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The kingdom that Mertwig carved fiom girl. They were the pride of the kingdom.

e kingdom. al ministers with his own toadies and is at

the wilderness lies near the River Vesper, Aristocrat and peasant alike brought this moment plotting to take over the
between the cities of Kurth and Hlintar. It presents to the royal children. Unform- throne. If no player is crowned king or
teetered briefly on the edge of greatness until nately, they were born during a period of queen before old Mertwig dies, Samot will
the trade route from Kurth to Hlintar was great strife when the kingdom was tom by take matters into his own hands and the
rerouted, bypassing the kingdom in favor of war. In the midst of all this, the prince and rightfid heirs will lose their chance.
a more direct path. Still, in all, the kingdom princess were but six months old when they Fortune hunters, too, have come to the
is a decent place where hard work and hon- were stolen by a band of angry gypsies. kingdom, seeking the wealth that is hidden
esty are rewarded. Now, these many years later, King there. If the grand whir takes power, King
Old King Mertwig is now in his 65th year Mertwig has still not given up hope of fmd- Mertwig does not declare an heir. In that
and, sadly, lies on his deathbed. The trials ing his lost heirs. Anyone with a royal birth- case, whoever has the most gold and treasure
and tribulations of ruling a kingdom on the mark and a royal treasure who successfully will come out on top.
edge between civilization and disorder have navigates the treacherous maze beneath the So now is your chance. Venture into
taken their toll: This, and his main concern palace will inherit the kingdom! (And win Mertwig's kingdom, and see if you can
for the last two decades ...his missing heirs. the game!) prove yourself to be a royal heir. Failing
Many, many years ago, the queen died But there is evil afoot. The grand wizir, that, gather the most gold and treasure, and
giving birth to twin children, a boy and a Samot, has slowly replaced all the king's loy- you will be the winner!

You assume the role of an adventurous the magic and arms optional rules. monsters can kill you, so be carell.
character come to Mertwig's kingdom to When you think your party is large Once you ac&ulate some treasures, you
seek the throne. You make the decisions, enough, you are ready to leave town through can return to town and cash them in for
fight the battles, and win the treasures that one of the gates or by boat from the docks. gold. This is done at the Royal Palace. With
&n make you king or queen. Your objectives are the adventure areas; the gold, you can hire additional help and
The board portrays Mertwig's kingdom. that's where the treasures are. These areas proceed to ever more dangerous adventure
In one comer is the town, with its assorted range in difficulty from the very easy Woods areas.
places of interest. Outside the town, the map Whole to the ultimately dangerous Last Pyr- Ultimately, you will obtain a royal birth-
is divided into Movement Areas and Adven- amid. When you land on an adventure area, mark and a royal treasure (from the treasure
ture Areas. your playing piece is removed from the deck). Then you must hurry back to the
You begin the game in the Royal Castle board and placed on the appropriate A d m - Royal Castle &d make yo$ way through
with two adventuring companions and some ture Area Card. Follow that area's special the dark passages of Mertwig's Maze,
gold. From there you travel around the town instructions until you successllly complete beneath the palace. Once you find your way
where you can spend your gold hiring addi- the adventure. into the King's chamber, he reco&
tional characters. Movement is determined Along the way, or in any of the adventure as his long lost son or daughter and you win
by rolling a die. In town, when you land on a areas, you may have encounters with less the game.
space containing one or more character sym- friendly inhabitants of the land. When you If, however, King Mertwig dies before
bols, you candraw that many cards fiom the have an encounter, another player places one any player can prove that he or she is an heir
character deck. You can hire those characters of his Enwunter Cards on the table. If it is a to the throne, then the player with the most
to accompany you on your adventures, if friendly encounter, consider yourself lucky. accumulated treasure and gold is the winner.
you have enough gold. Ignore the magic and If it is a hostile encounter, you must either
arms symbols unless you are playing with defeat it in battle or run away. Many of these
- * - .- Cards with high attack values are very immediately drawn from the deck.
r r powerful in melee. GoodlEvil: Several characters are des-
A Sample Treasure Card Magic Ability: Some characters and ignated as good and two of them are con-
encounters know how to cast magic spells. sidered evil. Likewise many of the
Royal Treasure, The exact spells that the character knows encounters are evil. This rather arbitrary
are listed on the card. Each spell can be ethical label serves several functions in the
cast once per turn. game. You cannot have both good and evil
Defense Value: All characters and characters working for you at the same
encounters have defense value. A charac- time in the game. A Protection from Evil
ter with a high defense value is hard to spell neutralizes evil characters and
wound in melee or with magic. encounters. A few characters become
Starting Gold: Each player character enraged in the presence of evil encounters.
I I ,
\ '
I has a certain number of gold pieces at the Dead: This distinction is given to
start of the game. You can spend or save
your gold as you see fit.
things like walking mummies, ghosts, and
zombies-things that are dead, yet still
roo gp

I v b

Royal Treasure!
- I
Gold Pieces to Hire: You can hire a
character to work for you by paying him
wandering around causing trouble.
Slow: The giants and the giant snake
this much gold. are all slow. This gives you a bonus if you
Additional Encounters: Some try to escape from them.
Attack Value: Each character and encounter cards have a star printed at the Treasures: This is an entry you want to
encounter has an attack ability. In combat, top. This indicates that the encountered see on every encounter you meet. If you
this number is added to a die roll and com- creature is accompanied by another defeat the encounter, you get this many
pared to the opponent's defense value. encounter and another encounter card is treasures as fruits of victory.

