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Diaspora homecomings can backfire | Khaled

by Khaled Diab (Hija del Zion But it’s not just Greeks and Jews “returning” to an ancestral homeland those that reject this right, as say
para Israel - Daughter of Zion who have dreamed of turning back carry such appeal across such diverse some Arabs do vis-à-vis Israel, are
for Israel) the clock and returning to Zion or cultural and geographical boundaries? also futilely trying to turn back the
Olympia. Across the Atlantic, the I imagine that the draw is partly clock to a past that no longer exists)
Submitted at 7/2/2010 12:59:32 AM idea of a “return to Africa” has a long nostalgic, the kind of romanticising of but merely to highlight that, when
A return to an ancestral homeland is pedigree among descendants of an idyllic past that so many of us local populations are not taken into
a dream that’s long inspired diasporas African slaves in the Americas, humans are prone to. As someone account, efforts to “return home” can
– often with troubling results although few of them could say with who has spent three-fifths of his life bear a striking resemblance to
The Zionist vision of a “return” to any confidence precisely where outside his native land, I don’t feel a colonialism, with the once-oppressed
the promised land has been both a “home” for them is. So, Africa as a particular nostalgia or sentimentality playing the role of oppressors.
dream come true and a nightmare. whole has become their “Zion”. This towards my homeland. As I grow to And it is the contemporary remnants
But Jews are not the only scattered is quite literally so for Rastafarians feel more and more like a global of this colonial legacy that need to be
and oppressed group of people who who believe that they will one day citizen, I find the notion of dismantled if a more just future is to
have entertained sentimental dreams escape their Babylonian captivity nationalism increasingly mystifying be created.
of a triumphant return to their (western society) and return to Zion and narrow-minded. • Middle East
ancestral homelands. For instance, a (Africa) and its capital, New However, I have the advantage of not • Israel
similar situation once existed for Jerusalem ( Lalibela, with its being stateless or the member of a an • Greece
Greeks. Like the Jews, Greeks had beautiful churches hewn out of the oppressed or persecuted group, and I • Judaism
not possessed an independent rock, in Ethiopia). speak from the comfortable vantage • Islam
homeland since Roman times and In the 19th century, some wealthy point of having a fairly clear-cut core • Turkey
counted a sizeable diaspora across the African Americans, like Paul Cuffee, national identity, and a clear home • Palestinian territories
Roman empire and its successors, became convinced – as Theodor base to which I can flee if ever the
right up to Ottoman times. Herzl later would regarding European need arises. Khaled Diab
This diaspora played a central role in Jews – that the only way for blacks in All the examples above, despite their© Guardian News &
the creation of the modern Greek America to gain salvation and diversity, share certain features in Media Limited 2010 | Use of this
state by raising funds and awareness overcome the burden of racism and common. One is the inferior status of content is subject to our Terms &
abroad – for example, through the the legacy of their enslavement was these groups in the societies in which Conditions| More Feeds
Filiki Eteria(“Society of Friends”), a to “return” to their ancestral they lived or live – which not only Hija del Zion para Israel Support
secret society set up in Odessa homelands. made them vulnerable to persecution Israel
(Ukraine) in 1814. However, unlike Just as Zionism would later be but also lowered their self-esteem. • Israel’s gay propaganda war | Jasbir
in Palestine where Jews represented a supported by both European Another factor is utopian thinking: Puar In portraying itself as the only
tiny minority of the population, antisemites who saw the creation of a made to feel somehow sub-human by gay-friendly country in a homophobic
historic Greece was still largely homeland for the Jews as the optimal their host cultures and excluded from region the Israeli state reveals its own
populated by Greek speakers (albeit solution to the “Jewish problem” and many areas of power and polite desperationIsrael's recent attack on a
of bastardised regional dialects) who European Judeophiles who were society, diaspora groups often flotilla delivering humanitarian aid to
were able, with the support of the inspired by the romantic redemptive entertain the belief that if they ran Gaza, kill...
diaspora and European sympathisers ( power of a return to ancestral lands, their own country they would be • Lessons from Camp David | Ben
Philhellenics like Lord Byron), to many racists supported the “Back to better off and could even surpass the White Ten years after Bill Clinton
throw off the yoke of Ottoman rule Africa” ideal as a solution to the society which puts them down or guided failed Israeli-Palestinian peace
rapidly. “black problem”, or as a way of persecutes them. talks, the idea of a negotiation on
Just as Zionism sought to unite all emancipating and empowering So, is this kind of “return” a good equal terms is now defunctTen years
the Jewish peoples in a single poverty-stricken and marginalised solution to the problems faced by ago this month, Israelis and
homeland, the Megali Idea(the “Great African diasporas. marginalised diasporas? Palestinians gathered at Camp ...
Idea”) aimed to unite the Both currents can be seen at play in The trouble with attempts like these • Canada: Israel’s new defender |
“unredeemed” Greeks of the Ottoman the creation of Sierra Leone (created to turn back the clock is that time Jesse Rosenfeld Muted support for
empire in a single country. This by British philanthropists to resettle moves on, rendering the distance Palestine, funding cuts for Arab
culminated, after the first world war, London’s black poor) and Liberia between dream and reality very groups, now a ban on the phrase
in the modern world’s first large- (created by American slaveholders significant. Most modern projects to 'Israeli apartheid': what's going on in
scale compulsory“population and philanthropists). Although they “return” to an ancestral homeland or Canada?At a time when many
exchange” which ethnically cleansed may have shared similar skin tones, to create a homeland for a particular countries are becoming more critical
Turkey of its Greek Orthodox these western implants pitted black group, such as Pakistan for Indian of Israel's p...
population and Greece of its Muslim colonists against the indigenous Muslims, have resulted in enormous
population, robbing two million populations, who felt discriminated human dislocation, suffering and Original post source
people of their homes and livelihoods against and marginalised on their death.
and bringing to an end centuries of native lands. This is not to question the right of
cultural and religious diversity. So, why does the dream of any of these states to exist today (and
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Jerusalem, my new home

