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Mr. House & M s.

Lanes M essages
January 30 February 3rd

3 rd grade

ELA/Science/Math/Social Studies


ELA We are beginning a new unit/module that will involve a deep study of the classic tale Peter Pan. This week we
will focus on story elements such as setting, characters, and events in a story. We will also work on using context
clues to find the meaning of unfamiliar words.
SCIENCE - We will finish our investigation of rocks and minerals this week. The students will have an assessment
over rocks and minerals on Friday. They must be able to describe how igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic
rocks form. They will also need to identify the different properties of rocks and minerals and explain the rock
MATH Last week, we began our study of fractions in Module 5. This past Friday, students worked in groups to
represent a given fractional unit using a variety of materials. Next, they had a museum walk where they showed
off their hard work and toured the work of other groups. Students will continue to extend their knowledge of equal
shares to understand fractions as equal partitions of a whole. A parent letter will be in this weeks Tuesday folder
given further explanations of objectives and vocabulary.
SOCIAL STUDIES Students will continue their study of Africa concentrating on the physical and political map of
Africa. Students will research an African topic and present it to the class as well as make a resource map.
Vocabulary for the week - culture, diversity, smelt, civilization, savannah, arid, semi-arid, and safari.

Monday Math HW, Lesson 5

Tuesday Math HW, Lesson 6
Wednesday Math HW, Lesson 7
Thursday Social Studies Weekly Test, newspaper
can be used. Science assessment over rocks and
minerals. Material in binder.

Each Night Read 20 minutes. You need to be
reading at least five days per week.
Dreambox Complete at least 45 minutes of the
program each week.

Other Classroom News

Ms. Lanes class goes to lunch from
12:51pm 1:16pm
Mr. Houses class
12:54pm 1:19pm





P.E. is on Wednesday and Thursday. Please

send your child in tennis shoes.

February 1st Walk to School Wednesday &

Spirit Day
February 13
4:00 p.m. - FES Soccer Field
February 15 - Grizzlies Day at School! &
Farmington Night at the FEDEXForum!
February 17 6:30 8:30 in the gym
Mother Daughter Minute-to-Win-It