Before you can play the MERTWIG'S Mertwig's Maze card are stacked in a con- cards are set aside. Players put their markers
MAZEm game you must separate and orga- venient location, and you are ready to begin. on the game map in the Royal Palace space.
nize the various decks of cards. Ignore the Your character card must always be kept
arms and magic decks for now; they are only face up on the table in front of you.
used with the optional rules, explained later.
The game requires a fairly large playing
surface, as a lot happens off the game map.
Elect one player to be the dealer and banker Selecting
(although others can help). The encounter, A Player Character Gold and Hirelings
treasure, and character decks need to be
shuffled and placed face down near the game Each player assumes the role of one of the Beginning with the first player and pro-
map. The player character deck (nine cards) nine player characters in the game. The play- ceeding clockwise, all players draw two
is not shuflled, but is spread out on the mid- er character cards are arranged face up in the cards from the character deck and place
dle of the board for all to see. center of the board. Each player rolls a die. them alongside their player character cards.
Before shuflling the encounter deck, be The high roller becomes the first player. The These are your first two hirelings. They will
sure to pull out the "Death of the King" person to his left becomes the E m n t e r Play- accompany you on your quest for fame and
card and place it face up on the table next to er (this is explained later). The encounter fortune. You don't need to pay these fmt
the encounter deck. It is used to start the dis- player gets the encounter player card. two hirelings. The banker gives each player
card pile. Beginning with the first player and pro- the starting gold listed on his character card.
The dealer organizes the gold coins and ceeding clockwise around the table, each A player's gold must always be kept on the
wound markers neatly to form a bank. The player selects a character card and the table, near the character card. It can be
seven adventure area cards and the matching marker. Unused player character stacked, but must be visible to all.
A Hireling is a character that joins you until you play them against other players.
from the character deck. As the game p r e These are the only cardsyou may keep secret.
ceeds, players accumulate treasures and
hirelings. These cards must be arranged
Now, depending upon how many p e e
ple are playing the game, the dealer counts
The Game's Af
face up on the table in front oftheir owners. out a number of encounter cards into a The first player now rolls the die and
pile, turns it face up, and places it beneath begins his first turn.
the Death ofthe King card. This is the dis-
card pile.
For a 2 player game, count out 30
The Encounter Deal encounter cards.
The dealer now takes the encounter
For a 3 player game, count out 20 S(lmpIe
- of a
encounter cards.
deck and deals four cards to each player. For a 4 player game, count out 10 Player's Hand at StaH
You may look at your own cards, but don't encounter cards.
show your cards to the other players, as Player Character Card
For more than 4 players, don't count T~~~ i ~cards ~ l i ~ ~
you will be playing them on one another. out any cards.
Keep your encounter cards face down Encounter & d (face down)

5 15 4 Fiball 13

RALPH THE RED a sorcerer
Starting Gold: 50 26 gP

Beginning with the first player and p r e docks. You can start your move in town and
ceeding clodolvise around the table, each finish it outside of town ifyou exit through a
player takes his or her turn. A player's turn
usually consists of a die roll followed by a
Moving in h e Town gate or the docks.
Do business in the space in which you
move, whether you are in town, out of doors, Roll one die and move any number have landed. If you land in a space with a
or in an adventure area. Exactly what you do of spaces, up to the amount you rolled, in a red cross, you may heal a wound (ifyou have
on your turn depends on where you are. clockwise direction. You must move at least one). If you land in a space with one or more
If you have an encounter, resolve it com- one space. If you roll a 0 you can move up to character symbols, you may draw that many
pletely before ending your turn. 10 spaces (there are no encounters in town). character cards and decide whether you wish
You can leave town through one of the three to hire them. The arms and magic symbols
gates, or by paying one gold piece (to the are only for use with the optional arms and
bank) and leaving by water through the magic decks.
--- ,
point. You may not travel along rivers;
1 they are considered boundaries between y
spaces but are not spaces themselves. You
Moving cannot end your turn on a river.
Outside the Town YOU may enter a lake space only in Adventure Areas
from an area containing a pier, and
Roll one die and move a number of you must pay the boatman (the bank) one Each adventure area has specific move-
spaces, up to the amount you rolled, gold piece for the trip. You may leave a ment rules printed on it. As soon as you
in any direction. The different areas lake anywhere along the coast you wish or land on an adventure area space, place the
represent farmlands, swamps, forests, remain there at the end of your turn. appropriate adventure area card on the
hills, lakes, rivers, and mountains. Each If you roll zero you do not move at table in front of you. Put your marker in
area costs one point to enter. You need not all, but have an encounter instead. the start space on the card.
move the full amount rolled on the die. If you land on one of the seven Only one player can be in any one adven-
More than one piece can be in an adventure areas, remove your mark- ture area at a time. If another player is
area at one time,except for adventure er from the board immediately and already in an adventure area, you cannot
areas. If another player's piece is in an place it on the start space of that adventure enter that adventure area space on the map.
adventure area, you cannot land there. area card. You may not re-enter an adventure area
Crossing a river costs one extra on the same turn that you leave it.