by Harriet Sherwood (Hija del column linked and shaded by an olive own right. It feels like an enormous worship and wonder. The sound of
Zion para Israel - Daughter of tree, is dedicated to a peaceful American gated community the muezzin – the Muslim call to
Zion for Israel) resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian transported to the Middle East. prayer – mixes with church bells,
conflict. Not for the first time, I feel a Lavish municipal flowerbeds are chants and song. Greek orthodox
Submitted at 7/1/2010 11:59:32 PM sense of unreality. tended and watered by Palestinian clerics brush past Catholic nuns; Jews
The Guardian’s new Jerusalem Just past the sculpture, a huge gardeners; there are 40 synagogues stride through the souks on their way
correspondent gives her first roadside hoarding advertises the new and seven high schools; huge areas of to pray at the Western Wall; Muslims
impressions of the bitterly divided yet Jewish settlement of Nof Zion, built nearby land spreading towards the flock to the magnificent mosques at
beautiful city illegally on territory that Israel Palestinian city of Jericho are Haram al-Sharif in the south-eastern
There is a point on a hill looking out occupied and annexed in 1967. The earmarked for expansion. Like most corner, known to Jews as the Temple
over Jerusalem, right on the 1948 smart apartments, largely complete settlements, it’s built on a hill with Mount.
armistice line, known as the though far from fully occupied, have commanding views and dominance Here, too, Israeli flags are
Promenade, where both Jewish and sensational views across to the Old over Palestinian villages in the increasingly hung in the Muslim
Arab families can be found City. Pleasant landscaping marks out valleys. quarter as Jewish families take over
picnicking in the warmth of the late the settlement: newly planted But some of the most recent Palestinian homes. The tension is
afternoon sun. It’s a good spot. saplings, decorative iron railings, a settlements are tiny – for now. Rather often palpable, and the presence of
Straight ahead is the Old City, the children’s playground. than new towns complete with young Israeli border police with rifles
honey stones of its walls absorbing As I continue down the hill, service infrastructure, they are the slung over their shoulders on almost
and reflecting the sun’s rays. The something curious happens. The first toe-holds of what these every corner only adds to the uneasy
golden Dome of the Rock, the pavement abruptly ends, the road fundamentalist settlers hope will mix.
revered and iconic Muslim site from becomes potholed, the street lighting grow into a permanent presence – and It’s hard to see how Jerusalem can be
where the Prophet Mohammed began sporadic, the rubbish uncollected. It’s they are right in the heart of unscrambled; how the Palestinians
his ascent to heaven, gleams high like going from a first world country Jerusalem, as opposed to on its can ever regain a definable half of the
above the Wailing (or Western) Wall, to a developing country in the space outlying hills. city as the capital of any future state.
the equally revered and iconic Jewish of a few metres and without any In Sheikh Jarrah– a historic That, of course, is Israel’s intention in
site where the devout bury prayers in formal demarcation. Goodbye, planet Palestinian neighbourhood where building and encouraging settlements
the cracks between stones and mourn Israel; welcome to Arab East many of the spacious stone villas, both big and small in the eastern
the destruction of their ancient Jerusalem. draped with gorgeous bougainvillea, sector; it claims Jerusalem as its
temple. That fundamental divide is the have been leased to foreign “indivisible and eternal capital” and
To the left is modern West defining characteristic of this place. consulates and NGOs – a number of is creating facts on the ground to
Jerusalem, green with trees and parks, But, as I am soon discovering, families have been evicted from make its claim a reality. Forty-five
whose towering cranes indicate the Jerusalem is not just divided into two, modest homes assigned to them by per cent of the population of the
development of another luxury hotel but into multiple, complex layers. the UN in 1948. Settler groups eastern half of the city is now Jewish,
or smart shopping mall. To the right In my first week, I get lost in my car wanting to establish a presence there I’m told by the Jerusalem Institute.
is parched and dusty East Jerusalem, trying to find a downtown cafe where have brought legal challenges – But the city is changing in other
the Arab part of the city that is now I am to meet a man about – through the Israeli courts, of course – ways, too. In a separate dimension
dotted with Jewish settlements. Here prosaically – my worldly goods, stuck to the ownership rights and turfed the from the Arab-Israeli, Muslim-Jew
and there you can glimpse sections of on the dock in Ashdod. In impossibly families out. divide is an increasing gulf between
the bleak 8m-high concrete wall – narrow backstreets, where nervously Among a jumble of homes, I find a Jew and Jew – the religious and the
slicing through Arab neighbourhoods, and repeatedly I’m forced to reverse few proudly – and provocatively – secular. The ultra-orthodox – or
cutting roads down the middle, and perform multiple-point turns, I flying Israeli flags. New paving Haredim– community is growing,
dividing neighbour from neighbour – encounter visibly poor Jewish stones have been laid outside the both absolutely and in proportion to
which has become a symbol of the children whose parents yell and front door; wall-mounted cameras secular Jews, many of whom are
division and conflict that gesticulate admonitions, the precise monitor passersby; security men sit in packing up and heading off to the
characterises Jerusalem. details of which I can’t understand booths, refusing to answer questions more relaxed and liberal coastal
Spread out before me is the city that but whose universality is clear. about who pays their wages. These towns and cities. The ultra-orthodox
will be my home for the next few A few days later I meet a charming are now Jewish homes, but the made up about 10% of Jerusalem’s
years: the most divided city in the and sophisticated middle-aged occupants, glimpsed through the population in the 1960s; now they are
world, the epicentre of the Israeli- Palestinian woman who shows me windows, are reluctant to engage in around a third.
Palestinian conflict, a city claimed by round her neighbourhood, dressed in conversation about their presence in A political scientist from Jerusalem’s
both sides as their capital and their white jeans and jewelled sandals, an Arab neighbourhood. Hebrew University told me that the
historic right. It is also the most awe- offering asides in flawless English on The evicted families, who spend secular-religious divide was the new
inspiring and beautiful city I have her latest divorce and recent trip to their days on a battered sofa and “culture war”. The ultra-orthodox
ever been to, central to the three great Paris. cracked plastic chairs in the shade of were seen as “parasites”, he said, for
monotheistic religions of Islam, Impoverished Israelis and affluent a tree on Sheikh Jarrah street, have no their refusal to do paid work,
Judaism and Christianity and where Palestinians challenge stereotypical such reticence. Pouring glasses of devoting themselves to biblical study.
the centuries of history, sacredness expectations, but they don’t mask the chilled water for their hot and thirsty These people have six, seven, eight
and violent discord still weigh in the city’s central breach. While the visitors, their voluble bitterness at children, another Israeli analyst told
air. nationalistic, political and religious their sudden homelessness does not me. They have changed the
Up here on the Promenade, a few divide seems as unbridgeable as ever, eclipse their charm and hospitality. atmosphere in Jerusalem, he went on;
weeks into my new life as the the geographical separation is These unwilling neighbours eye each people are afraid they are taking over.
Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent, blurring, to the detriment of the other with mutual hostility and I was taken aback at the enmity with
I try to untangle the medley of Palestinians. incomprehension. which both men spoke.
impressions that have crowded into They are bitter about what they A short distance away is the Old Traditionally the ultra-orthodox have
my head. Making sense of this place describe as the “Judaisation” of East City, 800 square metres of packed been based around Mea Shearim, an
won’t be easy – I know from previous Jerusalem. Ever since the six day war winding alleys just on the eastern side area of the city centre redolent of pre-
visits that it’s contentious, confusing, in 1967, when Israel forcibly took of the Green Line, where young Holocaust eastern Europe. Whole
exhilarating and exhausting; that just control of the Arab sector, successive Palestinian men barrel their way families walk together beneath
when you think you understand it a governments have pursued a policy of through the crowds delivering goods washing hanging from the balconies
little better, something happens that building settlements in the east, on handcarts to shops outside which of dilapidated buildings: women with
makes you realise you understand it creating a Jewish ring around the city, an older generation sits on stools hair covered by scarves or wigs,
less than ever. cutting off Palestinians in the West sipping tiny porcelain cups of strong wearing thick dark stockings despite
As I leave the Promenade I’m Bank from Jerusalem and making an sludgy Arabic coffee or glasses of the June heat; men in their monotone
surprised to come across a East Jerusalem capital an unrealisable sweet mint tea. ultra-orthodox uniform; children
“monument to tolerance” – a quality dream. Thirty-seven thousand people live in dressed as miniature versions of their
that does not seem to be in abundant Some of the settlements are huge. the Old City, making it one of the parents clinging to adult hands or
supply in this city. The sculpture, Ma’ale Adumim, home to almost most densely populated places on
depicting two halves of a broken 40,000 Israelis, is a mini-city in its earth. Thousands more come to work, JERUSALEM, page 4
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More about Fenton the lefty PR firm doing a

