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The GOTE sheet

Emma Heidenheim

Name: Demetrius
Sex: Male
Marital status and history: I am engaged to marry Hermia, and have
the approval of her father Egeus (which is a big deal). However, Hermia
is a feisty girl and refuses to marry me, even though her father is forcing
her to. Hermia is in love with Lysander and insists on marrying him.
With the help of Oberons love potion, I do end up getting married
to Helena at the end of the play. Helena and I were betrothed to each
other before I met Hermia and she is still madly in love with me - no
matter how many times I tell her she disgusts me. Puck places a love
potion on my eyes and I finally fall in love with Helena and we are able
to get married.

2. Goal: What do I really want: When do I want it? At the beginning

of the play I want to marry Hermia, as soon as possible. I am very
concerned with my social standing/image and Hermias father is a
respected nobleman in Theseuss court. He has chosen me to marry his
daughter and I believe this will be very good for my future. After the love
potion has been placed on my eyes, I realize I am head over heels in
love with Helena. I want Helena to forgive me and I want to keep her
away from Lysander.

3. Other: From whom (in the play) do I want it? At first I want
Hermia to accept my love and stop complicating things. The situation is
perfect for me; Hermia is a beautiful girl and she comes from a great
family. I also want Helena to leave me alone as she is adding to the
chaos and is annoying me. Later on, after the love potion has been
placed on my eyes, all I want is Helenas forgiveness as well as her hand
in marriage.

4. Tactics: How can I get it? How (and whom) can I threaten?
How (and whom) can I induce? I can get Helenas love by apologizing
and convincing her that I am her true love. I can threaten Lysander to a
fight in order to win Helena once and for all. Although I threaten to fight
Lysander, I really do not want to fight him. I hope that there will be a way
to solve the problem without using physical force, but I am prepared as a
last resort.

5. Expectations: Why do I expect to get it? Why does it excite

me? What will I do when I get it? I am completely under the
influence of Oberons spell and because of this I will do anything to
prove my love to Helena. I expect that I will be able to prove my love to
her and marry her, even if that means I will have to fight Lysander and
possibly get hurt/hurt him. I am so in love with Helena, and so under the
influence of the potion that I will go to any lengths to win her back.

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