A player character cannot succeed in the these cards and decide whether you wish to
MERTWIG'S MAZE" game without hire each character to work for you. Each
character's fee is printed on the card. The
help. That's where the character deck comes
to your aid. The deck consists of an assort- gold is paid to the bank.
Wrounds and Death
ment of people and intelligent animals who Any character you hire is placed face up in Battles and events in adventure areas can
have come to the kingdom for fame and for- front of you. Characters you can't afford or cause your characters to be wounded.
tune, and are available for hire. You start the choose not to hire are discarded. When any character or encounter is
game with two hirelings (as they also are wounded, place a wound marker on the
called) and you have the opportunity to hire card.
more in town. Characters fight with you A player character can survive one
when you meet hostile monsters and they wound. The wound marker stays on the
want to be paid when you cash in treasure at player character card until the wound is
the Royal Palace. Paying Characters healed or the character is killed. A second
Collectively, your player character and the To hire a character in town, you must pay wound kills a player character.
characters you hire are occasionally referred him. There is one other time when your A character or an encounter (from the
to as your Party. characters will want to be paid: When you deck) is killed by a single wound. The card is
cash in treasures at the Royal Palace in not removed until the end of the round,
exchange for gold, you must pay each char- however; place a wound marker on the card
acter in your party the amount shown on the so you don't forget.
card. Any character you do not pay at this After each round of combat, both you and
time is discarded. the encounter player have an opportunity to
Hiring CharcKters heal wounds by using a Heal spell (or a mag-
In town, when you land on a space with a ic potion; see Optional Rules). Also, when it
character symbol (or two or three), you may is your turn, you can try to heal a wounded
draw as many character cards as there are character instead of moving (don't even roll
character symbols in that space. Examine the die for movement). If a character is
wounded by an event in an adventure area,
you can immediately try to heal him. No
wounds at the end of the round or turn.
See How Magic Works for a more w
character can cast more than one Heal detailed explanation of the Heal spell. Starting Over
spell per turn, even if it fails.
If a character is wounded twice (or three If your player character is killed, you are
times, or four times) in one round of com- out of the game. Discard all your holdings
bat, mark each wound. A separate Heal and return your gold to the bank. You may
spell is needed to cure each wound. start fresh on your next turn. Select a dif-
Any character with a wound marker on ferent player character from the remaining
his card at the end of the round or turn is cards, put your marker in the Royal Pal-
dead. Discard that character. A player ace, collect your starting gold and your
character is dead only if he has two two hirelings, and roll the die.

Each of the seven adventure areas is a sort bodies of the warriors were buried in two
of small game in its own right. When you Mystic Vale great mounds, along with their king. The
move your marker to one of these spaces on It is rumored that a wizard or wizardess mounds are now a holy place, filled with an
the map, ~ ~ ~Your v e from the map.
o marker lives in this shady little valley. A trip air of pain and suffering. Travelers who ven-
Find the appropriate dventure area card through the vale is usually a rewarding a p e - ture beyond the circle of stones should be
and set it on the table near you. Place your rience. ready for anything.
marker on the Start space on the card. On
your next turn, you begin the adventure.
The movement rules for each area are dif- The Toppled Temple The Caves of Congor
ferent, so consult the specific rules printed
on each card before proceeding. When you Long before the current inhabitants occu- In the side of a limestone cliff can be
come to the Return to Map space, put the pied the valley of King Mertwig, a mighty found these infamous caves. Long have they
adventure area card away and return your civilization once held these lands. Atop a been hideouts for thieves, brigands, and oth-
marker to the map. On your next turn, you small mound in the midst of the forest can er bad-type guys. Be carell if you enter;
can move normally. You cannot re-enter an be found a ruined temple that dates back to some of them may still lurk inside.
adventure area until the turn after you leave the "Old Ones." Little is known about what
its map space. went on here (there are no archeologists in
You do not need to read the specific rules the kingdom), but today there are three mys- The Purple Castle
for an adventure area until you actually terious doors. Each time someone goes in,
move to one. he seems to exit (assuming he does exit) Once a mighty noble in Mertwig's court,
somewhat richer for the experience. Lord Purp has quitted the Royal Palace and
lives a reclusive life with his family in his
mountain castle. He is a rather strange rec-
Wbods Whole luse, as there always seem to be groups of
There is a mysterious hole in the middle
The Burial adventurers and monsters wandering
of a spiral wood. N O ~ O ~knows
Y why, but Mounds O# Rhygn
-- around in his home.
when you travel to the end, you become
richer and relocated. Many years ago, when Mertwig was just a
- - prince,
young - the armies of his father fought
a long and bloody battle with the Rhign
warriors. Two days and a night the battle
raged. In the end, the Rhygn were totally
destroyed, and the kingdom secured. The
arms, items, gold, and treasure you have and moves the full amount rolled. From
The Last accumulated). Take your marker from the now on, each time you take a turn, so does
Pyramid in the Sand Royal Palace and put it on the start space the ox.
of the maze card. Ifthe ox lands on or passes through you,
Beyond the mountains and across the Only one player at a time can be in the you are teleported out of the maze. The
desert lies the Last Pyramid in the Sand. maze. encounter player rolls one die and multi-
Some say it was built by a great king of the In order to reach the king's chamber plies the result by two. He can then place
Old Ones. Daring adventurers have through the maze, the player must move your marker in any space that is that num-
entered and come back laden with riches, through one of three barrier spaces. Two ber of spaces away from the palace.
while others have never come back at all. of these spaces are open; the third is There are no encounters in the maze. If
blocked by an invisible barrier. you roll a 0 you can move 10 spaces. You
Mertwig's Maze Before you enter the maze, the encoun- cannot pass through the invisible barrier.
ter player looks at the three maze cards. If you run into it, you must back up and go
Although built by his great grandfather, He places them under the edges of the around it. Hitting the invisible barrier
King Mertwig takes credit for the family maze, beneath the three numbers which doesn't end your turn; you can use any
maze beneath the palace. All members of correspond to the three places where the movement points remaining that turn to
the royal family have the uncanny ability invisible barrier might be. Two cards indi- back away from the barrier. If you reach
to find their way through the maze where cate a clear path, one indicates a blocked the king's chamber, you win the game!.
others fail. The maze is also inhabited by path. You can look at the appropriate card The onyx ox (a Royal Treasure) neutralizes
the Mystic Musk Ox, a legendary beast of when you reach a barrier space. the Mystic Musk Ox. If you enter the maze
unknown origin. This creature keeps out To move in the maze, roll one die and with this item the Mystic Musk Ox will not
those who do not belong. move up to that many spaces. You can take pursue you. You must still work your way
You may only enter the maze if you have any path you wish and can backtrack or through the maze, however, and reach the
a Royal Treasure and a Royal Birthmark. move less than the full amount rolled. king's chamber before MemKig dies.
The guards will only let you in alone, so After your second move in the maze, the The barrier cards can be rearranged
you must discard all your hirelings before encounter player puts the Mystic Musk whenever a new player character enters
you enter the maze (you may keep all Ox marker on the start space, rolls the die, the maze.

