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Raw Oyster Charcuterie

Salmon tartar, compressed 16 Natural with 4 Flame grilled 26
green apple, lime, caviar and citrus. sobrasada, goats curd,
prawn pop. honeycomb and toast,
Speakeasy Bloody 4 jamon, bresaola.
Ceviche of goldband Snapper 18 Mary Foam.
& pink ginger oyster whip,
puffed black rice.

Hit & Run Off the Hook/ Larger

Prawn popcorn with jalapeo 14 Market fish Ask the crew. 28
scorched lime aioli.
Mussels - 1/2 kg, Full kg with crab vichyssoise. 18/26
"Funkin Massive" Pork Crackle 15
with siracha whip. The Cut - 1 kg Rib Eye off the bone, potato 110
royal, scorched onion and cauliflower.
Smoked ham hock fingers, 16
truffle pecorino, chopped egg Pulled lamb Shawarma tahini yoghurt pickles,
shaved asparagus herb tumble. flat bread. 26

SFC - Speakeasy snap crackin 12 Blue corn soft shell taco, Agave roasted corn,
chicken drummettes, chilli death avocado and jalapeos. 24

Mulberry lamb ribs, black 16

Turkish chilli with pomegranate, Bit on the side
Iceberg salad, green herb, pinenut, goats curd 12
truffle pecorino.
Smoked Cheddar jalapeo 10
Heirloom beet, green tomato, basil shaved 12
fennel and lime.
Olives Caddy. 8

Hemp smacked chilli fries. 9

Candy Shop
Rock'n roll road pop rockin youll see. 9

Red fruit ripe rose Turkish, Chantilly, coconut

choc soil, dark chocolate, sea salt, praline. 12