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Energy Sources

Nonrenewable, Renewable, and


Principles of Engineering

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Energy Sources
Energy: The ability to do work
Energy sources are defined as

The SUN is the original source

of almost all energy sources on Earth.

Nonrenewable Energy Sources

Jamie Isaiah

Sources that cannot be replaced once used

Fossil Fuels
Natural Gas
Alternative Energy:
Any fuel that is not
identified as a fossil

Where does it form and how?
Petroleum is formed from the remains of ancient marine
organisms and is found in vast underground reservoirs
beneath land, the ocean floor, and tar pits.
How is petroleum extracted?
Once a potential oil deposits located a development plan is
created. Many petroleum liquids that make up a reservoirs
oil-in-place are unable to extract. These liquids may be too
dangerous or expensive to drill.

Petroleum pt. 2
Is this nonrenewable, renewable, or inexhaustible?
How is it used?
Mostly used to make gasoline, transport and products such
as tires, refrigerators, and life jackets.
How can we make it safer?
1. By trapping petroleum and other oils in ice it would cut
costs and safer
2. Offshore drilling
3. Reduce usage

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Coal is
A nonrenewable resource
Recent developments in mining have made its
extraction easier, and cheaper.

Required infrastructure is limited to a coal breaker,

Transportation, and a power plant.
There have not been any recent improvements to make
coal safer and cleaner, other than at the mine site.

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Nonrenewable Energy Sources

Martin and Jala

Sources that cannot be replaced once used

Nuclear energy
20% of the worlds
electricity comes
from nuclear power

What is Nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is nonrenewable because there is a limited amount.
A nuclear reactor is a device that converts energy into heat in order
to generate electricity.
it generates energy by splitting atoms

Infrastructure and emerging technology of

Nuclear Energy
Countries that want to use this energy source need to have a lot of
safety measures in place.

Utah is planning, are designed to be a fraction of the size at 50 to

300 megawatts. The building of nuclear power plant would be

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Renewable Energy Sources

Sources that can be replaced once used

U.S. Department of Energy

What is Biomass Energy?

Comes from plants and plant related
Can be made by burning material or
processing into liquids

<==process of producing biomass

What is Biomass? Part 2

Trying to create biofuel
made from different kinds of oils
EISA of 2007- 2022 US must make 21 billion
gallons of advanced biofuels
will help reduce CO2 emissions but not help
eliminate it.

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Biomass Energy Basics
Is Biomass Really Renewable?
Creating Energy with Biomass
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Read "What You Need to Know About Energy" at
HSBC funding biofuel
October 31, 2014 | News -

Inexhaustible Energy Sources


Hydroelectric Energy
Uses Dams
Pumped storage: Stores the water. The electricity creation is
not constant, it peaks during some intervals and falls during

Hydroelectric Energy Pt. 2

-Concrete and Cement for the
-turbine runners, draft tubes,
and penstocks for generators

New technologies are being

developed for Hydroelectricity
by innovating the current
design models

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Inexhaustible Energy Sources:

Flash and Andrew P

U.S. Department of Energy

Geothermal Energy
Flash & Juicy Drew

Energy is heat from the Earth.
Clean and sustainable.
From the shallow ground to hot water and hot rock found a few
miles beneath the Earths surface -Renewable Energy World

How We Get It
Pipes installed in ground. Pump refrigerant out of ground.
Refrigerant passes through compressor, compressor heats
Fan blows hot air into house.
Refrigerant flow back into ground.

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Inexhaustible Energy Sources Wind

U.S. Department of Energy

Renewable resource.
Energy from wind=Wind
A wind turbine works by
the wind turning the
blades, which spins a shaft,
connected to a generator
that creates energy.
Used for pumping water
and powering homes.

What emerging technologies will make this energy

source safer, more usable, more efficient, cleaner, etc?
Safer* Wind turbines placed in oceans to protect the land wildlife.

Efficiency*GE along with the department of energy have partnered to create

offshore wind turbines that create more power but, cost less.

More Useable and Cleaner*Making 5 to 7 megawatts of energy that makes the most powerful
wind turbines in the world.

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(Solar)-Andrew Jones

U.S. Department of Energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy

More expensive than other energy
Sunlight also depends on location, season,
and time of day which creates limitations to
its use.

Solar Squad-Andrew Jones

Solar Power- Converts sunlight into power.
either by using PV(Photovoltaics) and
concentrated solar power.

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What is Tidal energy?

-Tidal energy is a form of Hydropower that converts
the energy of the tides into electricity or other useful
forms of power.
-Tidal energy is an inexhaustible energy source and
produced by winds blowing across the surface of the
ocean and captured through tidal generators.

Infrastructure requirements.
-The infrastructure required when developing tidal energy is a
tidal power plant to make power and electric grid for power
distribution.Generators are placed to capture the kinetic
energy through tidal waves.

Emerging technologies!
-The most common type of tidal power facilities
include tidal barriers and dams. These can interfere
with fish migration and can be expensive.
-New technologies such as advanced tidal fences, and
advanced tidal turbines are now being utilized for
more production of tidal waves due to the amount of
electricity production developed in underwater farms
and to also protect aquatic wildlife.

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