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Many conditions can be managed or treated at home

ASHA and other Health workers may teach the

community about the conditions and their home

This will help in Primary health care

ASHA should have knowledge about the level upto

which home remedies can be used and when to refer
Common Cold is relatively harmless condition. It can occur at
any time throughout the year but the prevalence is most in late
winters and fall. It is very common in children.
This condition acts as a gateway to many other respiratory
However, it should not be neglected.

Symptoms of common cold are:

Running or Blocked Nose. Muscle Aches.

Sore/ Scratchy throat. Loss of Appetite.
Sneezing. Cough.
Fatigue. Headache.
Mild fever with chills . 3
Leaves of Holi basil (Tulsi) plant mixed with an equal quantity of dried
ginger powder as substitute for tea during cold and flu- three times a
Juice of ginger (Adrak) and holy basil (Tulsi) one-one tsp mixed with
one tsp honey, -two-three times a day.
Powder of black pepper (marich) half tsp mixed with Jaggery (guda)
two times a day.
Small piece of Ginger (adrak) fried in ghee, - two times a day.
One teaspoonful of the powder or paste of turmeric with a cup of milk
and take fried turmeric powder with 1-2 gm of ghee mixed with hot
milk - thrice a day.
Gargle with warm turmeric powder 2-3 times a day to relieve sore
Drink a glass of hot water mixed with the juice of a lemon and sugar to
taste. Also at bedtime as it gives relief from nasal catarrh.
Two to three tsp of fresh juice of Aamla or half to one tsp of powder of
the same is ideal to control cold.
There are several ways in which you can keep the intensity of condition
levels low; such as:

Inhale steam to relieve a nasal congestion. May add a few drops of

eucalyptus oil in a bowl of hot water.

Strengthening of immune system will keep one healthy. Two plants

that will help you strengthen immune system are Aamla and Tulasi
which may be used on a regular basis.

Do not over heat the room. Let the body lose heat naturally.

Keep away from others who are infected with cold

Eat a well balanced diet and get enough rest. Take plenty of hot
Soothen the throat and relieve cough with a home remedy
such as lemon with honey and ginger, tulsi, warm water etc.

Paste of Nutmeg (Jayphala) in a very small quantity may be

given to the baby 1-2 times /day

Application of Mustard Oil (Sarson) pre heated with salt

garlic Methi seeds and jowain seeds, may be applied on the
chest and back of child.

Above mentioned remedies may be used in small doses.
Referral Criteria:

In case of high grade fever (more than 102 degree F)

Severe chills and rigors and muscular pain

Associated with vomiting and pain behind eyes

Any signs of bleeding (from nose / throat / gums / any

other part of body)
In cases of children- High respiratory rate (more than 50 /
min ), bluish discoloration and refusal to feed
Asthma means repeated attacks of difficulty in breathing or
breathlessness. The narrowed airways may lead to coughing,
wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath (dyspnoea),
and symptoms often being worse at night.
Common remedies:- may be used for stabilizing the patient
before referring.
Taking Piper longum (pippali) powder along with honey, makes
an attack of asthma subside.
Take the juice of the whole plant of Solanum surattense (chote
kateri) two/ three tsp as such, or with combination of equal parts
of dried ginger, long pepper and black pepper (Trikatu) 1 (one)
gm twice a day.
Take Terminalia bellirica powder (Baheda)-1 tsp with equal
honey twice a day.
Powdered fruit of Terminalia chebula (Harad) 1 tsp with luke
warm water- twice a day.
Powdered of Terminalia chebula (Harad), Terminalia bellirica
(baheda) and Emblica bellarica (Aamala) in combination
(Triphala) two tsp with luke warm water- at bed time.

Prepare a decoction by boiling equal parts of root of Adhatoda

vasica (adoosa), rhizome of turmeric, stem of Tinospora
cordifolia (Guduchi/ giloey), and the fruit of Solanum surattence
(chote kateri). Take this decoction internally, 20-30ml with one
gram of powdered black pepper twice a day.

During an acute attack of asthma, drink some hot water with the
juice of one clove of garlic.