new anti Israel campaign
by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del hormone to be safe. Ben & Jerry’s ice
Zion para Israel - Daughter of cream manufacturers stood to gain
Zion for Israel) from the bad press aimed at the dairy
industry because their ice cream was
Submitted at 7/2/2010 12:00:00 AM made with hormone-free milk.
more info about Fenton Joining forces with the
“Reading about’s huge Environmental Working Group, FC
discount on their New York Times ad has also engineered media campaigns
makes me wonder if Shellenberger exaggerating the dangers posed by
had access to that kind of discount… pesticides in tap water and baby food.
According to Abbe Serphos, director In 2003 FC created an ad campaign
of public relations for the Times, “the targeting the automotive industry for
open rate for an ad of that size and the Evangelical Environmental
type is $181,692.” Network. The controversial ads
A spokesman for alleged that consumers who bought
confirmed to The Post that the liberal sport utility vehicles were, in effect,
activist group had paid only $65,000 supporting terrorism by using large
for the ad – a reduction of more than amounts of fuel imported from the
$116,000 from the stated rate.” Middle East.
From watch paul FC partnered with the Command
“ Trust Network, a support group of
• Foremost public relations firm of activists and personal injury lawyers
the political left that opposes silicone breast implants.
• Past clients have included Marxist In a 2003 press release, FC
dictatorships in Central America misrepresented the findings of a
• Represents environmentalist scientific study by suggesting that
groups, pro-Democratic political such implants posed proven health
action committees, labor unions, and risks. The campaign was damaging to
the anti-war movement implant manufacturers; the following
• Launched misleading media year a federal court concluded that
campaigns against Alar and silicone scientific evidence did not support
breast implants Fenton’s claims.
In 2004 Wangari Maathai, a Nobel
Founded in 1982 by activist and Peace Prize winner and
public relations veteran David environmental activist, retained
Fenton, Fenton Communications (FC) Fenton’s services during a speaking
is the leading advertising and public tour of the U.S.
relations firm for advocacy groups on During the 2004 U.S. presidential
the political left, with locations in election season, FC helped the pro-
Washington DC, New York, and San Democrat activist group
Francisco. stage its “ Vote for Change” tour.
FC serves as an “umbrella” for “ This initiative combined musical acts
three independent nonprofit (such as Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M.,
$100,000 annually for three years NRDC’s study of Alar, itself based
organizations” which it co-founded. Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Jackson
from contracts with Sandinista on exaggerated probabilities rather
These include: Environmental Media Browne, Bonnie Raitt, John
authorities. than concrete empirical data, FC
Services, which manages publicity Mellencamp, and the Dixie Chicks)
FC also conducted publicity launched a media campaign that
efforts for environmental groups; with leftist advocacy groups like
campaigns on behalf of Grenada’s stoked consumers’ fears and captured
New Economy Communications, a MoveOn and America Coming
Marxist dictator Maurice Bishop and the interest of television news
social justice group; and the Death Together, and opposed the reelection
El Salvador’s Marxist-Leninist programs, daily newspapers and
Penalty Information Center, an anti- of George W. Bush.
guerrilla organization, the FMLN. daytime talk shows, fueling a
death penalty lobby. (Trevor S. Fitzgibbon, FC’s Director
Another FC client was Jennifer backlash against apple growers. By
FC expressly refuses to represent of Media Relations, assists in public
Harbury, a far-left attorney and some estimates, the apple industry
“clients and projects that we don’t relations strategy for,
activist who charged that her suffered $200 million in lost revenue
believe in ourselves.” Among the the Voter Fund, and
husband, a Marxist guerrilla in as a result of the FC campaign.
clients and projects that FC has Win Without War. According to FC,
Guatemala, had been killed with the By contrast, FC and its client
worked for are Marxist-Leninist ”Fitzgibbon’s messaging and PR
complicity of the CIA. prospered. David Fenton
regimes in Central America and efforts on behalf of have
In Africa, FC signed on to represent subsequently boasted that his firm
Africa, environmental groups, labor helped position the online advocacy
Angola’s MPLA regime, a Soviet had “designed” the media campaign
unions, and anti-war organizations. In group as a national political force in
puppet state. When anti-MPLA rebel “so that revenue would flow back to
addition, FC has offered its services American life.”)
leader Jonas Savimibi visited the NRDC from the public,” noting that
to pro- Democrat political action In 2004 FC coordinated the efforts of
United States in mid-1980s, FC, FC had gained “$700,000 in net
committees and law firms, as well as its then-newest client, the anti-war
working for the Angolan government, revenues from it.” Fenton
to political campaigns against the group September 11th Families for
placed ads in the New York Times Communications today cites the Alar
death penalty and gun-ownership Peaceful Tomorrows, to oppose
and other leading newspapers campaign as a significant contribution
rights. President Bush’s bid for re-election.
denouncing him as “South Africa’s to the “national debate” on pesticides.
Throughout the 1980s, FC That same year, FC became a leading
secret agent.” Such fear-mongering has also
represented a number of Marxist public-relations conduit for Cindy
Equally noteworthy has been FC’s worked for ice cream producers Ben
governments and their supporters. Sheehan, who founded the anti-war
business partnership with & Jerry’s, another client of FC.
Most prominent among these was the group Gold Star Families for Peace.
environmental groups. In 1988 and Starting with a series of press
Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, In 2005 FC did some work for Win
1989, FC helped one such conferences in the late 1990s, the FC-
which the firm defended against Without War. And in an effort to
organization, the Natural Resources founded Environmental Media
foreign criticism while casting its influence the 2006 midterm elections
Defense Council(NRDC), promote Services promoted claims that a
internal opponents — the Contra in favor of Democrats, the firm
misleading claims about the dangers hormone given to dairy cows to
guerrillas — as “death squads.”
of Alar, a pesticide then in use by the produce milk could cause cancer, MORE page 5
David Fenton acknowledged earning
apple industry. On the basis of though the FDA had found the
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Methodists vote for settlements boycott | Karen

by Karen Burke (Hija del Zion agreement between Israel and the settlements internationally recognised feet.
para Israel - Daughter of Zion European Union. as illegal are not the only barrier to • Religion
for Israel) Methodists in favour of boycotting peace. Arab terrorist organisations • Christianity
Israeli goods from what the General and states intent on destroying Israel • Judaism
Submitted at 7/2/2010 2:30:36 AM Assembly of the United Nations are also a barrier to peace. Any • Israel
The Methodist conference has voted voted were “illegal settlements” in debate genuine about peace in the • Palestinian territories
for a boycott on good produced in 2004 believe that disinvestment from region should take as its starting point
illegal Israeli settlements those settlements is one measure Israel’s right to exist and its right to Karen Burke
The Methodist Church voted on among many that will help to defend itself. Israel should not be© Guardian News &
Wednesday to boycott products from highlight injustice suffered in the singled out above all other countries Media Limited 2010 | Use of this
Israeli settlements recognised as region and, by highlighting it, take a for opprobrium and international content is subject to our Terms &
illegal under international law at its step towards a just peace for Israelis sanction. Conditions| More Feeds
annual Conference in Portsmouth. It and Palestinians. The report received by the Methodist Hija del Zion para Israel Support
took the decision following a call It is a decision that has caused pain. Conference stated in its introduction: Israel
from a group of Palestinian Christine Elliott, Secretary for “We continue to affirm the right of • Diaspora homecomings can
Christians, a number of Jewish External Relationships at the the State of Israel to exist and that all backfire | Khaled Diab A return to an
organisations, both within Israel and Methodist Church, addressed the the inhabitants of Israel/Palestine are ancestral homeland is a dream that's
worldwide, and the World Council of Conference to express the distress felt entitled to their full human rights, long inspired diasporas – often with
Churches. by senior representatives of the including the right to live in peace troubling resultsThe Zionist vision of
In December, the Department for British Jewish community whom she and security and without the threat of a "return" to the promised land has
Environment food and Rural Affairs met once the Methodist report violence.” The Methodist Church has been both a dream come true and a
introduced new advice on food became a public document. One of a long history of interfaith ni...
labelling, recommending that the their profound concerns was with the relationships; it greatly values the • Israel’s gay propaganda war | Jasbir
packaging of products imported from historical account of Israel and relationship it shares with its Jewish Puar In portraying itself as the only
the West Bank should distinguish Palestine presented in the report that brothers and sisters and hopes that gay-friendly country in a homophobic
between Palestinian areas and Israeli was written to resource yesterday’s that relationship will continue to region the Israeli state reveals its own
settlements. The former President of debate. The Revd Graham Carter, flourish. desperationIsrael's recent attack on a
the Methodist Church, Revd David chair of the working party that The Methodist Conference also flotilla delivering humanitarian aid to
Gamble, wrote to major supermarket compiled the report, acknowledged passed a resolution commending all Gaza, kill...
chains earlier this year to ask how the history was not complete and that, people of the region to the loving care • Lessons from Camp David | Ben
they labelled their food. Many of the given the time constraints for the of Almighty God and urged the White Ten years after Bill Clinton
responses he received explained that compilation of the report, the working Methodist people to engage in guided failed Israeli-Palestinian peace
processes were already in place to group had to present what it believed regular, informed prayer for the needs talks, the idea of a negotiation on
label products accurately or that was a fair selection from a variety of of the Land of the Holy One. The equal terms is now defunctTen years
processes were being put in place. narratives. The report’s historical President of Conference, Revd Alison ago this month, Israelis and
The European Court of Justice has account is not Methodist Church Tomlin, asked Conference to pass this Palestinians gathered at Camp ...
ruled that imports from Israeli doctrine. particular resolution as a standing
settlements in the occupied West The conflict in Israel and Palestine is vote and, from where I was watching, Original post source
Bank should not benefit from a trade not a one-sided conflict. The Israeli everyone on the floor rose to their
continued from page 2
hanging on to a younger sibling’s sundown on Friday until sundown on stare in wonder at the sights and • Diaspora homecomings can
pushchair. Saturday: shops are shuttered, cafes views; from the beautiful golden backfire | Khaled Diab A return to an
Anyone foolish enough to drive closed, relatively few cars appear on stone of the Old City ramparts to the ancestral homeland is a dream that's
through there on Shabat – the Jewish the normally clogged road. Secular ugly dull grey concrete of the long inspired diasporas – often with
Sabbath – will be at best vigorously businesses have apparently imposing separation wall. At some troubling resultsThe Zionist vision of
berated; more likely their car will be succumbed to pressure from the point, I assume, all this will become a "return" to the promised land has
pelted. Pasted on the stone walls are religious lobby. the routine backdrop to my life, but I been both a dream come true and a
countless religious tracts. A huge The lighter traffic on Shabat is, hope I never take Jerusalem’s ni...
billboard in English reads: “To however, a boon for me: it gives me extraordinariness for granted. • Israel will free 1,000 Palestinian
women and girls. We beg you with all the chance to try to find my way And the people? Each side is prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit
our hearts: Please do not pass through round this city without being passionate about their unassailable Binyamin Netanyahu draws the line
our neighbourhood in immodest tailgated, honked at and shouted at by right to the land. Each side has at paying 'any price' for freedom of
clothes.” Specific instructions follow fellow motorists. Jerusalem’s baffling suffered terrible injustices and soldier, who was abducted in
regarding length of sleeves and tight- one-way systems, indecipherable road inhumanity over their history. Each 2006Israel's prime minister,
fitted garments. Non-Jews and markings and minuscule street signs side is exhausted by conflict. And Binyamin Netanyahu, tonight
secular Jews are not made to feel are currently exacerbated by a each side wants to welcome me to confirmed he was prepared to release
welcome. In recent months there have massive project to build a light their country. “Baruch haba, shalom,” 1,000 ...
been regular evening disturbances railway through the city. Once say the Israelis. “Marhaban, salam,” • Gaza convoy activists claim Israeli
involving young men setting fire to complete – allegedly by next year, say the Palestinians. And, they all soldiers using debit cards stolen in
rubbish bins and stoning police though nobody here believes that for add: “Good luck.” raid Boarding party troops in deadly
officers in protest at infringements of a moment – it should relieve the • Israel flotilla raid confiscated cards and
religious observance. burden of traffic thundering past • Palestinian territories spent on them, claim campaigners
But the influence of ultra-orthodox fragile historic sites. But this, too, has • Judaism who were on boardIsraeli troops have
spreads beyond Mea Shearim. The a political dimension. The city • Islam been accused of stealing from
area of west Jerusalem in which I live authorities say the railway will be activists arrested in the assaul...
has a prosperous main street lined open to all, except when “security Harriet Sherwood
with cafes and eclectic small shops. considerations” require the stations in© Guardian News & Original post source
The previous tenant of my apartment Arab parts of the city to be closed. Media Limited 2010 | Use of this
told me that when he moved in four We shall have to wait to see just how content is subject to our Terms &
years ago, Shabat was barely different often that happens. Conditions| More Feeds
to any other day of the week. Now At least the stop-start nature of the Hija del Zion para Israel Support
the place is eerily deserted from traffic gives me the opportunity to Israel
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UK: Muslim pupils pulled out of music class

