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Liner Hanger Systems

Engineered to last
Liner Hanger Systems

A solid track record

Liner hanger systems must suspend, support, isolate, Schlumberger Completions offers a Around the world, we will work with you
seal, and anchorin all types of applications and full line of liner hanger systems and to choose the most reliable liner hanger
accessories for conventional, medium, system for each application, to execute
environments. Their quality, integrity, performance, and complex well applications, as projects efficiently and effectively, and
and reliability will make a critical difference in the well as deepwater and high-pressure, to continuously evaluate quality and
success of your completion, well, and project. high-temperature (HPHT) environments. performance. Our experienced field
Backed by a track record of more than personnel will ensure that your needs
6 decades, these liner hanger systems are quickly addressed and that wellsite
are also supported by Schlumbergers operations are seamlessly performed.
strong customer service, quality pro-
cesses, and global presence.
One trusted source for your completions

Schlumberger expanded its Completions product portfolio

in 2010 to include the full line of Smith International liner

hangers and accessories. These systems complement

existing Schlumberger technologies and allow you to

complete your wells using equipment and services from

one trusted source.

From Concept to Completion development cycle time. The results and client-specific requirements. Testing parameters
Schlumberger liner hanger systems have been feedback required to design a successful well are visually monitored, fully documented, and
developed through years of research, testing, completion provide precise design specifications compliant with the latest ISO 14310 V3 and V0
and reliable field performance. for manufacturing. industry standards.

Design. During the new product design phase, Manufacturing. Schlumberger uses the latest Liner hanger components are tested individually
engineers study the effects of pressure and computer numerical control machine tool for hanging and load capacity, pressure and
temperature on liner hanger system components, technologies to precisely manufacture liner temperature limits, tensile and torsional capabili-
including rapid analysis of the forces, stresses, hanger components according to design ties, and for torque, burst, and collapse ratings.
and movement in the wellbore and numerical specifications. The entire liner hanger assembly is function
screening techniques such as finite element tested to ensure that each component will work
Qualifications Testing. Temperature, pressure, with the others when deployed in the well.
analysis. These programs are applicable to both
and load prerelease tests are conducted on
simple and complex well conditions and help
system components at engineering test facilities
optimize product design and reduce product
in Houston, Texas, to meet both industry- and
Matching system to well

The integrity of your well and success of your Schlumberger offers a complete line of liner hanger
project are greatly affected by the liner hanger systems for conventional, medium, and complex well
system you use. The right system lessens weight on applications, including deepwater and deep land
the wellhead, decreases casing length, minimizes wells, high-pressure, high-temperature environ-
risks and formation damage, improves cement jobs, ments, and horizontal, extended-reach, tight, and
reduces well completion time, increases flow rates deviated boreholes.
and well production, and lowers operational costs.