Apply (massage) luke warm mustard oil (Sarson tail) mixed with
a pinch of Rock salt on chest.
Avoid foods that can aggravate asthma such as curd, bananas, sugar
sweets, back gram, buttermilk, guavas, fried foods, sour substances etc.
Change in weather, exposure to moulds, animal dander, grass or tree
pollen triggers asthmatic attacks.
Wear a scarf round your mouth and nose in cold weather.
During an asthma attack, sit up straight or bend forward. Do not lie
down. Place a hot towel over the chest. This helps to relax muscles and
restore normal breathing.
For an acute asthma attack, try steam inhalation. Add a few drops of
eucalyptus oil.
Smoking both active and passive, should be strictly restricted.

Referral criteria: If dyspnoea continuously increases or

the symptoms do not subside, refer the patient.
Keep Glycyrriza piece (Mulethi) in mouth in case of dry cough for sucking
Make decoction of powder of leaves of Adhatoda vasaka (Vasa/ adusa)
mixed with pinch of long pepper (Pippali) and 1 tsp honey, 2-3 times / day.
Powder of Black pepper (Kai Mirch) with honey not ony subsides the attack
of cough and also reduces the congestion in chest if used for a long time.
A linctus from Harad, Lavang (long pepper), Adrak (Ginger), Nagar musta
(nut grass)- all in powder form, mixed with honey and lick 3-4 times /day.
Warm/hot water sips help inreducing dry cough.
Honey is good for cough, and is used as a vehicle for medicines.

Some common Ayurvedic medicines:

Half tsp of Sitopaladi Churn mixed with honey may be given three times a
day in productive cough.
Lavangadi vati/ Khadiradi vati is also useful.2 tabs three times a day.
Eladi Churna may be taken according to the symptoms noted.

Referral criteria: In case the cough is present for more than 3

weeks; Associations of conditions like low grade fever, breathlessness,
continuous loss of weight etc.
Gulvel/ Guduchi (Tinospora) kadha:- Take a thumb thick piece
of Gulvel. Add tea spoon powder of dry ginger. Add 2 glasses
of water. Boil on slow fire. When 1/2 glass of decoction remains,
cool it. This may be used fresh.

4 tsp Juice of Holy basil (Tulsi) leaves mixed with half tsp black
pepper (Kali marich), can be given thrice a day.

One tsp coriander (Dhania) powder with one pinch dry Ginger
(Sonth) in one glass of warm water kept over night, should be
given in morning after sieving.

China grass tea: Tea prepared with China grass is a refreshing

decoction for someone suffering from simple fever.
If digestive capacity is low simple remedies like Trikatu
(combination dried ginger, long pepper and black pepper)
and Panchakola (combination of five drugs) powders 2 gms
twice daily are indicated for use along with warm water before
Prepare an infusion of Aniseed (Saunf), Ginger (Adrak),
Cumin (Jeera) seeds and black pepper (kali mirch) in water by
boiling it. These are all digestives.
Dried ginger (Shunthi) powder half tsp may be taken twice
daily with luke warm water.
Lime (Nimbu) juice one tsp to be taken three times a day after
Soak the teaspoonful quantity of Celery seeds (Ajamoda) in a
glassful of buttermilk. Keep this for five to six hours.
Consuming this mixture helps in relieving the indigestion.
After a heavy meal, put two to three pieces of clove in the mouth
or a piece of garlic and let them remain there till all the juices are
extracted. This will help the digestion
Fennel (Saunf Badi) seeds can also be put in the mouth.

Ayurvedic medicine:-
Lavanbhaskar/ Hingwashtak churna 2-3 gms with hot water
are useful in indigestion.

Dietary advice for Indigestion:-

Do not consume a heavy diet when having an indigestion
problem. Stick to a vegetarian diet, and consume more fibers.
Fasting for a day will help a lot. On this day of fasting, you may
consume liquids like fresh fruit juices.
Triphala powder is very popularly used for this condition It
contains three drugs namely Haritaki (Harad), Vibhitaki
(Baheda) and Amalaki (Amla). 5gm of this powder (1- tsp)
should be used with luke warm water at bed time.

The best remedy in chronic condition is castor oil. The

castor oil should be purified and diluted first. 4-6 tsp of
this oil is to be taken with warm milk.