by Esther (Hija del Zion para removed from music class for the
Israel - Daughter of Zion for month.”
Israel) ( more)
Matthew Wilkinson, a spokesman for
Submitted at 7/2/2010 3:06:00 AM the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)
UK: Muslim pupils pulled out of said: “At a guesstimate I say it will
music class involve about 10% of the Muslim
The problem with this article is that community.”
it doesn’t really differentiate between Asked if this involved hundreds of
Muslims who have a problem with pupils, he said: “Yes, you might be
music, and Muslims who have a looking at that sort of figure.”
problem with certain music “The MCB wants Muslim children to
(Christmas musicals) or at certain take benefit of the full range of
times (Ramadan). educational possibilities, including
———– music.”
A number of schools are allowing ( more)
Muslim parents to pull their children Sources: Telegraph, BBC
out of classes, even though the Hija del Zion para Israel Support
subject is a formal part of the national Israel
curriculum. • London: “We will never give up …
Dr Diana Harris, a lecturer at the until you are subdued to the law of
Open University, said she had visited Sharia” London: "We will never give
schools where half of pupils were up ... until you are subdued to the law
withdrawn from music during of Sharia"Sharia4Belgium/Muslim
Ramadan. Rise were not allowed to protest in
By law, children are supposed to take Brussels as planned, but their friends
part in all subjects and parents can in the UK and Ireland sho...
only remove children from sex and • UK: ‘Islam Channel’ accused of
religious education. and they don’t have music in their “The majority of them were doing it encouraging marital rape and
This article was prepared by the homes”. because they had just learned that it intolerance UK: 'Islam Channel'
Islam in Europe blog – “There’s been about 18 or 22 children wasn’t acceptable and one of the accused of encouraging marital rape withdrawn from certain sessions, out sources giving out that feeling was and intoleranceBritain's leading
But Dr Harris claimed Ofsted of music class, but at the moment I the Imams particularly Imams who Muslim TV channel was accused of
inspectors sometimes turned “a blind just have one child who is withdrawn had come over from Pakistan, didn’t encouraging “marital rape” and
eye” to the issue. continually from the music really speak English and felt promoting other intolerant views of
In one London primary school, 20 curriculum,” she said. “It’s not part of threatened. women in a...
pupils were removed from rehearsals their belief, they feel it detracts from “I think they were adhering to very • UK: Fears over non-Muslim’s use
for a Christmas musical and one five- their faith.” strict lines about what was of Islamic law to resolve disputes
year-old girl has been permanently There has been a debate in the acceptable. UK: Fears over non-Muslim's use of
withdrawn from all classes. Muslim community about music and “At secondary level parents who Islamic law to resolve
The details emerged in a BBC singing, with some followers really object to music will be disputesNobody would accuse the
London News investigation. claiming that they are forbidden. Dr withdrawing then and going to a Muslim Arbitration Council (MAT)
Eileen Ross, head of Herbert Harris, author of the book “Music Muslim school. At primary schools in of being Islamophobic, and yet I can't
Morrison Primary in Lambeth, where Education and Muslims”, told the some areas one or two permanently really understand why it runs to the
almost a third of children come from BBC: “Most of them really didn’t withdrawn but at Ramadan I’ve been p...
mainly Somalian Muslim families, know why they were withdrawing to schools were 50 per cent of the
said some parents “don’t want their children. Muslim student population have been Original post source
children to play musical instruments

continued from page 3
teamed up with the anti-war entity the TransAfrica, the magazine In Chairman of Environmental Media What is Arianna Huffington Telling
Appeal for Redress, whose members These Times, the National Urban Services, served as Al Gore’s national David Fenton?Know Fenton? They
include active-duty and reserve League, the World Wildlife Fund, the press secretary during his first are the left wing PR group that
soldiers. Emphasizing the group’s American Friends Service presidential campaign. promoted and made Cindy Sehan
military background, the resulting Committee, Rock the Vote, School of Fenton Communications has famous. Bacaily they are the biggest
campaign urged “political leaders in the Americas Watch, the Nature received financial support from the lefty PR company. Guess who there
Congress to support the prompt Conservancy, Greenpeace, the Ford Ford Foundation, the James Irvine n...
withdrawal of all American military Foundation, the Heinz Family Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, • The Perfect Pitch with PR Icon
forces and bases from Iraq.” Foundation, the John D. and and the David and Lucile Packard Howard J. Rubenstein Today's blog
Other clients of Fenton Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Foundation. ” From Discover the comes from Rachel Weiss, our
Communications have included the the Turner Foundation, Ben and Networks development colleague, who is the
AFL-CIO, America Coming Jerry’s Foundation, the Tides Fenton is really bad news. Have Assistant Director of Development
Together, Amnesty International, Air Foundation, the Energy Foundation, anymore dirt or info on them please for Young Leadership & Donor
America Radio, the Association of the Columbia Foundation, the David leave it as a comment. They need to Relations.Wednesday night the
Trial Lawyers of America (renamed and Lucile Packard Foundation, the be stopped in there attempt to destroy Young Friends Division of t...
the American Association for Justice Joyce Foundation and the Iraq Policy Israel. via
in 2006), the NAACP, the Rainforest Information Project, among many Quoted by email using Original post source
Action Network, the Sierra Club, others. noahdavidsimon’s posterous
Global Exchange, the Open Society FC also counts among its clients a Hija del Zion para Israel Support
Institute, and Pew Charitable Trusts, number of pro-Democrat law firms Israel
the Institute for Policy Studies, Ralph such as Milberg, Weiss, Bershad, • The lefty jihadi alliance is reveled.
Nader’s Public Citizen, People for the Hynes & Lerach. Fenton the PR firm of the Left is now
American Way, Service Employees Arlie Schardt, a senior consultant at hired by Dubia to smear Israel so it
International Union, Working Assets, Fenton Communications and could be destroyed by the jihadis
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"Fayyad is not building a state" – Nathan Brown

