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Vineyard Newsletter
February 2017

Happy February 1st!!! I cant believe one month of 2017 has come and gone. I am Finally
creating my first ever newsletter to inform you about all things Traveling Vineyard, my
business and exciting opportunities for you to take advantage of! Please let me know
what you think of this!

Love is in the air and so is fabulous wine!!!! Dont forget to get your valentine their
favorite Traveling Vineyard wine and to use the QR code on the back to figure out a
delicious and outstanding dinner pairing to Wow them with!!!! Contact me if you need
any help with wine of food pairing suggestions!!!!

Business is Booming!!!!
Thank you to all of you who have supported my business over the past year and a half!!!
Your support, hosting events, buying wines and spreading the word with your friends is
helping my business blossom! I am feeling more and more confident and successful as a
wine guide. I am growing my knowledge for you and my team on a daily basis. My
calendars are getting full with repeat and referal clients! If it were not for you, my
customers, I would not have the joy, happiness and success I have seen with my
Traveling Vineyard business. I am truly growing as a person, and entrepenuer. In the
company I have promoted to 2 star leader, I continue to recruit like minded wine lovers
who wish to share their love of wine and our outstanding wines with the world. I now
must mentor my wine team to start growing a team too, so I can promote further. I am
looking forward to a year of growth personally, professionally and as a team!
In 188 days I will be attending Harvest- AKA: Wine Camp!!!! Harvest is our 3 day
conference of outstanding trainings to better our business, we have wine tastings with
our winemakers and other industry educators! It is an incredible weekend of working,
learning and celebrating with the Traveling Vineyard wine family!!! And we end we
weekend with a formal gala and dinner!!! I can not wait!
Looking forward to 2017 and sharing some more outstanding
wine with you!!!!

New Wines: Just Released 1/26/17

Everyones favorite
Cowgirl is Back!!!
97.8% Riesling, 1.3% Gewurtztraminer & 0.9% Muscat Canelli

This years Riesling reveals a rich, flavor-packed wine that

reflects the sunny California climate, making it a more
extracted, richer alternative to some of the popular
Washington state versions. As Rieslings go, this one
brings the freshness of Alsace and the sunny richness of
California together in the glass.
Our grower is a family-run operation that has been cultivating grapes in Monterey since
1972. They own an impressive spread of vineyard land that runs along a 70-mile spread
of the Salinas Valley---which allows them to offer distinctly different fruit from the various
microclimates within that 70-mile stretch. Well-known for their sustainable agricultural
initiatives, all of their estate vineyards are officially certified by the California Sustainable
Winegrowing Alliance.
Most important to us, the Monterey region wines deliver optimum value for the money.
Similar to the Russian River Valley, we get ripe fruit with a nice balance of acidity (thanks
to the cooling Pacific breezes and fog). This years harvest was extremely early,
compressed, and often difficult, but it yielded very-high-quality grapes. We had to juggle
multiple variables to craft a wine that delivered everything we wanted. After several
layers of tastings, rankings, and re-tastings, we agreed upon a final blend of Riesling lots
from varying sites within our growers portfolio. To retain the purity of the fruit and keep
the acidity and freshness in focus, we fermented everything in stainless steelwith no
oak contact at all on the grapes. The final wine shows vibrant fruity and fresh aromas
while the palate reveals a rich, silky texture. This is a terrific wine to pair with a range of
ethnic cuisine, but its lip-smacking juiciness and rich fruitiness make it enjoyably and a
natural sipping wine.

Low Inventory!!!! Stock Up!!!!

If you love these wines get them while you can!!!
Zeffer Hills: Very Low
Pebble: Low
Jitterbug: Very Low
Stateroom: Low
OJA!: Very Low
Caballeria de Luna: Limited
Lancre: Limited

Award Winning Wines:

As you should know, if you have been to a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting with me, we
have submitted just about all our wines to the World Wine Championships, and all the
wines we have submitted had medaled. (Thats some pretty outstanding statistics, and
shows the hardwork and effort our winemaking teach put into making our wines so you
can have complete confidence in them!)

Here are our newest award winning wines!!!!

Coming Soon!!!! New Wine Vintages to be Released soon!!!!

February March
Small Hours Tanglerose

Booking for March, April, May and the Summer!!!!

Do you want to say Yes to free wine and a great night with your friends? The guests
make it fun, so make a list of your fun, wine loving friends and Lets plan an outstanding
original event for you and you friends to enjoy and talk about for months to come! Here
are some great themes/ pairings that add extra excitement:
Girl scout cookies Mardi Gras Wine and Pie (just for fun because its
awesome or for PI day)

Around the World Tapas Brunch

Vegetarian Indian/ Thai orAsian Blind tasting (more advanced
Italian Theme Gourmet Popcorn Meatball Bar
Fondue Cheese and Chocolate Cupcakes
Summer Luau Tiki Pool Party BBQ
Girls Night in 5 course dinner Stack the Rack- great for brides
Earth day/ green wines St. Patricks Cinco De Mayo
Available dates:
February March April May
Fri 17th Fri 3rd Sat 1st Fri 5th
Sat 18th Sat 4th Fri 7th Sat 6th
Fri 10th Sat 8th Sun 7th
Fri 17th Fri 21st Fri 12th
Sat 18th Sat 22nd Sat 13th
Sun 19th Sun 23rd Fri 19th
Fri 24th Sat 29th Sat 20th
Fri 31st Sun 30th Fri 26th

Interested in Learning about becoming a Wine Guide

Are you looking for extra money to pay bills? What would an extra $100- 400 dollars a
month or week do for you and your family? Looking for something Fun and flexible to fit
around your other job or family or both??? Need something Fulfilling to do? Hope to find
for Financial Freedom? Or what about Friendship?
Traveling Vineyard can offer you (or someone you know) this and more!!! Contact me to
learn more or dial into this Opportunity Call Thurs Feb 11th at 1pm EST to learn from Our
CEO Rick Libby or another Elite Leader, more about what this business could mean for
you! If you like what you hear, call me after and I will get you started on my team! I can
guarantee you will earn back your $189 start up fee (investment in you) in 1 or 2
tastings, so long as you do what I tell you!
Thank you again for your business! If there is anything I can do for you, Please feel free
to contact me!
Please Share this with all your friends and family who love wine and may want to get to
know me and my business! (we dont even have to live in the same state!)
Stephanie Keenan Re
Twitter: winegoddess123 Instagram: wine_guide_goddess