1 Teaspoonful of Sena leaves (Sanay) in 1 cup of hot milk at

bedtime is an easy method for relieving constipation.
Diet consideration:-
Drink a glass of water early in the morning.

A glass of warm milk at bedtime with a teaspoonful of ghee helps

relieving constipation
Beans, dry grains, cabbage, mushrooms and other light or dry food
should be avoided.
Spices, which balance digestion- Asafetida (Hing), Ginger (Adrak),
Cardamom (Elayachi) or Fennel (Saunf), should be taken with
food to alleviate the condition.
Try to avoid hot and spicy food. Also adequate fluids should be
Eat plenty of fruits and leafy vegetables such as Papaya and
Sugarcane which are very effective in relieving constipation.
Use whole wheat flour and not refined flour.
Powdered seeds of Embelia ribes(Vidang) one tsp mixed with
honey and jaggary (guda) - twice a day. Along with a suitable
purgative after 24 hours of the intake of medicine.

Take 4 tablespoonfuls of the fresh milky juice of unripe papaya

fruit (Papita) with one T.S.F. of honey and four T.S.F. of boiling
water. This acts as an effective antihelmintic for round worms.

Paste of Moringa (Neem) leaves may be given empty stomach.

Take 20-25 gm of jaggery early in the morning. After 30 minutes

take 1-2 gm of seeds of Hyoscyamus niger (Khurasani ajvayan)
with cold water.

Seeds of Gourd - 200 mg of seeds of bitter gourd (karela) taken

daily with buttermilk are also good for intestinal worms.
Auyrvedic Medicines:-
Vidangadi Louh: 500 mg. to 1 gm.
Palashbeej Churna: 3 to 6gm. with hot water
Haridrakhand: 3 gms. with warm milk.
Punarnnavadi Mandur: 500 mg. Tab. 1 each at morning and
evening with butter milk in case of anemia.
Vidangarishta -4-6 tsf with water after meals two times a day.

General Hygiene: You should ask to maintain proper

hygiene such as washing the hands thoroughly before meals and
after going to the toilet. Keep fingernails short and clean to avoid
an infection.

Referral Criteria:
In Cases of persisting stomach pain, vomiting and seizures the
help of a doctor must be taken.
Take lemon juice, (mixed with a cup of water) and add some
rock salt to taste. This may be taken 1-2 hours prior to taking
meals, or lemon may be used with meals. It will also remove
constipation-one of the contributory causes of acidity.
Have lots of fresh radishes (mooli). For taste one may add carrots
and tomatoes.
Drinking fresh juice of radish would also be very useful.

Chewing a piece of Terminalia chebula (harad) is an age old

Drink coconut water 3-4 times a day.

A teaspoon of seeds of Ajwain with small amount of salt is agood

Powdered fruit of Embelic officinalis (Aamla) one tsp with water
twice daily.
Take a tiny piece of jaggery (guda) every hour. Keep it in the
mouth and slowly suck it till acidity subsides.

Take dried blossom of tulsi, rind of the Moringa (neem) tree,

black pepper (Kali mirch) and long pepper (pippali) in even
quantity and grind them to powder form. Take 3 gms of this
powder every morning and evening with plain water.

General advices: These conditions are caused by ingestion of

heavy, rich, spicy diet with ghee or oil. It can also be triggered by
eating food hastily. Those who drink and smoke heavily also suffer
from acidity and heartburn, in addition to flatulence, colic and
general dyspepsia. Avoiding causes will itself help..
Small pieces of ginger (Adrak) mixed with lime juice and
rock salt may be taken before meals.
Take rice water (Mand) mixed with little salt before meals.

Sucking of powdered fruit of Emblica officinalis (Aamla)

mixed with pinch of salt before food.
Suck the juice of lemon (Nimbu) cut into two halves,
sprinkle d with powder of black pepper and salt.
Ayurvedic Medicine:-
Lavan Bhaskar Churn: upto one tsp to be taken with luke
warm water twice a day.
Higwashtak Churna with ghee before meals
Dadimashtak Churna, before meals.
Paste of Asafoetida (Hing) may be applied around the
Powdered roasted seed of Bishop's Weed (Ajwain) one tsp
may be taken with warm water.
Sucking of Terminalia chebula (Harad) fried in Castor oil
(Erandi tail) mixed with salt can be taken two times a day.
Fried Asafoetida (Hing) in Ghee can be taken with Jaggary
(guda), twice a day.
Local hot fomentation helps in relieving the condition
Ayurvedic Medicine:-
Hingvashtak churna or Shankh Bhasma (one tsp with hot water or
250-500mg with water).
Lasunaadi Vati-2 tablets 3 times daily may also be tried.

