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12 April 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Jan Kirstine Zamora was one of my students during a review program back in 2014.
I could very much remember her because her enthusiasm for learning was
remarkable. During this period, she has proven herself to be one of the most
dedicated in class. She has not missed a day during the program and was always on
time which is a very good reflection on her commitment to her profession.
Coming from a university wherein the competition to excel was cutthroat, she did
put up strong perseverance and determination to keep up. She very much proved to
people that hard work really does pay off. In addition, Kirstine has also showed
natural ability to get along with my other students in class. She has a very light and
outgoing personality which made her very likeable. This only goes to show that she
is keeping her academic and social life well-balanced which is an important key to a
healthier future in terms of relationship.
Because of her dedication and focus to whatever circumstance she is faced with, I
am very much certain that success will follow whatever she will pursue in the future.

Maximo Axibal Jr.
Medical Specialist