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Name of drug Dosage, Mechanism of Indication Contraindication Adverse reaction Nursing responsibilities / Patient

route and action teaching

280 mg It is similar Treatment of Hypersensiti CNS: headache, Obtain history of
GENERIC insomnia, fever hypersensitivity to
IVTT to that of moderate to vity to
NAME: penicillins, cephalosphorins,
Piperacillin / every other severe penicillins, GI: diarrhea, nausea, or other drugs prior to
Tazobactam constipation, vomiting, administration,
12hr penicillins. appendicitis, cephalosph pseudomembranous Obtain specimen for
BRAND NAME: Interfere uncomplicated orins, or colitis culture and sensitivity prior
Zosyn to first dose of the drug;
with and complicated other drugs. SKIN: hypersensitivity start drug pending results.
bacterial cell skin and skin Safety in reactions ,rash, pruritus Periodic CBC with
CLASSIFICATIO differential, platelet count,
wall structure children <
N: Hgb & Hgt, and serum
Antiinfective; synthesis infections, 12 years electrolytes.
Beta-lactam Monitor for hypersensitivity
promotes nosocomial or old,
antibiotic; response; discontinue drug
Anti- loss of community- pregnancy, and notify physician if
pseudomonal allergic response noted.
membrane acquired lactation.
Monitor for hemorrhagic
integrity and pneumonia
manifestations because
leads to caused high dose may induce
coagulation abnormalities.
death of the piperacillin-
Instruct family/significant
organism. resistant, others to report significant,
piperacillin/tazob unexplained diarrhea.
Monitor vital signs because
actam of cardiac arrhythmias,
susceptible, beta- hypertension and fever as
adverse reactions.
lactamase- Instruct the mother not to
producing breast feed the baby while
taking the drug without
bacteria. consulting physician.
Zyrah Ziska Z. Zafra BSN4-A