Diet advice: Nothing should be given to eat during an attack.

Once the pain subsides, some light, liquid diet may be given. Avoid
giving starch, fat, fried foods, spices etc. Encourage the patient to
adopt walking and mild exercising regularly.
Referral criteria:
Very severe pain
restlessness with pain.
Distension of abdomen and
Associated with excessive vomiting
Visible / palpable lump in abdomen
Powder of Pomegranate fruit rind mixed with honey may be
given 2-3 times / day.
Add a few drops of Pudin Hara or Amritdhara (mint essence or
peppermint) to half a cup of water and drink it 3-4 times daily.
Powder of fruit pulp of Aegle marmalos (bel/ bilva) 1 tsp mixed
with a glass (100 ml to 250 ml) of butter milk (takra) to be taken
three/ four times.
Decoction of Motha (Mustak) and Kutaj in same quantity may
be given 2-3 times / day.
Juice of Babbul leaves mixed with honey may be given 2-3 times /
Powder of fried cumin (Jirak ) or fruit of long pepper (Pippali) or
dried ginger (shunthi) one tsp mixed with 1 litre butter milk
(Takra/ Mattha) and divided into 4 equal parts, and each part is
to be given at the interval of six hours.
One teaspoonful of dried mango fruit when taken with butter
milk two times a day acts as a good cure for Diarrhea and
Take one raw papaya. Add 3 cups of water into it and boil it for
near about 10 mins. Now strain the mixture and finish the water
in one day.
General precautions: Use lot of fluids like Sharbat,
coconut water, rice-kanji, light tea etc. which are commonly
available, locally accepted liquids also may be used.
Referral criteria:
The person suffering from bloody diarrhea (dysentery) and/or
associated with persistent vomitings needs immediate medical
help. Treatment often starts with an oral rehydrating solution.
Drink coconut water in small amount.

Have a cup of ginger tea.

Lick half tsp powder of (Harad) mixed with honey many times in
a day.
Eat a mixture of honey and powder of 2 roasted cardamoms.

Have a glass of chilled lime juice mixed with sugar.

Have a mixture of 1 tsf mint juice, 1 tsp lime juice, 1/2 tsp ginger
juice and 1 tsp honey. Slowly sip a glass of honey water.
Have one tsp onion juice at regular intervals.
Rubbing of teeth by mustard oil mixed with pinch of rock salt
and turmeric powder. It may be used as long as possible.

Clove oil application on affected tooth or application of clove

ash on the affected tooth.

Powder of Piper longum (Pippali) half tsp mixed with half tsp
Ghee and one tsp honey kept in mouth for 5-7 minutes,
followed by warm saline gargles.

Grind turmeric, bishop's weeds and cloves in a piece of

cotton. Put this cotton swab on the aching teeth.
14. Yellow Tooth:-
Mix salt with finely powdered rind of lime (nimbu ka chilka).
Use this as toothpowder frequently.
Burn the shells of almonds and powder it. Use as tooth powder.

15. Teeth Weakness:-

Burn to ashes a piece of turmeric, grind it with Bishop's weed
(ajwain) and use this mixed powder as a tooth powder.

16. Tooth Decay:-

Take a piece of turmeric, roast it and then grind it. Fill this
powder in the cavity caused by tooth decay.
Application of ice on bleeding wound until the bleeding
Turmeric (Haldi) in oil is an excellent anti-septic. For
abrasions and small cuts, application is enough, dressing
may not be neccessory in such cases.
Aloe is a good wound healer and a natural dressing too. Cut
a piece of aloe across its length of the wound size. Put the
raw cut side of aloe and tie it on the wound with clean
cloth. Replace aloe dressing everyday.
Application of Neem oil is a good remedy.

