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L 410 UVP-E20

Aircraft Industries, a.s. Kunovice Czech Republic phone: +420 572 817 310

Displayed interior was produced by Tulpar IG, RF

Basic Aircraft Characteristics


The all-metal, high-wing, turboprop commuter, L 410 UVP-E20, is powered by

two GE H80-200 engines and AV-725 propellers. The aircraft, in its standard
version, is intended for short-haul transport of up to 19 passengers and
cargo from remote and undeveloped areas to major cities. Depending on
its equipment, it is suitable for various purposes. Since 1969, more than
1 200 aircraft in the L 410 series have been produced. Currently, there are
over 350 aircraft in more than 50 countries all over the world in operation.

Passenger Cabin Volume

Passenger Door
Cargo Door
Seats Pitch
Luggage Compartment Volume
Wing Area

47,23 ft (14 424 mm)

19,58 ft (5 969 mm)

Aircraft Advantages
Ability to land and to take off on short unpaved runways (STOL capabilities)
Tough and durable structure which enables operation in severe conditions
Remarkable hot and high performance
Ability to operate under extreme climatic conditions ranging from 50 C
Outstanding versatility with a number of quick change kits
The most spacious passenger compartment in the commuter category
Easy handling and low operating and maintenance costs
Excellent safety record and reliable operation

65,55 ft (19 980 mm)

17,9 m3
0,8x1,46 m
1,25x1,46 m
0,76 m
1,47 m3
34.86 sg.m.


Max. Take-off Weight (MTOW)

Max. Landing Weight (MLDW)
Max. Payload
Max. Fuel Weight (with tip tanks)

6 600 kg
6 400 kg
1 800 kg
1 300 kg


405 km/hr TAS

1 500 km

Aircraft Variants
The spacious oval fuselage with almost 18 m3 of passenger cabin volume,
provides the highest standard of passenger comfort. It also offers
maximum versatility and opportunity to use the aircraft for a number
of different operations.
Standard commuter
Airambulance / Medivac
Sky diving
Photogrammetric scanning
Maritime, patrol and surveillance

The L 410 UVP-E20 is operated around the world by private airlines as well
as governmental and non-governmental organizations, air forces and aero


L 410 UVP-E20
Twin Otter

Beech 1900 D

Dornier 228

Beech 1900

Metro II

Cessna 208
Caravan I

Metro V

BN Islander

Jetstream 31


19 PAX

219 KTAS
810 NM

5,1 h

Climb rate:
Both Engines Service (ISA, SL, MTOW)
8,5 m/s
Single Engine Service (ISA, SL, MTOW)
1,8 m/s
Take-off Distance to 35 ft (ISA, SL, MTOW)
510 m

The aircraft has been certified in the Commuter Category by EASA and FAA
(FAR 23 Regulation Amendment 41).

14 550 Ib
14 109 Ib
3 968 Ib
2 866 Ib

Max. Cruise Speed

Max. Range
(ISA, FL140, fuel reserve for 45 min.)
Max. Endurance


632 cu.ft
2,6x4,8 ft
4,1x4,8 ft
30 inch
51,9 cu.ft
375.23 sq.ft


2 pilots

1 673 fpm
354 fpm
1 673 ft