vs. Thomas Friedman
by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion than a statebuilding effort. it is personal: if Salam Fayyad is Palestinians can build a real
para Israel - Daughter of Zion But is there any harm in the prime minister, wealthy international economy, a professional security
for Israel) boosterism about “Fayyadism?” donors will keep the PA solvent, pay force and an effective, transparent
Yes. The international infatuation salaries to its employees, fund its government bureaucracy it will
Submitted at 7/2/2010 3:38:00 AM with the effort obscures two infrastructural development, and even eventually become impossible for
Right on the heels of my post about extremely unhealthy developments, put gentle pressure on Israel to ease Israel to deny the Palestinians a state
how the vaunted Palestinian Arab both of them tied to the schism in up its tight restrictions on movement in the West Bank and Arab
state building is really an illusion Palestinian politics—the effort is and access. neighborhoods of East Jerusalem.
comes a much more authoritative predicated on the denial of Fayyad may be a good person, but Brown’s analysis is methodical,
article saying the same thing. democracy and human rights, and it is finding a good person is not a policy. Friedman’s is wishful. It is a shame
Nathan Brown, writing in Foreign bypassing (and perhaps even If he is making mild administrative that so many in the West rely on
Policy magazine a shortened version enabling) the further deterioration in and fiscal improvements in some Friedman for their facts – oblivious to
of a paper he wrote for the Carnegie Palestinian institutions that lie outside areas, this cannot obscure the deeper the danger of making policy decisions
Endowment for International Peace, of the realm of government. The problem that most Palestinian on the basis of his vaunted expertise.
shows in detail what is happening on Palestinian political system is deeply political institutions are actually in Hija del Zion para Israel Support
the ground in the PA. He analyzes troubled; Fayyadism does not address deep trouble and the most important Israel
both the successes and failures of the the crisis. At best it manages ones are in a state of advanced decay. • Messianic Rabbi shares how he
PA in building a state – and the administration in the face of crisis; at This is real research, of someone accepted Yeshua as Messiah After a
failures outnumber the successes. To worst it allows international and spending significant time on the dramatic vision, a Jewish man studied
be sure, most of the failures are due domestic actors to ignore it—for now. ground in the West Bank and talking the Bible for many years as great
to the difficult political environment His conclusion from the FP article: to a wide variety of people about the literature, then finally accepted that
in which Fayyad is working – often Fayyad is not building a state, he’s details of the PA’s performance. Yeshua (Jesus) really is the Messiah
against Fatah. holding down the fort until the next This is in stark contrast to the the of Israel. H...
A quote from the paper: crisis. And when that crisis comes, facile cheerleading of NYT’s Thomas • A sign on Main Street...
A dispassionate analysis reveals that Fayyad’s cabinet has no democratic Friedman who wrote this week: • wjhc1969-020-ar1-001: Portrait of
rather than building institutions, legitimacy or even an organized Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, the Rabbi Jacob Voorsanger (San
Fayyad’s cabinet is reviving some of constituency to fall back on. What he former World Bank economist … has Francisco, n.d.) Image taken on 2009-
them and attempting to inject does have — contrary to those who unleashed a real Palestinian 08-01 00:00:00 by
elements of greater competence and laud him for not relying on outsiders “revolution.” It is a revolution based MagnesMuseum....
efficiency in selected bureaucratic — is an irreplaceable reservoir of on building Palestinian capacity and
locations. This is then a program of international respectability. The institutions not just resisting Israeli Original post source
improved public administration rather message of “Fayyadism” is clear, and occupation, on the theory that if the

U.K.: Muslims withdrawing children from music

classes because they’re "un-Islamic"
by Marisol (Hija del Zion para issue of Islamic supremacism (as well unacceptable to around 10 per cent of |
Israel - Daughter of Zion for as jihad doctrine), few will want to the Muslim population in Britain. |
Israel) acknowledge that this display of However, in certain branches of Hija del Zion para Israel Support
hostility toward music education has Islam – such as Sufism, which is Israel
Submitted at 7/2/2010 12:03:12 AM anything to do with Islam. “Muslim dominant in Pakistan and India – • Israel’s Gaza blockade targets
U.K.: Muslims withdrawing children pupils taken out of music lessons devotional music and singing is Hamas while citizens suffer Blockade
from music classes because they’re ‘because Islam forbids playing an actually central to the religion. was imposed in June 2007 to hold
“un-Islamic”“Some Muslims believe instrument’,” by Laura Clark for the A BBC investigation found that in Hamas accountable for rocket attacks,
that playing musical instruments and Daily Mail, July 1 (thanks to all who one London primary school, 20 pupils and has crippled Gazan economyThe
singing is forbidden according to sent this in): were removed from rehearsals for a aid flotilla attacked by Israeli troops
Islam.” Muslim pupils are being withdrawn Christmas musical and one five-year- today was trying to break the naval
And where would they have gotten from music lessons because some old girl remains permanently blockade o...
that idea? What kind of repressed families believe learning an withdrawn from mainstream music • U.S. military unit in Afghanistan
killjoy would spread that sort of instrument is anti-Islamic, it emerged classes. ordered to patrol with unloaded
thinking around? today. Some Muslims believe that playing weapons U.S. military unit in
Why, Muhammad: “The Prophet said An investigation has discovered that musical instruments and singing is Afghanistan ordered to patrol with
that Allah commanded him to destroy Muslim pupils are being taken out of forbidden according to Islam. u n l o a d e d w e a p o n s
all the musical instruments, idols, school music classes even though the At Herbert Morrison Primary in . . .
crosses and all the trappings of subject is a compulsory part of the Lambeth, 29 per cent of children • The Jewish View on Capital
ignorance” (Hadith Qudsi 19:5). national curriculum. come from mainly Somalian Muslim Punishment Learn about Judaism's
As the hadith indicates, the ban on While parents have legal rights to families. stance on capital punishment. Our
music, as distasteful as it is by itself, withdraw children from religious and Headmistress Eileen Ross said some sites Cyber synagogue
is part of a much broader agenda, and sex education classes, no automatic parents ‘don’t want children to play
thus a symptom of a much broader right exists to pull them out of musical instruments and they don’t
problem regarding the widespread subjects such as music. have music in their homes’. … Gail site
unwillingness of Muslim immigrants One education expert said that up to Posted by Marisol on July 2, 2010 w w w . g a n s k o k i e .
in Europe to assimilate as equals in half of Muslim pupils were 12:03 AM BLO...
society, rather than as a privileged withdrawn from music lessons during | 1 Comment
class whose every whim and hangup Ramadan. Print this entry Original post source
must be accommodated — or else. And The Muslim Council of Britain | Email this entry
And as is the case with the general said music lessons were likely to be | Digg this
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Fayyadism isn’t state building

