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Counselor Chat

November 2016
Hello! My name is Lauren
Cherlinczuk-Ruiz aka Mrs. Ruiz
and this is my third year as your
school Counselor here at Olds.

Heres what I do at our

Classroom Lessons: I visit all
grades to teach social/emotional
skills such as feelings, problem
solving, diversity, the WCPSS
character education traits, study
skills, and career awareness.
Small Group Counseling: I
facilitate small groups for students
who need a little extra support in a
certain area.
Individual counseling: I meet
individually with students short
term to work through problems
affecting them at school.
Consultation with staff/parents: I
am available to meet/talk with
teachers and parents to help support
students, share resources, and
provide education about issues
affecting children.
*Please be aware of my
respect for confidentiality in
dealing with any issues that
arise during the school year.
*If you have any questions or if I
can be of any help to your students
success here at Olds, please do not
hesitate to email me at or
call me at 919-856-7699 ext:

From the classroom:

September we talked about the
WCPSS character trait
K: Feelings
1st: Blaming vs. Taking responsibility
for your actions.
2nd:Listening and Following
4th: KEYS to success: Following
Directions, Concentration, and
5th: Mindsets: Fixed vs. Growth
OCTOBER: Bullying Prevention!!
K-Tattling VS. Reporting
1st: Simons hook
2nd: Bullying Beans
3rd: Standing up-Speaking out!
4th: Confessions of a Former Bully
5th: Theater4Change came to visit!!
K: Personal Space
1st: Conflict Resolution
2nd: Tattling vs. Reporting
3rd: Attitude
4th: Rumors
5th: Study Skills

Character Corner:
2016-2017 @ OLDS
9/2:Wear PURPLE for
10/7:Wear Orange for Bullying
11/3:Wear Yellow for Perseverance
12/2:Wear Red for Integrity
1/6: Wear Blue for Respect
2/3: Wear White for SelfDiscipline
3/3: Wear Green for Good
4/7: Wear Black for Courage
5/5: Wear OLDS colors (Red,
White, and Purple) for Kindness
**Bullying prevention spirit week
was a success!! Thank you staff and
students for participating!!

***Lunch MIX IT UP DAYS!!!

10/25: First Mix it up day!! As the
students entered into the cafeteria
they drew a colored slip of paper
from a bag. The color of their slip
matched a color on the tables in the
cafeteria. For just a day they were
K: Honesty
asked to come out of their comfort
1 : Telling the Truth
zone and sit with someone new at
2nd:Empty Pot-Integrity
school. Based on the feedback of
3 : Who are you?-Integrity
staff and students almost every one
4th: Conflict Resolution
enjoyed Mixing it up!! This year we
5 : Handling Stress
will mix it up at least once a month!!
*Idea from and
*If you would like to know more
about the above topics please email or
call me!

Counselor Chat Continued

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) @ OLDS
PACK-Be Prepared, Act Responsibly, Cooperate with Others, and Keep a
Positive Attitude are the 4 core values we follow at OLDS. PACK tickets are
handed out daily to students who not only are showing PACK behavior, but
are going above and beyond their job as a student. Those tickets are then
dropped in a box in the front hallway. Weekly, three names are drawn from
each grade level to receive a prize. PBIS is asking for donations of prizes
that students could earn throughout the school year. Examples include, but
are not limited to: gently used toys, stickers, candy, school supplies, and
books, Thank you in advance for your support of our students at Fred A. Olds
Elementary. GO PACK!!!

Ask the Counselor

Dear School Counselor,
My child has come home and said that at recess he notices that
some children keep teasing a child from their class and
encouraging him to join them. He doesn't know what to do. Hes
afraid if he says something they will tease him to.
Sincerely, A Caring Parent
Dear Caring Parent,
It is not unusual for kids to feel afraid when they see someone
being teased or bullied. It is important that you let your child know
that it is okay to feel that way but there are things he can do to
support the child being teased. If he is afraid to tell the person to
stop there are other things he can do. One thing he can do is not
join in. This lets the child know he doesn't agree with what is
happening. Another thing he can do is to try and get the child
away from the children who are teasing by asking the child to join
him and walk away. Also, if more help is needed tell an adult!
Practice these skills with your child so he feels comfortable.
Practice Breathing to Reduce Anxiety with Your Child:
1. Take a deep breath. Bring the air in through your nose, and keep it coming until
your lungs are completely full. (The chest and stomach both go out because they
are filled with air).
2. Hold that breath for a slow count of 3.
3. Let air out through mouth. Keep pushing until you can feel it emptying from your
chest and stomach.

4. Repeat 3 times.
5. With each inhale, think youre taking in calm. With each exhale, youre blowing
away stress and worry.
(Adapted from Chin, Ph.D., B. (2004).