Frequently during the game you will have ment. In other adventure areas, follow the
encounters. When this happens, the smc instructions for that area.
encounter player selects one of his encounter When Do In addition, some spaces on the adventure

1 cards and places it face up next to your party.

' YOU can encounter a wide assortment of
monsters, strange things, unusual occur-
YW Have EnCWnkm?
area cards call for you to have one or more
encounters when you land on them.

rences, fiiendly characters, and occasionally You have an encounter any turnwhen you
1 even unguarded treasure. roll 0 (10) for your movement. Instead of
moving, you stay where you are and have an
encounter. This applies whether you are in
an outdoors space or an adventure area.
There are only three exceptions: no one ever
The Encounter Player
has encounters in town, or in Mertwig's At the start of the game, one person
Maze, or in an adventure area if the specific receives the encounter player card which
instructionsfor that adventure area state oth- identifies him as the encounter player. Being
erwise. In town or the maze, you can move the encounter player is your way to throw
up to 10 spaces if you roll 0 (or 10)for move- gocd fortune and bad at the other players.
When someone has an encounter, the and rewards you with a treasure if you pro- this card comes uv in combination with
encounter player selects one of his face ceed directly to the Last Pyramid in the any other hostile card that requires com-
down encounter cards and plays it. Sand without stopping in the town or any bat, ignore this card; do not draw another
Each player starts with four encounter other adventure area. card to revlace it.
:cards. You cannot draw any new encoun- The Gryphon: Roll one die. On an Pigment of Someone's Imagina-
ter cards until you have played all four even number the gryphon goes away. On tion: Nothing happens!
from your hand. When all four are gone, an odd number it attacks your party; pro- The Magic Plant Spike: This is an
draw four more. ceed to Combat. item which you may keep. If you take it to
As soon as the encounter player has The Unicorn: If you have at least one the Tallest Tree in the Forest and stick it in
played an encounter on someone, he female character in your party, the uni- the ground near the tree's roots, the tree
passes the encounter player card to his left corn joins your party. Otherwise, proceed rewards you with a treasure (discard the
and that person becomes the new encoun- to Combat. If the unicorn joins the party spike and draw one treasure card).
ter player. and the only female is discarded, discard The Glowing Rock: This is an item
Ifyou are the encounter player and your the unicorn also. you can keep. If you take it to the Thing
party has an encounter, you must immedi- The Gypsy King: Roll the die. On an That Fell from the Sky and bury it in the
ately pass the encounter player card to even number he joins your party. On an center of the crater, a treasure appears
your left. That person then plays an odd number, he goes away. magically (discard the rock and draw one
encounter on you! The Mystic: This wise old man heals treasure card).
In a two-player game, don't bother one wound (if you have one) or gives you a The Granite Toenail: This is an item
using the encounter player card. The oth- gold piece and wanders off into the sunset. you may keep. If you take it to the Collos-
er player is always the encounter player! The Blatant Beast: This denizen of sus of Maurg and return it to the toe of the
literature is ever in search of a good tale or great statue, you will be rewarded with a
rhyme. You must tell it a tale. Roll the die. treasure (discard the toenail and draw a
- - - - -. - - If the result is even, he likes your recita- treasure card).
I tion, gives you a treasure, and leaves. If The Eagle's Eye: This is an item you
the result is an odd number, proceed to may keep. If you take it to Eagle Rock and
Special Encounters Combat. insert it in the socket of the great stone
Many of the encounter cards depict The Sphinx: Riddles are his game, and bird's eye, you will be rewarded with a
friendly, or possibly nonhostile, encoun- if you can solve one, a treasure is yours. treasure (discard the eye and draw one
ters. Follow the instructions on the card (if Roll the die. If the result is even, he likes treasure card).
any) and if the encounter does not join your answer, gives you a treasure, and The Talisman of the Dead: This is an
your party, it is placed in the discard pile. leaves. If the result is an odd number, pro- item you may keep. If you take this magic
Most of the cards in the encounter deck ceed to Combat. charm to the Boneyard and recite the
are hostile-monsters or creatures that The Forest Baker: Play his game of words inscribed on the bottom, you will
attack you on sight. If the card is not one chance! You and the encounter player each be rewarded with treasure (discard the tal-
on the following list, proceed to combat. conceal a die on the table under your isman and draw one treasure card).
The Dreaded 20 Foot Pit: Roll a die hand. If the numbers match, you win a Unguarded Treasure: Take one card
and multiply the result by two. Repeat treasure from the deck. You have three from the treasure deck.
this once for each member of your party, chances to beat the baker. Friendly Character Joins You:
including your player character. If the Oops! Move the party one space: Take the top card from the character
result exceeds the character's defense val- The encounter player moves your marker deck and add it to your party (do this
ue, the character is wounded. one space in any direction of his choice. If first if you are also involved with a hos-
Lady Philippa: She joins your party this causes another encounter, resolve it. If tile encounter).
When your party meets a hostile encoun- A magic-using character or encounter can
ter, you must fight it. Combat is resolved in cast one or more spells during a battle. Each
the following manner. Multiple Encolml# C a b spell a character knows (listed on his card)
can be used only once during a given battle.
1. The encounter player places the
It is possible to find your party facing sev- If the spell is not an area effect spell, you
encounter card (or cards) on the table oppe
eral hostile opponents. If the card played by must spec^ its target.
site your party. All special encounters are
the encounter player has a star printed at the The encounter player announces his
resolved first, one at a time.
top, that encounter is not alone! Draw the spells first. After all of his spells and targets
2. All remaining encounters should be top card from the encounter deck and place have been declared, the encounter player
hostile, bent on attacking the party. Both it next to the card already played. If this one rolls a die for each spell and determines the
you and the encounter player decide what has a star, too, continue drawing additional result. You then do the same for each spell
spells your characters will cast (if any). Dice cards until an encounter card without a star you are casting. Even though the encounter
are then rolled and the results of the spell(s) is drawn and played. If the card has two player resolves his spells first, all spells are
are determined. Any characters or encoun- stars, draw two additional cards. considered to be cast at the same time, so
ters with enough wounds to kill them are set results do not take effect until after both
aside (but not discarded yet). players have cast their spells. See How Magic
3. Match each attacking encounter card Works for details on the spells.
with at least one character from your party. Characters who were wounded or killed