by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del the last two questions can be
Zion para Israel - Daughter of answered affirmatively, Israel would
Zion for Israel) be suicidal to agree to the
establishment of a ‘Palestinian state.’
Submitted at 7/2/2010 2:27:00 AM Right now, those last two questions
Fayyadism isn’t state building cannot be answered at all. So why are
Foreign Policy, which is generally we involved in ‘proximity talks’?
deferential and supportive of the
‘Palestinians,’ has a scathing review
They are a waste of time and raise
expectations that don’t deserve to be
Muslim pupils taken out
of Salam Fayyad’s ’state building’ in and access. held and that endanger our (Israel’s) of music lessons
Fayyad may be a good person, but
Judea and Samaria. The review – by
Nathan Brown of the University of finding a good person is not a policy.
security in the long run.
posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 12:27
‘because Islam forbids
Chicago – argues that Fayyad is If he is making mild administrative PM playing an instrument’
maintaining existing institutions and fiscal improvements in some Hija del Zion para Israel Support
areas, this cannot obscure the deeper by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del
rather than building new ones, that Israel Zion para Israel - Daughter of
his ‘reforms’ are only possible of the problem that most Palestinian • Violent anti-Semitic acts DOUBLE
political institutions are actually in Zion for Israel)
current lack of democracy in the in 2009 While the World worries
‘Palestinian Authority’ (a democracy deep trouble and the most important itself about an imaginary Submitted at 7/2/2010 12:30:00 AM
that Brown asserts existed between ones are in a state of advanced decay. phenomenon called 'Islamophobia,'
I would take it a step further. There Muslim pupils are being withdrawn
1996 and 2006), and that no one in violent acts against Jews more than from music lessons because some
the ‘Palestinian Authority’ believes is no sense in pursuing ‘proximity doubled in 2009 as compared with
talks’ or any other kind of talks with families believe learning an
that Fayyad is building the 2008. And while there is an effort instrument is anti-Islamic.
institutions of a future ’state.’ Here’s Israel until the ‘Palestinians’ get their afoot...
act together and choose leaders. The move comes despite the subject
his bottom line. • Israel soldiers kill protesters trying being a compulsory part of the
Fayyad is not building a state, he’s Suppose a ‘Palestinian state’ were to break Gaza blockade – lat… Israeli
formed tomorrow. Who would lead national curriculum.
holding down the fort until the next soldiers kill at least 10 protesters on While parents have legal rights to
crisis. And when that crisis comes, it? Abu Mazen has no legitimacy. boat carrying supplies to Gaza Israel
Fayyad’s legitimacy comes from the withdraw children from religious and
Fayyad’s cabinet has no democratic defends the raid, saying troops had sex education classes, no automatic
legitimacy or even an organized quartet and not from the been ambushed. Organizers of the
‘Palestinians.’ If the ‘Palestinians’ right exists to pull them out of lessons
constituency to fall back on. What he floti...... such as music.
does have — contrary to those who were to hold elections, whom would • Israel loosens chokehold on Gaza
they elect? And would the party they Pupils in a music class at a primary
laud him for not relying on outsiders Strip, Gaza blockade eased slightly school: Some Muslim families have
— is an irreplaceable reservoir of elect be trustworthy to abide by Israel's decision to ease its Gaza Strip
whatever security guarantees Israel withdrawn children for religious
international respectability. The blockade could spell the beginning of reasons
message of “Fayyadism” is clear, and manages to negotiate, and to the end of the chokehold that has hurt
perpetuate those security guarantees One education expert said up to half
it is personal: if Salam Fayyad is ordinary Gazans far more than their of Muslim pupils were withdrawn
prime minister, wealthy international to a successor to whom power is milita... ...
handed peacefully once they are no from music lessons during Ramadan.
donors will keep the PA solvent, pay And The Muslim Council of Britain
salaries to its employees, fund its longer in power? Original post source
Obviously, we cannot answer the last said music lessons were likely to be
infrastructural development, and even
put gentle pressure on Israel to ease two questions until we have answers MUSLIM page 8
up its tight restrictions on movement to the previous questions. But until

Netanyahu calls for direct negotiations with the

by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del again and at every opportunity.
Zion para Israel - Daughter of posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 1:39
Zion for Israel) PM
Hija del Zion para Israel Support
Submitted at 7/2/2010 3:39:00 AM Israel
Netanyahu calls for direct • Martin Amis Christopher Hitchens
negotiations with the ‘Palestinians’ a conversation about Antisemitism
Prime Minister Netanyahu used a and Saul bellow Part 3 Martin Amis
speech at the US embassy’s July 4 in conversation with Christopher
celebration in Tel Aviv to call yet Hitchens Martin Amis talks to
again for direct negotiations between Christopher Hitchens about Saul
himself and‘moderate’ ‘ Palestinian’ Bellow with whom he developed an
President Mahmoud Abbas Abu intimate friendship, about t...
Mazen. •
After mentioning an upcoming sarah_bryan_san_francisco_wedding-
meeting with US President Barack 7 Image taken on 2009-11-08
Obama next week and the pending 14:34:27 by Allegro Photography....
round of sanctions against Iran, • Shin Bet Abuses Secret Gag Order
Netanyahu spoke about his in Yet Another Arrest of Palestinian
willingness to pursue peace with the Activist Haaretz and other Israeli
Palestinians. In closing, Netanyahu wished a “Hag than what both he (in 2008) and sites announced that a 20 year-old
“The only way to complete peace Sameach” on behalf of citizens of Yasser Arafat (in 2000 and 2001) Israeli Palestinian, Mohhamad
negotiations are to begin them. And Israel to the American people for the turned down, and Netanyahu cannot Namarna, was arrested under
the only way to begin them are to fourth of July. offer anywhere near that much suspicion of membership in a banned
have the two parties sit across from I would hope (and believe) that because there is no support for it in organization. Given that he’s from
one another and directly negotiate Netanyahu realizes that direct Israel. But by repeating the call for nor...
these complex issues together. negotiations with the ‘Palestinians’ direct talks, Netanyahu is pushing the
“Let’s not wait 15 months before we will not go any further than the ball into Abu Mazen’s court. Original post source
sit down together. This is a great ‘proximity talks’ have gone. After all, Therefore, the call for direct talks
hope, and a great challenge.” Abu Mazen cannot accept any less should be repeated over and over
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Europe’s Nazi obsession

by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del
Zion para Israel - Daughter of
Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/2/2010 12:02:00 AM

Europe’s Nazi obsession Europe is

condemning Israel at every turn
because it is seeking absolution for its
actions during the Holocaust argues
Benjamin Weinthal.
Mavi Marmara:
The widespread condemnation
Europeans have expressed toward
the Massacre That
Israel after its commandos boarded
the so-called peace flotilla on May 31
Will Not Die
– and used force only when by Richard Silverstein (Hija del
threatened with death – signals a Zion para Israel - Daughter of
desire to turn every Israeli action of Zion for Israel)
self-defense into absolution for the
Submitted at 7/2/2010 1:42:46 AM
crimes of the Holocaust.
… anti-Zionism.” What could go wrong? Mavi Marmara in Haifa harbor
The Europeans’ vicious attacks on Benz embraces the European wish to posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 10:02 A reader whose friend has a
Israel are animated less by the Jewish alleviate guilt by denying the weight AM sweeping Mt. Carmel view of Haifa
state’s foreign policy than by of the Holocaust. (As the head of a Hija del Zion para Israel Support harbor from his/her home took this
Europe’s ongoing fixation on the center for the study of anti-Semitism, Israel recent shot of the Mavi Marmara,
Holocaust. What else could explain he’s a particularly strange case; the • The Torah in Haiku: Ki Tisa by Ed which has been towed to Haifa from
the presence of posters equating German political scientist Clemens NickowTemple Chai, Long Grove, Ashdod, where it was originally
Israel with Nazi Germany at pro- Heni discovered that Benz’s beloved IL(Originally published in The Torah brought after being captured by the
Hamas demonstrations in Vienna? academic mentor was the now- in Haiku) G-d does some Israeli navy.
According to one recent German deceased Karl Bosl, an outspoken hiringBetzalel, OholiabThe Mishkan The flotilla attack is the disaster that
university study, 45.7 percent of the Nazi who contributed enormously to builders But the work must keeps on giving in terms of the
European respondents supported the spreading Hitler’s ideology.) stopEach week to observe ShabbatI... negative fallout it provides Israel.
contention that “Israel is conducting a Of course, nothing Israel has ever • Reporter Retires After Words Haaretz reports that at the urging of
war of extermination against the done can even begin to compare to About Israel By JEREMY W. Barack Obama Bibi secretly sent an
Palestinians.” the crimes of the Shoah. But to help PETERS To many in Washington, Israeli minister to negotiate a
In their eyes, apparently, maintaining alleviate their feelings of guilt, two sets of rules seemed to apply for resolution of the outstanding issues
a naval blockade against a Europeans delegitimize Israel, ignore journalists covering the president: dividing Israel and Turkey over the
government sworn to destroy you – modern anti-Semitism, and portray those for regular White House massacre. The Turks are demanding
while providing the unfortunate Muslims – who number over one correspondent... ... an apology (that would be the second
people living under that government billion and whom no one seeks to • Why America Needs Government one, since Danny Ayalon made the
with tens of thousands of tons of eradicate from the earth – as the new Health Care Right Now(Since Daniel Turkish ambassador sit in a baby
supplies and humanitarian aid – now persecuted Jews of Europe. Greenfield/Sultan Knish could not chair in order to demean him),
equates to looting and butchering six It gets worse. Read the whole thing. post today, we instead present this victim’s compensation, and an end to
million people. Someone in the comments earlier article from noted health care reform the Gaza siege.
Wolfgang Benz, the controversial this week objected to my new expert Dr. Morder Krankenhaus) Turkey also seems to be ratcheting
director of the Berlin Center for the European Union flag (pictured). This Why America Needs Government up the pressure by issuing a new
study of anti-Semitism, neatly article shows that the flag is even Health Care Right... threat to withdraw the right of
summed up this incongruity on closer to reality than I thought it was. commercial flights to pass through its
German television when he insisted Europe is obsessed with finding a Original post source MAVI page 9
that “anti-Semitism is different from way to blame the Jews for Auschwitz.

