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FS 3

Tec h n o l o g y i n t h e

Episode 2


Name of FS Student : Frences Mhae A. Abella
Field Study

Course : Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics

Resource Teacher : Jean Mary Leilanie R. Acain

Year & Section: 3-1

Signature :____________________

Cooperating School : Canumay East National High School

Your Target
At the end of this activity, you will be competent in appraising the effectiveness of
display boards as learning resources.

Your Map
Display boards, or what we more commonly refer to as bulletin board, is one of
the most readily available and versatile learning resources.
To reach your target, follow these steps:
Step 3: Propose enhancements to make the
display more effective.
Step 2: Pick one and evaluate the display.
Step 1: Look around a school for bulletin board displays.

An Observation Guide for the BULLETIN BOARD DISPLAYS

Read the following statements carefully before you observe.
1. Go around the school and examine the board displays. How many board displays
do you see?
2. Where is the display boards found? Are they in places where target viewers can
see them?
3. What are the displays about? What images and colors do you see? How are the
pieces of information arranged?
4. What materials were used in making the displays? Are borders used?
5. Do you notice some errors? (misspelled words, grammar inconsistencies and the
6. Are the messages clear and easily understood?
Field Study


Name of the School Observed : Canumay East National High School

School Address :Marton St., Canumay East, Valenzuela City

Date of Visit: January 05, 2017

Field Study

8. You may choose to take a photo of the display board (if allowed)
From among the board displays that you saw, pick the one that you got most
interested in. Evaluate it using the evaluation form below.


Topic of the Board Display : Pledge to Earth
Location of the Board Display in School : Near the faculty room

Check the column that indicates your rating. Write comments to back p your ratings.
4- Outstanding
3-Very Satisfactory
2- Satisfactory
1- Needs Improvement
Conveys the
message quickly
and clearly
Colors and
catches and
holds interest
Objects are
arranged so
stability is
Repeated shapes
or colors or use
of borders holds
display together
The style and
approach entice
learners to be
Letters and
illustrations can
be seen from a
good distance






Field Study

Arrangements of
objects were good
but it needs an

There was a perfect

selection of colors,
shapes and
Students have an
active involvement
in it because the
board display seems
to be student made.
Too much art can
damage the
legibility of the
board display.

Free from
grammar errors,
items are

There were no such

wrong grammars or
even misspelled

Not that durable ,

because some of the
parts are falling.

An Evaluation Report of a Bulletin Board

(option 2)
Field Study

Bulletin Board Evaluated by: Frences Mhae A. Abella

Location: It is located near the stairs at the second floor of the old building of the school.
Brief Description of the Bulletin Board: The bulletin board was made up of a ply wood
that serves as their board, a tarpaulin that consist of the name of the teachers in
Mathematics, sets of officers, problems of the week and announcement. The text was not
readable at all. Though they always update the problems to be posted, it is not enough at
all. Also the given information was limited.



Does not consist of a
Typical type of a
Bulletin Board
Text were written in
small size.

Judgements/Evaluation of
educational content and
other aspects:

Grammars are
Easy to understand

Less Information
Nothing seems to be

Recommendations or Suggestions for improvement: The board can have a lots of

content if you lessen the space provided for the teachers and sets of officers. Writing must
be written in large size or you can print some to be more presentable. The bulletin must
be created in a creative way and you should be more resourceful

Signature of Evaluator over Printed Name:

Field Study

Your Analysis
Did the board display design reflect the likes/interests of its target
audience? Why? or Why not?\
No. Because the only information written there was the list of the Math
Officers, the teachers, problems of the month and I can say that it was not catchy for the is not also an interactive one.
Was the language used clear and simple for the target audience to
understand? Why? or Why not?
It is simple and understandable but it was not an interactive one. Even a
Grade7 students will not give some of their time just to take a glance of it,. Maybe they
will, but it will not last for a long time. They will look on it for the picture and not for the
content of it.
What do you think was the purpose of the board display? Was it
effective? Why? or Why not?
For me, the purpose of the board display is to give information in the
students and also it must be an interactive one so that the students will enjoy looking and
reading in your board display. As I observe, it was totally failed. As I said a while ago, it
was not interactive and catchy for the students. To sum it up, it was boring to take a look
of it.

What suggestions can you make?

First, make it an interactive one
Think of an activity or content that can be catchy and students will be
interested on it.
Minimize the space for the set of officers and teachers.
Focus on the content and lesson to your bulletin.

Based on your suggestions, purposed an enhanced version of the display board. Use the
form below.
My Purposed Board Display
Theme: Geometry
Field Study

Name of the School Observed: Canumay East National High School

School Address: ___________________________ Date of Visit: January 5, 2017
Year Level: Grade 7 and Grade 9
Subject Area: Mathematics
Board Title: GeomeTrivias


The students will be able to provide answers on the posted questions

The students will be able perform the activity being posted

The students will be able have additional information or learning aside from what
is discussed in the class

Best features of my purposed bulletin enhancement:

It will consist of trivia, and latest educational trends in the society and activities
for the students to do.

Content Resources (Name each needed resource and give each a brief description)

Internet- sites with reliable information

Books- it could be from all types of subjects

Journals- those that are fitted to the level of the students

Magazines- source for cut out letters and pictures

Students output- can be displayed in the board (must be attractive, cogent and

Materials for aesthetic assessment:

Colored Paper
Styro Fore Paint
Print outs

Scotch Tape
Double sided tape
Styro fore
Field Study

Based on your suggestions, make your own board display lay-out. You may
present your output through any of these:
A hand made drawing or lay-out
An electronic (computer) drawing illustration/ lay-out
A collage

My Board Display Lay-out

Field Study

Your Reflections
1. Name at least 5 skills that a teacher should have to be able to come up with
effective board displays. Elaborate on why each skill is needed.

Communication skill the teacher should have this skill for him/her to convey the important
points of the board display with clarity.
Analytic skill Analysis is very important especially when creating a board display that is set to
impart a message to viewers. Before it is made, deliberate planning and organizing is needed to
assure that the objectives in setting up the display are met.

Technical skill The teacher must be clever especially when it comes to some technicalities. In
creating a board display, it requires the knowledge and skill of using various tools and equipment
to successfully accomplish the task. The teacher must be knowledgeable and capable enough in
utilizing these implements for him to be safe and away from any danger.
Computer skill some of the most important pieces of information that might be very useful in
making an effective board display comes from the internet. The teacher should have this skill for
him/her to be more updated with the latest topics relevant to what he/she is making.
Artistic skill the teacher must possess this skill for him/her to create a stunning and aesthetic
piece of art which will entice every viewers attention.

2. Which of the skills do you already have? Recall your past experiences in
making board displays. How do you practice these skills?
I do have the computer skill, communication skill and sometimes an artistic
skills as well. I develop it back when I was in high school and first year college
because we do have a subject that needed that skill.
3. Which skills do you still need to develop? Reflect on how you can improve on
or acquire these skills.
To tell you honestly, it would be the artistic one, because I am not that good
in arts. Especially in making drawing it makes me so weak whenever our teacher
will assigned such activities involving that.
Field Study