are set aside, but not yet discarded. Encoun-
No more than two characters can be paired Special Encounters ters which ran away as a result of a "Scare
against any one encounter card. Roll dice to
resolve melee and place wound markers on All special encounters (listed earlier) must the Dead" or "Fear" spell are also set aside.
wounded characters or encounters. Any be resolved before combat. In some cases Characters from your party which ran away
cards with enough wounds to kill them are this means determining whether the are discarded immediately.
set aside (but not discarded yet). encounter is hostile or friendly and whether
it joins you. An item which you keep or an
4. You now have the chance to escape unguarded treasure does not become yours
from the battle, if things don't seem to be until you defeat any hostile encounters
going well. If you escape, you collect no present.
fruits of victory and all attackmg encounter "Oops" is disregarded if there is a hostile Melee
cards, as well as any cards recently killed encounter present. The Death of the King
(with wound markers on them) are discard- Once spell casting is finished, the player
does not occur until after you have defeated matches at least one character from his party
ed. No healing is allowed. The battle and or run away from any hostile encounter
your turn are over. The encounter player against each attacking encounter card for
present. melee (hand-tehand combat). No more than
can never try to escape.
two characters can be paired against any one
5. Both you and the encounter player can encounter card.
try to heal any character who was wounded If there are more encounter cards than
in this round of combat. Any character with characters in the melee, then the encounter
a heal spell can try to heal one wound.
Killed characters who are not healed at this
Casting Spells player matches one or two encounter cards
against each of your character cards. The side
time are discarded. As soon as the encounter player finishes with the most cards in the melee always gets
Combat continues in this manner until all placing his cards, both you and he must to decide who attacks who. Cards that cast
hostile encounters are dead or have run decide which of your characters (ifany) will magic thisturn can be attacked but do not roll
away, or until the party is all dead or has cast spells. If you have no magic-using char- an attack die during melee.
escaped. acters, you may not cast spells. If a character When pairing cards, you can't double up
casts a spell at this time, he may not roll an against any card unless every other card has
attack die during the melee which follows! at least one opponent. Any cards that are not
paired with an opponent are not involved
in the melee.
Once all pairings have been made, the
encounter player rolls one die for each of
Escape Healing
his cards in the melee. This is the Attack After melee is finished and wounded If either you or the encounter player
Die Roll. Add the result of your attack die characters have been set aside, characters have wounded or killed characters, you
roll to the attacking card's attack value. If have a chance to escape from the battle. can try to heal them now. Only a character
the total exceeds the target's defense val- If you don't wish to escape, skip this with a Heal spell can try to heal someone.
ue, the target is wounded. Place a wound step. If you have none, no healing can be done.
marker on it. If you wish to escape, you and the Each Heal spell can be used only once
You then roll an attack die for each of encounter player both roll a die. If you roll per turn. Any killed character that is not
your characters in the melee. the higher number, the battle is over and healed immediately is placed in the dis-
Combat is simultaneous, so no results all living members of your party escape. card pile. Killed encounter cards that
take effect until both players have rolled You receive no Fruits of Victory and all aren't healed are removed from the battle,
all of their attacks. .encounter cards and any killed or sleeping but are not yet discarded. If you win the
characters are placed in their respective battle, you'll want to know how many
discard piles. treasures you get as Fruits of Victory.
Certain characters allow you to add one If only one side has cards still in the
to your escape die roll. some encounters fight, the battle is over; proceed to Fruits
(giants and the giant snake) are very slow; of Victory. If both sides still have cards in
Wounds if they are in the battle, the encounter the fight, combat continues; go back to
A die roll of 1, no matter what the player must subtract one from his escape Spell Casting and repeat the steps.
attacker's attack value is, always misses die roll. These bonuses and penalties are
the target. A die roll of 0, no matter how cumulative.
small the attack value, always wounds the If you roll less than or the same number
target. Place wound markers on all as the encounter player, you fail to escape.
wounded characters and encounters. Proceed to "Healing."
If a character or encounter is paired with Your marker remains in the same space Fruits of Victory
two opponents, only one of them can be after escaping from a battle. Once you have killed or scared away all
attacked. This decision must be made of the attacking encounters, you have won
before rolling the die. the battle and are entitled to your Fruits of
If an encounter is paired up against a Victory. Listed on the bottom of each
hireling and a player character, the encounter card is the amount of treasure
encounter must attack the hireling. Dur- you receive for defeating that character or
ing melee, a player character can be monster.
attacked only if it is the only card in that Draw one treasure card from the top of
pairing. the treasure deck for each treasure listed
If all of the encounters are killed, you on defeated encounters. If no treasure is
have won the battle. You can try to heal listed, you receive no treasure for defeat-
any wounded or killed characters and then ing that encounter.
proceed to the Fruits of Victory. If your Any special encounter cards that were set
entire party, including your player charac- aside earlier, such as unguarded treasure or
ter, has been killed, you are out of the items, now become yours. All defeated
game! (see Starting Over). encounter cards are then discarded.
There are two types of magic in the game: this is added to the appropriate value of the
magic spells, which can only be used by character using it.
characters and encounters with magic abili- Only characterswith magic abiity canuse How Magic Works
ty; and magical treasures, which can be magic wands. Only a cleric, monk, or druid
obtained from the treasure deck and are gen- can use a holy symbol. Within these restric- The following descriptions need only be
erally usable by all characters. tions, you can shift a magical item from one referred to when you actually cast a spell or
character to another after each round of a use a magical item. Skip over them ifyou are
battle (see Combat). A character can carry just learning the rules.
and use numerous magical treasures at the
same time.
For example, a character with the Invisi-
Magic Ability ble Ring ( + 3 defense) and the Sword of
Snyd ( + 3 attack, + 2 defense) adds three to
Four of the player characters and many of
the characters and encounters have magic his attack value and five to his defense value. Magic Spells
abiity. This is indicated by a list of magic Fredgear's Magic Wand: This device Charm (x2): Pick any one opposing
spells which the character can cast. The list can either increase its user's attack value by character, roll a die, and multiply the result
