 2009

DRBCCC HC, Chennai 72

Mr B Ajithkumar 2nd year MSW 1/7 to 15/10, 2009
Mr. T. Thanigavelan 2nd year MSW 1/7 to 15/10, 2009
Mrs Latha 1st year MSW 5/10 to 12/10, 2009
Mr Rajesh 1st year MSW 5/10 to 12/10, 2009
Mr C S Karthik 1st year MSW 01/01/10 to 31/03/10
Ms Geetha 1st year MSW

MSSW, Chennai 8
Mr Johnson 2nd year MSW 1/7 to 24/9, 2009
Mr Inigo 2nd year MSW 1/7 to 24/9, 2009

3.6 Camp for NSS students

For NSS unit of DRBCC Hindu College, the camp was facilitated by the
ISD by giving necessary field level support during the December 2009
in Thirukandalam village.


New Building
KSRSD/ISD has moved in to own premise and building at Veerapuram.
The building measuring about 2000 sq ft constructed on a land
measuring 3990 sq ft. Administrative office of KSRSD and ISD is
housed in the building that was opened on 29th April 2009. The total
cost of construction is about Rs 20 lakhs and almost 90% of the
amount has been raised as loans from individuals. Part of the materials
have been raised as local donations. The Engineer Mr S. Chinnasamy of
Chinnasamy Associates, Perambur, Chennai provided free
consultations including site visits.

Membership in Advisory Committee/other organisations

 ISD has been invited as an institutional member in the Centre of

Excellence for Change (

 Regional Coordination Committee of Regional Station for Forage

Production and Demonstration (GOI), Alamadi

 Technical Advisory Committee of the Regional Station for Forage

Production and Demonstration (GOI), Alamadi

Websites of KSRSD and Institute of Sustainable
Development are active.


JAK Television Network has telecasted the following programmes of

KSRSD/ISD in their news bulletin:
Distribution of education materials
Bicycle Distribution
Children’s Day Prize distribution
Nutrition Training
World Water Day


With deep sense of gratitude we acknowledge our supporters and the

patronage we receive from organizations, national and international,
and a number of our well wishers.

The major funding supporters of the reported year are:


Mr Mike Judge, TDH Denmark, DISVI Italy, Robert Johns Trust,
C/o Guild of Service, Chennai DAYA Trust, Sri Ram Studios
Chennai, and a number of other individuals

Collaboration We collaborate with:

Government agencies:
Directorate of Employment and Training, Ministry of Labour, GOI
Tamilnadu Water And Drainage Board, Govt of TN
CBT & CEW, Anna University
District Industries Centre, TVLR
Total Sanitation Campaign, TVLR Dist Office
Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, TVLR Dist
IIT I-Vil Chennai
Community Food and Nutrition Extension Units (CFNEUs), Food and
Nutrition Board (FNB) Department of Women & Child, GOI
Non government agencies:
Indian Council of Social Welfare TN Branch
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
TULSI Trust and Sankara Nethralya
Rotary Club of Guindy
Local Branches of UCO Bank, Canara Bank, Vijaya Bank
Dept of Social Work of DRBCCC Hindu College, Mar Gregorious College,
MSSW Chennai
NSS and the Management of DRBCCC Hindu College, Chennai
Chinmaya Mission CORD Thamaraipakkam
Manavalakkalai Mandram, Avadi

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