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93% Satisfaction*
with the knowledge and skills
that our graduates possess.

Honours Baccalaureate Degree


Honours Bachelor of Music

Program Code: PBAMT
Full-Time | Trafalgar Road Campus | 4 yrs
(8 semesters)

Theatre Performance
No other performing arts school offers Sheridans degree of professionalism.

Refine your talent, show it off,

and launch your career.

No business like
Become a triple threat Personal attention show business
Sheridans new Honours Bachelor of Sheridan is Canadas best-known musical No other performing arts school offers
Music Theatre Performance gives students theatre school, so our students get more Sheridans degree of professionalism.
theoretical and practical training in three attentionfrom audiences and performing Youll have classes in acting, singing and
core disciplines of acting, singing and dance arts industry recruiters. Youll be held to high dancing five days a week, plus weekly one-
through a comprehensive and holistic standards in this rigorous musical theatre on-one tutorials with faculty in acting and
approach that will prepare you to perform in program, but youll refine your talent while singing. In addition to studio work, youll get
an international landscape. performing in professional surroundings before instruction in scriptwriting, music theory
paying customers. and music theatre history.

* 2015 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) survey results produced

by the Ontario Government, Colleges Ontario and student
associations. Percentage shown reflects the average employer
satisfaction across all Sheridan programs over the last five years.
Admission Requirements

Program Eligibility
Ontario Secondary School Diploma or
equivalent, including these required courses:
One English, Grade 12 (ENG4U)
Career Opportunities
Graduates of Sheridans prestigious Music Theatre Performance program are highly
plus: sought-after in the industry for their cultivated skills, sophisticated professionalism, and
Five additional Grade 12 subjects at the consummate practical performance experience.
U or M level
Minimum 65% overall average SAMPLE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
or Canadian summer theatre festivals Regional theatres (MTC, Neptune,
Two semesters of postsecondary education (Stratford, Shaw, Charlottetown, Drayton) Canadian Stage, Soulpepper)
including required courses with minimum 65%
Disney World, Tokyo Disney and other Directing, Choreography, Music Directing
overall average.
major theme parks
Applicant Selection Administration Roles (Artistic Director)
International cruise-ship lines
Eligible applicants are selected on the basis of
previous academic achievement (the average of
their six highest senior-level credits, including
required courses), and on their experience as
demonstrated in a comprehensive audition.
Please note we do not accept letters of reference
from applicants.
Applicants who do not meet the admission
requirements for this program will be assessed
and advised individually and may be considered for
other, related programs.

Sheridan has been granted a consent by the

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to
offer this applied degree for a seven-year term
starting August 30, 2010. Sheridan will ensure that Courses
all students admitted to the Honours Bachelor
of Applied Arts (Music Theatre Performance)
program during the period of consent will have Acting Techniques, Impulse & Archetypes Improvisation
the opportunity to complete the program within a
reasonable time frame. Ballet Tap
Refer to the website for full admission Ear Training Vocal Technique

Note: See website for specific terms and course listings.

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All information provided is current as of publication and is subject to change. Refer to the website for the
most current program information. Sheridan Marketing and Brand Strategy, October 11, 2016.