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AUF FLUGELN DES GESANGES. ‘Words by H. Heine. Music by Mendelssohn . Jo 2. Veil. chen kichern und ko~ _sen, Und 1 Auf Flii — geln des Ge san. ges, Hern. Andante tranguillo. 1 On. wings of ma - sic 2. blue — eyed vi- 0 - lets 2. schaun nach den Sternen em por, Heimich er_zith_len die Llieh - _chen'trag’ ich dich fort, : Fort nach den Fluren des i: thee; my love, I will _ glide, Where the gay flow-ers 2 up to the stars with de - light; There the musk. ro . ‘ses 2 Ro- ~ sen Sich duf. ten. de Mihr - chen in’s Ohr. Es 1 Gan. = ges,“ Dort weiss ich den schin — sten Ort; Da ~ ing On banks by the Gan. ges’ ° tide. ing Fond. se- crets, like Fays | of the night. e 729-3 Copyright-Kunkel Bros.1885. 2 und 1. liegt ein roth blithender (there ina garden of 2.light, footed an- te - * * ® in der Fer. ne raw. schen Des heil’_ gen Stro-mes Welln, 1. Lo. tos blumener_ war. ten Thr traw_ tes Schwester - lein, : or >? — = Schen Des heil’gen Stromes Welln Ihr trautes Sctucester-lein ——— 2 in derFeryne rau = 1, Lo- tos bhunener war. Ge ~ ses Her eye, to gaze On thine. = ding, The river seeks the deep. wollen wir nie. der. sin. _ ken, Un_terdem Patm._ en. baw, Una —-r cli-ning with thee, while night gleams Under the spreading Palms; woo the of bright dreams, To shed their heaven - ly charms, Una tru. men se... -li-gen Trawn, -ly charms, ‘Their heavn - MUSIC FREE! {If you want to get music ‘without money and ‘without price,” read what follows: “Kunkel’s Musical Review” {Is the Bost Musica! Magazine published inthe World ; Ht in a quarto, regular sheet music size, and contains every moath, from 48'to 60 pages, which are devoted to articles ‘and eriticiems upon musical and kindred subjects, illustrated ‘biographies of eminent musiclans, musical news from all parte of the world, and from Seven to Ten Vocal and Instru- mental Picees, (all valuable copyrights), which aro accom- ‘panied by lessons and annotations by distinguished teachers, Original and select poems, aneodotes, comical sketches, ete. ‘The whole forming, during the year, a library of music, musical knowledge and literature, worth to any one, at least, ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. ‘The Subscription Frice of this GREAT paper, including ‘valuable musical premiums, is but §2.00 per annum. ‘Send Ten Cents in Postage Stamps and receive a sample copy of the Review. Complete premium eatslogue sent with every sample copy. KUNKEL BROS. ‘PUBLISHERS, 612 Olive Street, ST. LOUIS.

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