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Cindy Powell, Chief Financial Officer

Wm. Kelly Horn, Executive Director of Plant Services
Michelle Wilmoth-Senato, Area Superintendent


Corey Robinson
Environmental & Safety Coordinator


October 14, 2016


Nichols Junior High School, Indoor Air Quality Assessment

On September 22, 2016, at approximately 11:15 a.m., two employees at Nichols Junior High
School reported experiencing certain medical symptoms. The local fire department, along with
paramedics and AISD Maintenance & Operations (M&O) employees, were dispatched to the
school. The two employees were in the campus office. Both employees reported that they
walked to the nurses office a short distance down the hall to seek assistance with their
symptoms. The fire department and paramedics arrived on scene, the building occupants were
evacuated and paramedics began treating the two employees for their symptoms. The two
employees elected to be transported to the hospital for further evaluation.
The fire department tested the office space, HVAC system, and hallway areas for air
contaminants using gas meters. AISD M&O tested for carbon monoxide with meters. Neither
the Arlington Fire Department nor AISD M&O detected any evidence of air contaminants.
Within a few hours, EFI Global, AISDs environmental consultant, and Armstrong Forensics
Laboratory, a third party industrial hygiene firm, were both contacted to perform an analysis of
the office and surrounding area. EFI Global performed an assessment of the office space,
monitoring for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and general conditions related to poor indoor
air quality. Armstrong Forensics Laboratory performed an assessment of volatile organic
compounds in the office using air samples and wipe samples. Both reports identified no indoor
air quality contaminant levels that would have caused negative health effects such as those
reported on September 22, 2016. The campus office staff were made aware of these results.
Although other individuals reported some similar symptoms, to the Districts knowledge no
other persons received medical treatment.
Below is a timeline of follow-up events post indoor air quality testing:

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October 17, 2016

September 23, 2016

Interview with Nichols Junior High School employee

Armstrong Forensics Report completed and submitted their evaluation performed

on site on September 22.

Week of September 26 30
EFI Global performed data logging, in which a sampler took readings in the office in
increments throughout two separate days during the week, and also performed random sampling
through the building on two days. The sampling was performed at different times on each day.
Maintenance and Operations technicians performed random carbon monoxide testing in various
areas of the building on September 28, 29, and 30.
October 5, 2016
Campus reported to the fire department, AISD Maintenance, and AISD Security
that a gas smell was in the building. A fitting in the kitchen area was repaired by
Maintenance during the early morning hours (before school began) after being
reported by custodial. No unacceptable levels of carbon monoxide were detected
in the building. I performed another walkthrough assessment of the office space,
cafeteria and kitchen.
October 6, 2016
Mr. Wm. Kelly Horn, Executive Director of Plant Services, Mr. Shawn Shockler,
Maintenance Manager, and Mr. Michael Hill, Assistant Superintendent of
Administration, performed an additional walkthrough of the office space and
surrounding area. An unidentified odor was detected in the office area and a
minor sewage smell was identified outside the building near a ventilation grate.
Maintenance identified and repaired the source of the sewage smell as a broken
line underneath the building. Mr. Horns findings were shared in an email
message to Mrs. Harcrow, the principal at Nichols Junior High School.
October 12, 2016
Campus contacted the fire department and AISD Maintenance for a suspected gas
smell in the building near the office. Neither the fire department nor AISD
Maintenance found elevated levels of carbon monoxide in the building. I
performed a walkthrough with a multi-gas meter and found no evidence of
elevated levels of a contaminant in the building.
This is a summarized timeline of the events that occurred at Nichols Junior High School. There
were several other visits to the campus, not included in the timeline, for follow-up, occasional
monitoring, gathering information, and status updates. The situation will continue to be
monitored as appropriate and additional actions taken if necessary.

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