is printed on the character or encounter one or add one to a spell effect die roll by two. Ifthe final result exceeds the defense
h d . A magic-using character can only cast (before multiplication). Only characters value of the target, that character joins your
the spells he knows (those listed on his card) with magic ability can use the wand and party. Place it alongside your character. It
and each spell can be cast only once per turn only one of its effects can be used per round. will remain with your party until it either
(which means only once per battle). Garathys Shield: This ancient shield runs away, is killed, or you let it go. A
To cast a spell, announce which character adds three to its owner's defense value. charmed encounter does not need to be paid
is casting a spell, which spell he is casting, Helm of Power: The helmet was crafted when you cash in treasure at the Royal Pal-
and who or what is the target of the spell. by master wizards, and increases both its ace. If you charm an evil encounter, any
Then roll a die. The number rolled is multi- wearer's attack and defense values by two. good characters in your party are discarded
plied by the spell's multiplier. If the result Holy Symbol of Anabachaz: The pow- immediately, or vice versa.
exceeds the defense value of the target, the dmagic in this artifact increases the bear- If the encounter player successfully
spell succeeds. If the result equals or is less er's defense value by two or adds two to his charms a character away from a party, the
than than the defense value of the target, the spell effect die roll (before multiplication). charmed character becomes a hostile
spell fails. Only one of these effects can be used per encounter and must be defeated.
When casting spells, a roll of 1 always round. Only a cleric, monk, or druid can use A charmed character or encounter
means failure. A roll of 0 (10) always means the holy symbol. becomes a member of the opposing group in
success (no matter how large the target's Invisible Ring: Using this ring increases all respects. Only another Charm spell can
defense value is). the character's defense value by three. bring it back to its original group.
Area effxt spells can affect all opponents, Mithril Breastplate: This magnificent Fear (x2, area effect): One at a time,
but you must roll the die separately for each armour, built by a long-lost clan of dwarves, point to each opposing character and roll a
target. adds four to its-wearer's defense value. die, multiplying the result by two. If the
Sword of Snyd: The mighty warrior final result is greater than the defense value
Snyd left behind a sword that adds three to of the target, it flees from the combat.
both the wielder's attack and defense values. Encounters which flee leave their treasures
Wand of Polyplox: The Stradivarius of behind; you can collect these treasures if all
magic wands, Polyplox's masterpiece can of the encounters are defeated. Charactersin
Magical Treasures increase either its user's attack value or mag- your party who flee are discarded. If your
Nine of the 34 treasures are magical. ic die rolls by three (before multiplication). player character flees, the encounter is over
These can only be obtained in the adventure Only one of these effects can be used per and the encounter cards are discarded (no
areas or by defeating an encounter that has a round, however, and only characters with treasure is gained if you flee). The entire par-
treasure. Most can be used by any character. magic ability can use the wand. ty flees with your player character.
Any treasure, including magical ones, canbe War Club: Although it appears simple Scare the Dead (x2, area effect): One
exchanged for gold at the Royal Palace. and crude, this mighty weapon increases the at a time, point to each opposing dead char-
When a character uses a magical treasure, wielder's attack value by four. acter and roll a die, multiplying the result by
it is placed underneath his card so that the The Onyx Ox is not specifically a magic two. If the final result is greater than the
name and numbers are still visible. Ifa magi- m m q but h o l m it helps you to get past the defense value of the target, it flees from the
cal treasure has an attack or defense value, Mystic Musk Ox in King Mertw&s Maze. combat. Encounters which flee leave their
treasures behind before being placed in wound marker is removed from the target. If the final result is greater than the
the discard pile. "Dead" refers to such The target's defense value is not increased defense value of the target, it takes one
encounter types as ghosts, mummies, and for armour or magical treasure. wound. Place a wound marker on the tar-
zombies. A Heal spell can also be used any turn get.
Sleep (x2, area effect): One at a time, instead of rolling a die for movement, if Evil Protection (x3, area effect):
point to each opposing character and roll a you have a wounded member in your par- One at a time, point to each evil character
die, multiplying the result by two. If the ty. You must, of course, have a character in (opposing and friendly!) and roll a die,
final result is greater than the defense val- your party who knows the Heal spell. The multiplying the result by three. If the final
ue of the target, it falls asleep for the next attempt at healing constitutes your turn result is greater than the defense value of
two rounds of combat. Turn the card side- whether successful or not. the target, it is entranced and can do noth-
ways to indicate that the character or If a character becomes wounded in an ing for the next two rounds of combat.
encounter is asleep. adventure area, you may try to heal him Turn the card sideways to indicate that the
While asleep, a character or encounter immediately. Remember, a Heal spell can character or encounter is entranced.
may not cast spells or attack. It can be be cast only once per turn. However, a While entranced, a character or encoun-
attacked as though it was awake, however. character can cast a Heal spell even if he ter cannot cast spells or attack. It can be
If you escape from a combat while mem- cast another spell in combat this round. attacked, however, as though it was awake.
bers of your party are asleep, the cards of Invisibility (x3): Select the opponent If you escape from combat while a mem-
the sleeping members are discarded. with the largest defense value. This is ber of your party is entranced, that charac-
Fireball (x2, area effect): One at a your target. Roll one die and multiply the ter's card is discarded.
time, point to each opposing character and result by three. If the final result is greater Magic Bolt (x4): Pick one opponent as
roll a die, multiplying the result by two. If than the defense value of the target, the your target. Roll one die and multiply the
the final result is greater than the defense party has escaped and the encounter is result by four. If the final result is greater
value of the target, it takes one wound. over. Discard any surviving encounter than the defense value of the target, the
Place a wound marker on the target. cards. You do not collect treasure if you target is wounded.
Heal (x2):Select any wounded character escape from an encounter. When using any spell, a roll of 1 means
as your target. Roll one die and multiply the Lightning (x3, area effect): One at a failure. A roll of 0 (10) means success, no
result by two. If the fmal result is greater time, point to each opposing character and matter how large the defense value of the
than the defense value of the target, one roll a die, multiplying the result by three. target.

