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TRIO Site Supervision Letter of Evaluation for Ariana Chini, candidate for Masters in Student

Development Administration

Dear Ariana,
I am writing to provide the final supervision letter of your evaluation for your 200 Hours
Summer and Fall quarter internship with the TRIO Student Support Services office at Seattle Central
College (SCC). There were three over-arching objectives we collectively outlined that tied into your
learning objectives: 1) Relationship building with students 2) Drawing from theoretical models and
personal experiences and 3) Reaching out to Community Based Organizations (CBOs). During our
weekly check ins, I was impressed by your ability to learn and grow. You were always extremely
thoughtful on the impact you wanted to make with students, and the skill-sets you requested from your
internship in order to make a change at your current institution. We focused on a Completion Coaching
framework that included scaling, paraphrasing, conducting a needs assessment, and self-evaluations. This
process provided a solid foundation for your internship in order to measure your personal, academic,
cultural, and professional growth.
Areas of strengths consist of your ability to quickly develop rapport with students. This was
evident through mobile coaching in which you engaged with over 100 students in 2 hours. By paying
close attention to students verbal and non-verbal cues you asked open ended questions, triaged students
concerns, and drew from a holistic framework to ensure that students were directed to the appropriate
resources. You advised 7 students on my caseload and maintained really strong boundaries, paid close
attention to time, and ensured that students personal, and cultural needs were at the forefront of the
conversation. By reaching out to CBOs you identified gaps in our institution, and identified best
practices. Areas of growth consist of time management while juggling multiple projects, meeting hard
deadlines, and communicating to supervisor when in need of assistance. I observed that during your
internship you were stretched too thin while working at Seattle University, working part-time, and
juggling school work. As professionals, having strong communication with ones team when things come
up is important in order to look at ways to support one another.
It has been a pleasure to work with you. You bring a broad set of skill-sets that will make you an
asset in higher education. Please keep me in mind as a reference and I hope to stay in touch over the
coming years.
Bo Leong M.Ed.
Completion Coach TRIO programs
Seattle Central College
1701 Broadway, 1102 B1B
Seattle, WA 98122