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Cards Equipment Cards
Cards Resource Cards
Children, the
Contests/Trial: Kill Shot, Range, Skill Shot, and Course Speed.
Creative Anachronism
Games On Site
Games Online
Games Satellite
Points Experience Points
Points Skill Points
Points Fame Points
Rata Sheet
Trial/Contest: Kill Shot, Range, Skill Shot, and Course Speed.
War Scroll
War Chest
Player Rata Sheet (pronounced- Rat-ah, ie; Rat, Mat Cat, Pat- not Rate, Date, Mate)
A Rata Sheet is a printed card detailing character profile information such as name,
faction, level and other attributes.

A War Scroll is a very unique and personal Midori (or travel book) which can be
purchased in a shop, or homemade. These books are excellent for storing and
organizing ones resources. Members can order a customized scroll to suit their
chosen faction and interests.
For Creative Anachronism, its important for players to keep their War Scrolls with
them at all times because one never knows when a battle may ensue and also
because they are excellent camouflage for phones and tablets. Instead of whipping
out a phone every few minutes- open your War Scroll and appear to be catching up
on the newest spells or trap construction.


Keepers has 3 types of point systems that a player can accumulate. There is XP, SP
and FP. Every task completed in association with Keepers is worth a point value.
From just showing up to play the game, or participation in online drives- the points
add up. Depending on the types of points earned, they can be used to rank up
character level, traded for valuable resources, or added to upgrade weapons or

Learn more about game points, where to get them and what can be done with

XP= Experience Points:

Experience points can be earned for participating in satellite games, On Location
games and online.
A character can only use XP to level up. Players can only wield weapons equal to or
lesser than the level of their character. For example, A level 10 Ranger can only
level up equipment to level 10.

SP=Skill Points:
Skill points can be earned through contests and trials at Satellite and On Location
Points are awarded for such mastery in Kill Shot, Range, Skill Shot, and Course
Level up weapons and gear with SP.

FP= Fame Points:

Fame Points can be earned in a variety of tasks, contests, trials and P2P combat and
team trials. FP is awarded by the game host as winner awards and rewards and
through PVP recognition.
Points can be used to purchase goods, and resources, and traded for other in game

Equipment Cards
Characters arm themselves with equipment cards during on site games, and arm
their pawns with them for Round games.
These cards depict a specialized or generic weapon, shield, article of clothing, spell
or trap. The card also has a determined level, its damage/attack and or defense
points. Any caveats to the use of the card is also displayed, and any possible
bonuses are also mentioned.

Resource Cards
Resource cards are valuable for long the long term game. Resources can be
gathered during resource rounds by pawns and later sent to an Outlet or Depot to
be forged into a basic weapon, shield, clothing, trap, spell or other good. During a
resource round, pawns may luck upon the following items:
Wood, wool, cotton, generic ore, iron, silver, bronze, gold, treasure, gems, coin,
food, or junk. The card denominations are 1+, 5+ and 10+.

Outlet and Depots

Outlets and Depots are located throughout the Woodland. These merchant locations
are used to trade goods and resources. Some locations are run by skilled craftsmen
who will take a certain resource and forge a desired good from the resources given.
Such craftsmen are iron workers, wood workers, masons and blacksmiths, tanners,
fletchers and mechanics, engineers and the like.