TREASURE,-.*. + -v-+M

The deck of treasure cards is your key to gold pieces-are the only treasures that need
victory in the MERTWIG'S MAZEm not be taken to the Royal Palace. If you draw
game. The only way to get more gold to ConverHng one of these, collect the gold from the bank
spend is to gather treasures and cash them in immediately and discard the treasure card.
at the Royal Palace. In addition, if the king Treasures to Gold
dies, the player with the most gold and trea-
sure wins. Printed on each card is its value in gold
Treasures are obtained in two ways: as the pieces. You may not spend a treasure in
Fruits of Victory for defeating hostile town or use it as a bribe unless you first con-
vert it to gold. When you land on the Royal
Royal Birthmarks
encounters and lying about in any ofthe sev-
en adventure area$. Palace space in town, the chancellor of the Among the treasure cards are five royal
Each treasure card you obtain must be exchequer gives you gold (from the bank) for birthmark cards. No player can ever have
placed face up in front of you near your par- each treasure you choose to turn in. more than one royal birthmark card. If you
ty. Nine of the cards represent magical trea- Put cashed-in treasures in the discard pile. have a royal birthmark and draw another
sures which may be usell to your party. The two smallest treasures-six and 10 one, you must immediately discard one and
draw the next card from the top ofthe trea- The gold locket (a royal treasure) is bro-
sure deck. If this, too, is a birthmark, keep ken in half and appears on two cards. Each
drawing and discarding until you get a Royal Treasures half is worth a few gold pieces, but YOU
treasure. must have both parts for it to count as a
Whenever a birthmark card is discard- Seven of the treasure cards are royal trea- royal treasure.
ed, all treasure cards in the discard pile are
shufled back into the treasure deck. This
gives every player a chance to obtain a roy-
al birthmark.
sues, marked with a large letter "R" at the
top. To prove yourself an heir to the throne,
you must obtain a royal birthmark and at
least one royal treasure. Show these to the
A player can never lose or give away a
royal birthmark once gained unless his
player character dies and he starts over.
guards at the entrance to the maze, and you
may enter. Royal treasures may also be
cashed in for gold, like any other treasures.
' -

There are two ways to win the game. maze to reach the King's Chamber. "Death of the King" card is drawn. If you
1. Obtain a royal birthmark and a royal 2. Have the most treasure and gold when are using the optional arms and magic decks,
treasure and find your way through the the king dies. The king dies when the arms and magical items are counted, too.