Raw papaya pieces can be an effective dressing. This is

especially good for infected wounds.
Triphala powder dusted on the small wounds stops
bleeding and also works as an antiseptic. The wound can be
washed with decoction of Triphala.
Panaka/ Panna: Drinks prepared with fruit juices, sugar and
spices such as Trijata (Dalchini, Tej patra, Elaichi) are known as
Another variety Aam Panak (Pana), prepared by boiling unripe
mango on mild heat and made into a paste. Then dissolve with
16 times of water, mix with Jeerak (cumin seeds), Rock salt
(Saindhav Namak), Black pepper (Kali Mirch), clove (lavanga),
cardamom (Ela), and Sugar for taste. It is useful in heat stroke,
thirst, burning sensation in body and in indigestion.
2 tsf Juice of Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi/ Giloy) stem mixed
with pinch of sugar and salt two times a day.
Buttermilk with mint leaves and pinch of salt can be given many
Liquid diet may be taken and use of onion in food may be
If burn is not severe:

Apply fresh juice obtained from Aloe vera (Ghritkumari /

Gheekumar) on affected part.

Apply mixture of linseed oil (Atasi tail) and Honey in equal


Apply mixture of Til tail and coconut (Nariyal) oil in equal


In mild burns apply coconut water
Make an infusion of Holy basil (Tulsi) leaves. Put two to four tsp of
dried basil leaves in a cup of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes, cool
and apply.
Face pack made of orange peel- 2gm, Red sandal- 1 gm, and multani
mitti 5 gm to be applied on the face and washed with luke warm
Apply the paste of thorn of Silk Cotton tree (Shalmali) on Pimples.

Ayurvedic Medicine:-
Kumkumadi lepam applied on the face after washing can give good
Aarogyawardhani vati 2 tab B.D. (twice a day).

Sarivadyasava taken 20 ml with equal quantity of water twice daily

acts as a blood purifier.
It is advisable to take sufficient sleep and keep your bowels regular.
Wash your face twice or thrice a day. However, avoid using soaps
that dry your skin.
Keep your bed sheets clean, as dead skin, oil, cosmetics, hair and
dirt on the sheets will clog pores of skin further.
Apply an ice cube (wrapped in a soft piece of cloth) wherever you
spot redness. It not only reduces the redness, it lessens the
inflammation and helps the skin to heal.
Avoid taking too much milk products, nuts, fats, fried and oily
foods, chocolate etc.
Do not pinch the pimple, as it can lead to inflammation. Worse
still, squeezing can leave scars on your face.
Avoid oil-based cosmetics, as they tend to clog the pores on your
Garlic is specially recommended; take 5-7 garlic pods per
day. You can reduce the pungent smell, by taking along
with butter milk or lemon juice.

Extract juice from Kumaari (Aloe Vera) pulp and take one

For scanty menses use three gms. Powder of equal quantity

of black Tila (sesame), Dry ginger (Shunthi) and Aloe
(Ghritakumari) and one gm. Jaggery with tepid water twice
a day or decoction of above drugs including jaggery in the
dose of 10-20 ml. twice a day.
Ayurvedic Medicines:-
Rajahpravartini Vativ 500 mg 2 tab/day upto onset of
Ashokaristha 20 ml with equal quantity of Water half an hour
after meals for 2 to 3 cycles, gives long-lasting results
Other important things to remember:
Proper hygiene should be maintained and pads should be
changes regularly
Do exercise, walk and run regularly.
Gentle massage & Hot water fomentation of the lower belly helps
the muscles to relax.
Drink tea with ginger.

Some Donts
Avoid fried food, pulses and sour food items.
Avoid foods that cause constipation, especially during the last
week of menstrual cycle.
Use of Punarnnavadi mandura in a dose of 250mg-500mg with
water or buttermilk is indicated for minor and moderate anaemia.
(ASHA drug kit)
Anaemia caused due to excessive bleeding during menstruation
could be managed by the intake of tandulodaka (rice wash-
obtained from red variety of rice) with iron preparations like
Punarnavadi mandura 0.5 gm twice daily.
Indian Pennywort (Mandukparni) fried in ghee is also useful in
Juice of Aamla mixed with Honey to be taken 2 tsf two times a day.

