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Aira Mae G.

English for Academic Purposes
Reaction Paper (Four Values in Filipino Drama and Film)
The text titled Four Values in Filipino Drama and Film by Nicanor G. Tiongson stated
the flaws of the Filipino movie industry.
I. Summary/Synopsis
Filipinos love movies. They love it so much that sometimes they invest a lot of time and
money just to watch movies. It became part of what we are and somehow, movies affected how
we live.
The author listed down some reasons why Filipino movie industry needs to change their
viewpoint and hoe the Filipino movie industry shows negative values to everyone.
One is maganda ang maputi which shows the stereotype of the film industry that they
should only cast beautiful actors instead of sticking into a realistic characterization. It shows how
Filipino movie industries wants to show that being white is very important thats why it became
an obsession to some Filipino to become beautiful.
Second is masaya ang may palabas which shows that the important things to show in a
movie only includes bakbakan, iyakan, sigawan, kantahan at tawanan and because if this, every
Filipino movie became painstakingly clich. Its very repetitious and it hinders the chance for a
movie to become more literate.
Third is mabuti ang inaapi which shows that the underdog will always be the hero. To
sum this up, Filipinos love to see people suffer first only to see the same person to become
successful. Filipino became obsessed with that idea that they forgot that every success needs a lot
of hard worknot just by daydreaming that one day youll become a hero in your own story.
Fourth is maganda pa ang daigdig where this depicts that world is such a beautiful
place and we can peacefully in this world. This gives false hope to everyone and it hinders the
chance for everyone to face the reality.
Fifth is values for an independent people that depicts that the Filipino film industry
shies away from the reality and the economic problems of our society. This explains that
Filipinos needs to enlighten themselves to this kind of problems.
Sixth is maganda ang kayumanggi which shows that Filipino films shows only white
stereotype and not show casing that culture and beauty of the Philippines. Filipino film industry
should show Filipino aesthetics that is close to our culture.

Seventh is masaya ang palabas na may laman which shows that we Filipinos tend to
not look at the deeper side of the films. Filipinos tend to set aside the deeper political and
ideological contradiction in society.
Eight is mabuti ang may sariling isip at galugod which explains that film industries
should extend the discussion with bigger social perspective and to show to Filipinos that even
though there are struggles, theres always a solution to all those struggles.
And lastly is gaganda pa ang daigdig and it explains that the world is still beautiful
despite all the problems of whatever nature, that there problems can create an aesthetic vibes in a

II. Analysis and Evaluation

It was convincing because its about mainstream film and how they are horrendous they
are nowadays. Every opinion made a lot of perfect sense. Honestly, Im not really a fan of
mainstream Filipino films and reading this made me want to make my stand that we should start
creating quality films and not just care if it will make money or not.
The thing that I also like in this text is the fact that it is not biased. Mainly because I
totally agree on what the author is proving. His points are always subjective and he explained
everything about his topic. Also, I find it interesting that the author is not afraid to let it all out
and kind of used some persuasive words to convince other people to believe that we should
change our outlook in Filipino films.
Its not totally biased, hence the text helped a lot to enrich our prior knowledge in
Filipino films. It definitely broadened the perspective that I have for Filipino films.

III. Reaction
At first, I thought this article would be boring because its too long, but when I read and
knew that it is about the truth about Filipino films, it really captured my interest instantly.
Though there are some dull moments, my experience reading this is very enriching and very
interactive. Enriching because there are some facts that really fascinated and knew that will help
me. Interactive because most of the opinion says a lot on what I believe in and I totally agree on
the authors point.
This text really pushed me to convince other people to watch and support quality films.
We should broaden our perspective to films and not just watch clich films. Films isnt just for
leisure anymore, film is an art piece that should be appreciated aesthetically.