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Evaluative Criteria: Performance Tasks:

Class Discussion of Chihuly and

Ceramics - Watch the video about Chihulys
glassmaking and discuss its similarities
- Ask students to show thumbs up or to and the differences from the
thumbs down to indicate their level of ceramics process.
understanding throughout class
discussions and instructions. - Describe the visual and expressive
- Review vocabulary and concepts at the features present in Chihulys art, as
end of each class: well as the artists intent (making work
- What artist did we study today? that looks like it comes from another
What does he use to make art? world.)
What did you use today? How is
ceramics like glassmaking? - Create bowls inspired by the forms
- Can you describe the steps we observed in Chihulys art, using the
took to make our bowls? slab construction process.
-What is a kiln? Why must we
glaze our bowls and fire it in a - Glaze the interiors and exteriors of the
kiln? bowls.

Completed Bowls

- Students bowls are carefully crafted,

rolled out to a proper thickness and
without heaving cracking.
- Students have glazed their bowls
exteriors and interiors. The glaze is not
too thick or thin, nor is any located on
the bottom of the bowl.