continued from page 7
unacceptable to around ten per cent of and they don’t have music in their ‘Most of them really didn’t know education … using
the Muslim population in Britain. homes’. why they were withdrawing their noahdavidsimon’s posterous
However, in certain branches of One girl remains permanently children,’ she told the BBC. ‘The Hija del Zion para Israel Support
Islam – such as Sufism, which is withdrawn from the school’s music majority of them were doing it Israel
dominant in Pakistan and India – curriculum, which consists of a because they had just learned that it • Zohar Convention 2010, Lesson 7
devotional music and singing is government-backed project to learn wasn’t acceptable and one of the Lecturer: Rav Michael LaitmanDate:
actually central to the religion. instruments such as the violin. sources giving out that feeling was 2010-02-24Video: ENG 98.88MB
A BBC investigation found that in ‘There’s been about 18 or 22 children the Imams.’ Audio: ENG 17.62MB ...
one London primary school, 20 withdrawn from certain sessions, out A spokesman for Ofsted said: ‘Music • Breaking and Entering Abortedby
pupils were removed from rehearsals of music class, but at the moment I is an important part of any child or Noah David Simon...
for a Christmas musical and one five just have one child who is withdrawn young person’s education. Any • Functional Light G-d did not give
-year-old girl remains permanently continually from the music examples of pupils being treated you light that you may hold it up in
withdrawn from mainstream music curriculum,’ Mrs Ross told the BBC. unequally would be a matter of the middle of the day. When you are
classes. ‘It’s not part of their belief, they feel significant concern.’ via given light it is in order to accomplish
Some Muslims believe that playing it detracts from their faith.’ Ofsted Quoted: Muslim something,
musical instruments and singing is and education experts raised concerns pupils are being withdrawn from
forbidden according to Islam. over the findings. music lessons because some families Original post source
At Herbert Morrison Primary in The Open University’s Dr Diana believe learning an instrument is anti-
Lambeth, 29 per cent of children Harris, an expert on music education Islamic. The move comes despite
come from mainly Somalian Muslim and Muslims, said she had visited the subject being a compulsory part
families. Headmistress Eileen Ross schools where half of the pupils were of the national curriculum. While
said some parents ‘don’t want withdrawn from music lessons by parents have legal rights to withdraw
children to play musical instruments their parents during Ramadan. children from religious and sex
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continued from page 8
airspace. This would be a very strong Biblical Sodom there was at least one Yaakov Tirkel and the lucidity of a
slap in Israel’s face as it would have honest man. 93 year-old member,...
practical repercussions for Israeli Related posts: • IDF Executed Mavi Marmara
flights to Europe. • IDF Executed Mavi Marmara Victims In my earlier posts about the
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman Victims In my earlier posts about the killings aboard the Mavi Marmara, I
found out about the meeting and had killings aboard the Mavi… used terms like “kill shot” and
a monumental hissy-fit declaring for • Turkish Prosecutors Open “execution-style” to describe these
all the world to see that Bibi was not Investigation into Israeli Attack on events. I based my judgment on the
nice to him and that if he didn’t shape Mavi Marmara A Turkish prosecutor narrat...
up he might, just might, take Yisrael has open a case against the Israeli… • Israel and the aid convoy: How to Hamas blames
Beiteinu’s marbles and play • Dueling Gaza Investigations: Israeli make enemies | Editorial Israel's
elsewhere. All just a technical error -U.S. Attempt to Derail UN Probe of defiant reaction to the raid on the Netanyahu for
on his office’s part, explained the Mavi Marmara Attack Now, this is Gaza aid convoy is almost as
prime minister. It will all be cleared getting interesting. With the UN appalling as the attack itselfWhen killing Shalit deal
up in a private meeting between the Secretary General… sovereign states make mistakes, they
by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del
two. However, a wounded Yvet is promise impartial inquiries, they Zion para Israel - Daughter of
not taking Bibi’s calls just yet. Make Related posts brought to you by Yet express remorse to t... Zion for Israel)
the big guy stew a little seems to be Another Related Posts Plugin.
the idea. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Original post source Submitted at 7/2/2010 12:24:00 AM
Haaretz also reports that the IDF Israel
A Hamas spokesman told the BBC’s
investigation of the attack headed by • Israel’s Geriatric Gaza Flotilla
Arabic service on Thursday night that
Maj. Gen. Giora Eiland may be more Investigation: the Fix is In Dvorit
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
critical than expected. In an Israeli Shargel has collected some damning
is responsible for ‘ killing‘ a deal to
context, that seems to mean very information from the Israeli media
release kidnapped IDF corporal Gilad
little. But who knows, we might be about the biased views of the
surprised by the outcome. Even in commission chair, 75 year-old Justice
Quoted: A Hamas spokesman told the

Catalonia: Parliament rejects burka BBC’s Arabic service on Thursday

night that Prime Minister Binyamin
Netanyahu is responsible for ‘killing’

ban a deal to release kidnapped IDF

corporal Gilad Shalit. … using
by Esther (Hija del Zion para Spain: Gov't favors burka banSpain's
noahdavidsimon’s posterous
Israel - Daughter of Zion for The motion would have called on the justice minister says the government
Israel) Hija del Zion para Israel Support
government of the northeastern favors barring women from wearing
region to ban the Islamic women’s burqas in government buildings.This
Submitted at 7/1/2010 11:56:00 PM • Press Conference with Israel’s
garment which conceals all but the article was prepared by the Islam in
Deputy Foreign Minister Israel's
Catalonia: Parliament rejects burka eyes, in the street as well as in public Europe blog -...
Deputy Foreign Minister Danny
ban buildings. • Bercelona: Plans to ban burka in
Ayalon delivers a statement on
Catalonia’s parliament rejected Right-wing deputy Rafael Lopez said public buildings Bercelona: Plans to
Israel's seizure of the armada of hate
Thursday a move to ban the wearing it was a question of values, of voicing ban burka in public
and violence, and then proceeds to
of the Islamic burqa in public places opposition to clothing which he said buildingsBarcelona plans to be the
take questions from both Israeli and
across the Spanish region after kept women in a “degrading prison.” first large city in Spain to ban the use
international press...
reversing an initial vote. Left-wingers said they did not of the full-face Islamic veil in public
• IDF to Barenboim: No to Gaza
A resolution moved by conservatives approve the wearing of the burqa but buildings, its mayor announced
Concert If there’s a lyric to
and centre-right nationalists was called the motion politically- Monday. Jo...
accompany this post it would be Elvis
passed, but opponents said there had motivated with regional elections • Catalonia: More burka-ban
Costello’s What’s So Funny About
been a technical error and some coming up this year. proposals Catalonia: More burka-ban
Peace Love and Understanding?
absentees at the moment of the vote. Nine municipalities in Catalonia, proposalsThe ban on the full veil -
Except we’d have to adapt it a bit to
After the session was suspended, the including Barcelona, have banned the specifically the burka and niqab - in
today’s n...
parliamentary speaker ordered the use of face-covering Islamic veils in public buildings in Lleida (Spain),
vote to be put again, prompting a public or are considering doing so. has caused several municipalities in
Original post source
walk-out by the motion’s supporters ( more) Catalonia to try and copy ...
and a victory for its left-wing Source: AFP
opponents. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Original post source
This article was prepared by the Israel
Islam in Europe blog – • Spain: Gov’t favors burka ban

