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Published by
Siemens AG 2015

Energy Management
Siemensstr. 10
93055 Regensburg

Article-No. EMLP-B10004-01
Printed in Germany
Dispo 25601 0615 2.0
Totally Integrated Power SENTRON

Subject to change without prior notice. 3KD switch disconnectors

The information in this document contains general
descriptions of the technical options available, which
may not apply in all cases.The required technical
options should therefore be specified in the contract.
3KD switch disconnectors Highlights Technical information

Compact, space-saving design Performance range 16 A to 1.600 A

Extensive range of accessories for function 5 different frame sizes

3-, 4-, and 6-pole versions
Enhanced touch protection Retrofitting of additional 4th pole possible,
e.g. as 4th contact element, N or N/PE
Locking functions help to prevent unautho-
rized operation
Variety of rotary operators (front mounted,
Test function to ensure safe commissioning door mounted or side wall mounted rotary
Comprehensive support through provision of
CAx data Wide choice of connection technologies
Reliable protection Knowledge Manager: Technical information Suitable for AC and DC applications
The new 3KD switch disconnectors provide relia- on the individual device directly accessible via
ble protection for personnel and ensure high QR code Suitable for wind-power applications thanks to
system availability in buildings, infrastructure 4 enhanced voltage tolerance of AC 690 V +10 %

and industrial plants. 5

6-pole switch disconnector version for the
disconnection of photovoltaic plants
Whether used as main control, EMERGENCY- (DC 1.200 V)
STOP or maintenance switches, the 3KD switch
disconnectors will satisfy all requirements. 10
Additional functions can be retrofitted at any 1
time, thanks to their modular design and a com-
prehensive range of accessories.

The 3KD switch disconnectors are designed to More information:

systematically avoid electrical accidents. Thus,
when maintenance work is being carried out,
you can help to prevent unauthorized operation
by means of appropriate locking functions. Selecting and ordering:

Certified safety:
The 3KD switch 1 3KD switch disconnectors 7 Terminal covers
disconnectors 2 Front mounted rotary operator 8 N/PE terminal (with permanent jumper)
comply with the 3 8UC/3KD9 door mounted rotary operator 9 Neutral conductor (with removable jumper)
high VDE standards. 4 8UD1 door mounted rotary operator 10 4th contact element
5 Phase barriers 11 Auxiliary switch
6 Terminal covers, short