Liner Hanger System Selection Chart

Component/ COLOSSUS HPS Heavy-Duty HPS Heavy-Duty Conventional Pocket-Slip Uncemented
feature Premium Premium Mechanical
Set and release Hydraulic-set Hydraulic-set Hydraulic-set Mechanical-set Hydraulic- or Integral liner hanger
mechanism Hydraulic-release Hydraulic-release Mechanical-release Mechanical-release mechanical-set packer
and release
Long-Reach LRP
Packer PV-0 or PV-3 PV-0 or PV-3 WMP or VMP PV-3 or WMP FSP Frontier
Running/setting RRT or CRT RRT or CRT STL or STS RRT or STL STPR or STP LRST
Preferred wellbore Deepwater and Intermediate to Medium-depth Conventional Offshore and land Heavy oil and
applications deep land wells deep wells land wells completions wells other unconven-
HPHT well High-angle and Mid- to low- Vertical, onshore, High-pressure tional resources
environments highly deviated deviation and shallow land environments High-angle and
Horizontal, tight, wellbores wellbores wells High-flow-rate extended-reach
extended-reach, Low-deviation gas wells wells
and deviated wellbores High-temperature
wellbores environments
COLOSSUS Premium Liner Hanger System HPS Heavy-Duty Liner Hanger System Pocket-Slip Liner Hanger System
Designed for deepwater and deep land wells, Designed for medium-depth land wells The pocket-slip liner hanger system is designed
high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) environ- and mid-to low-deviation wellbores in environ- for high-pressure, high-gas-rate wells that require
ments, and horizontal, extended-reach, tight, and ments requiring a robust system with basic optimized pressure integrity at the liner top.
deviated wellbores requiring a high hanging functionalities.
capacity and drilldown capabilities. The hanger is positioned above the liner top
Features the HPS hydraulic pocket-slip rotating packer to eliminate differential pressure at the
Features the HCHR high-capacity rotating liner hanger, the WMP or VMP weight-set liner top hanger, thereby improving pressure integrity and
hanger, the PV-0 or PV-3 weight-set liner top packers, the STL or STS mechanical-release reducing equivalent circulating density and
packers, and the RRT right-hand-mechanical- setting tools, and the mechanical-release setting running interference.
release running tool and the CRT hydraulic- adapter.
release collet running tool. Features the PSHR rotational or PSH non-rota-
Conventional Mechanical tional pocket-slip liner hanger, the FSP Frontier
HPS Heavy-Duty Premium Liner Hanger System liner top packer, the STPR rotational or STP
Liner Hanger System nonrotational pocket-slip setting tool, and the
The conventional mechanical liner hanger
TP pocket-slip tieback receptacle.
Designed for intermediate to deep wells with system is designed for vertical, onshore, and
high angles and deviated wellbores requiring low-deviation wellbores. Its features are
Uncemented Liner Hanger System
high hanging capacity and drilldown capabilities. designed to meet basic well requirements and
maximize reliability while minimizing well costs. The uncemented liner hanger system is designed
Features the HPS hydraulic pocket-slip rotating for high-angle and extended-reach wells where
hanger, the PV-0 or PV-3 weight-set liner top Features the SBRD solid-body mechanical liner manipulating the workstring is difficult.
packers, and the RRT right-hand-mechanical- hanger, the WMP weight-set liner top packer,
release running tool and the CRT hydraulic- the STL mechanical-release setting tool, and the Features the integral Long Reach* liner hanger
release collet running tool. SATM mechanical-release setting adapter. packer and setting tool.
Operations Support
Matching the best-performing liner hanger system with a
particular wells parameters requires a deep understanding
of the wellbore environment and its potential challenges.

A dedicated team of Schlumberger engineers will work with you to

understand these challenges and recommend the appropriate liner hanger
system for the operation. Their engineering knowledge and expertise, our
innovative tool designs, and simulation software help streamline liner
hanger deployment, optimize the operation, minimize risks, and reduce
3-Phase Operations Support Process

This selectionfeedback cycle is based on a three-phase process of Design

design, execution, and evaluation. Collect and validate well parameters

Select optimum liner hanger equipment

Design. Schlumberger engineers help you select the optimum
Simulate torque and drag, surge and swab
liner hanger equipment based on your specific well requirements
and parameters, including depth, liner length, wellbore deviation, Execute
and pressures and temperatures. They use simulation software to Register hook load versus string depth
create torque and drag models and surge and swab models to ensure
Simulate axial force buckling effect
that buckling and failure of tools are avoided and that operations can
Monitor torque limits
be completed correctly the first timeas planned and on budget.
Record changes in circulating pressures, string weight, pressure
Execution. Sophisticated software is put in place at the rig site to
and temperature, reverse circulation volume, and flow rate
record key well parameters. Engineers monitor the liner hanger
operation, record key parameters, and provide expertise onsite for Evaluate
optimum running speeds. Review operations and provide postjob analysis

Evaluate performance of the equipment

Evaluation. Engineers view the actual well parameter data and
Recommend liner hanger system for optimizing operations
run additional simulations to review the details of the operation.
The results enable them to provide a postjob analysis and evaluate Store feedback in a secure database

the performance of the liner hanger system. All the information is

stored in a secure database for future reference.
Liner Hanger Systems

Backed by more than 6 decades

of experience and supported

by our strong customer service,

quality processes, and global

presence, Schlumberger liner

hanger systems help protect the

integrity of your completion and

support the overall success of

your project.

Confidence in Completions

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