Ha-Dibbur Ha-Ivri / Hebrew Speech

by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Hebrew Calligraphy (piano) Recording Date 11/29/1940
para Israel - Daughter of Zion Image by Nir Tober Hassid was noted...
for Israel) Hija del Zion para Israel Support • Tehillim Prek Aleph – Psalm
Israel Chapter. 1 in Hebrew Unfortunately,
Submitted at 7/2/2010 4:20:19 AM • Hebrew Clock by Jillery ~ Judaica modern Christianity lost their own
hebrew images: Clock – judaica Hebrew Clock by tradition. It is .. meditation. The
Ha-Dibbur Ha-Ivri / Hebrew Speech Jillery ~ Judaica Clock Designed by Psalm is the result of meditation.
Image by Center for Jewish History, New York artist Jill FaginSatin finish Ancient Hebrew people magnified
NYC with colorful beads 3.5" square Satin their spiritual...
Capitol City Hebrew School in St. finish clock with scroll design and
Paul Hebrew numbers This item is us... 1923 - 1950) - Achron - Hebrew
Image by Jewish Historical Society • Josef Hassid – Achron – Hebrew Melody Op.33 Composer: Joseph
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Dresden: City commemorates ‘veil

by Esther (Hija del Zion para
Israel - Daughter of Zion for
Kill A Jew
Submitted at 7/2/2010 1:33:00 AM

Dresden: City commemorates ‘veil

Day On
The city of Dresden on Thursday
paid its respects to a pregnant
Egyptian woman who was stabbed to by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del
death in a courtroom one year ago in Zion para Israel - Daughter of
a racially motivated crime that Zion for Israel)
outraged the Muslim world.
Submitted at 7/2/2010 12:18:00 AM
Officials including Saxon Justice
Minister Jürgen Martens honoured Among the comments:
the memory of 31-year-old Marwa El Lol this is so funny you guys are
-Sherbini, dubbed the “veil martyr,” taking it so seriously. This is
with a plaque to serve as a warning probably another racist joke which
against racism. we encounter every day. However, if
This article was prepared by the it is in fact serious, then it is just sad
Islam in Europe blog – and horrible. Just a joke–just like “ Kick A Jew
“One year ago all of us were forced to Day” was last year? via
said Dresden Mayor Helma Orosz. wearing headscarfA woman attacked
realise the deadly logic of the hatred
( more) a Muslim woman in Basel
of foreigners,” said Martens, adding I wasn’t invited Quoted by email
Source: The Local (Switzerland). The Swiss had a racist
that the murder had shaken “Dresden, using noahdavidsimon’s posterous
Hija del Zion para Israel Support motive for her act. She made it clear
Germany and the entire world.” Hija del Zion para Israel Support
Israel to the Muslim woman that she wasn't
WELT Israel
• Germany: ‘Immigrants making ha...
Members of the local Muslim • Pakistan Petitions for Death of
Germany dumber’ Germany: • France: “Burqa Rage” France:
community took part in the ceremony Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook
'Immigrants making Germany "Burqa Rage"According to the
and a commemorative march was Staff – Jewish Internet Defense
dumber'A controversial board French media (FR), the older woman
held later in the day. Force(The Register) Facebook
member of Bundesbank has come and her daughter claim the women
(…) founder Mark Zuckerberg is being
under fire for claiming immigrants with the niqab (26) slapped one of
The murder, as well as the slow investigated by Pakistani police
are making Germany ‘dumber in a them before the lawyer ripped off the
reaction of Germany’s politicians and under a section of the penal code that
simple way’. Thilo Sarrazin told a veil. The veiled woma...
media, sparked outrage in Sherbini’s makes blasphemy against
home country, as well as in the wider Muhammad punishable by death. of
• Basel: Woman attacked for wearing Original post source
Muslim world. course fac...
headscarf Basel: Woman attacked for
“This deed will not be forgotten,” • Don’t Like an Israel Palestinian
MK? Burn Him One of my Israeli

Global warming Armageddon readers brings word of a truly

ghoulish Israeli right-wing Facebook
group, I Too Want to Burn MK Talib

postponed for 200 years A-Sana. It seems that A-Sana, the

Israeli Palestinian elected
representative o...
by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del true global warming believers have • Success! Finding My Relatives
Zion para Israel - Daughter of indefinitely postponed Armageddon with Skype, Google, Facebook and,
Zion for Israel) for 200 years, the Independent says of course, JewishGen About a year
things are even worse than the worst ago on this blog, I reported of my
Submitted at 7/2/2010 12:36:00 AM IPCC scare stories.) via success using JewishGen to locate my
The polar bears are saved! The polar noahdavidsimon’s TABAKIN family that was separated
bears are saved! posterous by the Holocaust. (You can read that
You pretty much knew the global Hija del Zion para Israel Support article here). This encouraged me to
warming scare was petering out when Israel continu...
Al Gore bought a beach front house • Cow Farts are good not bad
near Santa Barbara. Now global According to Mitloehner, the claim Original post source
warming scientists have confirmed is inaccurate because the numbers for
that the oceans won’t be lapping at livestock were calculated differently
his front door anytime soon. chances were less than 50:50. At from the costs of transportation
The Independent UK has the hot current rates of CO2 emissions, the figures that were factored in to the
news on global warming: world is on course for following the green house ga...
The 14 scientists, all experts in their higher trajectory on global warming • The Temperature at Which Global
fields of climate research, were asked suggested by the IPCC. Warming Freezes Wednesday
about the probability of a tipping 2200? The global warming narrative afternoon, the sky over New York
point being reached some time before has completely fallen apart. It used to City was a falling sheet of white.
2200 if global warming continued on be that they tried to scare us by Temperatures had dropped sharply
the course of the worst-case scenarios saying our children would all die and the blizzard was underway. But
predicted by the Intergovernmental from global warming. Now it’s been nowhere in the city was the blizzard
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). delayed to our great, great, great, more pronounced t...
Nine of the fourteen scientists said great, great grandchildren.
that the chances of a tipping point for (By the way, we love the last line of Original post source
the high scenario were greater than 90 that story. Doesn’t matter that even
per cent, with only one saying that the
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Ask AP: Turkey and

Israel, Haiti’s slow
by israel (Hija del Zion para
Israel - Daughter of Zion for
Submitted at 7/2/2010 3:11:00 AM

AP An enormous amount of money

has been sent to Haiti to help the
country recover from its devastating

‘Kill a Jew day’ on earthquake. So why has so little

changed in Haiti – from …
Hija del Zion para Israel Support

Facebook Israel
• Blogger Survey: The Media Battle
Over Jerusalem, Part 3 Blogger
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del as foreign agents Israeli NGO's may Survey: The Media Battle Over
Zion para Israel - Daughter of have to register as foreign agents Jerusalem, Part 3 I'm surveying
Zion for Israel) In the New York Times on Friday, bloggers on the question, "Is Israel • TLC’s ‘Take Home Chef’, Curtis
Yossi Alpher raged against a bill winning the media battle over Stone, with Me and Zohar Image
Submitted at 7/2/2010 1:13:00 AM pending in the Knesset th... Jerusalem?" See parts one and two. taken on 2007-01-02 01:31:26 by
‘Kill a Jew day’ on Facebook July 9 – • first night of Sukkot, main And my take? The battle f... Monica D....
next Friday – has been declared ‘ Kill course… Il est très simple Image • Torah at Winter X, part 1 Follow
a Jew day’ on Facebook. taken on 2007-09-26 06:22:03 by The Torah Bright’s mission for half pipe Original post source
This ‘event’ was set up by someone Gifted Photographer.... victory at the 2008 winter X-Games!
in Singapore – not an Arab, Muslim • Paris: Pro-burqa supporters stop
or even European country. debate Paris: Pro-burqa supporters
Please report the event to Facebook stop debateA debate organised by "Ni
in the hope that they will remove it. putes ni soumises", a French NGO,
Anyone still think this is ‘just’ about Tuesday night in Paris, on the
Israel? question of the full Islamic veil ended
posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 11:13 in an exchange of insults and...
Hija del Zion para Israel Support Original post source
• Israeli NGO’s may have to register