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Billing Process Flow

Billing preparer receives
information to process

If Create bill
Determine if the customer
is a good credit risk:
Does the customer, Check
contact and address
exist and are they If Yes - Message/AR hold
correct? - Customer tax-exempt status Automatic invoice generation
- Conversations runs overnight creating
- AR/payment history Accounts Receivable

If No Invoice is printed in the AR
service center and mailed to
If No the customer

Customer sends the payment
Submit Customer Department needs to the bank lockbox address
Request /Change form to decide if the sale specified on the invoice
to AR Service Center should occur.

Bank deposits the payment
and sends and electronic file
of the transaction to the
financial system

Return to The financial system applies
If No Is information accurate? If Yes Create customer
preparer the payment to the customer’s
accounts receivable record and
the revenue is credited

Billing preparers AR Service Center Outside the University Automatic process

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