Although no one strategy guarantees suc- chance to roll a zero and can take a wound. but no birthmark or royal treasure, go to the
cess, the following few suggestions are By all means hire Marlduk or Owlswil if adventure areas. These use up encounter
offered. you get the chance. Their ability to heal cards faster than wandering around, and this
In the beginning, spend all your gold hir- characters is a definite advantage, especially increases the chance that the "Death of the
ing as many characters as you can. Even an if you are not using the optional rules. King" card will be drawn.
inexpensive little guy is a body who gets a If, late in the game, you have lots of wealth
The following rules can be added at yaur decide what anns each member of your par-
discretion. They add more flavor and com- ty is carrying. You can shift arms from one
plexity to the game, and also lengthen the character-to &other at the beginning of any
playing time. round of combat (before spell casting), but
not between spell casting and melee. The magic deck can also be added to the
If an arms-bearing character is killed, you game. No player begins with any magical
can recover and reassign the card at the items. However, when you land on a town
beginning of the next round of combat. If an space that contains one or more scrolls, you
arms-bearing character runs away from a & draw that many magic cards and lkve
Extended Life battle as a result of Fear (a magic spell), the the option to buy any or all of the cards
Each character and encounter is now arms card is discarded. If an arms-bearing drawn.
killed only upon receiving two wounds. character is Channed into joining the ene- Magical items are kept near your party
This rule makes Heal spells much more my, he takes his arms with him (discard at like treasures. They need not be assigned to
important and opens the possibility of the end of the battle). any particular character. A character does
returning to town to seek out the hospital not need to have magic ability to use an item
and the temple for healing. listed on a magic card. Most magical items
A player character can survive two are for use during battle, but a couple (the
wounds and is killed only upon receiving a lucky charm and the scroll of teleportation)
can be used at other times.
third wound. Missile Weapons A magic card is discarded afker use bou
This rule can only be used if you are using can only use it once).
arms. You may, if you wish, fiuther com-
plicate battle by considering the sling, cross-
bow, and bow to be Missile weapons. This
Arms and Annour adds a missile fire phase to combat which is
resolved &er spell casting and before melee.
The arms deck is added to the game. No
Only a charaher armed with a sling, cross-
Magical Items in Combat
player begins with any anns. However,
when you land on a space in town contain- bow, or bow can use missile fire. Any A character who uses a scroll of fear or a
ing one or more sword symbols, you can encounters killed by missile fire are set aside scroll of charm is considered to have cast a
draw that many arms &ds and have the before melee. A character who fires a missile spell, and cannot attack again during missile
option to buy any or all of the cards drawn. weapon cannot also attack during the follow- fire or melee. These scrolls function exactly
Arms and armour can be assigned to any ing melee (he has already made his attack). A the same as the spells of the same name.
member of your party. Simply place the character that cast a spell during spell cast- A character who drinks a bottle of c o w
arms card beneath the character card so that ine:
" cannot make a missile attack. age during spell casting can still attack dur-
you can still read the attack and defense val- You can also use the dagger as a missile ing missile fire or melee (but cannot cast a
ues at the top. The attack value of a weapon weapon. If you use it as such (by throwing spell). A bottle of courage temporarily
card is added to the attack value of the char- it), it is discarded. increases a character's attack and defense
acter. Armour increases the character's Missile f r e is resolved the same as melee, values. Place the bottle card under the char-
defense value. but the target cannot fire back! (No encoun- acter so that the numbers are visible. The
Use some common sense with a r m and ters have missile weapons.) In addition, any bonuses last any number of rounds, until the
armour. A character can use only one weap number of characters can fire at any one tar- end of the current battle.
on, wear only one helmet and one breast- get. Healing potions are used during the
plate, and carry only one shield in combat. To resolve missile fire, declare your target healing phase of combat. One healing potion
Surplus arms can be kept face up with your and roll the die. Add your character's attack cures one wound. More than one potion can
treasures. value and missile weapon value to the die be applied to a character. Healing potions
Armour helps defend a character against roll. Compare the total with the target's can also be used any turn in place of a move-
t spells Fireball, Lightning, and Magic
. defense value. Ifthe defense value is exceed- ment die roll.
)It. All other spells are calculated against ed, the target is wounded. A smoke bomb must be used during
e basic defense value of the target charac- the escape phase of combat. A smoke
;no matter what that character is holding bomb adds two to your escape die roll. You
or wearing. Armour does not defend a char- can use more than one bomb at a time, but
acter against a pit, trap, or snare, either. you only get one chance to escape after
At the beginning of a battle, you can each round of battle.
The teleportation scroll can be used
during the escape phase, in which case
your escape is successful. The scroll can Varying Terrain Costs Attacking Other Players
also be used any turn instead of rolling a
die for movement. To teleport, roll one die Instead of paying one point for each area Don't use this rule unless you have
and move your colored marker exactly that entered on the game board, it costs two tough skins. It tends to bruise egos. You
number of spaces in any direction you points to enter a swamp, woods, or hill are now allowed to use your party to attack
choose. Do not count anything extra for space, and three points to enter a moun- other players' parties.
crossing rivers and do not pay any gold to tain space. This increases the value of tele- You can land in the same space as
cross a lake. Teleportation movement portation (teleporting still costs only one another player (but only one player can be
takes place only out of doors and in town; point per space) and gives more meaning in an adventure area at a time). When you
you cannot use teleportation to move to a to the different terrain types. However, a land in the same space as another player,
space inside an adventure area. If you tele- player character token can always move you can try to find his party. Both you and
port while in an adventure area, place your one space, regardless of the die roll (unless the other player roll a die. If you roll high-
marker on the game map and then start it was 0 and an encounter occurred). er, the other player has been found.
moving. If you roll a 0 when teleporting, Adventure areas and special areas (those Bonuses to escape die rolls apply to this
you move 10 spaces and do not have an printed in black and white) always cost roll! If you fail to find the other player,
encounter. one point to enter. nothing happens.
Keys can be used at any time to open a Once you find another player's party,
locked door in any adventure area. you have combat with one another just as
You can use a lucky charm any time you would with an encounter. You may, of
you roll a die for any reason. T h e charm course, negotiate bribes, ransoms, and
adds or subtracts one from the result as blackmail rather than fight.
you see fit. You can see the result of your You can never attack another player
roll before using the lucky charm. while in town.
- Tom Wham

Wise amd beloved Wng Mc- lays dying. Hfa only childma, a twin boy
and girl, were stolen by gypsies long age when they were sdll babies.
Mertwig, desperate that hia kingdom not fall into evil hands, announ- a
contest: Anyone who can present to him a Royd Treasnt.~and a Royd
Birrhma* will be namtd hefr!
But treasures (not to mention birtkmarks) arc not exactly easy to find.
And aft- a would-be Royd Heir tracks them both down, he (or she) must
grewsnt them to Wng Mertwig-and that requim bmving the dangers of
M e t w i g ' s Maze!
The MBI.twig3r Martsm game ir a 13ghthqartcd Eantosy boardgemt fFom
Tom Wharn, designer of namcrour games published in DRAGONe maga-
zine, including the cta~sicSnit Smrrskirsg md Sait'~R Q D ~ I Ia
I * the
Msrtt&g's A3ma w e , yon w e the would-be heir to Mcrtwig'5 throne!
Can you complete your quest, gtz past the Myrtk Musk C)X in Mertwfg's
Maze, and reach she Anirh before the other played More importantly,
can you claim the throne before Mtrtwfgp a w on and the kingdom f b h
into the clutChtb of evil?
The Msrtwig's Mme gpmc contains a 1-e game map, eighr
smaller maps, full-color counters, and hundreds of d a depicting-
hireline, magical items, arms and armor, and random events to
aid your quest-or hfndtr your oppontnt~'!Msrtwig's Mum game
can be played by two or more players, snd is nmmmtndcd for
ages 10 and up.


PO Bax 366 The Mill, Rnthmorc Rbod
Lake Otnsp., Cunbddge CB1 I A D
WI mi47 U.S.A. United Kkgdon

OlWi.8 TSR,Isc, AU Ftighta R-cnmad. Printed In U.S.A,

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