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DeReka Structures Consult (SP/0884/BEM)

Civil • Structural • Geotechnical • Consulting Engineers • Jurutera Perunding

DeReka Associates (1135810-W)

Design Engineering • Project Management Consultants • Pengurus Projek

Unit A-3-8, Block A, Pusat Perdagangan Pelangi, Pelangi Damansara, PJU 6

Persiaran Surian, 47800, Petaling Jaya
Phone:6012 3625 298 Fax: 603-7722 5168
DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates


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DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates


DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates


DeReka Structures Consult and DeReka Associates is a young and dynamic multi-

disciplinary practice providing professional service in Civil, Structural, Geotechnical &

Project Management on a wide range of projects.

The two practices was founded in 2002 and 1998 by Ir David Ng who was trained and

worked in England and Singapore before returning to Malaysia and heads the practice.

The practice was born out of a desire to raise the quality of creative engineering involvement

in projects, beyond that of traditional engineering organisations.

We are trying to build a crucible of ideas. This isn’t easy, but is key to the design of our


Our shape is this

not this

Our organisational model employs a relatively small numbers of highly capable and

qualified people operating within an evolving network of ‘friends’ from other practices,

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

research colleges, testing houses and manufacturers. The network is deliberately fluid to

open up new possibilities and to refresh the gene pool of our ideas.

Good teams are required to produce successful projects. Our experience is that these good

teams self-select over a period of time and that the best teams remain together for many

years. However, the best teams for one project will be different to the best team for another.

We do not expect to do everything on every project, if there are others whom we trust to play

a better part. However, we do expect use our intellectual rigour to look after their input

where we knowledgeable can.

We have chosen this model because we think that the commercial imperatives to use as many

people as possible from within traditional engineering organisations can sometimes hinder

the formation of a good appropriate team


…on the whole we do engineering design…but engineering design is rarely done alone and

all of our projects have been collaborations.

We try to operate free of the formal structures of engineering discipline boundaries, and

sometimes work outside engineering entirely.

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

We offer:

Strategic Advice Feasibility work and solution strategies for

engineering system.

Concept Design In the areas of structures, engineering

architecture, civil engineering and

sustainable infrastructure.

Structural Design From concept to commissioning

Civil Engineering From concept to commissioning

Teaching, talks and workshops On design, creativity and engineering



The language of many contemporary buildings is of a sophisticated technology generating

beautiful architecture.

Our practice aims to build on its engineering roots to be at the creative core of this

crossover, one of the greatest sources of energy and inspiration in today’s architectural and

engineering design.

The engineering solutions of the 21st Century must be sustainable. This means that as a

practice we aim to know about sustainability issues and address them in our work.

We believe that the engineering is immensely rich and rewarding and we strive for high

levels of delight in what we do.

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates


We are hands-on.

We believe in the value of ideas, wherever they come from.

We enjoy open-minded collaboration with architects, designers, clients and contractors in

the search for simple and beautiful solutions. With imagination, we believe almost anything

is possible.

We have a proven track record in bringing technology to the table using everyday language,

so that engineering can play its full part in strategic project decisions.

We and our clients have found that we are most effective when we are involved from the start

of projects, identifying engineering possibilities and risks and helping to shape the project


We are sometimes employed before a project exists, exploring problems and identifying

possible solutions.

Later in the evolution of a project, we are usually asked to be involved in the more

challenging elements of the design and its delivery.

Our involvement in projects often follows a sliding wedge, although the shape of the wedge

varies substantially from project to project.

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates


DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

Meeting the Clients Objectives

On a more down to earth subject, we aspire to benefits our Clients and the project in particular to

areas are as follows. Hence, Dereka Associates was formed in amalgamation with Dereka Structures

Consult to meet the objectives.


The Project Team will manage the construction works by taking proactive measures to overcome

impediments of progress in all aspects of works co-ordination, detailed design availability,

approvals and timely completion of the project.


The Project Team will work with the Client in works optimisation, value engineering, control and

supervision. Detailed progress report will be prepared at regular intervals.


Total Quality Management and Control Procedures adopted from Quality System ISO9001 will be

addressed to ensure quality work and minimises defective works. Necessary procedures will be

implemented to manage the project from implementation to completion. These include the following:

Design Management

The availability of detail design and co-ordination amongst consultants shall be closely managed, to

ensure project objectives are met.

We have Design capability and our Company Associated Consultant also provides the back up

support in the following key areas:

• Monitor availability of detail design

• Agreed key dates and deliverables

• Agreed information release dates

• Advise on buildability and safety issues

• Alternative technical proposals to achieve time and cost saving

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

Programme & Planning

Regular review of the master program for all outstanding works will be necessary. Upon agreement

of the overall contract program, detail planning and monitoring of works will be implemented

accordingly. Changes to the contract program will be made with the approval of the Main


Progress Report

Project reports on monthly basis will be submitted in accordance to the Employer’s requirement

(Client). The progress report provides an overview of progress achieved and highlights proactive

action required on any problem area on specific work package.