Ayurvedic Medicines:
Lohasav 20 ml two times a day after meal with equal quantity of
Saptamrit Lauha / Dhatri Lauh etc. can be used.
Dos (dietary considerations):
Use of green leafy vegetables like spinach (Palak), Hogweed
(Punarnava), Drumstick (Sigru) and fruits like Amalki (Amala),
Pomegranate (Anaar), dry grapes (Munakka) etc. in daily diet is
important to prevent anaemia. Green leafy vegetables should be
prepared in iron pan.
For enhancing the absorption of iron, one must take whole
grams, sprouts, fresh fruits and fresh raw vegetables.

Intake of tea, coffee and other preservatives in the food interfere
in the absorption of iron, therefore intake of these beverages
should be minimized.
Food prepared hygienically should be consumed.
Paste of flower of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Gudhal) one tsp can be
taken empty stomach.
Powdered root of Amaranthus (Chaulai) or Country Mallow (Bala/
Khireti) to be taken with water (rice wash), twice a day.
Amla churna (Powder) - 500mg in the morning and evening with
Soak dry coriander (Dhania) in 125ml water at night and drink the
contents, after sieving, for 7-10 days (to be taken in the morning).
Ayurvedic Medicine:
Take 20ml (4 tsp) of Ashokarishta, mixed with equal quantity of
water after meals daily.
Chandaprabha vati-2-2 tablet two times and half tsp Pushyanuga
churna with rice water two times is also beneficial in this
Special Advice: Ensure local hygiene.
Home/Ayurvedic remedies:
Decoction of fresh Sheesham leaves should be used.
500 mg Shuddh Gairik powder (Sona geru) should be used with cold milk
2-3 times / day.
Pushyanuga curna- 3-6 gm twice a day for 15 days.
Pradarantak rasa 125 to 250 mg tow times a day with honey for 15 days.
Bolaparpati 125 -250 mg B.D. for 15 days.
Asokarista 20 ml B.D. with equal quantity of water for 15 days.
Powder of Shatavari churna-5gm with milk for 15 days.
DOs:-Foods rich in iron contents like dry fruits, leafy green vegetables,
whole grains, wheat, beans, and orange juice. Apple, Anar juice, Carrot,
Grapes, Chiku etc should be used.
Use of cold substances is beneficial.
DONTs:-Try to avoid excess hot and spicy food.
Keep away anger, quarrel, worry and excessive exercise.
Haldi (turmeric) is powdered form of a rhizome. It is widely
used in our country in food as spice and as medicine. Its
medicinal antiseptic properties have been known for hundreds
of years. For bleeding wounds press with haldi powder to stop it.
Haldi also has great wound healing properties. People use haldi
with oil for cuts and abrasions. It is also applied with milk and
chana dal flour (besan) at the time of bath, as UBTAN to
improve complexion.

Triphala is a very useful combination of three fruits: Aamla,

Hirda, and Beheda. It is extensively used in constipation. It is
also useful to reduce obesity control diabetes. Its external
application is very useful for healing wounds. Triphala powder
can also be applied on skin at the time of bath. Its decoction is
useful for gargling in illnesses such as sore throat, stomatitis, and
bleeding gums. Triphala powder is also used as tooth powder and
for vision disorders.
Oil massage is good for pain in the joints. Medicines may still
be necessary for joint pains. Sesame oil or coconut oil is
considered good for massage. Massage improves blood
circulation in the body and helps in detoxifying. Head and foot
massage with oil helps to overcome sleeplessness.

Mulethi is a very useful plant. It is available as small dry sticks.

The stem is used to improve voice if it is hoarse. It is given with
honey. Mulethi powder is useful in cough and hyperacidity. It
improves the brain function when given with cow's milk. It is
also used in pitta disorders because Mulethi has cooling
properties. Mulethi is used as an external application to improve
skin glow. The powder is applied with haldi powder and milk.
Mulethi improves general health. It serves as a tonic when taken
with shatavari (Asparagnc) powder and milk especially in
lactating mothers. For gaining weight use with milk and ghee. 42