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Karina 12-A

1. Why is Hamlet upset at the beginning of the play?
Hamlet is upset at the beginning of the play because his mother married
Claudius (his uncle) just some months after his fathers death.
2. What information does the ghost give to Hamlet?
The information that the ghost, which was his father, gave to Hamlet is
that Claudius killed him by putting poison on his ear.
3. Why does Hamlet fail to act on the information the ghost gives
He fail to act on the information because he didnt know if the illusion he
had was true or fake.
4. Does Hamlet love Ophelia? Explain using evidence from the play.
Hamlet love Ophelia because he wanted to be with her in every chance
he had but this didnt seem to work because Ophelia father always tried
to separate them.
5. Does Ophelia love Hamlet? Explain using evidence from the play.
Ophelia love Hamlet because she always tried to go after him and be all
the time she could until her father intervenes between them.
6. What does Hamlet do to make sure of his uncles guilt before he
He creates a movie that basically told how his father died and he waits
to see Claudius reaction to be sure if he did kill his father.
7. Is Hamlet crazy at any point of the play? Explain using evidence
from the play.
Yes, Hamlet gets crazy when he tried to kill Claudius just after he showed
the movie and since he couldnt kill him he got mad and started to treat
his mother bad and then he killed Polonius and didnt felt nothing.
8. What changes when Hamlet returns?
When Hamlet returns, he doesnt think too much on what he is planning
to do, he seems more calm and take risks.
9. There are eight deaths in Hamlet. How does each character die?
1.King Hamlet: when the movie started he was already dead. He was
killed by Claudius.
2.Polonius: was killed by Hamlet when he went to his mother bedroom
and heard a noise on the closet he thought that the person that was on
the closet was Claudius and he shot the closet and killed Polonius.
3. Ophelia: became insane after her father death and drowned herself on
a fountain remembering all the moments she had with Hamlet.
4.Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: were killed by the king of England when
Hamlet send him a note.
5.Laertes: died when trying to kill Hamlet.
6.Claudius: Horatio gave Hamlet the gun and killed him.
7.Gertrude: drank the poison Claudius was going to give to Hamlet.
8.Hamlet: was killed by Laertes when they were fighting for the gun.

What was Hamlets tragic flaw?
Hamlets tragic flaw is that he thinks to much in the consequences and
how people will react to what he is planning to do and never takes risks.
He wants everything to be perfect.