Quality Assurance

Quality control procedures in accordance to the specifications and consultant’s requirements will be

put in place in compliance with the Contract.

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates



DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

Our Company Background

DeReka Associates was incorporated in 1998, young and dynamic in real terms to meet the then
changing face of the construction industry whereby efficient and productive Management are
required to complement increasingly complicated projects. In 2002, DeReka Structures Consult was
formed to complete the circle in a starving design consultancy industry in need of dynamic
engineering skills to embrace the rising standards of Architecture in this country.

Our engineering background includes many notable projects for which the Principal were involved
during his career at Arup. A number of those were award winners in the Construction Industry such
as UOB Plaza, Singapore (CIDB 1993, Award of Merit for Best Buildable Building) and Menara
Weld, Kuala Lumpur (ACEM 1998, Award of Commendation, Building Design).

UOB Plaza 1 & 2

CIDB 1993 Award Felda- Multi Purpose Hall ERL Salak Tinggi Station

Weld Tower

ACEM 1998 ‘Award of Commendation)

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

The companies are being formed with the objective of undertaking engineering design, project
management and also professional services on property development. Our scope of work also
includes feasibility studies, marketing sales and strategy, construction, financial and project

With a team of experienced professionals from various disciplines and diverse expertise, we are
optimistic that the services offered by us are both bold and imaginative. These are our underlying
strength to undertake challenging and complicated projects.

Our efficacy lies in the fact that we have been working together effectively as a team in project
management on past projects. Our sound relationship has established mutual understanding, trust,
teamwork, technical knowledge, experiences and integrity providing us with the confidence in our
entire venture and endeavours.


Organisation: DeReka Structures Consult (SP/BEM/0884) established 2002

DeReka Associates (Co. No. 1135810-W) established 1998

Architect: ZDR Sdn Bhd

Structural Engineer: DeReka Structures Consult

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates


Our people

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

Ir DAVID NG is one of the pioneer and key personnel for DeReka Structures Consult and Dereka
Associates. He is the Managing Partner.

He has graduated from University of Westminster, London with the degree in Civil Engineering and
Master Degree MSc (Eng) DIC in Structural Steel Design from Imperial College, London. He is a Member
of the Institution of Structural Engineers, UK, Chartered Engineer (UK); Professional Engineer registered
with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia, and Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia.

David Ng has been responsible for the design of a wide range of projects in concrete and steel in
Malaysia, Singapore and the UK. His involvement with Arup Jururunding Sdn Bhd has exposed him on
opportunities to handle numerous prestigious and large-scale projects. His participation from the initial
stage until the implementation and completion stage has certainly added points to his credits.

List of completed and on-going projects participated:


• Middle Ring Road II, Kuala Lumpur

• Kuala Lumpur City Centre
• 13 storey structure hill slope for JKR, Kuala Lumpur
• Lebuh Pasar Bridge Reconstruction, Kuala Lumpur
• Polyclinic & Staff Quarter, Sandakan Sabah
• Kuala Lumpur International Airport Main Terminal, Contact Pier & Baggage Handling System
• Satellite Building, KLIA
• The Weld Redevelopment, Kuala Lumpur
• Bridge over North South Highway, Kulai for Asiatic Development
• Lebuh Damansara – Puchong
• LRT – Star Phase II
• Plaza Merdeka
• Metro Manila Expressway – R5
• Kajang Traffic Dispersal Road
• Guthrie Corridor Expressway
• PJC Complex, Putrajaya
• Putrajaya Shangri-La, Putrajaya
• ERL Salak Tinggi Station
• Zouk Club (M) – Entertainment Centre 2003


• UOB Plaza, Singapore

• Institute of Technical Education, Singapore
• Cairnhill Road Development, Singapore
• Laguna National Golf & Country Club, Singapore
• CHIJ, Singapore
• SATSSICCI for Singapore International Airlines
• Clementi Secondary School, Singapore
• Manchester Metropolitan University

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

Ir David Ng is also actively involved in issues relating to the advancement of Engineering with his
participation in numerous extra-curricular activities with the Institution of Engineers Malaysia and
Institution of Structural Engineers, Malaysia Division. He is the Structural Representative, Council
Member, Committee Member – Civil & Structural Technical Division, Standing Committee Member of
Admissions and Practical Training and Professional Practice. Honorary Secretary – Institution of
Structural Engineers Malaysia Division.

