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Narrative Report


The Rural Health Unit of Pilar conducted Buntis Congress last July 22, 2015 at
Bonifacio Covered Court Pilar, Sorsogon with the theme BUNTIS KA BA? KASALI KA
information campaign activity for pregnant women aimed to inform them of the
knowledge needed during and after pregnancy.

The Program started with registration of the participants who were pregnant
women coming from different barangays. Mrs. Maricel L. Ebuenga, RN-PHN III
conducted the Philippine National Anthem followed by an opening Prayer by Mrs.
Romelias Robles. BHW President Mr. Arnold Lista, also the Administrative Officer of
the Local Government Unit of Pilar, gave the welcome address. He emphasized the
importance of this activity to reach the zero maternal and child mortality rate in the
Municipality of Pilar. Mrs. Edly A. Leosala, RN-PHN III presented after the situations
of pregnant women in Pilar. Mrs. Veniranda Aninipot, Public Health Nurse discussed
the Safe Motherhood, Teenage Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Immunization and Family
Planning. For the Inspirational Message, Dr. David R. Daza, Municipal Health Officer
expressed his feeling how he was happy of the turnout of the activity. He gave
encouragement to the participants to continue avail the Health services given by
the Government and inspire all of them to give birth to the health facility for a safe

After the discussion, pregnant women proceeded to the most awaited BREAK-
OUT SESSIONS. All pregnant women passed in the 3 stations to avail free health
services and consultations. The first station was a Dental Care headed by Mrs. Marty
B. Romano, DMD Municipal Dentist. The second station was a Laboratory
Examinaltion (Urinalysis ,RBS,CBS and Blood Typing) headed by Mr. Luis C. Leosala,
JR.,RMT Medical Technologist II and the third station was the Quality Pre-Natal Care
(Consultation and Immunization) headed by Rural Health midwives, nurses and

Pregnant women were happy that they received full Package of Health
Services during the activity and before the program ended, the staff has given
Buntis kits to all of the participants as souvenir.

The activity was ended by a Closing message of Dr. Gerardo Flores the Rural
Health Physicians of Pilar.
Narrative Report


The Municipality of Pilar has ten barangays which were identified as GIDA
(Geographically Isolated Disadvantaged Area) which means they are isolated due to
distance, weather conditions and transportation difficulties (upland, lowland,
landlocked, hard to reach and unserved or underserved communities). They are also
characterized by high poverty incidence and presence of vulnerable sectors.
According to the Department of Health, GIDAs refer to communities with
marginalized population physically and socio-economically separated from the
mainstream society.

The GIDA barangays of Municipality of Pilar are Comapo Capo, Millabas,

Bayasong, San Jose, Poctol, Lumbang, Guiron, San Antonio (Sapa), Mabanate,
Cagbacong and Del Rosario. They are the barangays with high incidence of poverty.
These barangays are the focus of the strategist plan that was created by our
Municipal Health Officer Dr. David R. Daza. According to the plan, there will be a
team composed of Doctor PHN, RHM and NDP assigned on each of the area. They
are tasked to visit and conduct the short meetings and discussion about how to
improve health in the Barangay. The team started through sending letters to the
Brgy. Captain to inform that the Health Team will go to his or her barangay. Every
day at around 1pm, our MHO visit one GIDA barangay to conduct short meeting
wherein there is a discussion of the plans how health services may be improved on
the barangay. The invited participants in the meetings are the local officials headed
by Brgy. Captain and Barangay health workers. The team presented the Health Data
of the barangay from 2013 up to present to see and evaluate if the performance in
health is improving or not. They also discussed some diseases that are present in
the community like Tuberculosis, Hypertension, Urinary Tract infection and Diabetes,
and how they can be cured if one is already infected. The Team encouraged the
Barangay to participate in the Programs of the Municipal Heath Office like Mobile
Blood Donation and give budget for the Nutritional Growth of the Children.

GIDA Barangays promised to participate in the activity of the Local

Government Unit and the Department Of Health through the Municipal Health