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FS 5

Learning Assessment

Episode 1

Name of FS Student: Dagohoy, Marc Steven G.
Course: Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics

Year & Section: 3-1

Cooperating School: General Tiburcio de Leon National High School

Your Target
At the end of this activity, you will be keen at identifying and naming
different assessment methods used in the classroom.

Your Map
To be aware of the assessment tools that are used in the classrooms, you
will find interest in observing teachers assessment practices.
To hit your target, work your way through this steps.
Step 5: Reflect on your experience
Step 4: Confer with your FS teacher
your assessment list.
Step 3: Describe how each assessment
method was used, including your personal
Step 2: In your list, classify assessment methods
as to conventional and authentic/alternative.
Step 1: Observe at least three classes and make a list of
the assessment methods used by teachers.

Your Tools
As you visit schools and observe assessment practices in at least three
classes, document your observations using the activity forms provided for you in
this book. For your pen-and-paper test items, customize a table of specification,
and prepare the test material based on the prescriptions of the school where you
do class observation.
(To be used during the actual observation of the class)
Name of the School Observed:
General Tiburcio de Leon National High School
Year Level: Grade 7
Subject Area: Mathematics
Assessment Tools
(Bulleted description of how the assessment method is used
relative to subject matter, levels of learning behaviour, length,

1. Seatwork/Quiz

2. Oral Recitation

The most commonly used type of test, assessing

by pen and paper.
Students needs to analyse carefully the given
based on their understanding and how the teacher
explain it to them.
The teacher gave a 20 item about classifying the
given according to its categories or solving for the
The assessment is done after the discussion of the
topic, can also be given the day after the

An assessment tool that develops the reasoning ability

and communicating skills of the learners.
It happens during the discussion to clarify those
confusing concepts and unclear explanation.

Your Analysis
1. Was there a variety of assessment methods used by the
teacher? How relevant was/were the assessment methods
Yes, teacher use variety of assessment method to test how well the students
understand and acquire the learning during or after the discussion.
Appropriateness are used by choosing what assessment tool should be used to
enhance the students skills and performance.
2. Do you think the expected students learning behaviours
indicated in the objectives were properly and appropriately
assessed through those assessment methods?
The expected students learning behaviours are properly and appropriate
assesses through those assessment method. The intended outcome is also the
result get by teacher because he/she use the appropriate assessment tool to test
the students knowledge, skills and performance.

Your Reflections
1. Write your personal reflection of thoughts and feelings about
the importance in the use of appropriate assessment
methods in the classroom, including what students and
teachers can gain from appropriate assessment tools. Share
your reflection with your FS teacher and classmates.
Assessment is really helpful not only for the teacher but especially for the
students. Assessment is really important for the teacher to know if the learners
really understand the lesson. In assessing, teacher must use appropriateness of
choosing what method he/she will use not only to enhance the knowledge and
skills of the students but also to prevent biases and unfairness for the students.
Choosing the right assessment method will reinforce the strengths of the learners
and develop their weaknesses. Use of variety of assessment method must use to
cope the different abilities of the learners.