He is also a Member Committee of various Code of Practice for the Malaysian Standards/SIRIM such as
Malaysian Standards for Hot Rolled Structural Steel Sections MS1490 & MS1491: 2000 (TC2-
Rolled Products) with MISIF/SWO/SIRIM, Member of the Technical Sub-committee for the drafting
of the Malaysian Standards for Hot Rolled Structural Steel Plates SWO/SIRIM/IEM and Technical
Sub-committee for the drafting of the Revised Malaysian Standards MS 416:1976 for ‘Code of
Practice for Structural Use of Steel’ and SWO/SIRIM/IEM/CIDB and Committee Member for
Position Statement Paper for Concrete Code of Practice for Malaysia.

He is also actively involved in the curricular sector whereby he is Visiting Lecturer to University
Malaya for 4th year Architectural Course for the School of Built Environment.

In 2003, he was Advisor and Course Lecturer to PT Rekayasa Industri (EPC Company), Jakarta on
Structural Steel Design – a 5 days In-House course to Civil Engineers.

He is currently Technical Consultant to BlueScope Steel Sdn Bhd.


Ir David Ng was the recipient of the prestigious ‘Raffles Scholarship 1992/93’ awarded by the
British High Commisioner, Singapore for his Master Degree in Structural Steel Design at The
Imperial College, London.

In 1998, he received an Award of Merit on behalf of Arup Jururunding Sdn Bhd for the design of
‘The Weld Tower’ Malaysia’s First & Truly Steel Frame Building

Iin 2001 to 2008, he received the Presidential Award of Excellence from IEM for outstanding
performance and efforts for his contribution to IEM – Civil & Structural Technical Division.


K K Tang & David S Y Ng, Weld Tower, Majalah Akitek Vol.8 No.6, Nov/Dec 1996;
pp 30 – 36.

K K Tang & David S Y Ng, Local Experience in the Design of a Multi Stories Building in
Structural Steel, The Weld Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Suara Perunding, Journal of the ACEM,
March 1998, 1st Quarter; pp12-18.

David S Y Ng, Cost Effective Steelwork Design fir Fabrication, Jurutera, Bulletin of IEM,
July 2007, No 7, pp 21-27

David S Y Ng, Structural Steelwork and Price Influencing Factors, Jurutera, Bulletin of
IEM, July 2007, No 7, pp 44 -45.

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates



DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

Mr TAN KA CHONG is Partner in charge of Project Management for DeReka Associates.

He has graduated from University Of Westminster, London with the degree in Civil Engineering and
Post-graduate course in Structural Engineering and Foundation.

His has vast working experience in the construction industry back in UK and also Malaysia.
Personally he has also carried out research work on fixing in concrete to improve construction
methods. He has more than 10 years working experience with many established construction
companies in Malaysia, namely WCT earthworks and B. Construction (Malaysia) Kon Chartered
Surveyors Company, U.K., Jelltem-Boss Company (Malaysia), Syarikat Pembinaan Song Pang Seng
Sdn Bhd, Pembinaan Woh Heng Sdn Bhd and IJM Binamaju Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) and YC
Construction Sdn Bhd.

List of completed and on-going projects participated:


• Jeram Housing Project, Kapar

• CCL Overhead Bridge
• Putrajaya Smart School and Marine Depot
• Monorail Project, Kuala Lumpur.
• Steel Pedestrian Bridge at Pantai Dalam
• Messrs. Warisan Megah, Subang Jaya.
• Wisma Wah Heng, Subang Jaya.
• Summit City, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
• Factory for Matshusita Electronic Components (M) Sdn Bhd, P.J.
• R & D and MCM2 of Matsushita Factory Industrial Sdn Bhd, Shah Alam.
• Amoda building, Podium block, Kuala Lumpur
• 200 units, 1 ½ Storey factory, Sg. Buloh.
• Telekom Submarine Cable Station, Bintulu, Sarawak.
• TNB staff quarter, Jalan Kapar, Klang, Selangor

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

SUMMARY OF PROJECTS (Completed & Current)

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

SUMMARY OF PROJECTS (Completed & current)


1. Tractors (M) Sdn Bhd – TNB / Gas March-May Completed RM0.05Million

Compressor Station (Design & Build) for 1998
Proton HICOM Bhd.

2. Steel Overhead Pedestrian Bridge – Pantai Sept-Oct Completed RM1 Million

Dalam Phase IV for Segar Wangi Sdn Bhd 1998
(Design services)

3. Water Tank (Design & Build) @ The Weld for Oct-Nov Completed RM0.04Million
Cycle & Carriage (Properties) Sdn Bhd 1998

4. Hijau Heights, 1 Phase for Swee Seong May 1998 – Completed RM200 Million
Development Sdn Bhd (Feasibility Studies) Oct 1998

5. Proposed Housing Project on Lot 511 and 512 Jan 1999 – Completed RM9 Million
at Jalan Laxmana Mukim Durian Sebatang June 1999
Teluk Intan Daerah Perak (Feasibility studies)

6. Proposed Housing Project in Senawang, March 1999 Completed RM46 Million

Mukim of Empangan, District of Seremban – June1999
(Feasibility Studies)

7. Tractors (M) Sdn Bhd – CoGeneration Plant at July 1999 – Completed RM3.0 Million
UM (Design Proposal) for University Malaya Aug 1999

8 Tractors (M) Sdn Bhd – PGU Gas Sept 1999 Completed RM2.5 Million
Compressor Station for Petronas Bhd (Design

8. Tractors (M) Sdn Bhd- PGU Station for Dec1999 – Completed RM0.1Million
Petronas Dagangan Sdn Bhd (Design Feb 2000t

10 Maysprings Sdn Bhd – Infrastructure Design Feb 2000 – Completed RM1.5 Million
for Quarry At Ulu Gombak. Oct 2000

11 Residence for M/s Koleksi Kirana S/B at No June 2001 Completed RM1.0 Million
15, Jalan 14/1 Taman TAR, Mukim Ampang, – August
Selangor 2002

12 15 unit Semi Detach at Taman Yarl, Jalan June 2001 - Completed RM12.0 Million
Awam Selimpat, Kuala Lumpur for Shayher October
Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd 2002

13 Proposed 88 units Town House at Lot 1923, April 2002 – Completed RM 10.0 Million
Mukim Batu, Segambut for Shayher Holdings June 2004
(M) Sdn Bhd

14 Proposed 52 units Town House at Lot 2615, May 2002 – In Progress RM 8.0 Million
Mukim Setapak, Daerah Gombak, Selangor Present
for KA Resources Sdn Bhd

15 Proposed 2 storeys Bungalow at Lot 48 and Sept 2002 – Completed RM 8.0 Million
49, Mines Resort. Aug 2004

16 Proposed Zouk Bar & Café for Zouk Club (M) Dec 2002 – Completed RM 15.0 Million
Sdn Bhd Mar 2004

17 NPK Fertilizer Plant , Gurun, Kedah for PT Feb 2003 – Completed RM 140 Million
Rekayasa Industri Nov 2004

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

18 Proposed 3 storey Bungalow at Persiaran Feb 2003 – Completed RM12 Million

Bukit Tunku Nov 2005

19 Proposed New Grouptech Hangar at Subang Oct 2003 – Completed RM 5 Million

Airport for TSG Sdn Bhd Dec 2005

20 Temporary Facilities for STP Project at Jan 2004 – Completed RM 1 Million

Titiwangsa and Desa Tun Razak for Road Jan 2006
Builder Bhd

21 Proposed Grandstand and Steel Roof Frame Dec 2003 – Completed RM 0.3 Million
@ Kuala Selangor Matriculation School for Jun 2004
TSG Sdn Bhd

22 Proposed Bus Terminal @ Pasar Rakyat for Jun 2003 – Completed RM 0.1 Million
TSG Sdn Bhd Dec 2003

23 Proposed 2 storey Bungalow at Sierramas, July 2004 – KIV RM3.0 Million

Gombak – M/s Andy Sim Present

24 Proposed Gallery at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar – March 2005 In Progress RM5.0 Million
for M/s Larry Gan - Present

25 Proposed 3 storey Bungalow at Valencia, March 2005 Completed RM 5.0 Million

Sungai Buloh – Jun 2008

26 Creative Human Resource Centre – Malacca- April 2005 – Completed RM 10.0 Million
8 storey Steel Frame Building for TSG Sdn Dec 2006

27 Proposed 3 storey Bungalow @ Kota June 2005 - KIV RM 2.5 Million

Damansara – for Pn Meriani Present

28 Low Cost Carrier Terminal – KLIA Aug 2005 – Completed RM10.0 Million
Nov 2005
- Steel Roof Structures & Composite Steel
Terminal Building for TSG Sdn Bhd

29 Putrajaya Grand Mosque Nov 2005 – Completed RM40 Million

Nov 2008

30 KL Sentral Recreational Sports Club Feb 2006 – Completed RM5 Million

Aug 2006

31 Malacca Heritage Square – Mixed Aug 2006 – In Progress RM25 Million

Dvelopment 4 storey Pedestrian Mall Present

32 Terengganu Indoor Stadium Nov 2006 – Completed Rm9 Million

Augt 2007

33 Mid Valley Internal Sails, Bamboo Hotel etc Nov 2006 – Completed RM12 Million
June 2008

34 Putrajaya Grand Mosque, Masyrabyihah Aug 2007 – Completed RM10 Million

Nov 2008

35 Proposed Bungalow at The Mines Resort City Present Current RM5 Million

36 Proposed Coca Cola Plant at Enstek Park Present Current RM12 Million
(Steel Structures Only)

DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates


DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

Organisation Chart

Partnership Board

Accounts &

C&S Department Project

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DeReka Structures Consult
DeReka Associates

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